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Episode 38
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Sun rays fall on ragini who is sleeping peacefully in laksh’s embrace she opens her eyes and sees her life sleeping with a cute smile on his face she pecks his forehead and frees from him and goes and get ready she comes out with wet hair and droplets of water are falling from the edges of her hair she is looking absolutely stunning by the time she comes out laksh is already woke up and saw her and is mesmerised to see his life so beautiful in the wet hair he gets up and hold her through waist and pulls her to him
Laksh: u are driving me crazy at this early morning
Ragini (blushes)
Laksh: dont blush yaar i can’t control my self
Ragini: laksh
Laksh: ragini
Ragini: laksh shall we go and meet swara in the hospital please
Laksh: hmm ok then i will go and get ready ok and u take rest till we go saying this he makes her sit on the bed
Laksh: dont move from here understand
Ragini nods like an innocent and obedient child and he is about to go someone knocks the door
Laksh: i will see and he opens the door as soon as he opens the door a boy of 12years run to ragini and hugs her

Manav: chachi
Ragini: (happy) Manav when did u come
Manav: yesterday night u were sleeping so i did not disturb u
Laksh: wah if u find chachi u dont want to talk to chachu go i will not talk to u
Manav goes to laksh and hugs him
Manav: sorry chachu
Laksh: ok now u both talk i will go and fresh up and come and he goes from there
Manav: ragu chachi if u are going to meet swara chachi i will also come please mumma is not allowing me to go
Ragini: hmm ok but we will get mumma’s permission ok
Manav: ok chalo

Ragini and Manav go to pari
Ragini: bhabhi laksh and I are going to meet swara Manav wants to meet her may i take him
Manav: please mumma please
Pari: ok but u should not trouble them there ok

Manav nods
Pari: ragini i will pack food u take that to swara and sanskar ok
Ragini: ok bhabhi
Pari: and u be careful and take care ok
Ragini: (smiles) ok bhabhi i will take care in the mean time laksh comes there
Laksh: shall we go
Ragini nods and they leave to hospital

The sunrays fall on swasan who are sleeping peacefully in each other’s embrace sanskar opens his eyes and sees his beautiful wife sleeping beside him with bandage on her head he kisses her forehead she opens her eyes and smiles
Swara: good morning
Sanskar: good morning so u got up u should get fresh and have ur medicines
Swara: (makes faces) ok
Sanskar: ok chalo let me take u and he is about to get up but swara holds his hand and stops him

Swara: sanskar i want some thing
Sanskar: ha swara bolo
Swara: please take me from here i dont want to stay here i promise i will take care of myself and listen to u without any argument please (makes a puppy face and blinks her eyes so cutely)
Sanskar: (melts) ok i will ask doctor but u should take care of ur self properly and does not trouble anyone because they have to take care of ragini also ok
Swara nods her head

Sanskar: (smiles) now come on u have to get fresh it is time to medicine and takes her to the wash room soon she gets fresh up and he also get ready in the mean raglak Manav reach there Manav runs to her
Manav: swara chachi how are u is it paining
Swara: (smiles) no Manav ok tell me when did u come and how are u
Manav: i came yesterday and i am fine
Sanskar: ha i think u forgot some one
Manav: oho both chachus are same jealous of chachis
Swaragini giggles
Sanskar: huh u became so naughty Manav
Manav goes to him and hugs him

Sanskar: ok swara it is time to breakfast
Ragini: sanskar u have ur breakfast also
Sanskar: first let me feed her then i will have
Laksh: ha we know that u only feed her who said no to u
Sanskar: u shut up ok and he feeds her and later gives her medicines and he has his breakfast
Swaragini are playing with Manav and sanlak are watching them with smile on their faces in the mean time doctor comes there for checking swara
Doctor: how are u feeling Mrs. Maheshwari
Swara: fine doctor

