Love Life…Swaragini ki (Epi 32)


Episode 32
Hey guys i am back with next episode. Thank u for all who commented in the previous episode and thank u silent readers as well.
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The episode starts swaragini making Nupur eat soup
Nupur: enough swara i am full
Swara: no bhabhi u should finish it is bhai’s order
Ragini: if we did not follow he will say that we dont care for u
Nupur: by god this mayank is torturing me
Mayank comes from behind
Mayank: ya i will torture u to keep u and my princess healthy now finish it
Nupur: fine and eats full and says now happy
Mayank: so much

Swara: ok bhabhi u take rest
Nupur nods and swaragini leaves
Nupur: mayank
Mayank: hmm
Nupur: i will come to office with u please
Mayank: no way doctor told to be careful so no
Nupur: ok then i will do work from home only what say
Mayank: no u rest that is it

Nupur: mayank please i will do only for sometime please
Mayank: ok fine but only for sometime ok
Nupur: ok baba fine
Mayank: tomorrow i will bring some files u check them ok
Nupur: thank u so much
Mayank: (smiles) anything for u
Nupur smiles

Rohan comes there
Rohan: ma where is uttara
Sujatha: in her room rohan
Rohan: ok i will go and see and he goes

Uttara is playing games in her laptop
Rohan: u are playing wow
Uttara: arey rohan when did u come
Rohan: just now
Uttara: rohan i want to go to di i did not see her after coming back just i spoke to her through phone and congratulated through phone shall we go now
Rohan: ok come we will go
Uttara nods and they both come to Sujatha
Uttara: ma badi ma rohan and i are going to meet di
Ap: ok beta but make sure that u come early
Uttara: no today i will stay there only
Sujatha: ok
Uttara and rohan leaves to gm

@gm sanlak enters
Sanskar: ma where are u
Sumi: in kitchen sanskar
Sanlak reaches kitchen
Laksh: ma we have only days for our marriage
Sanskar: so we will go for shopping tomorrow
Sumi: ok
Sanskar: where are swaragini
Sumi: they are with Nupur
Laksh: we will meet di and come in the mean time uttara and rohan comes
Uttara: (from behind) even i will meet di
Laksh: arey what are u doing here
Uttara: i came to meet di i did not meet her till now
Laksh: how did u come
Rohan: with me

Sanskar: arey wherever Lila will be there majnu will be with her na
Uttara blushes
Rohan: after 6months i met her how can i leave her alone
Sanskar: ha pata hai now come we will go to meet di and they leave to nupur’s room
Nupur is putting her head on mayank shoulder and reading some book and mayank holding her waist and checking something in his phone they enter
Laksh: di how are u
Nupur: (lifts her head) i am fine ur jiju taking good care of me
Uttara: di and comes to her and hug her congratulations
Nupur: thank u
Mayank still involved in his work
Uttara: jiju atleast look at us once later u can do ur work
Mayank lifts his head and sees them and again continues his work Nupur hits him
Mayank: arey what she told to see i saw and doing my work
Nupur: ur work will never end

Mayank: just two minutes
Rohan: bhabhi where are swaragini
Nupur: in their rooms
Sanskar: ok i will meet swara and come and he goes and laksh also goes to meet ragini

Swara is lying on the bed and reading a novel very seriously she is so involved that she did not notice that sanskar enter to her room sanskar slowly closed the door and came up on swara and removed the book
Swara: u when did u come
Sanskar: when u were involved in ur book
Swara: oh when are we going to shopping
Sanskar: tomorrow
Swara: ok i will be ready
Sanskar: u be ready but now i want some thing
Swara: and what is that
Sanskar: a hug
Swara: arey first u get up from me then i can give na
Sanskar: why u give like this only
Swara: sanskar

Sanskar: ok and he gets up swara also gets up and hugs him very tightly and break the hug and again sits back on the bed and sanskar sits next to her and keeps his hand on her waist and pulls her towards him and swara places her head on her shoulder
Sanskar: still ten days i can’t wait to make u swara sanskar maheshwari
Swara: ya i am very excited
Sanskar: me too
Swara: sanskar
Sanskar: hmm
Swara: always be with me like this please dont leave me
Sanskar: no way i can’t live without u then how can i leave u
Swara: i love u (kisses his cheeks)
Sanskar: (smiles) i love u too (pecks her lips) and they go on chatting

Ragini is listening to the music by closing her eyes laksh enters to her room and slowly goes close to her and gives her tight kiss on her cheeks ragini immediately opens her wide and sees laksh and starts beating him with pillows
Ragini: u laksh
Laksh: sorry ragini sorry
Ragini: ok when did u come?
Laksh: just now i met di and came by the way tomorrow we are going to shopping get ready
Ragini: ok
Laksh: i just can’t wait

Ragini: just 10 days i will permanently be with u (hugs him)
Laksh: what not just 10 days still 10 days do u know how much time it means 10*24 hours see how many hours are there (pouts)
Ragini: (laughs) laksh u are so cute (pulls his cheeks)
Laksh: what yaar u are telling i am cute but i am handsome
Ragini: no u are cute and handsome ok
Laksh: i love u (kisses her cheek)
Ragini: i love u too (kisses on his forehead
Like that they both goes on chatting for some time

Precap: shopping

Thank u for reading. I know it is a boring episode. Please comment.
Happy Vinayaka Chavithi to all may god give all the happiness to all of u.

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