Love Life…Swaragini ki (Epi 34)


Episode 34
Hey guys i am back with next episode. Thank u so much for the support u are giving for my ff. Thank u to those who commented and thank u silent readers as well.

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It is haldi day the whole farm house is decorated with flowers and if we see in the hall we see two boys sitting making a “yuck” face
Sanskar: ma why should we apply this on us (makes faces)
Ap: sanskar still we did not start the rasam and u are making faces
Laksh: ma is it compulsory to apply it
Sujatha: u both shut ur mouth and let us do the rasam otherwise it will become late to do for swaragini
Sumi: ha come let us start and they all start applying haldi for sanskar and laksh
Sanskar: uttara little
Laksh: ha dont dare to do any mischief
Uttara: ha bhai dont worry i will apply only little see only this much and she takes a hand full of haldi
Sanskar: uttara dont dare to and he starts running
Uttara: ok bhai u run no problem laksh bhai is there na
Laksh: oh no and he starts running all laughs seeing them
Uttara: (laughs) bhai come i will not apply that much i am just joking
Rohan: (from the door) dont listen to her she is saying lies she will not leave u
Sanskar: rohan u take ur Juliet with u yaar otherwise she is not going to leave us without applying that haldi and makes faces
Uttara: bhai huu now i will definitely not leave u and starts chasing sanskar laksh is standing and laughing at them then suddenly uttara got an idea and she silently goes to laksh and applies that handful of haldi on his face
Laksh: uttara ki bacchi i will not leave u and he chases her

Now sanskar starts laughing seeing them laksh signals uttara and she goes to him on one side she applies and on other side laksh applies to sanskar and they both laughs
Sanskar: lucky i will not leave u both wait and they all run all over the house and all of the people present there laughs at them
Sumi: sanskar laksh it is enough now go and get fresh up go
Sanlak: ok ma and they go then sumi brings swaragini for haldi they are very beautiful in yellow colour saree and with small bindi on their forehead with small chains and studs for their ears they come and sit and all start applying haldi
Uttara: ma apply very well for my bhabhis they should be the best brides
Sujatha: u bhabhi ki chamchi before only pari used to be now these both will join they only spoiling u
Pari: oh ma dont scold my uttara
Uttara: thank u bhabhi (hugs her)
Sujatha: ha u both will never change
Uttara and pari: never and gives hifi
Ap: ok now swara ragini u both can go and fresh and get ready for mehendi
Swaragini: ji ma and they were about to leave but stops listening a voice
Voice: u will not allow me to apply

They turn and see the person and are happy and runs to the person and hugs her
Person: arrey it is ur haldi and u made me also full of haldi by hugging
Swaragini: (laughs) sorry di
Person: no problem from back another person comes
Person2: jeevika maansi is crying u left me to her and came
Jeevika: oho viren u can’t handle her for just five minutes
Swaragini: jiju and were about to hug him
Viren: wait u both i dont want to become yellow with this haldi please
Swara: (laughs) ha jiju
Ragini: di chalo u apply haldi we will go fresh and come then we can talk
Jeevika: ha chalo
They go and she also applies haldi to them
Swara: ma she is only jeevika di i showed u photos na
Sumi: ha she is very beautiful
Jeevika: Namaste aunty and takes blessings from every one
Viren: and me her husband viren and takes blessings
Sumi: she (points towards maansi)
Viren: she is our daughter maansi and gives her to sumi
Sumi: she is very pretty like jeevika
Ragini: ha ma bhabhi i want again girl as my niece
Nupur: no u will get only nephew that is it
Mayank: she will talk nonsense like that only cutie u dont worry u will get a pretty niece
Sumi: arrey u all stop and u both swaragini go and fresh and come
Swaragini goes to their respective rooms

As soon as she entered the room someone pinned her to the door
Ragini: laksh what are u doing here? And why dint u still clean ur haldi
Laksh: wont u apply for me?
Ragini: yes i will apply but now we dont haldi with me na
Laksh: i will tell u how and he slowly moves towards her cheeks and rubs his cheeks with her ragini closes her eyes feeling his touch and breathing heavily
Laksh: see i applied to u
Ragini: now go and get fresh and let me also get fresh
Laksh: no and hugs her
Ragini: laksh go na please
Laksh: (pouts) fine
Ragini: and ha be ready to find ur name in my mehendi let us see how will u find
Laksh: u are challenging me
Ragini: of course
Laksh: ok then challenge accepted if i win u should give me whatever i ask and if i win u can ask me anything
Ragini: ok done get ready to lose
Laksh: dont be over confident madam
Ragini: let us see who is having over confidence
Laksh: ok now get fresh and he leaves

