Love Life…Swaragini ki (Epi 4)


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Recap: Swaragini and Raglak meet at business meet of Dp and Shekhar
Precap: Swasan and Raglak as pairs for project work.
Like that some days pass by and the friendship of Swasan and Raglak grew stronger and Lakshy
already realised his love to Ragini and almost Ragini is also having same feelings.
One morning at college both swaragini get ready and leave to college and at college they meet
Sanskar: hi swaragini

Ragini: hi Sanskar hi Lakshy
Lakshy: out of senses seeing ragini continuously and then comes to senses and says hi swaragini
Swara: hi ok let us go to class and they leave
@classroom Teacher enters and says
Teacher: And ok students there is an Inter college championship in Chennai. And it is clearly stated
by the management that only two students as a pair will be allowed to go to the championship and
for this we will decide pairs and give a project and the best will be selected. Ok the pairs of the
project are on the notice board u can go through them later and now bell rings and then all students
see their pairs and the pairs are Swasan and Raglak
Lakshy: I am very happy for the project I got the best student as my partner that is Ragini
Ragini: thank u but I am not the best student when Sanskar is there how I can be the best ok Swara
and Sanskar who are ur partners.

Then swasan point finger at each other and Raglak look them with excitement
Lakshy: Ok our pairs are awesome best friends together
Swara: exactly Lakshy I got my pair with my best friend and Ragini with her best friend and ok how
can we do our project now
Sanskar: Ok I have an idea let us do one thing swara u and I in gm and raglak in mm what say
Swara: cool idea let us do that but we should get permission from parents ok let me call to maa and
ask permission for that and u ask ur parents ok and she calls to sumi and gets the permission and
sanlak gets permission from Ap
Sanskar: ok let us leave it is becoming late ok
Lakshy: ok Sanky I will come to drop Ragini at night then I will pick u ok now Ragini and I will go to mm in our car and u both leave in Swaragini’s car and all says yes and they leave
Swasan reach there and Sanskar take sumi and shekhar blessings and they leave to Swaragini room
and in the room they are discussing about the project
Swara: ok Sanskar we will do the project like this and like that
Sanskar is lost in her beauty and not listening to her
Swara: Sanskar are u listening and then she shakes Sanskar

Sanskar: comes to senses and then says ha swara nice idea
At that time sumi comes there and give them some food and while they are eating and chitchatting
Swara: Sanskar what is ur opinion on love at first sight
Sanskar: spits what is in his mouth and sees her shockingly and asks what
Swara: what happened why are u shocked I asked casually
Sanskar: I believe that it exists and what do u feel
Swara: same here ok do u love anyone till now I didn’t ask u
Sanskar: I saw one girl and I have some feeling on her but don’t ask the name because still I didn’t
have confirmation after confirming I will tell u first ok
Swara: actually jealous but don’t know why and asks but u didn’t share with me till now
Sanskar: I told na I didn’t confirmed myself so ok tell me do u have anyone like love
Swara: Actually no why
Sanskar: nothing casually Ok (happily he don’t want to express now as didn’t completely realised) ok
come let us go back to work and they do their work
Raglak are in sanlak room and doing work and ap enters their room and give them food and she
leaves and they are eating and the food and talking to each other
Lakshy: ok Ragini tell me frank how do u feel when u are with me
Ragini: shocked but says why
Lakshy: question for a question is not the answer tell na

Ragini: ok first when I saw u I thought ur a bad boy but later I thought u r good and it is safe when I
am with u so I mean I feel secured when I am with u (in mind ) I feel very happy also
Lakshy: ok and anything else
Ragini: ok let’s start the work and they start the work while working both their hands touch each
other and then they feel something especially Lakshy and he says sorry and go back to their work
After sometime raglak complete their work and they leave to gm
Swasan also complete their work and waiting for raglak and raglak enter and then Swalak leaves to
mm and they sleep remembering each other
Next morning they reach college and they submit the project here we get the results on notice board
and they very tensed and the result is Raglak
Ragini: yaaa we are selected Lakshy we are going to Chennai
Swara: congrats Ladoo
Ragini: thank u Shona

Sanskar: congrats Lucky and goes near his ear and whispers very happy na don’t waste the
opportunity Lucky
Lakshy: Thanks Sanky
All these things watched by Kavya and Kavitha and Kavitha gives a plan to Kavya which is muted
Episode ends with cunning faces of Kavya and Kavitha

Precap: Raglak at Chennai

Credit to: dharani

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