Love Life…Swaragini ki (Epi 31)

Episode 31
Hey guys i am back with next episode. Thank u so much for u response. Thank u who commented in the previous episode and silent readers too.
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Episode starts everyone sitting in hall in mm suddenly a voice comes
Voice: everybody enjoying without me and pouts
Swara: uttara and runs to her and hugs her
Uttara: how are u bhabhi?
Swara: completely fit and fine
Uttara: ragini bhabhi parineeta bhabhi and goes to them and hugs them and takes blessings from the elders
Ragini: uttara where is rohan
Rohan: (from behind struggling with luggage) here i am uttara how much u carry yaar
Uttara: shut up
Rohan: arrey what did i say
Sanskar: wah seeing bhabhi no need of bhai great sister we have
Uttara: bhai and she hugs him and lakshy and adharsh
Ap: uttara go and get fresh and come
Uttara: ma di and jiju
Ap: they did not come as Nupur is not well
Uttara: what happened to di
Ap: arrey kuch nahi u are becoming masi
Uttara: wow really she jumps in excitement
Sujatha: ha chori now go and get ready
Uttara: ha ma and rohan please bring my luggage na
Rohan: no way i am not going to bring further
Everyone laughs
Sujatha: no rohan leave it servants will take them
Rohan: thank u ma otherwise this moti na
Uttara: oye dont call me moti ok
Rohan: ok moti
Uttara: rohan i will not leave u and chases him all laughs seeing them
Sujatha: jiji they will not change again our house is full of happiness after so many days all children are back in the house
Ap: ha Sujatha
Swara: ma we will go now we have to go to office some work is there
Lakshy: ha ma we need to go we will come soon
Ap: ok but before that eat something and go
Swara: ok ma
And they go to their respective works and come back after their works and gf go to gm it is night and everyone are in their rooms
Swara’s room
Swara is thinking about sanskar and their movements and smiling like an insane ragini comes to her room and sees swara smiling she goes to her and slowly speaks
Ragini: thinking about sanskar
Swara: (not in senses) ha
Ragini: (smiles naughtily) sanskar what are u doing here at this time
Swara: (comes to senses) sanskar where
Ragini: in mm
Swara: u ragini i will not leave and beats her with the pillow and they again start pillow fight and are laughing and enjoying having sisterly moment suddenly swara’s phone rings they stop fighting and sees the caller id
Ragini: see aa gaya majnu ka phone
Swara: ragini tell me one thing laksh did not call u
Ragini: why
Swara: arey u are busy in teasing otherwise u must be busy with him
Ragini: first pick up the call otherwise ur majnu will come here directly
Swara: u before she could say anything ragini picks the call and gives to swara and run to her room
Swara: hello sanskar
Sanskar: why did u take so much time to take the call?
Swara: nothing tell why did u call
Sanskar: missing u
Swara: sanskar just two hours before we were together and u are telling that u are missing me
Sanskar: are u not missing me
Swara: no
Sanskar: dont lie
Swara: why would i lie
Sanskar: ok then good night bye
Swara: arey wait i miss u too
Sanskar: then y u told that u are not missing me
Swara: thought to tease u but u made my plan flop
Sanskar: oho becoming naughty day by day
Swara: what to do when i love a person like i should na
Sanskar: ok what are u doing
Swara: talking to u
Sanskar: before my call
Swara: nothing just talking to ragini
Sanskar: get ready to become Mrs. Sanskar Maheshwari only 15 days more
Swara: ok Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari like that they goes on talking after sometime sanskar does not get reply from her so he cuts the call and goes to sleep but sleep is not coming to so he goes on moving from this edge to that edge on his bed
Ragini’s room
Ragini went her room after teasing swara and she closed her and turn back and immediately she collided with someone she was about to shout but the person closed her mouth
Person: dont shout ok and removes his hand from her mouth
Ragini: u idiot i was scared and starts beating him
Lakshy: ouch arey stop na
Ragini: what are u doing here
Lakshy walks to the bed and jumps on and says came to meet u
Ragini: lakshy before two hours we both are together u came to meet me
Lakshy pulls her towards him and she falls on him and they are staring each other some of her hair strands are disturbing his view so he places them back of her ear and continues his staring for some time after some times lakshy rolls and comes on the top of ragini
Laksh: get ready to become Mrs. Lakshy Maheshwari just 15 days i no need to come by hiding
Ragini: how did u come
Laksh: of course through pipe
Ragini: if anything happened to u then
Laksh: when ur love is there with me nothing will happen to me
Ragini: lakshy get up u are very heavy
Lakshy: how mean and again he rolls and now again ragini is on lakshy and he is holding her by waist
Lakshy: u are looking beautiful
Ragini: (blushes) thank u
Lakshy: dont blush i can’t control then dont blame ok
Ragini: shameless and beats him on his chest
Lakshy: from where are u coming
Ragini: i went to swara’s room to sleep but sanskar called her so came back
Lakshy: thank u sanky
Ragini: u and starts beating him
Lakshy: arey stop na
Ragini: no i will beat still and continues to beat
Lakshy: ok u go on i will do my work and pulls her more tightly towards him
Ragini: laksh leave me
Lakshy: no
Ragini: please i am getting sleep
Lakshy: ok and kisses on her forehead and leaves her and she comes and sleeps beside him on his chest and he hugs her through waist
Lakshy: thank u for coming into my life ragu
Ragini: no i should thank u for loving me this much
Laksh: come fast to me permanently
Ragini: just fifteen days i will be always with u
And they go on speaking dont know when but they slept in that position
Here sanskar not getting sleep so he is thinking what to so he slowly comes out of the house and drives to gm and calls swara disturbing her beautiful sleep
