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Episode 33
Hey guys i am back with next episode. Thank u to those who commented and silent readers also.
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Next day morning our both beauties are sleeping peacefully suddenly swara’s phone rings she wakes up in jerk
Swara sees the caller id
Swara: what the hell sanskar why dont u let me sleep peacefully
Sanskar: arrey u are still sleeping we should leave in half an hour
Swara: what still half an hour is there u called me so early u do one thing call me before ten minutes ok now let me sleep bye love u and she cuts the call without even listening to him
Sanskar: unbelievable girl (shakes his head)
Laksh: sanskar we should leave to gm come
Sanskar: arrey u know they are still sleeping
Laksh: what are u serious let me call ragini
Sanskar: u call her and come we will leave
Laksh nods and calls her. Ragini listens the ring and without opening her eyes only she receives the call before she could say hello the voice brings a big smile on her face
Laksh: good morning jaan

Ragini: (smiles brightly) good morning my laksh
Laksh: wake up we need to go in half an hour we will reach there by 15 minutes
Ragini: ok i will go and get ready see u soon love u
Laksh: love u too and cuts the call and goes to get ready in the mean time sanlak come to gm and meet everyone
Laksh: ma where is ragini?
Mishti: she is in her room u can go if u want (teasingly)
Laksh: ma please and he goes from there
Sanskar: ma still she did not wake na
Mishti nods negatively
Sanskar: impossible how are u bearing her huu i will go and wake her and he too leaves to swara’s room

Laksh enters and see ragini is getting ready in front of mirror he goes to her and hugs her from back
Laksh: u are looking beautiful in this wet hair
Ragini: (blushes) leave me let me wear my ear rings
Laksh takes his hand from ragini and takes one ear ring and makes her wear the ear rings and kisses her ears ragini closes her eyes feeling his touch and later he does same with the other ear and again hugs her back
Laksh: now perfect
Ragini turns and hugs him and laksh hugs her back
Ragini: i love u
Laksh: i love u too and kisses her forehead and says now come we will go and get our dresses for our wedding
Ragini nods and they both go

Sanskar saw swara sleeping peacefully hugging her teddy he goes to her silently and sits beside her and stares her lovingly and keeps the hair strands behind her ear that are falling on her face he pecks her forehead swara smiles in her sleep he goes near her ear
Sanskar: (whispers) wake up princess
Swara: (smiles and open her eyes slowly) sanskar
Sanskar: wake up we need to go princess
Swara: no and keeps her head on his lap and closes her eyes sanskar caresses her hair and again after 5 min
Sanskar: now atleast wake na we need to buy dresses for our wedding
Swara opens her eyes and nods and goes to get fresh and sanskar goes from there later swara comes out after getting ready

Laksh: lo she came
Swara: u monkey shut ur mouth
Laksh: u sleepy head cant u be one day without fighting with me
Swara opens her mouth to say something but sanskar interrupts
Sanskar: shut up u both and swara u go and have breakfast and come fast
Swara nods like an obedient child and goes along with ragini and returns after having breakfast and all four leaves for shopping

@ Mall
Ragini: laksh chalo we will first go to men’s section first
Swara: no ladoo first we will go to ladies section
Sanskar: ok then we will do one thing swara and me will go to ladies section and select swara’s dress u both go to men’s section and select lucky’s dresses.
Laksh: great idea come ragu we will go and they leaves accordingly

Mf also comes to gm for talking about marriage
Dp: shekhar we have to finalise venue and tell them so that they print the invitation cards
Shekhar: ha dp i am thinking we will do in our farm house there we can divide our works there and it is a big place as well so that there may be no problem in any arrangements
Dp: nice idea then the cards will come tomorrow and we send invitations to everyone
Shekhar: ok i will make arrangements to go to farmhouse day after tomorrow
Dp: perfect

Ap: ok u both talk we will go and check Nupur come pari
Pari: ji ma and goes to Nupur


Swara: sanskar how is this (shows him a lehenga)
Sanskar: no hmm u try this (gives her a lehenga)
Swara: ok and she goes to trial room she tries to put her blouse dori but it is hard so
Swara: sanskar
Sanskar: ha swara any problem
Swara: ha u just come inside
Sanskar: what are u serious

Swara: arey come na
Sanskar: ok and goes inside and sees swara and gets mesmerised to see her and goes to her slowly and pulls her towards him through waist
Sanskar: u are looking beautiful in this dress u know
Swara: (blushes) sanskar leave me
Sanskar: then why did u call me
Swara: i called u to take ur help in tying my dori
Sanskar: now no need u can change and come ok

