Love Life…Swaragini ki (Epi 35)


Episode 35
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Next day morning swara wakes up and sees her mehendi which is very dark and smiles she hears a voice beside her
Sanskar: i love u so much that is why it is very dark
Swara: (hugs him) i know
Sanskar: ok now get ready and come for breakfast (kisses her forehead)
Swara nods and goes to wash room and sanskar goes to hall

Ragini also wakes up and sees her mehendi which is dark and smiles and says
Ragini: i know that u love me so much laksh and she goes to wash room and gets fresh up and comes out and goes to mirror and starts keeping chain suddenly she feels two hands around her waist she sees through the window and finds it as laksh
Ragini: what are u doing here?
Laksh: me came to see u
Ragini: i will come for breakfast na
Laksh: (pouts) ok fine i am going bye and starts to go but stops due to grip on his wrist he turns then ragini hugs him and he hugs her back
Ragini: i love u laksh
Laksh: i love u too
Ragini: now come we will go i am hungry
Laksh: first show me ur hands
Ragini shows him he smiles seeing them and kisses her hands
Laksh: (smiles) beautiful
Ragini: ok chalo and they both goes to breakfast

All are having breakfast
Sumi: swara ragini u both get ready we should go to temple
Swara: temple now
Sumi: ha u have to do puja so after breakfast get ready ok
Ragini: ok ma
Sanskar: ma shall we come to temple
Sumi: no the puja is only for the brides
Laksh: so they will do puja we will pray
Sumi: ok come no do one thing u four go and do puja and come i will do here preparations
Laksh: ok and they complete breakfast and go and do puja and come back

@ Evening it is sangeet time
Swara got ready in blue and green lehenga and ragini in orange and gold lehenga they both are looking beautiful and laksh in white and gold sherwani and sanskar in blue sherwani
On stage
Uttara: ladies and gentlemen thank u for attending the sangeet function of my both lovely bhais and bhabhis
Rohan: let us start our function
First adharsh and parineeta dances later Virika dances and later mayank dances alone as Nupur is pregnant
Rohan, sanskar and laksh dances ishq salame with uttara and swaragini
Swaragini dances for ping from bajirao mastani
Swasan dance for Gerua
Raglak dance for sanam re
Sanskar, laksh dances on main tera hero idar hai from main tera hero and the sangeet completes and all goes to their rooms

Swara changed her clothes and lie on her bed her phone rings she picks
Swara: hello
Sanskar: jaan i want to meet u
Swara: sanskar ma told na we should not meet
Sanskar: please na
Swara: sanskar
Sanskar: please na please
Swara: ok come to my room very silently
Sanskar: yeah and he goes to her room silently without no one’s notice
Swara: what sanskar now only we came back and u want to meet me
Sanskar: what to do i am missing u (hugs her)
Swara: (hugs him) i love u
Sanskar: i love u too just one day tomorrow by this time u will be Mrs. Swara Sanskar Maheshwari and will be with me forever
Swara: hmm i am waiting for that time only and i am very happy for that
Sanskar: hmm me too and they still stand in that hug for some time

Laksh calls ragini and she picks up
Laksh: ragini yesterday i won the bet so u should give me what i want right
Ragini: ha toh
Laksh: now i want to meet u come to terrace in 5 minutes
Ragini: laksh but ma told we should not meet na
Laksh: u have to do as it is our agreement
Ragini: fine i will come and she goes to terrace there it is fully dark only the light of moon is there and cool breeze is blowing she goes inside
Ragini: laksh
Laksh takes her to the edge of the terrace where there is a swing and they both sat on swing and laksh kept his hand around her waist and ragini rested her head on her shoulder they stay like that for sometime after sometime laksh feels that his shoulder is wet he immediately saw ragini having tears in her eyes he cups her face
Laksh: (cups her face and worried) ragini why are u crying? Please tell did anyone say something to u
Ragini: (smiles in tears) no laksh these are just happy tears that i will be Mrs. Ragini laksh maheshwari by this time tomorrow i am very happy laksh
Laksh: arey please stop crying yaar u cry when u are sad and when u are happy and i dont like to see tears in ur eyes even they are happy ok
Ragini: (wipes and smiles) thank u and love u a lot
Laksh: love u more
Ragini: now i am getting sleep let me sleep i dont want dark circles for my wedding
Laksh: (laughs) ya even i dont want my wife to have them (kisses her forehead) good night
Ragini: (smiles) good night and they both leaves to their rooms and sleep peacefully

They break the hug
Swara: ok go now and sleep and let me sleep good night
Sanskar: (kisses her forehead) good night dream about me only and he leaves and they sleep peacefully

@next day
All are doing the arrangements for the marriage and mayank is helping laksh in getting ready and viren is helping sanskar. Sanskar is wearing a maroon colour sherwani and laksh wearing cream sherwani and they are looking very handsome
Ragini and swara are wearing the same type of dresses of maroon lehenga with gold colour thread work and gold colour blouse with beautiful matching jewellery and have a veil on their faces covered.

