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Episode 30
Hey guys back with next episode. Thank u so much for the response in the last episode. I am glad that u all are liking my ff. Thank u all who commented and silent readers as well.
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Still swaragini are angry and sanlak are helping them in cleaning and trying to convince them
Sanskar: swara sorry yaar at least now forgive me
Swara: ragini i am going to my room to fresh up u also get ready and come down ok
Ragini: ha swara
Swara goes from there and sanskar follows her and leaving raglak there
Lakshy: sorry na
Ragini: i need to fresh will u please leave my room
Lakshy: ragini please na
Ragini: lakshy i need to get ready it is getting late now lakshy cannot tolerate more and he got angry and bang his hand to the door and the door comes back in a force and he get hurt on the forehead and it starts bleeding
Lakshy: (angry) go to hell and he bangs his hand to the door
Ragini sees this and immediately runs to him
Ragini: lakshy are u mad see u got hurt i was just pretending and u really got angry and why do u hurt ur self ha saying this she gets the first aid box and starts cleaning the wound and lakshy just stares her lovingly

Ragini: lakshy why do u get anger this much ha what do u think of urself that u get angry and do anything and get hurt (teary eyes) why won’t u think of me if u get hurt it hurts me too please dont do this again please
Lakshy: sorry
Ragini: for what
Lakshy: for making u angry and for making u cry
Ragini: now go i will fresh and come
Lakshy: still u did not say u forgave me or not
Ragini hugs him and leaves after few minutes
Ragini: now u got the answer now go
Lakshy: sorry and gives a peck on her forehead and goes out and ragini gets ready

Swara entered her room and tried to close but before that sanskar enters and closes the door swara looks him angrily and moves towards the wardrobe and takes her dress and turns and finds sanskar very close to her
Swara: what
Sanskar: sorry na
Swara: go sanskar
Sanskar gets angry and pins her to the wall
Swara: u stupid idiot monkey don….before she could complete sanskar places his lips on her lips swara widens her eyes in shock and does not reciprocate the kiss sanskar bits her lower lip she moans in pain and later she also responds to it and they kiss passionately and depart when they lack oxygen and both are breathing heavily
Sanskar: sorry
Swara: it is ok and she hugs him
Swara: now atleast go i will come after getting ready ok
Sanskar nods and goes from there and while going he finds lakshy and sees his wound and gets worried
Sanskar: lucky what happened how did u get hurt?
Lakshy: arey nothing sanky i got angry on me and hit that door i think it got angry and it hit me that is it
Sanskar: lucky if u get angry why will u show on doors see how u got hurt
Lakshy: leave na now tell agreed or not
Sanskar: ha finally u
Lakshy: all thanks to the door
Sanskar: ha are u serious
Lakshy: ha ok dont tell to anyone about this i will manage ok
Sanskar: ha come and they go down
Ap: sees lakshy and gets worried lakshy what happened how do u get hurt
Lakshy: arey nothing ma while i did not see and hit to the door it is just a small one
Ap: what small one why can’t u be careful see how u got hurt
Lakshy: ma chill it is a small one only
Dp: ap relax ok

Ap: what relax … she is about to say something they see Nupur falling unconscious
Mayank immediately goes to her and picks her and takes her to the room and lakshy calls the doctor and soon doctor arrives and checking her and all are outside in tension and mayank is pacing from here to there in the mean time swaragini also reach there soon doctor comes out and mayank immediately goes to doctor
Mayank: doctor how is she is fine na nothing serious
Doctor: Mr. Sharma relax everything is fine in fact it is good news (hearing Sharmishta and ap smile)
Mayank: good news are u out of my mind here my wife fainted and u are saying good news
Sharmishta comes there and beats his head and says
Mishti: arey u are becoming father
Mayank: what (in excitement and happiness) he jumps and immediately runs inside
Here outside
Mishti: is everything fine doctor
Doctor: actually we need do some check up and later i can confirm whether she is fine or not
Mishti: ok doctor i will send them to hospital and make them check up
Doctor: now i would take a leave and she leaves all go inside and see Nupur is still unconscious
Mayank: what ma she is not get conscious anything is serious
Mishti: arey mayank be patient doctor gave injection she will be fine till then we will be down ok
Mayank: i will be with her
Mishti: ok call us when she is awake ok and all goes
Ap: swara ragini sanskar lakshy tomorrow we are having puja in our house and we will ask ur marriage date also ok

Swaragini blush listening to the marriage date
Here Nupur wakes up and sees mayank
Mayank: u woke up how are u feeling now
Nupur tries to sit mayank helps her
Nupur: i am feeling better then mayank immediately hugs her
Mayank: thank u so much for the most wonderful gift
Nupur: mayank what are u talking
Mayank: i am telling u thanks for making me father
Nupur: what really i am so happy and she hugs him tight
All of the remaining come and congratulate them and elders bless them and elders leave from there only youngsters are there
Swara: bhai u said bhabhi is not giving now she is giving u a small baby
Mayank: i will not let u touch u my princess
Nupur: no prince
Mayank: no i want princess
Nupur: why u always want a girl
Mayank: and why u want a boy
Swara: now u both dont fight ok let someone come ok and bhabhi from today no work only rest and u have an appointment so get ready and go ok
Nupur: ok and she gets ready and mayur leaves to hospital and get checked and come home
Ap: what doctor said
Nupur: everything is fine ma
Ap: ok take care we will now ok
Nupur: ok and all mm leaves to home

@ next morning @ mm
All the arrangements are going for puja soon gf also came there but swaragini did not enter our sanlak are eagerly waiting for their love but to their disappointment they did not come with them
Sanskar: ma where are swaragini
Mishti: they are outside they will come wait in the mean time swaragini enter sanlak are mesmerized to see them
Swara wearing pink lehenga and ragini in sky blue lehenga
Swaragini come inside and take blessings soon pooja gets completed
Dp: pandit ji now tell us the marriage date
Pandit ji: ha the marriage date can be after fifteen days and both marriages can be done at a time
Ap: only fifteen days and so much work so we should start our work from tomorrow only
Mishti: ha we will start tomorrow our work. Listening to the date swasanraglak are very happy.

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