Swara wakes up and sees the caller id
Swara: hello sanskar why did u call is everything fine
Sanskar: ha everything is fine u come out
Swara: what
Sanskar: come out i am waiting for u
Swara: what at this time why did u come
Sanskar: swara will u come or may i ring the bell
Swara: no no i am coming and she goes out
Sanskar: come fast
Swara: coming wait suddenly she sees lakshy’s car there
Swara: sanskar do u know how to ride both car and bike at a time
Sanskar: what are u talking
Swara: see there that is also our car only na u came here on bike
Sanskar: means lucky came here idiot he did not tell me i will show him later now will u come or not
Swara: where are we going
Sanskar: beach u told na u want to go at night so we are going there
Swara: what really u so awesome and kisses his cheek and pulls his cheeks
Sanskar pulls towards him and holds her by waist
Sanskar: if u give me gifts everyday like this i will take u every night
Swara: shameless and beats him
Sanskar: chalo na
Swara: sanskar we will raglak also ragini likes beach so much
Sanskar: but their romance will be disturbed and that idiot lucky will scold me
Swara: please na please
Sanskar: ok let me call him swara nods and sanskar calls lakshy
Raglak who are sleeping gets disturbed and lakshy sees caller id
Lakshy: sanky ka phone
Ragini: pick it up
Laksh: hello sanky
Sanskar: lucky where are u you are not in ur room (winks to swara)
Lakshy: u did not see properly i am in my room only
Sanskar: dont do over action and come down with ragini and ha bring ragini’s bike keys
Lakshy: what why will ragini will be with me and how can i come down now if jiju see me here he will kill me for sure immediately beats him then he realised that he indirectly told that he is in gm
Sanskar: now u understood that u are really a dumbo come fast ok
Lakshy: teek hai and cuts the call
Laksh: jaan chalo my brother and ur sister are waiting down we need to go
Ragini: why
Lakshy: dont know and ha give me ur bike keys
Ragini: teek hai chalo and they both goes
Swara: why do u over action
Sanskar: i did not do anything
Swara: now leave me we shall go
Sanskar: let them come na till then we can romance saying this he kiss her cheeks and tightens his grip on her waist and swara places her head on his chest and closes her eyes
Sanskar: jaan dont sleep we have to go to beach
Swara: how much these both will take to come
Sanskar: lo they came they both are still in that position
Ragini: we have to come without making any sound
Sanskar: even swara came she came within two minutes
Ragini: she was missing u that is why she ran and came to see u we are sleeping and u disturbed our beautiful sleep
Swara: then go and sleep we will go to beach
Ragini: what beach come let us go fast
Lakshy: beach at this time are u serious
Sanskar: they both like to go beach at night that is why i planned
Laksh: u never told me ragini
Ragini: i never told him as well
Swara: arrey i told shall we go or may i go and sleep
Sanskar: no jaan we will go come and he leaves her but swara does not leave him
Laksh: if u leave him he will drive
Swara: no we will go in car then i can sleep for some time like this
Ragini: now from where should we bring keys
Swara: lakshy brought car na we will go in that
Lakshy: ok come now
Swara: sanskar pick me na
Sanskar: chalo and he picks her up and places in the car back seat and he sits beside her and she leans on him and he hugs by waist and she sleeps on his shoulder and raglak are sitting in the front and lakshy driving and ragini also sleeping peacefully and after 45 minutes they reach the beach
Sanskar: jaan we reached wake up
Swara: ladoo let me sleep for sometime
Sanskar: jaan it is me sanskar we came to beach
Listening to the word beach swara wakes up immediately
Lakshy: ragu wake up
Ragini: shona go and talk to sanskar and dont disturb me
Lakshy: ragu it is me we came to beach
Ragini: shona dont dream opening ur eyes come u also sleep and pulls lakshy
Swasan laughs seeing them
Lakshy: ragu wake ma see and he pats her cheeks
Ragini slowly opens her eyes and sees lakshy very closely and shouts
Ragini: aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh
Lakshy closes her mouth and says why are u shouting
Ragini shows hand on her mouth and he removes his hand
Ragini: what are u doing in my room
Lakshy: hello madam we are in the beach open ur eyes and see properly then ragini remembers
Ragini: ha i forgot chalo
They all goes to beach and swaragini plays in water and sanlak admire them
Swara: sanskar lakshy come
They both also go and they play by spilling water on each other and swaragini plays with waves and they enjoy and finally sit at one place swasan and raglak
Swara placing her head and sanskar and he holding her by waist and here ragini is sitting front to lakshy and he is sitting like back hugging her and keeping his chin on her shoulder and are enjoying the cool breeze after some time
Sanskar: now shall we leave
Lakshy: ha sanky come ragu we will leave it is very late
Swaragini: no
Sanskar: dont be stubborn chalo and they both picks them in their arms and go to the car and place them in the car drove off they reach gm and drop swaragini and sanskar takes his bike and droves off while lakshy goes in his car they all reach their home and they sleep peacefully
Hope u liked this episode. Thank u for reading. Sorry for the mistakes. Please comment whether it is good are bad

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  1. Awesome really love it you made my night . Haha…. It was funny and superb dear really love raglak and swasan part. Update soon.

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  7. Dharani awesome update dear . Lovely, beach at night sooooooooo romantic with the two hottt and sizzling couple Swasan and Raglak ?? . Next part soon .?

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  8. Awesome episode. Loved both Raglak nd Swasan scenes

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