Love Life…Swaragini ki (Epi 28)


Episode 28
Hey guys i am back with another episode. I am really very sorry for this late what to do i am not well and my energy was fully eaten by fever even now i am still weak but just want to write so starting to write and thank u for all who commented for the previous episode sorry for not replying it individually but i read every comment and thank u silent readers as well. I dont know when i will give next episode if i am well i will give next episode as soon as possible please forgive me friends.
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@next day
All the arrangements are done for the naming ceremony
Swara got ready and she is going to down stairs but someone pull her to a room before she could shout the person closes her mouth and says
Person: shh it is me sanskar dont shout
Swara: beats him u idiot u scared me and she goes on beating him
Sanskar holds her hand and keeps her staring they both have a cute eye lock
Swara: what? Why are u staring me?
Sanskar: i love u

Swara: i love u too and hug him very tightly sanskar also hugs him very tightly feeling each other and like dont want to leave any one
Sanskar: u are looking beautiful swara blushes
Swara: ok now leave me let me go
Sanskar: what so early no
Swara: sanskar please let me go na if any one comes it will not be good
Sanskar: ok but one condition
Swara: ok what
Sanskar: (smiles naughtily) u know i think he tightens his grip on her waist
Swara: understands what he meant no sanskar let me go
Sanskar: i said what i want will u give or let me take
Swara: sanskar leave me
Sanskar: ok then let me take and he moves towards her lips and places his rough lips on her soft lips and kiss them very passionately and swara also reciprocates and they apart when they lack breathe and stare each other passionately. Swara hugs him very tightly and sanskar also hug her and are in that position for sometime
Swara: sanskar
Sanskar: hmm
Swara: why do u love me this much
Sanskar: dont know but i love u and u are my life i can’t bear if anything happens to u and i will not be able to live without u and i will be the one who will die before u as i can’t live without u
Swara: don’t dare to take the word death i can’t be able to afford to lose u ok come let us go now all must be waiting sanskar nods and they leave down
@raglak (simultaneously)
Ragini goes to lakshy’s room and knocks the door
Lakshy: ragini come and he takes her inside the room
Lakshy: u sit i will come after fresh ok and he was about to leave but stops by a hand holding his hand he turns and ragini stands and hugs him very tightly and lakshy also smiles and hugs and in few seconds he feels that his shirt is wet he immediately breaks the hug
Lakshy: (worried and concerned cups ragini’s face) ragini what happened why are u crying
Ragini again hugs him and still continues her sobbing lakshy let her cry and kept on caressing her hair and after he felt that she is fine he broke the hug
Lakshy: wipes her tears and says now tell me what happened why are u crying?
Ragini: i was feeling very restless and there is a feeling that something wrong is going to happen so felt like crying again starts crying and again hugs him
Lakshy: shh… shh ok u r thinking wrong see nothing will happen ok now see me and breaks the hug and cups her face listen nothing will happen first remove the thing from ur mind and just take deep breathe see u will feel better ok ragini nods and takes a deep breath for two three times
Lakshy: now feeling better
Ragini: nods and hug him
Lakshy: ragini nothing will happen ok and kisses on her forehead
Ragini: ok u go and get fresh and come
Lakshy: ok u stay and he goes and get fresh and come
Ragini: waise lakshy u are looking handsome
Lakshy: holds her and pulls her towards him she immediately lands on his chest and says but u know what u are looking more beautiful today
Ragini: ok come let us go
Lakshy: no
Ragini: lakshy come na all will be waiting and pecks on his lips
Lakshy: oho u understood very well now come let us go and they leave down
All are present in the hall and Virika are sitting near the pandit and pandit is chanting some mantras
Pandit: now tell the name of the baby in her ears three times
Viren: ji pandit ji and whispers the name in the ears of the baby girl
Pandit: now tell for all here all are eagerly waiting for the name
Virika: together Maansi
Ragini: wow awesome name maansi
Lakshy: ha bhai it is really nice
Pandit: now her name is maansi and i will take my leave and he leaves all are having good family time
All are talking lakshy gets a call and goes to attend it after attending he is coming back one servant comes
Servant: lakshy bhayya somebody came to meet u he is standing outside and asked to u to come