Doctor checks her
Doctor: hmm just u need to take complete bed rest for two more days
Sanskar: doctor she is uncomfortable here can we take her home
Doctor: hmm ok Mr. Maheshwari but she needs bed rest for two more days she may feel dizzy as well u should be care full
Sanskar: ok doctor i will take care of her
Doctor: ok then i will ask to prepare discharge papers
Sanskar nods and swara’s face shows a bright smile on her face
Manav: yeah chachi will come home we can play together
Sanlak goes to get discharge papers and here swaragini both pack all the stuffs and get ready to leave and sanlak comes back
Sanskar: ok sweet heart chalo

Swara tries to get up but sanskar lifts her
Swara: sanskar i will walk please
Sanskar: shut up doctor told u should not stress ur leg for atleast two days so i am not going to listen to u

Swara nods and Raglak smiles
Ragini: my sister is very lucky to get him
Laksh: haw how mean u are not lucky to get me
Ragini: hmm let me think (pretends to think) hmm i think i am very lucky to get u (smiles)
Laksh: hmm that is better (smiles)
Ragini: ok chalo we need to go and they leaves to mm there all are ready to welcome swara and immediately after she comes ap does her arti and lets her inside and they take care of her soon days passed and it is one week now swara is fully recovered and taking good care of ragini

@raglak room
Ragini is sitting and reading some book swara entered with juice in her hand
Swara: ladoo u should take rest how much u will read yaar (gives the glass of juice to ragini)

Ragini: (sips the juice) shona how much i will sleep i am getting suffocated by being in this room and resting all the time
Swara: hmm ok come we will go to walk in the garden u will feel better ok
Ragini: chalo saying this they both went for walk like this ragini is taken good care by all soon days passed by and ragini is two months pregnant and here Nupur delivered a cute baby boy and they also named him rahul
One day swara is in kitchen preparing something for ragini and others and all are in the hall discussing about uttara and rohan’s marriage and she comes there and serves them

Vikram: ok dp ji then we are ok with the marriage after one month then i will take a leave Namaste
Dp: ji Vikram ji we will do all the arrangements (Vikram leaves)
Swara: then the first thing is shopping
Ap: (smiles) ok u all go for the shopping and we will do here other arrangements
Sujatha: ha jiji but for jewellery we will also come
Uttara: oho mom u and ur jewellery how much u will buy
Sujatha: u shut up
Aadarsh: what did my sister say is correct only na mom then why are u scolding her
Pari: ha mom why are u scolding her she will leave us in few days (all get teary eyes)

Rohan: (wants to lighten the mood) we will do one thing i will come here as ghar jamai what say
Sanskar: that is great then i will tell Vikram uncle about that so that we can torture u here
Rohan: (immediately shouts) noooooooooo i thought of lightening the mood but u are teasing me so mean sanskar
Ragini: ok then we are going to shopping tomorrow
Laksh: hello madam u are not going anywhere u should take rest
Ragini: what no way i am going that is it

Laksh: then i will lock u in the room
Ragini: (turning to ap) ma see na ur son is blackmailing me ma please i will take care of myself i will not stress please ma please
Swara: i will take care of her i will not leave her for a minute also
Ap: (sees towards laksh he nods no) but beta
Swaragini: please ma
Ap: (melts) ok but u should take care of urself and swara u should not leave her for a minute also
Swaragini: yeah thank u ma
Laksh: but i am not accepting it (ragini becomes sad)
Sanskar: come on lucky u will be there na u take care of her now dont make her sad see how she kept her face
Laksh: (sees ragini’s face) fine but u should not run from here to there ok
Ragini nods her head vigorously by giving a wide smile

Rohan: ok then tomorrow shopping and i will leave now bye ma bye badi ma and takes blessings and leaves

@next day shopping mall
All are in shopping mall doing shopping laksh not leaving ragini for even a single minute and asking for every five minutes whether she needs anything to drink or to eat now she got irritated
Laksh: ragu do u want to drink anything
Ragini: (irritated) laksh i am irritated now we will do one thing we will go home u will not let me in peace i told till 10 times i dont need anything if i want i will tell u but u are not listening

