Love Life…Swaragini ki (Epi 39)

Episode 39
Hey guys back with next episode. I am very happy for ur response for the previous episode. Thank u so much to those who commented and silent readers as well. This is second last part.

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Swaragini and pari are making uttara ready.
Swara: wah today rohan will be flat seeing my nanad
Uttara: (bushes) bhabhi please dont tease me na
Ragini: arey we are not teasing telling truth kyon bhabhi
Pari: exactly today our nanad is looking very beautiful
Uttara: thank u bhabhi and all of them hug each other
In the mean time Nupur comes there
Nupur: wow uttu u are looking beautiful
Uttara: thank u di and di where is rahul
Nupur: with ur jiju and Manav is playing with him ok come pandit ji is calling u come
Uttara nods and they all take her down to the hall
In the hall rohan is sitting in the mandap and doing the rituals and uttara arrives there soon pandit ask them to do pheres and later rohan fills her hairline and adorns mangalsootra in her neck the wedding completes and they take blessings from elders

All are having tears in their eyes
Sujatha: my chori take care of urself and never let anyone complain on u ok and rohan take care of her (hugs uttara)
Rohan: ma u need not to tell i will
Ram: always keep smiling and keep ur family happy i will miss u (hugs her)
Uttara: ji papa
Dp: (keeps hand on her head) be happy always
Ap: i will miss u (hugs her)
She comes to mayur and hugs them and kisses rahul and goes to pari and adharsh
Adharsh: (hugs her) i will really miss u take care and if this rohan hurt u na tell me i will kick him
Uttara: (smiles with tears and nods her head)
Rohan: but i will not give u that chance
Pari: uttara take care ok
Manav comes and hugs her
Manav: bua dont go na who will play with me and who will be partner in my crimes (he is crying)
Uttara kneels to his height and kisses his forehead
Uttara: dont cry my Manav u know ur bua loves u so much ok
He hugs her later she moves to sanlak
Sanlak hugs her
Sanskar: dont cry we will make him ghar jamai what say
Laksh: and we will torture him ok now stop crying u come every day to visit us and he will bring u if he did not na then i will kick him
Rohan: wow all the brothers are ready to kick me
Uttara: i will miss u sanskar bhai laksh bhai and take care of bhabhis
She goes to swaragini and hugs them
Swara: take care of ur self
Uttara: ji bhabhi take care of my niece or nephew
Ragini: u tell me if this idiot hurt u
Uttara: ji bhabhi take care of u and dont let bhai to sleep by ur demands at nights i will miss the fun
Swaragini again hugs her and later she goes to shekhar and sumi and takes blessings and they both leaves
Ap: swara ragini both go and take rest now u both must be tired
Swaragini nods and go to their rooms

Swara changes and comes outside the wash room and sees sanskar entering the room with milk in his hands
Swara: not again please sanskar who will drink this milk yuck (makes faces)
Sanskar: u have to no option this is good for your’s and baby’s health so no more arguing just drink it fast before i come u should finish it ok saying this sanskar goes to change and swara drinks the milk by making many faces sanskar come after changing
Sanskar: good keep it up
Swara: ok now come na i am getting sleep i am really tired
Sanskar: chalo they both go and sleep hugging each other

Ragini changed and sat on bed and laksh comes there with some juice in his hands and gives it to her she takes and drinks while he goes to change and comes back
Ragini: laksh why dont we go and sit in garden for some time please
Laksh: hmm chalo let us go
Ragini is about to get down from bed but laksh takes her in his arms and goes to garden and sit on the bench in the garden while ragini places her head on his shoulder and laksh holding her by waist
Laksh: u know ragini i am very happy that uttara got a good husband
Ragini: hmm this u told me 100th time in this one month
Laksh: what to do yaar i am very happy na
Ragini does not reply as she already slept he saw her sleeping peacefully he smiles and takes her to the room and places her on the bed and sleeps beside her hugging her
4 months leap now ragini is seven months and swara is five months
In these four months all of them took good care of swaragini and sanlak had a very hard time due to their mood swings and midnight demands but they loved to fulfil them a lot