Lakshy: ok u go i will go and meet the person and he goes outside to meet the person but he did not find anybody there and he turns back and suddenly someone has hardly beat him with something he fell unconscious and he is taken by that person into a car and drove off
Inside everyone are enjoying by talking
Sanskar is staring swara very lovingly standing in a corner ragini sees that and goes to him
Ragini: ho please dont stare like that will u eat her
Sanskar: what is ur problem lakshy is not there to romance that u are disturbing me from atleast see my fiancé
Ragini: oh he went to attend a call now stop staring and come and sit with us
Sanskar and ragini leaves to everyone sanskar goes and sits beside swara
Swara: ok now it is my turn to play with maansi give her to me bhai please
Mayank: no let me play for sometime
Swara: oh bhai give to me if u want u can ask bhabhi to give u a child
Mayank: arrey i asked her but she is not giving what to do
Nupur: mayank kuch bhi shut up what are u talking
Mayank: arrey what did i say
Nupur: mayank shut up and she goes from there
All there starts laughing
Swara: ok bhai now give na
Mayank: ok take and gives her and she starts playing with her sanskar also joins her they both are playing with her very cutely
It is like a store room. He is tied to a chair and he is still unconscious somebody comes there and pours water on him forcefully by this lakshy gets up with the jerk
Lakshy: shouts in pain ahhhh
Person: it is paining
Lakshy: slowly sees the person and gets shocked u
Person: yes me
Lakshy: why did u kidnap me
Person: oh come on u know the reason
Lakshy: avi dont think to do anything to my ragini
Avi: oh just shut up lakshy she is not ur ragini she is mine and i will marry ragini at any cost
Lakshy: u just shut up dont dare to take her name from ur dirty mouth ok (shouts in anger)
Avi: now see what i will do and gives a punch on his face and lakshy winces in pain
Avi: ok dont worry u will see our marriage
Lakshy: dont dream by opening ur eyes u can marry her in ur dreams
Avi: let us see i will marry her with her consent
Swara: ragini where is lakshy he is not found from so much time
Ragini: i also dont know yaar he said he got a call and he will come in few minutes later servant told that someone came to meet him so he went outside so maybe he would be outside
Sanskar: ok let me check outside and he goes outside and checks for him but did not find him so he comes inside and says he is not there even
Ragini: ok let me make a call to him and she takes her phone before she dial she gets a video she opens it and freezes there and tears start flowing from her eyes immediately swara rushes to her and asks
Swara: ladoo what happened why are u crying
Ragini: breaks down and cries very loudly and says shona lakshy and continues sobbing
Swara: ha ladoo lakshy tell what happened to lakshy ragini handovers her phone to swara then swara sees the video beside sanskar is also there
Avi: hello ragini searching for lakshy then see and shows lakshy behind who is unconscious
Avi: if u want ur lakshy safe u have to fulfil my condition ok i will tell u my condition in few minutes get ready
Video ends
Sanskar: lakshy and he breaks down as well
Swara: sanskar we have to save lakshy if u broke down who will save him so please control
Sanskar: swara ragini then swara immediately goes to ragini and hugs her ragini cries for so much then her phone rings she picks the call and put it on speaker
Ragini: hello
Avi: oh my ragini how are u?
Ragini: avinash what do u want?
Avi: simple i want u to marry me
Ragini: shocked but u know that i already love lakshy then how can u do this tears are flowing from her eyes
Avi: oho if u marry me u urself will forget lakshy and start loving me otherwise lakshy will be dead i am giving u just one hour time think well and say my answer and cuts the call
Ragini cries vigorously and falls on her knees swara goes to her and consoles her sanskar is freezed in his position seeing his brother kidnapped after sometime he comes to senses and goes to ragini
Sanskar: ragini
Ragini sees his face with teary eyes
Sanskar: ragini at present we have to save our lakshy so please be strong please
Ragini: but sanskar lakshy
Sanskar: ragini we need to do something which that avi should get punished as well as we save lakshy ok
Mayank: i have a plan
Sanskar: ha jiju tell
Mayank: first thing is ragini should agree to marriage with that avi
Ragini: but bhai how can i
Mayank: ragini just agree i will definitely stop it do u believe me ragini nods
Mayank: then tell him u are agreeing ok and the rest will be like this and he tells the plan
Swara: but bhai if lakshy is not at that place where they take ragini
Mayank: no swara he will keep both in same place as far as i am thinking he will definitely want lakshy to see his marriage with ragini so he will be there ok
Swara: ok bhai then i am with u