Pandit: please call grooms soon sanlak arrived to the mandap and they are doing all the rituals while pandit is reciting the mantras and now it is time to brides to come and pandit calls them
Swaragini are coming down by the stairs they brought down by jeevika parineeta uttara and Nupur they are having veil covering their faces sanlak sees them and are shocked and surprised to see both of them in same dresses and look at each other and smile
They come down and stand near the mandap
Nupur: so mere bhais now it is ur turn to prove ur love ok
Sanlak looks confused
Pari: arrey Nupur tell them clearly see how confused my devars are
Nupur: ok now sanskar and laksh u both have to find who are ur would be wives
Sanskar: oh so u are challenging us
Nupur: of course
Laksh: come on bhai we will go get them (and winks at sanskar, sanskar understands) and they both move towards swaragini first laksh goes to ragini and moves back nodding his head negatively and at the same time sanskar moves to swara and moves back in the same way both swara and ragini are very shocked and sad that they did not find them and later sanskar moves to ragini and laksh moves to swara and they both hold their hands.
Laksh: bhai u take ur swara with u and i will take my ragini with me and gives swara’s hand to sanskar and sanskar gives ragini’s hand to laksh (swaragini feel very happy and all claps)
Sanskar: what u thought that we both can’t identify u
Swaragini nods negatively
Pandit: ok u all come otherwise muhurat time will be completed

All comes and sits in their respective places soon they take pheres and sanskar and laksh fill swaragini forehead with sindoor and place mangalsootra in their neck. Sharmishta is having tears in her eyes seeing her daughters getting married shekhar holds her and assures her
Pandit: now u are married go and take blessings from ur elders they go and take blessings from all the elders
Bidaai time
Swaragini are crying bitterly holding sanlak and they are supporting them by holding shoulders
Sumi: swara dont fight with laksh now he is ur jiju
Swara: ma take care of ur self and papa as well
Ragini: ma see that dadi and dadu have their medicines on time
Sumi: u both be strong in every situation and never leave ur husband ok swaragini nods and hugs her very tightly and they cries they go and hug shekhar and cries
Shekhar: princesses stop crying u will meet us every day na so stop and wipes their tears
Swara: papa take care
Ragini: we will miss u they hug him and goes to mayank and hugs him
Mayank: cutie and darling be happy and please dont worry i will take care of everyone ok
Ragini: bhai take care of bhabhi well
Mayank nods and they goes to Nupur and hugs her
Ragini: bhabhi take care of u and baby
Nupur nods and they leave to mm in cars

Ap does arti and they kick rice kalash and keep legs in red water and enter into the house afterwards they does ring finding ceremony
Pari: come on swaragini u both should win
Uttara: ha bhabhi u both only should win
Sanskar: oye u are our sister u should support us
Laksh: but u are supporting them
Aadarsh: she will not support u but i will support na
Ap: ok now all stop now come here all
Ap places a big bowl with milk and places ring in it
Ap: now start
Raglak started finding the ring
Ragini is seriously finding the ring but laksh got a naughty idea he holds her hand very hard and not let her to search her ragini asks him to leave through eyes but he does not leave she keeps on struggling finally gets succeeded and searches for the ring she finds the ring and shows to every one
Ragini: yeah i found it
Laksh: oh hello i only let u to win without searching
Ragini: as u lost u are telling this u loser
Laksh: i am not a loser ok
Ragini: huh if u tell ur not then it will not become true
Ap: ok u both stop and laksh make her wear that ring laksh makes her wear ring
Ap: now it is swasan turn

Swara sanskar both started searching for the ring and sanskar finds it but he takes it and places in swara’s hand and holds her hand swara asks to leave but he says he will not she struggles but no use at last swara gets an idea and sees around all are seeing their hands so she gives a flying kiss to sanskar shocking him and he immediately releases her hand and swara shows the ring (winks to sanskar)
Sanskar: cheating
Swara: (innocently) what cheating sanskar
Sanskar: u did cheating and took the ring out
Swara: me what did i do tell na
Sanskar: u gave me and stops
Swara: what did i give u
Sanskar: leave u won ok
Ap: ok now wear the ring sanskar wears the ring
Ap: pari, uttara take them to their rooms
Pari: ji ma and takes them to their rooms

Sanskar is about to enter the room but pari stops him
Pari: where are u going sanskar
Sanskar: bhabhi to my room
Pari: not so soon first where is my gift
Sanskar: bhabhi u are asking me only then what about lucky
Pari: uttara will handle him u first give my gift
Sanskar: uff and takes two gift boxes and gives to her
Sanskar: one for u and one for uttara now let me go
Pari: u can and she leaves him place
He goes inside and finds that swara sitting on the bed with veil covering her face he walks to her and removes veil and sees her and they both share a beautiful eye lock he kisses her forehead and she closes her eyes
Sanskar: thank u for coming into my life and making it beautiful swara hugs him and he hugs her tightly
Swara: i am very happy sanskar u are the best thing that had happened in my life he slowly breaks the hug and then he kisses her eyes cheeks and then lips later he comes on her and they consummate their marriage

Laksh is going to his room but uttara stops him
Uttara: bhai my gift is ur ticket to go inside ur room
Laksh: uff i dont want to argue here is ur gift and ha this is for bhabhi also otherwise she will come later
Uttara: oho u are in so much hurry to meet bhabhi
Laksh: uttara u got ur gift so let me go
Uttara: ok go
He goes to his room and finds ragini standing near the window he goes to her and back hugs her and keeps his chin on her shoulder and she holds his hand
Ragini: laksh i am very happy today
Laksh: me too and i will never let u have tears in ur eyes i promise
Ragini turns and hugs him and he hugs her back after sometime they break the hug and he kisses her forehead and eyes and then cheeks and then lips and there share a passionately kiss and later he carries her to the bed and comes over her and they consummate their marriage

Precap: swaragini rasoi

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