One day at 3.00 am
Raglak are sleeping peacefully ragini woke up suddenly and started waking up laksh
Ragini: laksh get up laksh
Laksh wakes up by rubbing his eyes
Laksh: sweet heart do u need anything say i will bring that
Ragini: i want to eat chocolate cake that also in the bakery
Laksh: what chocolate cake is ok but in bakery where will be bakery open at this time
Ragini: i dont know anything i want to go that is it
Laksh: but sweat heart how can we (he is interrupted)
Ragini: (fake crying) u have changed laksh u dont love me anymore that is why u are not fulfilling my wish
Laksh: (sighs and nods his head in disbelief as this is his daily routine nowadays) ok fine come we will search there may be any bakery opened in this whole city
Ragini gives a winning smile and lifts her hands up indicating laksh to carry her laksh smiles and carries her and places her in car and starts driving and searching for any bakery is open
Ragini: laksh how much time u will take to take me to a bakery
Laksh do not pay any heed to her because if he speaks anything she starts her emotional drama
Ragini: laksh why are u not speaking
Laksh: (huffs) nothing sweat heart i am thinking where can be a bakery open at this time so that i can take u early
Ragini: oh
Finally after journey of almost one hour laksh sees a bakery open he stops there and they goes inside the bakery and he makes ragini sit on the chair
Laksh: excuse me can u please give me chocolate cake
Bakery man (BM): sorry sir this is not the time for the business time actually we generally open at this time when we have a big order so we can’t give u that
Laksh: please sir actually my wife see there (points towards ragini who is sitting on the chair) she is pregnant she wants to eat cake we are searching from one hour so please just one piece
BM: (smiles) ok sir just five minutes i will give u
Laksh: thank u so much sir
After five minutes BM gives him cake and he pays and takes that to ragini
Ragini: (gets excited and hugs him) wow thank u so much my handsome (she starts eating it like a child) yummy
Laksh keeps admiring her with a smile on his face after completing
Ragini: laksh come we will go home i am getting sleep
Laksh: ok chalo saying this they both go and ragini sleeps in the car itself laksh sees and takes her in his arms and both sleeps
Like this days passed by and the demands of ragini are happily fulfilled by laksh though sometimes he feels irritated but he loves her so much that he cannot deny for anything which she wants whatever the time is whichever the demand is
One month leap and now ragini is 8months and swara 6months

It is 2.00 am
Swara is moving from one side to another and in this process she kicked sanskar he fallen down from bed and he got up with jerk
Sanskar: (in pain) aahh my back swara why did u kick me
Swara: sanskar it is not free to sleep u go and sleep on couch na and she sleeps happily without even letting sanskar to speak further sanskar gave up and went to couch and sleep on it
After few days at night 2.00am
Swasan are sleeping swara wakes up and starts waking sanskar
Swara: sanskar get up na
But sanskar does not get up so shakes him
Swara: (shaking him) sanskar wake up sanskar wake up
Sanskar wakes up
Sanskar: (sleepy) ha swara say
Swara: sanskar i want to eat gulab jamoons please
Sanskar: hmm wait i will bring from kitchen
Swara: come fast i want to eat them
Sanskar goes and brings them and gives to swara
Swara: no now i dont want to eat them now i want to eat panipuri
(Nowadays they got to know at which time which stall will be opened in which place as they got habituated to their demands and sanlak are enjoying so much to fulfil their demands)

