Love Life…Swaragini ki (Epi 40)

Episode 40
Hey guys i am back with the last part of my first ever ff. Thank u so much for all those who commented and gave me a continuous support and all the silent readers as well. I am very happy for the response i got in the previous episode

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Just to avoid confusion raglak daughter name is Anvitha and swasan daughter name is Ayuktha.
4 years passed one fine morning we see again all the mm is fully decorated and as there are two occasions one is their princesses’ birthday party in the evening and morning raglak’s son’s naming ceremony.
In one room we see a cradle and a lady sitting near the cradle and making the cute little boy calm as he is crying in the mean time there comes another lady with another cute little boy of around 6 months in her arms
Lady 2: kya hua ladoo (yes first lady who is near cradle is ragini) why is he crying so much
Ragini: dont know shona (and the lady is swara) he is crying from so much time (takes the cute boy from the cradle he immediately stops crying) oho see he stopped
Swara: oh so he wants to be in ur arms
Ragini: hmm i think so (she sees towards little boy in swara’s hands) vidhyut is sleeping
Swara: ha he was very tired playing with his sisters
Ragini: both are very adorable na
Swara: hmm chalo pandit ji had arrived come it is time to naming ceremony
Ragini nods and they both go to the hall there we see sanlak trying to make their princesses to drink milk
Anvi: dad i will not drink this
Sanskar: please na anvi just for me please
(Anvitha calls swasan as mom dad and raglak as ma and papa she is most pampered by swasan and Ayuktha calls raglak as mom and dad and swasan as ma and papa she is most pampered by raglak)

Anvi: ok only for u dad
She drinks and sanskar smiles
Here laksh
Laksh: ayu come on drink na
Ayu: please dad u know i dont like milk
Laksh: if u drink milk i will give u a chocolate and later it is ur wish
Ayu: really
Laksh nods she drinks milk with making different faces
All adores their bond and smiles
Pandit ji: it is time for muhurat
Dp: laksh ragini go and sit
Laksh and ragini nods and they both sit along with their cute little son and both ayu and anvi sits beside them
Pandit ji: father tell the name in his ears three times
Laksh: (nods and says in his ears)
Swara: ok now tell us what his name is
Laksh: vidoosh laksh maheshwari
All smiles
[Swasan kids-Ayuktha and vidhyut
Raglak kids-Anvitha and vidoosh]