Swara nods and sanskar leaves outside swara changes and comes out
Swara: ok now come we will go to select for u
Sanskar: ok come and they leave to men’s section

Ragini: laksh this is nice na
Laksh: what nice no it is awesome i will try and come and he goes and tries it and come and they finalise and leave to ladies section

Swara: i will select for u

Sanskar: ok swara selects for him
Swara: this is very nice do u like it
Sanskar: like no i loved it let me try
Swara nods and sanskar tries and they complete their shopping by selecting few more dresses for all the functions

Ragini: laksh now i am fed up u did not like even one
Laksh: arey i did not like them

Ragini: u only select i will sit here
Laksh: ok wait and laksh searches for her dress and finds a beautiful lehenga
Laksh: ragu see this will be perfect for u go and try it
Ragini goes to trial room and is going to close but laksh enters
Ragini: what are u doing
Laksh: trial room romance u know
Ragini: laksh shut up (hits him on his shoulders) and leave
Laksh: no
Ragini: laksh leave or i will not talk to u
Laksh: (pouts) ok and leaves

Ragini: (smiles) pagal and changes and comes out
Laksh sees her and gets mesmerised and goes to her and holds her face with his both hands and kisses her forehead
Laksh: beautiful
Ragini: ok finalise this na
Laksh: ha now go and change we will leave ragini nods and changes and come and they also select dresses for other functions and leave and meet swasan
Sanskar: so completed ur shopping

Laksh: ya urs
Sanskar: ha come let us go home
Swaragini: ice cream
Laksh: ok chalo
They leave to ice cream parlour

Swara: i want chocolate
Ragini: i want strawberry
Sanskar: u be here i will go and bring
Laksh: i will also come and both sanlak leaves to bring ice creams
Swara: ok show me ur dress
Ragini: no first u show me
Swara: we will do one thing both will show at a time
Ragini: ok and both opens and shows to each other and are shocked
Swara: (shocked) ladoo they both selected same dress for both of us
Ragini: (shocked) ha shona i can’t believe this
Swara: (happy) ladoo we both will wear same dress for our wedding
Ragini: (happy) ha shona yippee

Meanwhile sanlak comes there and see them happy
Sanskar: what happened why are u both so happy
Swara: arey u know we both have….. (interrupted)
Ragini: nothing we both liked each other’s dresses that is it
Swara gives a questioning look ragini messages her not to say them about that from her mobile swara signals ok
Laksh: what happened u dont want to eat

Ragini: ha and they eat ice cream chitchatting and leave home

All enter and sits along with family
Nupur: swara ragini show ur dresses
Ragini: bhabhi we will show later please
Nupur: why so
Ragini: i will tell u that also please

Nupur: ok fine
Shekhar: laksh beta sanskar beta ur marriage is in our farm house and we will go there day after tomorrow
Sanskar: ok papa
Laksh: ok we will leave now and they leave by bidding bye to all
Ragini: bhabhi come we will show u the dresses
Nupur: arey u said u will show later
Swara: bhabhi come na and they leave to their room
Nupur: ha now show
They both show their dresses

Nupur: wow u both got same dresses so cute
Ragini: u know these are selected by sanlak unknowingly
Nupur: what both selected same dresses!
Swara: ha bhabhi but ragini tell me why u did not allowed me to tell them
Ragini: arey let us have some fun on that day
Nupur: and how is that

Ragini: i will tell u and ragini tells them something
Swara: we will have fun and we will know how much they love us
Nupur: u both are testing my brothers na very bad
Swaragini: bhabhi
Nupur: i am just joking ur plan is nice ok
Swaragini: thank u bhabhi and hugs her

Nupur: ok now can i go to my room and rest
Swara: ha bhabhi u go i will bring something for u
Nupur nods and leaves
After two days
All the gf and mf reaches to their farm house
Ap: ok now all the rooms left side will be of mf and right side will be gf
Mishti: ha and after sangeet u should not meet each other we are telling before only
Sanlak: what!

Sujatha: arey chora sangeet is just before marriage day and that will be held at night and u should wait just till morning
Sanskar: chachi this is not fair
Swaragini laughs
Laksh: oye y u are laughing
They stop laughing
Ap: ok now go to ur rooms
All go to their rooms

Precap: haldi and mehendi
Thank u guys for reading. Please comment and tell whether it is bad or good. Sorry for the mistakes.

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