Love Life…Swaragini ki (Epi 6)


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Recap: Lakshy proposed ragini and Mayank entered
Precap: raglak back to Kolkata and new entry
Lakshy calls Sanskar and tells that he proposed ragini and she accepted
Sanskar: wow lucky u succeeded in it now u have to become very responsible because u got another relationship now tell me what ragini is doing
Lakshy: she is beside me only will u talk to her
Sanskar: ya I will
Ragini: ha Sanskar tell me

Sanskar: my friend ragini is now becoming my bhabhi right
Ragini: (blushes) ya ok tell me when u are going to become my jijaji ha
Sanskar: how do u know that wait obviously Lakshy ok tell me whether swara has the opinion or not
Ragini: I don’t know we didn’t speak anytime about it (trying to hide the truth as swara told her about how she wants to make him express his feelings)
Sanskar: ok I only will try to find it don’t worry u will get very good jijaji than your love ok
Ragini: ok but not more than my love may be equal to my love ok bye time to sleep
Sanskar: ok bye goodnight
And now Sanskar calls to swara and swara is at that time about to sleep and sees Sanskar and gets excited and picks the call
Swara: hello Sanskar at this time all ok Na
Sanskar: why if there is any problem means I should call u ha
Swara: no nothing like that u can call me for anything at an time ok tell Na why did u call
Sanskar: I called u for congratulating as now we are becoming relatives also
Swara: ya u are right and chitchat for so much time and they sleep like that while chit chatting only
On the other side @Chennai
Ragini is standing in the balcony of her room and seeing the moon then suddenly a pair of hands come and hug her from back she without turning back
Ragini: Lakshy not slept till now

Lakshy: no want something from u that is y
Ragini: what do u want
Lakshy: I want to go to walk in garden with u
Ragini: now
Lakshy: yes come na
Ragini: ok lets go and they leave
In the garden both raglak are walking by holding their hands and ragini is resting on Lakshy’s chest and walking
Ragini: Lakshy from when do u love me
Lakshy: from when I met u for the first time y
Ragini: u were very caring and I feel very secured and happy also when I was with u
Lakshy: ok then give me a gift for that care ok
Ragini: gift which gift then Lakshy keeps his fingers on his lips and shows it to her then ragini blushes and starts running and then Lakshy starts running back of her and they go into ragini’s room there ragini could not run anywhere and stops there then lakshy goes to her then ragini starts to move back suddenly she gets to the wall then Lakshy pins her to the wall and see into her eyes and ask her permission then ragini closes her eyes and Lakshy kisses her It’s a passionate one and then break their kiss and immediately ragini hugs him and Lakshy too reciprocates and then they both break the hug and they talk for some time and sleep there only
@gm in Mayank’s room

He takes his phone and calls to one number
Person: Mayank I am very angry on u bye and she cuts the call
Mayank: Mayank u r died sort out now otherwise u have to pay for it and he calls to that number again
Person: what again u called
Mayank: sorry baby please forgive na
Person: on one condition think a punishment
Mayank: punishment no please
Person: ok then I will cut the call
Mayank: no ok tell
Person: ok tomorrow I am coming to Kolkata at 6am u are coming to pick me and drop in my house
Mayank: that is it ok love u baby
Person: love u too bye sleep now
All sleep very peacefully
Mayank is at airport waiting for the person whom he called there comes the girl she is very beautiful and she sees Mayank and goes to him hugs him then
Mayank: missed u a lot Nupur (Rati Pandey)

Nupur: missed u too ok let us go na
Mayank: ok tell me the address then Nupur gives him the address
They reach there and enter inside there all see Nupur and becomes very happy suddenly a person comes from upstairs and calls Mayank u here Mayank turns to him and says
Mayank: Sanskar u here
Sanskar: u came to my house and asking me and he sees Nupur and tells di aap yaha and hugs her
Nupur: surprise ok I told u all about him na he is the person
Sanskar: ok Mayank is going to my jiju now right Mayank

Mayank says right and he goes to everyone and takes blessings and he comes to Sanskar
Mayank: ok Sanskar now let me leave otherwise ur friend will kill me now that I went out in the morning only ok bye and he goes to Nupur and hugs her and leaves
Nupur: Sanskar how do u know Mayank
Sanskar: he is swara’s brother
Nupur: so u know him like that ok badi ma I am hungry I will fresh and come ok
Ap: ok beta (Nupur is ap’s sisters daughter she lives with them as they are out of country and she is studying in Mumbai her graduation just completed and wants to take a break for a year and continue her further studies and she is actually from Morena a place in Madhya Pradesh )
(guys I forgot to mention than Mayank and Nupur (MayUr) are class mates and all elders in the family agreed to their marriage after their studies but swaragini don’t know that they love each other and Mayank also want to do further studies after one year swaragini know Nupur as Mayank’s friend and classmate)

Mayank enters the house at that time only swara comes down and asks where did he went
Mayank: oh darling it’s a surprise for u get ready we need to go out as it is holiday for u also
Swara: ok my darling waise kal ragini will be back
Mayank: ok go now get ready
They take their breakfast and they leave
@mm at breakfast table
Nupur: Sanskar get ready fast we need to go out
Sanskar: but where di
Nupur: Mayank told we have to go out for shopping to swaragini
Sanskar: will swara come
Nupur: ha she is also coming y
Sanskar: nothing di just asking

