Love Life…Swaragini ki (Epi 36)

Episode 36
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Raglak are sleeping peacefully in each other’s embrace when sunlight falls on our beautiful ragini and disturbs her sleep she wakes up due to that and sees her love her life sleeping hugging her she smiles and pecks his lips a small curve appears on his face in sleep she leaves to wash room to get ready

Sanskar wakes up due to sun rays and keeps staring at swara who is sleeping peacefully with a smile on her face she gets disturbed as the sun rays is falling on her sanskar immediately puts his hand so that she will not get disturbed but it is late she was awake and saw him and smiles
Sanskar: good morning sweet heart
Swara: good morning handsome
Swara is about to get up but sanskar pulls her back and she falls on his chest
Swara: what are u doing sanskar
Sanskar: nothing just want something and thought to ask u
Swara: and what is that
Sanskar: my morning kiss
Swara: no let me go it is getting late
Sanskar: give me i will let u
Swara: no please
Sanskar: ok u dont give i will take it
Swara: sanskar leave me i….. before she could complete sanskar puts his lips on hers and kisses her passionately
Swara: now happy leave na
Sanskar: from today everyday u should say good morning like this only understand
Swara: sanskar shut up u are so shame less leave me now let me go i should go and get ready
Sanskar: why dont we both get ready together
Swara: shut up and let me go
Sanskar: no
Swara pinches him and he removes his hand and she escapes and runs to washroom and goes to fresh up
Sanskar: (shouts) u cheated me
Swara: everything is fair in love and war Mr. Maheshwari (shouts from washroom and laughs)
Sanskar smiles

Ragini comes out from the wash room with wet hair and sees laksh still sleeping she goes to dressing table and starts drying her hair while drying some of the water droplets fall on laksh he wakes up and sees her and smiles and slowly goes to her and back hugs her and places his chin on her shoulder
Ragini: (smiles) u woke up
Laksh: hmm
Ragini: go get ready we will go down
Laksh: hmm
Ragini: what for everything u are telling hmm
Laksh: hmm
Ragini: laksh are u fine did u become mad please tell me we will go to hospital
Laksh: ha i became mad in ur love my jaan (while kissing her shoulder)
Ragini: laksh please now go and get ready (while taking sindoor from the box)
Laksh immediately stops her and fills her hairline with sindoor and takes the mangalsootra and adores in her neck and he takes a small bindi and keeps it on the forehead in between eyebrows then he makes her turn towards him and kisses her forehead very lovingly where ragini closes her eyes feeling his touch
Laksh: now u are perfectly ready now i will go and get ready till then miss me
Ragini smiles and nods and he goes to fresh up and ragini places his clothes on the bed and goes to kitchen

Swara comes after taking bath
Sanskar: u cheater
Swara: sanskar go and get ready please pushes him into the washroom and she gets ready puts all those he needs on bed and goes to kitchen

In kitchen
They both come to kitchen and takes blessings from ap
Ap: be happy like this only beta
Swara: ma tell us what should we do
Ap: beta as it is ur first rasoi u both should do some sweet ok
Swaragini: ok ma
Swara: i will do carrot halwa
Ragini: and i will do kheer
Ap: as u wish beta if u want any help u may ask me anyway pari will help u
Pari: ha why not i will definitely help ma
Swara: bhabhi u go if we want any help we will ask only for today please
Pari: but swara ragini can u both manage
Ragini: bhabhi u dont worry anyway we are leaving u only for today from tomorrow we will not leave u you also should help us
Pari: ya ok then all the best and leaves and swaragini gets busy in their work after sometime they finish making the breakfast and sets everything and everyone comes to have breakfast

@breakfast table
All comes and sits there
Ap: dp ji today all the foods are made by swaragini
Dp: wow it means today i am going to enjoy the food after a long time
Ap: (fake anger) haw that means u dont enjoy the food we make
Uttara: ha bade papa u tell her answer
Dp: arrey nothing like that i was just kidding
All laughs
Laksh: ma did swara keep her hand in making the food
Ap: ha laksh it is her first rasoi as well she has to do it right
Laksh: oh no i dont want to die so early i got married just a day before i want to live with my wife and have children and so many wishes please i dont want to eat
Sanskar who is sitting beside him hits laksh’s head
Sanskar: shut up u idiot my wife also knows to cook she has learnt everything ok
Ragini: u Mr. Laksh Maheshwari dont dare to utter a single word against my shona and u know what if u taste her food once u will eat it while licking ur fingers
Swara sticks tongue to laksh
Swara: see how they are supporting me and u dont eat my hand made food
Laksh: thank god atleast i will be alive
Swara: laksh i will not leave u now u are dead (starts throwing spoons on him)
Laksh: help please help me ragini tell her to stop (while escaping from spoons by catching them)
Finally swara stops all laughs seeing their nokjok
Sanskar: swara now stop and serve us food i am very hungry
Swara nods and they all do their break fast
Laksh: ok now i am speaking truth u really made it awesome swara
Swara: thank u i know it
Dp: swara beta ragini beta the food is very nice and here is the shagun
All appreciates and gives them gifts and leave only swasan and raglak are there
Ragini: where is my gift laksh?
Laksh: here u go and gives her some saree
Sanskar: and swara this is ur gift and gives her a saree too
Laksh: ok let us go to office
Sanlak leaves to office.