Mayank: sanskar are u ready sanskar nods ok let me do the arrangements
Mayank calls someone and talk something and cuts the call in the mean time ragini gets the call
Ragini: hello
Avi: ragini what is ur decision
Ragini: ok i am ready to marry u but before that i have a condition
Avi: come on lakshy is with me but u have a condition but it is ok tell me what is that
Ragini: before marrying u i have to meet lakshy and speak to him alone
Avi: but if u try to escape with him u will see him dead
Ragini: i do nothing like that
Avi: ok done tomorrow morning 8.30 come to xyz place from there my car comes and picks u up ok
Ragini: ok and cuts the call
Mayank: ok ragini just do the work properly ok
Swara: ok now come ragini take some rest u are tired u cried a lot eat something and please sleep for sometime u are weak please
Ragini: no swara i am fine
Swara: ragini please if u are like this how will u bring lakshy from there ha
Ragini: ok and they all go to do dinner but nobody is interested in it everyone is just thinking about lakshy and all went to their rooms and tried a lot to sleep it is very far for them to sleep soon day takes the place of night
Lakshy is again unconscious he is very weak as he did not eat anything from the before day and he is looking very pale avi comes there
Avi: lakshy he shouts lakshy wakes up in jerk
Avi: oho lakshy will u not see my marriage get ready to see my marriage with ragini she will come to see u for the last time as ragini Gadodia as she is soon to be ragini avinash Singhania
Lakshy: don’t dream Mr. Avinash Singhania she will never be Mrs. Singhania i will make her just Mrs. Lakshy Maheshwari and that is the promise i have done to her and i will fulfil that
Avi: how can u so confident being kidnapped
Lakshy: that is the power of love
Avi: oho stop ur nonsense ok and he goes from there
Ragini got ready and went to xyz place and there came a car and took her to the place avi is there here sanskar is following ragini from far with a person in his car beside him
Sanskar: sir are u ready i want my brother and my friend safe
Officer: dont worry Mr. Maheshwari will be fine all the members are ready there as we already got the information of the place of marriage and the officers are disguised in their positions dont worry ok
Sanskar: hope so everything is fine sir
Soon ragini reaches the place
Avi: come on my dear ragini and touches her face lustily
Ragini: feels disgusting and shouts first i have to meet lakshy
Avi: oho baby when ur husband is here why do u always think of him
Ragini: avinash i already told u that i need to meet him
Avi: ok relax come and ragini to the place lakshy is there and opens the door
Ragini enters the room with teary eyes she sees lakshy very pale and tears flow from her eyes continuously
Ragini: avinash i need to talk to him alone
Avi: no u are not supposed to i know ur master brain
Ragini: ok ur wish and she goes to lakshy and hug him very tightly and cries
Lakshy: closes his eyes and says ragini please dont do this
Ragini: lakshy no please i need to save u i can’t see u like this i am sorry lakshy i am not able put my promise
Lakshy: no ragini i am sorry i am not able to keep my promise of saving u from those people i am really sorry tears are flowing from the eyes of both
Avi: now stop and ragini come and he drags ragini very hardly and throw her in a room
Avi: get ready at 5pm is our marriage and evening some members will come to help u and locks the door
Ragini cries a lot and eventually falls asleep
Lakshy monologue
Ragini why did u agree ragini why did u agree but no i can’t lose the hope i should still try to get rid of this tied rope and he tries once again and it immediately gets open then he thinks how did it happen then he remembers how ragini hugged him and how she removed his tied hands and thinks it means ragini did this now i should be careful i should pretend this avi will come at any time and when he is thinking like this avi comes in
Avi: oh lakshy dont worry u can see our marriage through this projector u can see all the arrangements as well ok now take care bye and he keeps there and goes away
Outside all the decorators and all the members are doing decorations two girls enter
One is having spects and a big sticker and hair up to shoulders and other having a boy cut and spects as well
Avi: who are u two
Girl1: sir we are from parlour actually our madam is busy with some other work so she sent us
Avi: go to that room and points to a room in upstairs this is observed by some of the decorators and signals some other decorators later avi again goes to check lakshy at last and one of the decorators follow him secretly and find where lakshy is
The two girls enter and see ragini is crying girl1 puts her hand on the shoulder of ragini then ragini sees her and gets happy and hugs her
Ragini: shona and hugs her

