Love Life…Swaragini ki (Epi 37)

Episode 37
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Sanskar puts swara in the car and laksh is driving the car
Laksh: bhai keep her awake
Sanskar: swara please dont close ur eyes swara please (pats her cheeks)
Swara opens her eyes
Swara: (with difficulty) san… sanskar i love u
Sanskar: (worried and tears are flowing from his eyes) i love u too swara but please dont close ur eyes please
Swara: sanskar please dont cry stop crying like a baby (wipes his tears) now please smile na please
Sanskar: swara stop it ok i know it is paining a lot stop talking
By this time they reach hospital he picks her and takes her inside and then places her on stretcher and taking her to OT while sanskar is holding her hand very tightly
Swara: sanskar smile please i want to see ur smile before going inside
Sanskar: swara stop talking

Swara: sanskar please i dont know when i will see ur smile again i dont know whether i will come back or not
Sanlak: (in union) shut up
Sanskar: swara stop talking nonsense
Swara: then u smile please
Sanskar smiles in tears
Swara: (smiles in pain) thank u handsome now i can even…
Before she complete sanskar closes her mouth
Sanskar: swara promise me u will come back for me
Swara: i promise sanskar i will come back for u only for u
They take her inside leaving sanlak outside

Sanskar: lucky swara (crying)
Laksh: (hugs him) please sanky please dont cry see swara will come smiling she comes and fights with me like before dont cry come sit here and makes him sit and he sits beside him sanskar places his head on his shoulders and tears are continuously flowing from his eyes in the mean time all Maheshwaris and gadodia’s come there
Ragini: sanskar swara
Sanskar is just sitting like that without talking anything and seeing blankly in the space
Laksh: doctor is treating her
Everyone are just standing there with tears in their eyes and seeing towards OT
In the mean time doctor comes out laksh goes to him
Laksh: doctor how is she
Doctor: she lost so much of blood so she needs blood
Ragini: doctor mine is same blood group i will give her blood
Doctor: no Mrs. Maheshwari u are pregnant u cannot give her blood
Mayank: doctor mine is also same blood group i will give her blood
Doctor: ok fine nurse u take him and transfuse the blood
Nurse nods and they both leave all this time sanskar is just sitting like that lifelessly dp sees him and goes to him and put his hand on his shoulder sanskar rises his head and sees him painfully
Dp: sanskar
Sanskar: (hugs him) papa she will be fine na
Dp: ha beta she will be fine see she will come smiling and again start fighting with laksh and tease u see
Sanskar nods and sits there and dp sits with him
In the mean time doctor and mayank comes
Laksh: doctor now how is she
Doctor: nothing to worry she is absolutely fine as it is head injury she may feel dizzy for few days and ha her leg got little sprain she should take bed rest for 2 days
Sanskar after listening to this immediately stands
Sanskar: doctor can we meet her

Doctor: we will shift her then u meet her but all dont go till she get conscious
All nods after some time they shift her to normal ward
Ap: sanskar go and see her
Sanskar just nods and just went inside horridly
As soon as he enter he see swara lying unconscious on bed with a bandage on her head and even on her leg he goes to her and sits beside her holding her hand
Sanskar: i was scared swara as u got hit to ur head but now i am happy that u are fine please open ur eyes fast
He keeps on staring her after some time he sees swara’s eye balls moving and slowly she opens her eyes and sees sanskar
Swara: (with weak voice) sanskar

Sanskar: yes sweetheart how are u feeling
Swara: (smiles with pain) it is paining a lot
Sanskar: (kisses her head) dont worry it will be fine within few days
Swara tries to get up he helps her then she hugs him and sanskar also reciprocates
Sanskar: u know u scared me a lot
Swara: sorry i just was running and my leg got tripped and i fall down
Sanskar: from next time be careful i can’t see u in pain and i can’t afford to lose u and u know that u are my life
Swara: sorry from next time pakka i will be careful promise
Sanskar: hmm now let me call everyone they are waiting out even ragini and di are there they need to go back and rest as well right
Swara nods and sanskar goes and informs everyone and they all go inside as soon as ragini goes inside she immediately hugs swara and cries
Swara: ladoo stop crying i am fine see

Ragini: shona u scared me so much what if something happens to u can’t u walk slowly
Swara: arrey ladoo see i am fine now stop crying and dont take stress and dont make my little chotu or doll stress ok
Ragini: huh even he or she is worried for u
Swara: oh sorry chotu or doll ur masi made u worried and touches ragini’s stomach
Laksh: now if ur sisters drama is completed then let others meet u
Swara: huh laksh how dare u to tell we are doing drama