5 months leap
Swaragini are just walking in the garden and taking the fresh air suddenly ragini faints
Swara: (gets shocked) ragini what happened ragini (pats her cheeks)
Swara: ma chachi bhabhi come fast
Listening to the voice they come there just then sanlak also comes home so they all go there and laksh gets startled seeing the scenario he immediately rushes to ragini and picks her and goes to his room where as sanskar calls the doctor soon the doctor arrives and checks her and all are waiting outside laksh is pacing here and there and doctor comes outside
Doctor: is she feeling like vomiting any time
Laksh: ha doctor from two days she is feeling so
Doctor: dont worry she is all fine in fact it is good news
Ap: doctor u mean
Doctor: ya i mean so
Laksh is seeing confusingly towards doctor and ap
Laksh: please doctor tell me how is she why did she faint is everything alright
Doctor: ha Mr. Maheshwari everything is alright she is perfectly fine and congratulations u are going to become father
Laksh: (shocked) what (happy) omg i am going to become father
He runs inside and sees ragini lovingly and kisses her forehead all comes inside and sanskar hugs laksh and congratulate him in the mean time ragini gains conscious
Ap: thank u so much beta for such a wonderful gift for us
Ragini looks confused
Swara: thank u ragini for making me mausi
Ragini looks towards laksh and laksh nods his head happily ragini eyes become teary all leave from there leaving raglak alone ragini hugs laksh
Ragini: i am so happy laksh that we are going to become parents
Laksh: thank u so much ragini for giving me such a gift i am very happy and from today u will take care of ur self properly no more work ok and ha tomorrow we need to go for checking
Ragini: yes boss come atleast we can to hall right
Laksh nods and they both head to hall
In hall all are seated and swara and pari are doing some work ragini goes there and starts to help
Swara: no ladoo u go and take rest u should not work
Pari: ha u should not even ma did not let me do work during my pregnancy
Ragini: ha bhabhi but how much time i will sit idol
Ap: u have to do it that is it and if u did not i know how to make u sit as well
Ragini: ma please na
Ap: ok then laksh come here beta
Ragini: no ma please i will sit see and sits on chair near dining table
Meanwhile laksh comes there
Laksh: ha ma u called me
Ap: nothing beta just when are u going to hospital for ragini’s check up
Laksh: ha ma tomorrow morning i have taken appointment
Ap: ok good
It is night and all are in their rooms

They both are lying on the bed in each other’s embrace
Swara: i am so happy sanskar that ragini is going to become mother
Sanskar: me too (naughtily) waise i am also ready to become father why dont we think of it (and rolls on her top)
Swara: (blushes) sanskar
Sanskar: arey what i said and starts romancing with her and lights off
Ragini: i am very happy
Laksh: i am more happy
Ragini: love u
Laksh: love u more and they both sleeps in each other’s embrace
Next morning
Raglak go to hospital and gets checked and come back home
Swara is setting the cupboard and sanskar comes and back hugs her and starts kissing her shoulder
Swara: sanskar what are u doing
Sanskar: what romancing with my wife
Swara: sanskar door is open any one will come
Sanskar: let them come i am not doing any wrong i am romancing with my wife
Uttara: oops sorry i did not see any thing (by closing her eyes with her hands) bhai atleast close the doors while romancing with bhabhi
Sanskar immediately parts away
Sanskar: shut up uttara
Uttara: (teasingly) waise swara bhabhi next it is u who is going to give us a small baby na
Swara turns red due to blushing and runs out side and when she is running in the corridor she gets slip and rolls down the stairs
Swara: ahhhhhhhhhhhh sanskar
Listening to the sound every one rushes there and are shocked to see her in that position blood is oozing from her head sanskar immediately rushes to her and picks her in the arms
Sanskar: lucky take the car
Laksh: ha sanky come and they take her to the hospital

Thank u so much for reading sorry for the late. Please comment whether it is good or bad.

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