Love Life…Swaragini ki (Epi 3)

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Recap: Swaragini and Sanlak friendship
Precap: Swaragini and Sanlak

Bell rings class is over all the time of the class all the girls in the class see swaragini very angrily as they sat beside SanLak mainly two girls are staring at them as they want to kill them they are Kavitha and Kavya. Kavitha has crush on Sanskar and Kavya has crush on Lakshy. They both are friends.
They leave to their respective houses after sometime Swaragini reach their house and there Shekhar welcomes them

Shekhar: my both princesses returned from the college. How is Ur first day?
Swaragini: good papa
Shekhar: get ready we have to out for a business meet.
Swara: why we also papa
Shekhar: ha I want u also to meet that client as we are going to have a partnership with them
Swaragini: ok papa maa we are going to fresh up and they leave to their room

Dp: Sanskar Lakshy u both came back ok get ready we have to go out
SanLak: ok papa and they both leave to their room and fresh up and come back and they start

Shekhar: Swaragini come fast we are getting late
Swaragini: yes papa coming and they come down and they started

@golden restaurant
Shekar, swaragini waiting for the clients to come then there arrives Dp and Shekhar welcomes Dp and introduces Swaragini as his daughters
Swaragini: Hai uncle
Meanwhile Sanlak come there and they both see Swaragini and swaragini see Sanlak and they are shocked
SanLak Swaragini: (in union) tum donom
At that time Shekhar and Dp gets shocked and Shekar says
Shekar: Hello what is going why u both shouting at them like that u know them before itself
Swara: exactly papa we know them she shows SanLak and introduces them to Shekhar as Sanskar and Lakshy
Dp: it means u 4 are familiar to each other right
Lakshy: not just familiar we four in same college, same class, same bench and same group of friends
Dp and Shekhar: ok
Shekhar: that is why u are very excited after seeing them right swaragini
Swaragini: yes papa
Dp: so ok we both discuss about business u guys go and enjoy ok
Dp and shekhar sit near one table and Sanlak swaragini go and sit in other table which is little far from the table of dp and Shekar
Swara: now I am hungry I want to eat something
Lakshy: right swara I am also hungry want to eat something
Sanskar: ok then we will order what we shall eat
Ragini: Chinese I love Chinese
Lakshy: me too I too love Chinese what a coincidence our tastes are same
Sanskar: yes (teasingly) ur tastes are same Lucky
Ragini: what Lucky (laughing)
Lakshy: oye don’t laugh only my bro has the right to call me like that ok
Ragini: controls her laugh and says sorry and Swara what u will eat
Swara: as always
Ragini: ok Italian
Sanskar: ok let’s order
And they order and dp and shekar complete their meeting and come there and says that the
partnership is agreed all congratulates each other
Swara: so Mr.Maheshwaris congrats now we are not only friends but also business partners
Sanskar: same to u ok let us meet tomorrow bye
They say bye and they leave

Swaragini and shekhar reach gm and then swaragini leave to their room
In room
Swara: really ragini sanlak are very good especially Sanskar he is very good with girls
Ragini: haa swara I agree but lakshy is also very good I saw he really respect girls ha but he flirts with
them but still he is good
Swara: don’t know why ragini I feel strange when I saw Sanskar and near to him
Ragini: really Shona I too feel something when I was near Lakshy that is a strange feeling I cant
express what it is
Swara: ohhh means u are in love I think
Ragini: nothing like that but still I feel secured when he is near me and by the way the feelings u said
don’t sense the same ha
Swara: Ladoo nothing is there ok lets sleep I am sleepy
Ragini: smiles and says ok they go to sleep

In Sanlak room
Sanskar: Lucky what do u think of swaragini
Lakshy: they are very good and friendly especially swara she mingles very fast
Sanskar: I was very happy to see her finally I met her after so much of search
Lakshy: do u have feelings to her
Sanskar: don’t know I already told u that she would be special to me and today I got a strange feeling
I felt her before I saw her only what does this means
Lakshy: Sanky this is nothing but love see u will realise soon
Sanskar: we will see by the way lucky I saw u starring at ragini what is the matter
Lucky: nothing she is such a beautiful girl her smile awesome and he goes to his thoughts
Sanskar: Lucky he does not respond then he shakes him and calls Lucky
Then he comes to senses and says ha sanky
Sanskar: u were dreaming her right
Lucky: nothing come let’s sleep ( to change the topic)
Sanskar: ok I understood and they both sleeps
Episode ends

Precap: Swasan and Raglak as pairs for a project work

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