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Episode 29
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Swalak get ready and go and bring their stuff from office and return back home
Sanskar: u brought all ur stuff back
Swara: ha brought everything nothing left
Ragini: lakshy flight timings
Lakshy: night 8p.m.
Sanskar: means we should start by 5.30
Swara: ha so we should pack the stuff also come ladoo we will complete our packing and they both goes to their respective rooms
Ragini is packing her stuff lakshy comes there
Lakshy: any help jaan
Ragini: ha just dont disturb me
Lakshy: ha so mean but u gave me the idea so
Ragini: so what still doing her work lakshy comes to her and back hugs her
Lakshy: so now tell me
Ragini: lakshy let me do the work we have to leave to airport also
Lakshy: turns her towards him and holds her through waist and says flight is at 8pm and we should leave at 5.30 so till then we are free
Ragini: lakshy leave me i should pack
Lakshy: arrey how much u have to pack just a few things u can do it 5 minutes so let me romance with my fiancé
Ragini: lakshy shameless and beats him playfully
Lakshy: i know and i love u
Ragini: i love u too and hugs him and they both stands like that for some time

Swara does her packing and standing near the window by folding her hands and admiring the garden then she feels her two hands around her ya it is our sanskar he back hugs her and keeps his chin on her shoulder
Swara: (smiles) do u know sanskar i have so many child hood memories in this city ragini and i used to go to beach every weekend and we used to enjoy a lot we used to eat kola and make sand castles so much we used to but now as we are not having time we are not able to go to beach also properly
Sanskar: so u miss going to beach toh we will go to beach atleast once in a month in Kolkata after marriage ok
Swara: in excitement turns to him and really sanskar we will go atleast once in a month but we will go at night na i dont know how beach look at night
Sanskar: what night are u serious swara
Swara: ha everyone goes at the day so we will go at night
Sanskar: u are really crazy and he pulls her towards him and swara lands on his front and both share a cute eye lock

Raglak breaks the hug
Lakshy: vaise ragini i have a gift for u
Ragini: what is that? In excitement
Lakshy: wait let me take and he takes a box and hands it over to ragini still he is holding her by waist
Ragini: ring wow it is really beautiful lakshy thank u and she hugs him
Lakshy: arey let me wear it to u ragini nods and gives her hand and he wears it (it is a ring on which there is letter ‘R’ studded with white stones)
Lakshy: now it is really beautiful after coming on to my ragu’s hand
Ragini: thank u so much my lakshy and gives him a peck on his lips
Lakshy: (smiles) why do u always do half of the work
Ragini: (confused) half work
Lakshy: ha see u gave just a peck to me that is not fair
Ragini: lakshy no
Lakshy: yes and he leans to her and kiss her lips passionately and they break it when they lack oxygen to breathe and ragini hugs him very tightly as if she does not want to leave him and he too hugs her very tightly

Swara breaks the eye lock and again rests her head on his chest and they remain silent for some time and sanskar breaks the silence
Sanskar: princess
Swara: no response
Sanskar then sees that his swara is sleeping peacefully on his chest he lifts her in bridal style and puts her on the bed and pecks on her forehead and was about to leave but our swara holds his shirt so he tries to remove her hand but thinks she will get disturbed and he also sits there doses off

Raglak breaks the hug and complete ragini’s packing and they too dozes off for sometime by lakshy in ragini’s lap and she in a sitting position

Mayank is sitting on the bed and doing something in his phone and Nupur is packing her bags suddenly she vomiting and she goes to washroom hearing the sound mayank also goes to her and
Mayank: Nupur are u fine
Nupur: ha mayank just that the food is not well today dont know i vomited
Mayank: u come here and take some rest i will complete the packing ok
Nupur: i will do it i am fine
Mayank: no i will do u sit
Nupur: ur wish and he does all the packing
Time passed and it reached 5.30 and all got ready and came down with their luggage
Jeevika: i will miss u all
Swara: we will also miss u di
Viren: take care bye
They all bid bye and goes to airport and boards into the flight and reaches Kolkata and they go to their respective homes and meet all the families and sleep peacefully