Now it is evening all are ready and guests also arrived only the little princesses should be coming with their respective fathers there comes our little princesses wearing white frocks looking like angels with their handsome fathers and stands at the cake
Ayuktha: papa dad u both also should hold our hands when we are cutting our cake
Anvitha: and u both are not going to say no as this ur ayu and anvi wish ok
Sanlak: yes madams
Swara: oh god sometimes remember that u both have mothers also
Ragini: leave them swara they dont want us they just need their dad and papa no need of ma and mom any way for us our princes are there na
Ayu and anvi pout and go to them and hug them at the legs
Swara: aww princesses we are just joking chalo let us cut the cake
They both cut the cake and they all spend their time happily
The dairy is closed (remember in intro that two girls are reading dairy)
Two girls who are reading the dairy are revealed to be 15 years old ayu and anvi
Anvi: finally we got to know their love story ayu
Ayu: ha anvi i am asking them from years but no they never tell us ok now we should keep this dairy in its place if ma or mom came to know about this na they will definitely scold us
Saying this both keep the dairy in the place and were heading outside the room where three boys suddenly appeared there and shouted making them scared
Trio: (shouted) boo
Anvi and ayu: (scared) aaaaaaaaaaa
And three boys started laughing the two girls took a relief and both stared them angrily
Vidoosh: hey dis how is our prank?
Vidhyut: it will be awesome as it is bhai’s idea
Manav: (hits vidhyut’s head) u idiot u revealed my name
Anvi: bhai u also teamed these two chote shaitan
Ayu: come on anvi now only bhabhi can help us they both leaves
Manav: oh no now this both will tell to her and she goes to mom (to vidhyut and vidoosh) i will see u both later and goes after them
Vidhyut and vidoosh saw each other and burst out laughing and hifies each other and they also follow him
Here in hall all are sitting and talking when anvi and ayu comes to a girl who is sitting next to pari
Anvi: payal bhabhi bhai again played prank on me
Payal: (manav’s wife) he na see now what i will do u both dont worry
Ayu: but bhabhi be careful he should not get more scolding ok
Payal: then why did u complain about him to me
Anvi: he should get scolding but not more even he troubled us he loves us so much
Payal: (smiles) ok then we will play a prank on him what say
Ayu: done
Payal: ok then listen and tells them a plan
They both nods and goes to vidhyut and vidoosh and tell them and hifies each other secretly
Manav: payal my tea
Payal: i will just bring it
Here vidhyut, vidoosh, anvi and ayu smirk and payal goes and brings tea and gives it to him he sips it and immediately spits it
Manav: (spits) yuck payal what is it (all the kids and payal laugh and hifies)
Payal: this is for making my nanads trouble and for spoiling my devars by ur pranks
Ap: now what did he do beta
Payal: dadi he scared them using vidhyu and vidoo
Pari: how many times i told u Manav dont do like that
Anvi: offo badi ma dont scold him whatever he does just for fun na
Ayu: and we love him so much for this only
They four goes and hug him while he gives a winning smile to all of them
Swara: then why did u complain to bhabhi
Vidhyut: Hisaab bara bar ma
Vidoosh: tit for tat
Ragini: u vidhyu and vidoo tell us one thing u are in whose team bhai’s team or dis team
Manav: they are neutral chachi they both help us in our pranks and as well as revenge for the pranks
Sanskar: ok my princesses and princes are u all ready for the school from day after tomorrow ur school starts
Laksh: if anything is needed tell us we will bring today only
Vidhyut: everything is set dad
Vidoosh: oh no i forgot something
Laksh: what
Vidoosh: i will tell u later papa first i need to talk to u Manav bhai come and he drags all the kids and Manav and payal to a room while all of the elders see them confused

Manav: what happened vidoo
Vidoosh: bhai what is tomorrow
Vidhyut: (he remembers) oh no
Vidoosh: u got
Vidhyut: ha tomorrow is
Vidhyu and vidoo: ma papa and mom dad anniversary
Anvi and ayu: oh shoot
Anvi: now what will we do
Manav: oh my bros and sissos no fear when ur bhai is here
Payal: please Manav dont do overacting and tell what the idea is?
Manav: huh payal i am not overacting
Payal: ok mera pyara pati dev now tell the idea
Manav: if u ask with this much of love i will definitely tell
Anvi: bhai please u romance with bhabhi later
Manav: ok first we will call rahul and kushi (uttara’s daughter one year younger than anvi and ayu) also later we will discuss about the plan ok
Payal: ok i will call uttara bua and u call Nupur bua ok
Manav nods and soon they also arrive there all are surprised to see them suddenly
Rahul: nani
Ap: oh my rahul u at this time
Kushi: even i came badi nani
Manav: i only told them to come dadi i want to spend some time with them from day after tomorrow these all will be busy in their school and i will be as always busy in office so i invited all to come even Nupur bua, uttara bua, mayank fufa, rohan fufa sumi nani and shekhar nanu are coming but they told they will come at night and dad, chachus and dadus u all are not going to office tomorrow as we all are going to spend family time
All: yes boss

Now all the kids along with Manav and payal go to manav’s room
Manav: my dear bhais Behans and pyaari biwi
Anvi: not again
Manav: ok ok (makes faces) the plan is (mute)
Ayu: awesome bhai i love u so much
Manav: oh my Behan even i love u
Kushi: but bhai when we will do all the preparations
Payal: dont worry kushi we will do when all slept what say
Rahul: vidhyu and vidoo u both please shut ur mouths ok and dont tell to anyone
Vidhyu and vidoo pouts
Manav: ok chalo we need to go to all
All nods and goes to hall where all are seated even mayur and utthan and Shemish reached there
All happily enjoyed their family time and did their dinner and went to sleep when almost all are in their deep sleep Manav went to kids’ room along with payal and woke them
Manav: ok now get ready everybody has their part of work do everything without any disturbance ok
All nods
Payal: and we have a very little time so just hurry up without any disturbance
All nods again and they all get doing their works soon the work gets completed
Anvi: it is completed bhai is all set
Manav: ya now it is time to wake others except chachus and chachis go slow and tell them ok they all does and tell them about the surprise and all agreed and gathered in the hall
Payal: now how to wake chachus and chachis
Manav: first switch off all the lights
They do
Manav: now all of close ur ears if not later dont blame me ok
All closes their ears then Manav throws two of the vases which are made of steel so that for that sound they come out as they thought immediately after listening the sound swasan and raglak come out
Laksh: sanky did u hear any sound
Sanskar: ha lucky but from where did it come
Swara: dont know
Ragini: come let us check
They all go to the hall as soon as they enter into the hall all the lights get on and all shout