Swara: ladoo see everything is under control so dont worry lakshy will be safe ok
Ragini: but shona
Nupur: no buts and vuts come ragini get ready though this will not happen u should beautiful na
Ragini smiles a little and nods and they make ragini get ready though her face looks pale she is really beautiful in her green lehenga
Soon the marriage rituals are started and pandit called groom to come and sit and avi comes to the mandap and does the pooja and pandit calls bride to come and here ragini also comes and pandit gives them to put something in yaga immediately when they put that some smoke like object from all the directions of the house and the place becomes fully invisible and when the smoke is got removed avi is under the gun point of a police and all his people are also under the gun points and lakshy is present there seeing lakshy ragini runs to him and hugs him
Ragini: lakshy and hugs him
Lakshy: also hugs her and kisses on her forehead

Avi: how dare u ragini to cheat me
Officer: Mr. Singhania u are under arrest for the matter of kidnapping Mr. Maheshwari and forcing Miss. Gadodia to marry u
Avi: oh i did only because i love her so just leave me and try to run but lakshy gets hold of him and beat him and throw him near the officer
Lakshy: officer take this b*****d away and soon all the officers arrest him and his men (phew completed this avi ka chapter)
Lakshy and ragini hug each other very passionately
Ragini: but lakshy how did u came out from that room that is locked out side na
Lakshy: oh that sanky is there na he saw avi coming to me then later when he left he broke the lock and i came out
Ragini: ok but sanskar where is bhai
Mayank: here and removes his beard and hair as he is in the form of pandit
Ragini: bhai and hugs him all hugs lakshy and were about to go but lakshy feels dizzy
Ragini: immediately lakshy are u fine
Lakshy: ha just feeling dizzy
Ragini: u did not eat anything na
Lakshy nods
Ragini: come first let us go home and u eat something
Lakshy nods and they go home and feed lakshy in the mean time doctor comes and checks lakshy and gives him some medicines to reduce his wounds
Ragini: lakshy u take rest i will come and she is about to go but laksh holds her hand and nods not to go ragini sits there with him only and all others leave to their rooms and ragini sits beside lakshy and put her head on his shoulder and sobs silently after sometime lakshy feels wet on his shoulder and calls
Lakshy: ragini and cups her face see i am perfectly fine and he is arrested so no one can harm me or no one can come between us
Ragini: lakshy u know i was very scared of losing u he threatened me that he will kill u if i dont marry him
Lakshy: ragini now forget everything now everything is fine ok now stop crying u know i dont like tears in ur eyes so now stop crying and wipes her tears and come on give me my smile ragini smiles and again puts head on his shoulder and lakshy hugs her and caresses her hair soon both dosed of in that position
Sanskar is in his room and swara goes to him and hugs him and cries
Sanskar: turns towards her and cups her face and says swara see now everything is fine so stop crying
Swara: i was very scared for ragini what if he did anything to ragini and really married her i can’t even imagine that still sobbing
Sanskar: nothing happened like that right so now stop worrying ok and makes her sit and he too sits she keeps her head on this shoulder and soon both doses off by talking randomly
Everyone are in their beautiful sleep and sun rays fall on our both the beautiful couples
Ragini wakes up and sees herself beside lakshy sleeping on his shoulder and he sleeping keeping his head on her head and smiles in the mean time lakshy also wakes up and smiles seeing his beautiful princess smiling
Lakshy: staring is bad manners u know
Ragini: staring fiancé is not bad u know
Lakshy: acha and he pulls her towards him
Lakshy: still what are not bad manners when it comes to fiancé?
Ragini: nothing more than this are good manners so leave me and go to fresh up and come down for breakfast
Lakshy: oh u r very bad and pouts
Ragini pecks on his pout and says now go na lakshy kisses her forehead and goes to fresh and ragini goes to her room and fresh up
Both swara and sanskar opens their eyes at a time and smiles and
Swara: good morning my dear prince
Sanskar: good morning princess and tightens his grip on her waist
Swara: ok leave me na we need to fresh up
Sanskar: no
Swara: sanskar leave i need to go to office also please and even u should go to work and something struck to her mind and immediately asks in a worried face
Swara: sanskar but ur deal is with Singhania’s only na now what will be the next
Sanskar: oh that i already told the manager to cancel the project as we dont want such project
Swara: but sanskar what about the lose
Sanskar: this lose is not more to me when compared to my family u know that na
Swara: but ragini will feel bad she worked so much for this project and this is her first one as well
Sanskar: no ragini knew about this she felt happy and she told this is like a practice to her for the other projects
Swara: it means she is not feeling bad
Sanskar: no she is not now stop talking about others and go and fresh ok and kiss on her forehead
Swara nods and give a peck on his cheek and runs away and both get soon fresh up and comes to breakfast table