Laksh: ok meri ma i will not ask u ok now come let us go
They go to others and they all are selecting dresses for uttara and swara was feeling dizzy she feels it and takes a deep breath and continues but again feels it this is noticed by sanskar she is about to fall but sanskar holds her at the nick of time and prevents her from falling
Sanskar: (worried) swara (taps her cheeks) swara
Laksh: (gives water bottle to him) sanskar sprinkle water on her
Sanskar sprinkles water on her she slowly opens her eyes and sanskar makes her drink water and makes her sit on nearby couch and ragini sits beside her

Ragini: (worried) swara are u fine
Swara: ha ragini i am fine don’t wor…. she feels vomiting sensation and runs to the wash room in the mall and ragini and uttara goes behind her she vomits and ragini rubs her back she feels relaxed after vomiting and they comes out
Ragini: swara u are not fine we will go home
Swara: no ragini i am fine we will continue
Uttara: no bhabhi we will do it later chalo let us go home
Sanskar: not home we are going to hospital u are not well from more than two days and u are neglecting ur health now we should go to hospital and come he drags her without listening to her anything
Laksh: come ragini and uttara we will go home and i know bhai will not leave her before taking her to hospital as both the sisters are same never take care of their health

Rohan: laksh u take ragini with u i will drop uttara after some time
Laksh smiles and nods
Laksh: chalo ragini
Ragini is standing there worried for swara laksh sees her and understands what she is thinking and keeps his hand on her shoulder by this ragini comes to senses
Laksh: she will be fine dont worry ok
Ragini just nodes and they both leave to mm
After some time they reach and inform about swara to the family
Ap: i hope she is fine

Sujatha: ha jiji these girls never take care of them selves
Sanskar: (from door) ha chachi stubborn idiots
Swara: (beats him on his shoulder) we are not idiots
Ragini: sanskar what did doctor said
Swara: arey nothing she did lots of tests and told she will tell after reports comes and u know ladoo she gave me a very big injection (she pouts)
Ragini: injection oh god is it paining where did she do show me
Swara: ha ladoo see here and points on her hand
Ragini: offo shona how many times i told u take care of urself but no see now u got injection

Sanlak see them by giving unbelievable expression
Sanskar: oh ho drama queens it is just small injection both stop ur drama
Laksh: doing over action and u both now go and take rest and dare not to come out of ur rooms till the time of dinner
Pari: ha swara and when will reports come
Sanskar: tomorrow morning we need to go to hospital bhabhi then they will give us reports
Pari: ok and swara ragini u both take rest and i will call u when it is time for dinner

Swara: but bhabhi all the work u should do alone
Ap: we are there to help her and ha laksh where is uttara
Laksh: she is with rohan they will come after some time
Uttara: and i am back
Sujatha: and u both swara ragini still standing here do u need anything go and take rest
Swaragini makes faces and starts going while going
Swara: ladoo i will be bored alone in the room
Ragini: even me shona let us do one thing we both will go to our room and watch some cartoon what say

Swara: great idea chalo
They both leave to raglak room and start watching tv
Here in hall (sanlak went out as they have some work)
Pari: ma do u think that swara is
Ap: even i have that doubt but we will wait till the reports come ok
Sujatha: i hope everything is fine jiji
Ap: hmm and they go for doing some work
Here in room swaragini both watching Tom and Jerry and are laughing then uttara entered with juice in her hand
Uttara: bhabhi u both are not sleeping and watching this cartoon oh god
Swara: arey uttara how much time we will sleep yaar
Uttara: ok now come on finish this fast