Sanskar: ok chalo he himself lifts her and goes to the car and drives off to the stall where panipuri will be available
Swara: bhayya two plates panipuri very spicy
Sanskar: no only one plate and that too less spicy and i dont want to eat
Swara: please na sanskar spicy
Sanskar: if u want to eat then eat less spicy otherwise we will go back home shall we
Swara: no… no i will eat less spicy only ok bhayya give one plate with less spicy
She enjoys eating panipuri after completing they go back home
Like this days passed by and now ragini’s delivery time reached and swara is 7th month
One day all are sitting in the hall and talking
Ap: ragini beta u be very careful now dont be alone u may get pains anytime ok
Laksh: dont worry ma i will take care
Adharsh: ha ha we know that u will take care u just need time to spend with her na
All laughs while ragini blushes like this they all are talking and laughing suddenly ragini starts shouting in pain
Ragini: aahh ma aaaaaaaahhhhhh laksh it is paining
Sujatha: jiji i think she is getting labour pains we should take her to hospital
Laksh: ok ma we will adharsh bhai u take car i will bring her
Sanskar: i will also come with u
Laksh: no sanky swara needs u you be with her saying this he takes her in his arms and adharsh pari raglak go to hospital
Ap: ji we both also will go and we should call shekhar ji and sumi ji also and inform about ragini
Dp: ok ram Sujatha u both be here as swara is there na
Rp: ji bhaisa i will inform others u both go
Ap and dp also go to hospital and rp informs all

Laksh reaches hospital and they are taking ragini to the OT ragini is holding laksh’s hand tightly when they reached
Nurse: sir please leave her hand we should take her inside
Ragini: no u also come inside
Laksh: sweet heart listen just be brave nothing will happen ok be brave kisses her hand and leaves her and they take her inside and outside all are eagerly waiting for the arrival of new member in their family soon they hear a cute cry of a baby doctor comes out followed by nurse with a small little pretty girl in her hand and says
Doctor: congratulations Mr. Maheshwari it is a baby girl
Laksh: thank u so much doctor how is my wife
Doctor: she is absolutely fine we will shift her to normal ward then u can meet her for now u can see ur daughter nurse
Nurse: yes madam (hand overs the baby to laksh:
Laksh: (takes the baby in his hands) my daughter papa my daughter (his eyes has tears of happiness)
Dp: ha my son ur daughter
Ap: she is very pretty just like ragini
Pari: ha ma especially her lips just like hers
Laksh: my princess welcome to our family
Sumi: i am very happy today shekhar
Shekhar: we became nana and nani
Nurse: sir now we need to take her to clean her
Laksh nods and gives her to the nurse and she leaves
Dp: congrats beta u became father
Laksh: thank u papa
Here in mm
Sanskar: swara dont worry both will be alright
Swara: sanskar i want to walk for some time
Sanskar: ok come we will walk in the garden
They both go for a walk while swara is walking she too starts to shout
Swara: aahh sanskar
Sanskar: swara are u fine
Swara: aaaaaaaahhhhhh sanskar i can’t bear this pain
Sanskar: oh god
He lifts her and places her in the car in the mean time Sujatha who came for checking understands the situation
Sujatha: sanskar i will come with u chalo
Sanskar nods and they also leave for hospital
They reach the same hospital and they are taking swara to OT
Sanskar: swara dont get frightened ok
Swara: sanskar i love u
Sanskar: i love u too
They take her inside
Here Sujatha sees laksh and others standing near another OT she goes there
Sujatha: jiji
Ap: Sujatha why did u come
Sujatha: woh jiji swara also got pains
Ap: what so early it is just 7th month
Sujatha: ha jiji there sanskar is standing
Laksh: i will go to him
They nods and laksh sumi shekhar also go to see their another daughter laksh goes and keeps his hand on sanskar’s shoulder who is sitting on the chair tensed by his head down he raises his head and sees laksh
Laksh: sanky she will be fine dont worry
Sanskar: (smiles tensely) a little bit because it is just 7th month they both
Laksh: dont worry waise u became chachu to a beautiful princess
Sanskar: chachu no i am bade papa ok and i am happy that i got a princess
Laksh: no i am elder to u ask ma if u want
Sanskar: no i am elder to u (they forget about all their worries in this fight)
Laksh: ok come we will ask maa about this
Sanskar: no call her here
Laksh: ok he calls her ap comes there
Ap: sanskar dont wo… before she complete her sentence
Sanskar: ma tell me in us both who born first we never asked u from child hood it is me only na
Laksh: no it is me na ma
Sanskar: no it is me
Laksh: no it is me