Ragini: and this is love not drama understand
Laksh: ha fine but let others meet her
Uttara comes to swara with tears in her eyes
Uttara: (tears) i am sorry bhabhi if i did not tease this would not happen
Swara: arey pagal stop blaming ur self ok it is nothing like that u are thinking wrong
Uttara: but bhabhi…..
Swara: statue (uttara freezes) dont u dare to utter a word against my nanad understand
Uttara nods and hugs her
Like this all meet her

Swara: ha pari bhabhi where is adharsh bhai
Pari: he went to bring Manav (adharsh and pari son till now he is in hostel there is no reason to put him in hostel just like that and he is 12years old and the family used to go and meet him some times adharsh is 6years elder than sanlak) from hostel
Swara: (happy) Manav is coming back yeah we can play with him u made him away from us by putting him in hostel we missed him a lot (pouts)
Pari: (smiles) hmm so u missed him so much after he came he will show u hell then dont ask me bhabhi please send him back ok

Ragini: oho bhabhi dont say about him like that ok he is so cute and lovable
Pari: ok we will see whether u will tell same or not
Ap: ha ragini beta and Nupur beta u both should go home and take rest
Ragini: please ma for some more time i will definitely go home please
Ap: but beta u need to rest
Ragini: please na ma please (puppy face)
Ap: (smiles) fine
Laksh: ma u all go i will be with her and come after some time
Ap: ok beta we will leave and u take care of her and drive slow
Dp: take care beta
Sumi: swara beta take care and ragini dont stress ur self and take care
Ragini: ji papa
Shekhar: bye beta take care
Swaragini: ji papa

They all leave and go home and swaragini and sanlak are only present there
Sanskar: lucky i will just go and bring medicines ok
Laksh: sanky let me accompany u we will bring something for ragini as well
Sanskar nods and they both leave and later when they return back they see swara arguing with ragini and defending not to eat the food
Swara: ladoo please it is just yuck i dont want to eat it please
Ragini: shona no u should eat it otherwise how u will become fine
Sanskar: what is going on here
Swara: sanskar u only see it is not at all nice how can eat it its taste is yuck
Sanskar takes the food from for ragini and keeps food near swara’s mouth
Swara: sanskar please
Sanskar just glares her she just without talking anything eats the food making a lot of faces
Ragini: haw how mean u did not eat when i said to eat but when sanskar is feeding u are eating even without uttering a word
Swara still keeps making faces
Laksh: ragini u know what ur sister is afraid of my brother his one glare makes her silent this is an example
Ragini: hmm u are right
Laksh: sanky now we will leave ragini also need to rest
Sanskar: ha lucky drive slow
Ragini: bye shona take care
Swara: bye ladoo

And they both leave
Swara: sanskar i need to go to wash room
Sanskar: chalo i will take u
He lifts her in his arms and puts her down in the wash room and comes out and stands waiting for her

Swara: sanskar
Sanskar: ha swara coming and again takes her to the bed and places her on the bed and sits beside her and swara places her head on his shoulder and he hold her waist and both sat like that in same position and talking and soon both doses off

Raglak are in their room and ragini is weeping
Laksh: ragini please nothing happened to her so please dont cry it is not good for ur health and our baby please
Ragini: laksh i was very afraid u know how much scared i am
Laksh could not take more her weeping he is getting tensed seeing her condition he immediately pressed his lips on her to show that everything is fine ragini slowly stopped her weeping and laksh broke the kiss.
Laksh: now please stop crying and drink this juice
Ragini drinks juice

Laksh: now take rest for some time ok
Makes her lie on bed and is about to leave but ragini holds his wrist laksh sits beside her
Ragini: laksh please be here i want to be with u for
Laksh stops and lies beside her and she keeps her head on his shoulder while he caresses her hair
Laksh: waise life our princess will be as beautiful as u see
Ragini: no we will have a prince as handsome as u
Laksh: no girl
Ragini: no boy

Laksh: girl
Ragini: boy
Laksh: whoever it is we will love them as same so no problem
Ragini: hmm
like this they talk for some time and finally both doses off in each other’s embrace
Thank u for reading sorry for the late episode. Please comment and tell me whether it is good or bad. 

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