They both drink the juice and uttara leaves the place and swaragini fell asleep by watching television both are sleeping peacefully when laksh entered the room and saw them sleeping he smiled and without disturbing them went out of the room
Here sanskar went to his room and did not find swara so he came out searching her and found laksh coming towards his room
Sanskar: lucky did u know where swara is
Laksh: ha sanky come i will show u and they both go to raglak room and sees them they both smile seeing them and look at each other and smiles
Sanskar: i will take her to our room
Laksh: no let them sleep like that after so many days they both slept together
Sanskar: fine then u come to my room
Laksh nods and they both go and sleep without having dinner like that while talking about random things

@next morning
Swasan went to hospital to get reports
In hospital
Swasan are waiting when doctor called them they both go to doctor’s cabin and sit
Sanskar: doctor is everything fine
Doctor: yes Mr. Maheshwari everything is fine
Sanskar: then why does she have these vomiting and feeling dizziness i mean if everything is fine then why all these
Doctor: nothing it is just ur going to become a father
Sanskar: ok then (realises what doctor said) what (happy) oh god thank u so much doctor
Swara has happy tears in her eyes and a very cute smile on her face and sanskar hugs her

Sanskar: (hugging her) thank u so much jaan for the best gift
Swara: thank u sanskar for giving me this gift
Sanskar: doctor are all the reports normal i mean any problem
Doctor: no Mr. Maheshwari she is absolutely fine just a monthly check up is needed that is it and ha few medicines for weakness etc take care
Sanskar: thank u doctor and they both come out and drive home
After they reach home all starts shooting questions
Ap: sanskar what did doctor say
Sujatha: is she alright

Ragini: is anything serious
They keep on questioning but swasan stand there with smile on their face without answering anything
Ragini: why the hell u both standing like statues and smiling like idiots why are u not answering
Sanskar: did u people gave us chance to speak
Ap: ok now speak up
Sanskar: u check for ur self and gives the reports to ragini
Ragini takes them and see them and tears start from her eyes she immediately hugs swara
Ragini: congratulations my shona
Ap: ragini u mean
Ragini: yes ma she is going to become mother
Ap: (happy and hugs swara) i am so happy for u
Pari: that means we guessed it correct ma

Sujatha: ha pari and hugs swara
Pari: from now u both no works only rest
Swara: huh again started i am going and she goes to her room
Like this days passed and it is the time to uttara and rohan’s wedding all are busy in their works except two members let us see who are they
Swara: ladoo i am really bored yaar
Ragini: now do u understand how i am feeling from last three months u all always says “ragini dont do that work u take rest beta u have to be care full so on” oh god u dont know how much irritated i am now u will understand
Swara: ha ragini this is really irritating now i am hungry also
Sanskar: so have this and gives her juice to drink
Swara: how do u know that i am hungry

Sanskar: madam i always know what u want
Ragini: huh so romantic see my husband not even come to me once atleast to ask do u need anything
Laksh: huh so mean if i come and ask u say that i am asking if i dont u will say that i did not come what should i do then
Saying this he sits besides ragini and she keeps her head on his shoulders and closes her eyes
Laksh: are u feeling tired
Ragini: hmm
Laksh immediately picks her in his arms while swasan smiles at them she opens her eyes and sees him and smiles and he takes her to their room and places her on the bed and covers her with a comforter and sits beside her and starts patting her head slowly so that she can sleep for some time and slowly ragini sleeps

Sanskar is feeding swara some fruits

Swara: it is enough sanskar i am full u go and do the remaining work
Sanskar: everything is completed and we are just waiting for the time of wedding to arrive and ha u also take rest for some time later u should make uttara ready also
Swara nods and sanskar takes her to a room and she takes rest
Episode ends with sleeping faces of swaragini and smiling faces of sanlak

I am really very sorry for the late. Actually i am busy with my studies as exams are arriving and i am very sad for the off air news of swaragini. Ok now tell me how is the episode and ha only two more episodes this ff is going to complete. Please comment and tell me about the episode. Meet u in the next episode till then take care. Thank u for reading.

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