Love Life…Swaragini ki (Epi 7)


Sorry for the late update I was busy with my exams all these days so I was unable to update the episode ok now here is the next episode and I hope u all like this one and please do comment
Recap: Raglak back to Kolkata and another new entry
Precap: Party and Sanskar jealous of…..
Here we go the episode
They all reach gm from airport and Nupur and sanlak took blessings from all the elders
Dadi: Nupur beta how are u
Nupur: fine dadi where is dadu
Dadi: he is out of station ok I have some work and I will leave now and she leaves
Sumi: ok Nupur now tell me how are ur family
Nupur: fine aunty
Sumi: from now not aunty say ma
Nupur: ok ma and she hugs her

Lakshy: oh ma hamey bhi dekho na
Sumi: ha beta now we should take special care of u now u are would be son in law
Lakshy: ma I will be always ur beta only not son in law ok
Sumi: oh sorry ok beta and I will bring something to eat u get seated in swaragini room ok
Lakshy: ok ma and they leave to swaragini room
Mayank: darling swara u have some other surprise
Swara: wow bhai again surprise
Voice comes from outside ha surprise to darling swara from her darling bhai then swara turns and sees a person and runs and hugs him and says Aarav tum yahaan
Aarav: ha I am here y are u not happy (when swara hugged him Sanskar is fuming in anger that he want to kill him)
Lakshy: who this new one again
Ragini: swara’s best friend now she will forget us
Mayank: ha she is very close to him she shares everything with him now she will forget us
Nupur: I agree with them she forgets us now
Sanskar thinks oh god now I should not be late I should propose her as early as possible otherwise u will lose her.
Nupur: Sanskar where are u what are u thinking

Sanskar: nothing di ha lets go it is getting late we should go to college tomorrow meanwhile shekhar enters the swaragini room
Shekhar: Nupur beta how r u
Nupur: fine uncle
Shekhar: not uncle papa and ok tomorrow we are having a party for announcing the partnership as all formalities are over and u all get ready
Aarav: uncle u forgot me na
Shekhar: no Aarav how can I forget u ok tomorrow u also get ready for party
Sanskar: we will leave now tomorrow we will meet bye swara
Swara and Aarav are talking swara did not listen to him Sanskar was upset with it
@morning in college
Sanlak are at college and ragini only comes to college
Sanskar: where is swara?
Ragini: she will not come to college today Aarav is there na
Sanskar: feels bad and says ok let us go and they leave to class there in class Sanskar could not concentrate and he leaves the class
Raglak see this and Lakshy: what happened to him why he is going

Ragini: to herself ya it is working what an idea bhai and she thinks about how they planned to open up Sanskar
Mayank: swara plan is this that Aarav will be close to u near Sanskar and he feels jealous and definitely open up
Aarav: wow nice time I can flirt with her now wow I can enjoy a lot
Swara: don’t dare to do that ha Ragini u don’t leak this to ur love he will definitely leaks to Sanskar ok
Ragini: swara I won’t leave u see and she chases and finally they both fall on bed and laugh
Fb ends
Later it is break in college and then Lakshy calls Kavya and he takes her to some place where no students will be there and Ragini is also with them
Ragini: Lakshy please don’t get angry please lakshy be calm and talk with patience
Lakshy: Ragini please u know when it comes to u I can’t do that ok I will try
Kavya: ha Lakshy tell me why did u call me
Lakshy: to ask u what did u do with ragini
Kavya: what did I do ha tell me
Lakshy: don’t act smart why did u send goons to kill ragini
Kavya: ok now I will tell u the truth I love u lakshy that is why I want to remove ragini in between us
Lakshy: between us when did she come in between us u came in between me and ragini ok now listen Kavya if another time u even try to hurt ragini I will not leave u she is my life and ha this is the last and final warning don’t dare to touch her and he leaves from there taking ragini
Kavya: (herself) ok Lakshy I will calm for some days because I have some work later I will show u what I can do and she too leaves from that place

@night party
All reach party in party swara and Aarav are very close and Sanskar is feeling very jealous
On stage
Uttara: attention everybody before the parents start their boring party we will enjoy some time ok now let’s see the dance of some couples so let us welcome first our Nupur di and Mayank jiju and its time to ragini bhabhi and lakshy bhai and now Aarav and swara di ok let’s start all couples start their dance and when they are dancing Sanskar is fuming in anger seeing swara and Aarav close and now dance is completed and all clapping now again Uttara comes on to the stage and about to talk then Sanskar pulls the mic from her hand and starts speaking
Sanskar: hello everyone this is a surprise one nobody knew about this except my bro lucky and he goes to swara and kneels down and says (swara is seeing him eagerly)
Sanskar: swara when I saw u first time in Mumbai then only I was mesmerised by seeing u later when u came to our college I felt u before I saw u and at the time of our project I was in the state that I can’t be far from u and today I understood that I can’t live without u I love u swara I love u very much
Swara: seeing him with great excitement and gives her hand to him and says yes I love u too Sanskar

Sanskar is very happy he gets up and immediately hugs her and all the guests in party starts clapping and all the family members comes to Sanskar and swara
Dp: oh my son is in love now so swara now I got another daughter I am very happy
Shekhar: I am very happy for u swara and Sanskar
Swasan: thank u papa
Dp: ok shekhar come we have to attend guests and they leave then Ap holds sanskar’s ears and says
Ap: u hided this from me ha
Sanskar: ma leave me its paining
Ap: no I will not
Swara: ma leave na see na its paining
Ap: acha u now saying that it pains to him oh I forgot his pain be understand by u oh ok and she leaves
Swara: ma please na
Sumi: ok swara I am very happy for u and she hugs her
Swara: ma thank u ma
Sumi: ok Ap come we should also go now and they leave and now only MayUr, raglak, swasan, Aarav and Uttara are there
Mayank: so swara what do u say now about the plan

Ragini: ha bhai it worked a lot
Sanlakur: trio in union what plan?
Swara: actually we made a plan to make Sanskar to tell his feelings and she says everything
Nupur: that is why I thought why this Aarav doing overacting with u
Aarav: so di u say that I overact ha
Nupur: exactly u always over act and by the way whose plan is this
Mayank: obviously ur better half
Nupur: what my sweetu knows how to plan I don’t believe this ok but still I should believe ok come all of u leave them alone for some time now only they became love birds
All say yes and they leave swasan alone
Swara: ok Sanskar may I ask u one thing
Sanskar: no need of permission its ur right ask na
Swara: u told that u saw me in Mumbai but I don’t remember anything like
Sanskar: I told that I saw u in Mumbai but I did not tell that u saw me right ha before u come to Kolkata I came with papa to Mumbai for some work there I saw u and he says everything to her
Swara: wow really I don’t even know anything about it and she sees into his and they have a deep eye lock.

Precap: party continues and engagement of MayUr

Credit to: dharani

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