Swaragini are peacefully sleeping when a phone rings Swara wakes up and finds that it is ragini’s phone
Swara: ragini that is ur phone pick it up
Ragini: shona i will pick it later u sleep
Swara: atleast put it on silent
Ragini: anything if u want u do i am sleeping dont disturb me
Swara: ahhhh ragini that phone and she takes the phone and saw the id she see ma she receives
Swara: hello ma good morning
Ap: good morning beta what is ragini doing
Swara: ma she is sleeping that is why i received the phone why ma any work
Ap: kuch nahi beta just called to ask how are u both
Swara: we are fine ma but why are u asking like that
Ap: woh these idiots told me about avinash now only that is why
Swara: woh ma we are completely fine sorry ma we did not inform u we thought u will be tensed
Ap: it is ok beta now u sleep i disturbed ur sleep bye
Swara: bye ma and she cuts the call sleeps again and ap comes to the hall after speaking to swara and finds sanlak and dp there
Ap: u both will not get food today morning for hiding this
Sanskar: ma this is not fair sorry na
Ap: sanskar this idiot is irresponsible but u from u i did not expect this if anything happened how could i live without u she gets teary eyes immediately both sanlak goes and hug her and
Sanlak: sorry ma please dont cry
Ap: this is the last time i am saying dont hide anything from us
Dp: ap they are safe now so now leave it
Sanlak: sorry papa
Dp: it is ok beta but please dont do again ok
Sanskar: papa when will uttara come
Dp: she will come tomorrow
Lakshy: then i will go and pick her
Dp: no need rohan will go and pick he informed me
Lakshy: wah
Dp: ok now come we should go to gm today we are staying there ok all goes there and reach gm

Mf enters gm welcomed by all and our sanlak are searching for swaragini poor sanlak they did not know that still they are sleeping as sleeping beauties
Lakshy: ma where are swaragini
Mishti: woh i will call them and she is about to go
Ap: arey mishti let them sleep they may be tired
Sanskar: what still sleeping but ma how do u know
Ap: i called them then swara picked the call and spoke to me i understood that she is sleeping and told her to sleep
Mishti: no ap we should wake them atleast now it is already late i will go and wake them
Sanskar: no ma wait let us go and wake them where are they
Mishti: in ragini’s room
Sanlak go to their room and saw their lives sleeping peacefully keeping hands on each other they both adore for some time and they both signal something to each other and sanskar went to swara and lakshy went to ragini both at a time shouted near their ears
Sanlak: (shouts in the ears of swaragini respectively) aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Swaragini gets up in a jerk and shouts closing their ears
Swaragini: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and they see sanlak there starts beating them with pillows and they start pillow fight
Hearing their shout family reaches there and see the whole room already messed up with foam due to their fight they get shocked seeing the atmosphere
Mishti: swara ragini but they are busy in their fight that they did not bother about them they are fighting and laughing
Mishti: shouts swara ragini
Hearing the swaragini sees the direction and gets shocked to see shekhar mishti ap and dp there and immediately jump from the bed
Swaragini: ma papa
Ap: (fake anger) what are u doing
Swara: ma wo… wo we are just
Mishti: (fake anger) what just
Swaragini bow their heads down not talking anything here sanlak were pressing their lips to control their laugh
Shekhar: mishti stop ur acting now oh my princesses come here
Swaragini run to shekhar and hug him
Swaragini: sorry papa
Shekhar: arrey why sorry for this small thing u are just enjoying right
Swaragini nods
Dp: then u only clean this mess also
Swaragini open their mouth like a big O in shock that is it for sanlak they started laughing like hell
Swaragini: u both shut up
Dp: exactly u both shut up and help them
Swaragini laugh now by holding their stomach and finally elders go from there and swaragini give angry look to sanlak and starts cleaning the room
Sanskar: we are dead lucky they are angry
Lakshy: ha sanky now we should convince them chalo now we will help them otherwise they will get more angry and they go to help them while helping they try to convince them but swaragini are swaragini only they did not listen to them and remain angry
In the mean time gf also come to know about avi’s action they thank god for the safety of raglak and they think of doing pooja next day in mm

Precap: pooja, marriage date fixing, sanlak trying to convince swaragini

Hello guys thank u so much for the response for the previous episode and thanks for reading and please comment and tell whether it is good are bad. See u in the next episode keep reading and commenting take care.

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