Nupur: ok they leave after they have their breakfast
@shopping mall
MayUr and swasan meet at the mall and swara sees Nupur
Swara: di tum yahaan
Sanskar: not di bhabhi
Swara: what?
Mayank: this is the surprise actually mausi also knows this only u both don’t know
Swara: bhai u did not tell me also and di oh sorry bhabhi u too did not tell us na I won’t talk to u come Sanskar wait how do u know bhabhi ha
Sanskar: she is my di
Swara: so u too know about them right I am not talking to u also
Sanskar: what did I do now I don’t know about them till morning I saw Mayank when he came to drop di then I know he is the one who my di is dreaming from her childhood
Swara: I forgive u but u both I am not talking (fake angry) and she leaves from there and MayUr follows her and
Mayank: I thought to surprise u but I don’t u will hurt sorry darling sorry he holds his ears
Swara: laughs and says oh darling u are so sweet I am just acting ok now congratulation I am very happy to get such a nice bhabhi ur choice is very good and she goes and hugs Nupur oh so happy my would be bhabhi but I did not like ur choice

Nupur: shockingly kya
Swara: bhabhi see my bro chose u see u chose him how boring he is he always study study nothing else
Nupur: so tho hai Sanskar starts laughing seeing Mayank
Sanskar: jiju u r out u got two dramebaaz in ur life poor jiju I pity u
Mayank: first tell why did u change calling me jiju and then next thing u pity me na see what I will do now and runs back of Sanskar and after some time they get tired and stop
Sanskar: ha now I will call u jiju only as ur my sister’s would be husband and now I am sorry for pitying u and again start running followed by Sanskar
They all laugh and they go for shopping
@Chennai raglak are at shopping
Ragini seeing all the stuff but could not understand what to select she then looks at lakshy he is just starring at her then she calls him Ragini: Lakshy (he comes to senses)
Lakshy: ha ragini
Ragini: Lakshy tell na what to select I am unable to select
Lakshy: then he sees her and smiles at her and he selects a dress which white in colour and black border and ask her to try it

Ragini went into the trail room and about to close the door and then lakshy comes there and stops her to close and goes inside and closes the door and pins ragini to the wall he signs her for a kiss but she nods in no
Lakshy: ok then u don’t kiss I will do it and he kisses her on her cheeks and then on forehead and he goes to lips and ragini too reciprocates and its passionate kiss and later they break and Lakshy goes out and ragini tries and come and they pay the bill and they leave
@mm guest house in Chennai
They both reach there
Lakshy: ragini pack ur bag we have to leave fast and inform swasan to come to airport and pick us
Ragini: ha lakshy I will and she calls swara
Swara: ha ragini
Ragini: swara we are starting please come to pick na come with Sanskar ok
Swara: ha ragini we will come ok bye and she cuts the call and raglak also reach airport and flight took off and soon they both reached Kolkata
@Kolkata airport
They come out and ragini saw Mayank (remaining are watching from far) and she goes to him by running and hug him and cry
Ragini: I missed u darling
Mayank: me too cutie Lakshy is shocked to see ragini hugging someone and he is fuming a lot after listening to word darling and all observing and come there laughing then Lakshy sees them and he goes and hug Nupur and says di I missed u a lot and asks y u all are laughing
Mayank: Hi lakshy I am Mayank ragini’s darling and winks at ragini without the notice of lakshy
Lakshy: oh ok hi Mayank and smiles (fake)

Sanskar: ok jiju its ok now doesn’t make my bhai more jealous now please na
Lakshy: jiju hello kya ho raha hai
Ragini: ha what jiju
Then Mayank points Nupur and then ragini goes and hug her and says di
Nupur: no di from now bhabhi ok
Ragini: happily bhabhi wow it means oh no bhabhi I pity u
Mayank: oh cutie don’t dare to say that
Ragini: oh sorry darling just joking ok

In all this conversation Lakshy is standing understanding nothing
Lakshy: hello what is going will anyone tell me what is going on here
Sanskar: now do not get confused I will tell he is Mayank di’s would be husband and he is Swaragini’s cousin ok now get relaxed and stop fuming and all of them laughs
Lakshy: oh jiju tum ney tho dara hi diya and hugs him and says jiju tum to gaya Nupur di iss dramebaaz ko tum kaise sambal loge
Swaragini: don’t dare to say to my bhabhi a word
Lakshy: ok now let’s leave while leaving
Ragini: bhabhi ur taste is very bad u selected this padaaku how can u manage him
Nupur: haa ragini I am too feeling same
Mayank: acha u too feel same ha ok leave na I will leave now bye and he leaves
Nupur: comes running back of him and says sorry by holding her ears
Mayank: oh so sweet ok and side hugs her and they all leave in their respective cars like swasan and raglak in one car and MayUr in one car
Episode ends

Precap: Party and Sanskar jealous of……

Credit to: dharani

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