Swara went inside her room and opened the wardrobe to take her clothes and when she is taking her clothes she felt two strong hands around her waist and chin on her shoulder yes sanskar is back hugging her
Swara: sanskar u did not fresh
Sanskar: i am waiting to apply haldi to u
Swara: what are u serious
Sanskar: ha
Swara: there down u were making faces and still u did not fresh
Sanskar: but i want to apply for u na saying this he takes his hand from her waist and keeps his hand in the haldi bowl which is on the table (he brought it when he came to room) and takes it and slowly applies to her hands and also face swara closes her eyes by breathing heavily she turns towards him and hugs him sanskar also hugs her back and they remain in that hugging position for some time
Sanskar: swara
Swara: hmm

Sanskar: now shall i go to get fresh or u want to stay like this (teases)
Swara: (breaks the hug) how mean go i will not talk to u
Sanskar: arrey what did i say
Swara: u are the one who came to me without washing ur haldi and u are telling that i am not letting u to go
Sanskar: arey when did i tell u that u are not letting me go
Swara: the meaning is that only go i will not talk to u
Sanskar: sorry i was just kidding
Swara: no i will not forgive u
Sanskar: ok fine tell me what should i do to get ur forgiveness
Swara: hmm u should find ur name in my mehendi within 2minutes
Sanskar: that is all ok i will find
Swara: oh ho dont take it simple u can’t do
Sanskar: if sanskar maheshwari told anything he will do
Swara: oh Mr. Sanskar maheshwari get ready to lose
Sanskar: ok Mrs. Maheshwari let us see who will lose
Swara: now go
Sanskar: ok bye and he goes both swaragini gets fresh and sanlak also
Soon it is time to mehendi and our beautiful princesses get ready and they come to put their mehendi
Pari: ok i will apply mehendi to hmm whom should i apply
Nupur: we will do one thing bhabhi u apply one hand and i will apply one hand to both what say
Pari: super idea
Nupur: thank u thank u
Pari: swara come first i will apply for and later to ragini
Nupur: and ragini u come to me
Swaragini: ji bhabhis

And soon mehendi gets applied and all gets surrounded arround swaragini
Sumi: ok now sanskar laksh u both find ur names in their hands
Sanskar: ji ma but please see the time i have challenged my would be wife that i will find in two minutes
Sumi: hoi mera bacha all the best and ur time starts now
Sanskar sees all over swara’s hands and makes many facial expressions soon the time is only 15 seconds
Nupur: sanskar only 15 seconds
Sanskar: ha di
Pari: come on sanskar only 10 seconds
Jeevika: 9…8…7…6…5…4…

Sanskar: here it is i got it and he shows the name written “SS”
Sanskar: now tell Miss. Gadodia i won the challenge what say
Swara: ok i agree that Mr. Sanskar maheshwari never loses
Sanskar: (raises his collar) i know
Swara: ha dont show attitude
Laksh: u both dont start to fight and let me find my name in ragini’s mehendi
Swara: ok find it
Laksh keenly observes both hands of ragini and starts moving her hands to all directions he could
Ragini: laksh will u break my hands today
Laksh: ragini let me concentrate dont disturb me ok
Again laksh involve in searching his name it is almost 10 minutes he still did not find the name
Nupur: laksh it is 10 minutes still u did not find we will go and do other works when u find call us ok
Laksh: (shouts) yeah i found it and shows the name written “RL”
Jeevika: finally after 10 minutes we are really tired now we are going to sit
And they all leaving swasan and raglak there

Laksh: so now i won the challenge so u should give me whatever i ask
Ragini: ok tell me what u want
Laksh: not now i will ask when i need it and it is so soon so get ready
Ragini: ok
Sanskar: so now u forgave me right
Swara: ha but still u should give me chocolate to forgive u fully
Sanskar: ok fine and he takes a chocolate
Swara: wow but how can i eat
Sanskar: why fear when sanskar is here
Swara: means u will feed me
Sanskar: of course
Ragini sees chocolate in sanskar’s hand and says
Ragini: oye sanskar where is my chocolate
Sanskar: why should i give u you ask ur would be
Ragini: what a friend cum jiju i have he dont have the responsibility to give his friend cum sali a chocolate also
Sanskar: oye drama queen stop ur drama take ur chocolate
Ragini: how can i take it give to laksh
Laksh: and i will feed u
Ragini: no i will eat later
Laksh: no now only u should eat
Ragini opens her mouth to say no but laksh feeds her chocolate
Ragini: eats it and says u laksh i said i will eat later na
Laksh: no eat now only and feed her another bite
Swara: what are u seeing them u feed me
Sanskar: yes madam and he starts her feeding chocolate both brothers feed chocolates to their lovely ladies and they enjoy their cute antics while eating chocolate with a smile on their faces
Screen freezes on smiling faces of sanlak and eating faces of swaragini

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