Ap gave an unbelievable look to them
Ap: shut up u both it is laksh who is elder ok
Laksh: yippee see i am elder to u so u are chachu to my child and i am bade papa to ur child
Now sanskar came to sense that swara is inside OT
Sanskar: oh no so much time passed still they did not say anything ma
Ap: dont worry beta she will be all fine
Sanskar nods but he is hell worried dp also comes there
In the mean time they again heard a beautiful voice of cry and then doctor comes out again followed by nurse having a beautiful baby in her hand
Doctor: congratulation Mr. Maheshwari it is a baby girl
Sanskar: (happy) thank u so much doctor my wife and how is the baby i mean
Doctor: ur wife is perfectly fine and ur baby also fine though she is premature she is fine no worries and nurse
Nurse hands over the baby to sanskar
Sanskar: (happy tears) i am so happy for u my princess u know today is the happiest day in my life i got two princesses in my life
Laksh: me too (happy) she is so pretty na sanky
Sanskar: ha just like her mother her eyes are just like swara
Ap: today all the happiness came to our house
Sumi: my both daughters became mothers and made me nani
Shekhar: i am so happy today
Nurse: sir now can i take her
Sanskar nods and gives her
Sanskar: doctor swara
Doctor: u can meet her after she is shifted to normal ward
Shekhar: doctor if possible will u please allot same room to my both daughters
Doctor: sure no worries
Dp: (hugs sanskar) both my sons gave me happiness on the same day
Pari: and made me badi ma at a time

After some time both swaragini are shifted to normal ward all the family even mayur and uttara and rohan also came all are waiting eagerly to see them conscious while sanlak are sitting with their princesses near their respective wife slowly ragini opened her eyes
Ragini: (opened her eyes) laksh
Laksh: sweet heart it is a baby girl i won
Ragini: (smiles with tears and sits on the bed while pari helps her) really i am very happy (and takes the baby from laksh and kisses her forehead lovingly) she is so pretty
Laksh: just like u
Ragini smiles and sees around and finds swara lying on the bed beside her
Ragini: shona
Laksh: baby girl
Ragini smiles with most happiness
Sanskar is just seeing swara waiting when she will open her eyes finally she opened her eyes
Swara: sanskar
Sanskar: it is a baby girl
Swara: (smiles and Nupur helps her to sit and she takes the baby in her hand and kisses her forehead lovingly) she is just like me see
Sanskar: hmm but the habits will be of mine ok
Swara: please dont spoil my daughter she will be like her mumma completely ok
Sanskar: we will see
Swara then sees her around and sees ragini
Swara: ladoo
Ragini: shona
Both have tears of happiness in their eyes
Ragini: baby girl
Swara: sacchi mein
Ragini nods
Swaragini: (in union) i want to see her
All smiles seeing them and sanlak shows them
Ragini: shona see her eyes are just like urs
Swara: her lips are just like urs
All are just seeing their bond
Swaragini: and they will be just like swaragini
All meet them and bless swaragini and the new born babies
Now Manav comes from school and he also goes to them
Manav: chachi both just cute like u both i will protect my sisters i will not let anyone come near them
All smiles seeing his love to them
They get discharged next day and they decide to do naming ceremony on the next day

Naming ceremony
All the mm is decorated very beautifully and swara and ragini are sitting with their babies on the couch in the hall and all doing arrangements for the ceremony soon time arrived for the ceremony and pandit also arrived all sat for puja
Pandit: (to raglak) as ur daughter born first u both name her first father tell the name in her ear three times
Laksh: ji pandit ji and laksh says in her ear three times
Uttara: bhai atleast now tell me what is her name
Laksh: ok her name is Anvitha Laksh Maheshwari
Uttara: Anvitha i will call her anvi
Pandit: (to swasan) now u both name her father tell her name in the ear three times
Sanskar nods and does the same
Uttara: now u tell her name u people are hiding from us from the day they born
Sanskar: Ayuktha Sanskar Maheshwari
Uttara: then i will call her ayu
Laksh: why can’t u call them with their full name
Uttara: see after growing they both will say that i call them with their favourite abbreviation
Sanskar and laksh makes faces while all laughs
Episode ends

Thank u for reading. There is only one episode for the ff to end. Please tell me through ur comments how is the episode. Meet u in the next episode till then take care bye bye.

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