@breakfast table
Sanskar: lucky how are u?
Lakshy: sanky i am fine swara are u ready shall we go
Swara: where to go u are not coming only i am going any way ur work is completed and only my part is pending and i will complete it today with the help of ajay and swathi ok
Lakshy: but swara interrupted
Ragini: lakshy u are not going anywhere u are still weak so no excuses
Sanskar: i will drop and pick swara from the office
Swara: done i will come in 5 min and we will leave and she goes and come and goes to office along with sanskar and does all work and comes back along with sanskar

All are sitting in the hall and playing with maansi and all ladies are in kitchen doing preparations for dinner they completed and they also come there
Swara: ok lakshy as our work relating the project completed today i took permission so we can leave to Kolkata now
Lakshy: what then we can go back i am really missing ma
Ragini: then let us go all together
Jeevika: what u all will go at a time leaving us alone again and she gets emotional
Viren: ha again all are going we will be alone
Sanskar: bhai why dont u shift to Kolkata there also we have a lot of hospitals there u can get a good job
Mayank: that is what i am telling from years but no he is stubborn
Viren: oh now stop bashing me ok and stop this here only u know i dont want this topic again
Jeevika: ha let him work here only if he likes this place only ok now come to dinner and they all have their dinner and all are about to leave
Swara: wait lakshy where is my chocolate

Lakshy: ho drama queen did u allow me to go to office today ha
Swara: so what only in office u have chocolates
Lakshy: no for that today u dont have chocolate
Swara: what not fair u cheater and chases him and they both for some time and all laugh at them and enjoy some time their moment
Swara: ok tomorrow we should go and get our stuff from the office ok
Lakshy: ok madam now go and sleep kumbakaran
Swara: i am not kumbakaran ok
Lakshy: i am not kumbakaran ok imitates her
Swara: lakshy monkey go to hell and she leaves from there and all goes to sleep

Precap: back to Kolkata
Phew done with this chapter. Sorry for the late once again. Please comment as they are my strength and i can continue to write. Once again thank u to the readers of previous episode as i am unable to reply and this is compensation for the late and it is really boring i know but i want to complete this track so i wrote it in one episode i am sorry for the boring episode and sorry for the typos and i will try to post next as soon as possible

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