Raglak and swasan get surprised and happy to see the entire hall decorated with beautiful balloons and shining papers with a board written happy anniversary
Ragini: this all done by u
Manav: chachi did u like it
Swara: what like no i loved it
Ragini: me too
Laksh: me three
Sanskar: me four thank u all a lot
Vidhyut and Ayuktha come to swasan and hug them and say happy anniversary ma and papa
Swasan: thank u
Vidoosh and Anvitha come to raglak and hug them and say happy anniversary ma and papa
Raglak: thank u
Later all come and wishes them
Anvitha: ok now it is time for another surprise ok get ready but before that all of u please be seated
All sit and again all lights went off and a projector is on and in that all the happy moments spent by swasan raglak swalak ragsan swaragini and sanlak is shown
They all revived their moments with smile on their faces and swasan and raglak side hugged each other and they share an eye lock which is disturbed by children
Ayuktha: ok ma papa mom dad come and cut the cake
They nod and go and finally they cut the cake and all have some quality family time later all went to their respective rooms with a huge smile on their places
Swara is sitting on the bed thinking something deeply sanskar came from wash room and saw her and went to her and kept his hand on her shoulder she came to sense
Sanskar: what happened swara what are u thinking
Swara makes him sit beside her kept her head on his shoulder and
Swara: see this life sanskar how it went very fast we are complete happy family now it is just like we met just before few days all the happy moments and all i am very happy in my life i got a such a caring life partner who always makes me happy and my children who loves me like their life
Sanskar: hmm i agree even i am thinking the same all the happy moments our college later u going to Mumbai leaving me our marriage and our symbols of love Ayuktha and vidhyut now our family is complete i love u swara and thanks for coming into my life
Swara: i love u too sanskar and thanks to u too for coming into my life
They both hug each other
Sanskar: shall we go to eat ice cream
Swara nods and they both comes out

Raglak are sitting in the balcony of their room and watching moon while ragini placed her head on his shoulder and he kept his hand arround her waist
Laksh: happy anniversary sweet heart
Ragini: same to u handsome
Laksh: time has passed so fast na but still our love for each other is same as when we were in Chennai
Ragini: ha thanks for the goons otherwise u may take still time to confess
Laksh: ho please i was about to confess on that day only those goons flopped my plan
Ragini: hmm but i was really scared when that kavya did that cheap thing
Laksh: but still u trusted me na that is enough for me
Ragini: all those days we really enjoyed with adventures and love and romance all those are really good days dont know how time passed very fast we both got married…
Laksh: and we got our life our symbol of love Anvitha and vidoosh who changed our life more beautiful
Ragini: thank u laksh for coming into my life
Laksh: i should thank u for coming into my life and i love u so much
Ragini: i love u too they both hug each other
Ragini: laksh shall we go to eat ice cream
Laksh: hmm chalo
They both start coming out at the same time they meet swasan and smile and they all head out to eat ice cream
Ragini: those days we used to roam like this at nights secretly
Swara: hmm those days are just awesome
Sanlak: even these days are awesome madam
Swasan and raglak hug side each other with a huge smile on their faces and the screen freezes on their side hugging pose and they lived happily ever after by overcoming all the problems of their life by giving support to each other

Thank u to all those who read my ff. Thank u for all those who gave a continuous support and all silent readers as well. I am very happy for the response i got for this ff. Please comment and tell me whether u liked the last episode of my ff. Thank u to all once again.

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