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Episode 27

Hey guys I am back with next episode. Thank u all those who commented and please check I have replied u all. And thank u silent readers as well. Please keep reading and commenting and support me. Here is the link for previous episodes
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All are having breakfast swasan return from their early morning date and they all sit in the hall as there is time for their office and they are chit chatting
Sanskar: ragini are u ready for the presentation
Ragini: ha sanskar but a little nervousness
Laksh: dont worry ragini i know u will do well ok
Swara: ha Ladoo u will do well all the best u will rock it ok come now lets leave
Swasan go in one car and raglak in one car as the meeting place of ragsan is near swalak’s office from there ragsan will go together to the meeting they reach swalak’s office ragini gets down of the car and lakshy goes to park the car and here

Swasan are outside the car and talking
Sanskar: swara take care of urself u are still weak ok eat something when u feel dizzy or weak and drink some juice for every one hour and take the tablets at time to time and he goes on saying and swara silently listens all these and just nods her head finally when he stops saying
Swara: finally u stopped sanskar seriously i just got fever and u are saying a list and u very well this monkey lakshy will not leave me alone for one second so he will eat my brain to eat this and that so u dont take tension now go u will get late for meeting go and then both ragsan goes to meeting
Lakshy: ok come we also should go and they leave inside these all are watched by two persons who are also coming to office they are none other than swathi and ajay
Swathi: ajay they both love each other very much
Ajay: ha swathi sanskar is just a perfect match for swara she will be very happy with him (in mind) yes swara is very happy with sanskar i don’t want to spoil her life by doing any stupid thing but still i will tell her my feelings for her sure but not now i will tell her when she is leaving the place because i dont want to lose ur friendship and he also goes inside and does his work as usual

Ragsan reach the place of meeting and went inside and ragsan meets all the members
Sanskar: hello Mr.Singhania meet Miss. Ragini Gadodia she is Mr. Shekhar Gadodia’s daughter
Mr. Singhania: hello Miss. Gadodia nice to meet u
Ragini: hello mr.singhania same here
Sanskar: so let us start the meeting
Mr. Singhania: actually Mr. Maheshwari my son need to come just five minutes
Sanskar: ok sure and they are waiting then a man enters ragini is facing her back to him as she is searching something in her bag
Man: sorry for the late
Mr. Singhania: Mr. Maheshwari and miss. Gadodia meet my son avinash Singhania then ragini turns back and gets surprised to see avinash and same with avinash to see ragini
Ragini: avi u here
Avi: ragini how are u
Ragini: ya i am fine i am here on behalf of G&M co. And meet him sanskar maheshwari
Sanskar: hai Mr. Avinash Singhania
Avi: hai Mr. Maheshwari ok shall we start the presentation all nods
And the presentation goes well and the deal gets finalised and ragsan complete all the formalities and now ragsan and avi are in the conference hall and now ragini gets excited
Ragini: (in excitement starts jumping) yippee i did it we got the contract and jumps like a kid
Sanskar: smiles ragini control u r still in the office and ragini remembers and she stops
Ragini: sorry
Avi: ragini u did not change anything
Ragini: arey avi why should i change and sanskar come we should go swalak will be waiting ok avi we need to leave bye
Avi: ok bye (in mind) again lakshy i should get her at any cost she is just mine and he follows ragsan and ragsan reaches nearby park where swalak are waiting immediately when ragsan reached the place lakshy goes to ragini and lifts and her twirls her in happiness as he saw her happy face he understood that she did it
Lakshy: twirling ragini yippee u did it
Ragini: laughing lakshy stop it lakshy stops twirling her and places her down and hug her
Lakshy: i know u will do it see i told it na
Ragini: ha i am very happy now
Swasan are just admiring their love with smile on their faces and are happy to see their siblings happy
Swara: my ladoo is very happy today
Sanskar: even my lucky he is very lucky to have ragini in his life he has changed a lot only because of her i am very happy for them
Swara: ok come we will have a treat now
Lakshy: ha now we should enjoy come and they go to the cafe
Avi is seeing all these and he fumes in anger

Swara: i want ice cream
Sanraglak: no way
Swara: arey dont shout ok i will not eat and she pouts
They enjoy there and reaches home and day passes like this
On the other side
Avi: what should i do think avi think and he is pacing to and fro and he gets really frustrated and bang his hand to the wall and his hand starts bleeding and he winces in pain and he becomes more frustrated in that frustration he starts drinking more and more and fell unconscious

@next morning
Swara wakes up early before no one gets up and goes to lakshy’s room and does something and comes out without anyone’s notice and does all her daily chores
After sometime swaragini Nupur jeevika are working in kitchen and sanskar mayank and viren are playing with their princess then they hear a shout
Lakshy: ahhhhhhhhhhhh swaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!
Lakshy comes out shouting swara i will not leave u and he starts chasing swara and they run the whole house and shouting
Lakshy: swara wait i will kill u now
Swara: laughing like hell i did this to complete my revenge what u thought i forgot no way still running all are looking at lakshy like he is looking like demon and last they all also burst out laughing swara gets tired and she comes and hides behind sanskar
Sanskar: oye now why are u hiding behind me u did all this and u dont bring me in between u both i want still live ok
Swara: huh sanskar this is not fair u should help me
Sanskar: no way u both see ur self
Lakshy: sanky u move from there today i will not leave her because of her my hair is spoiled now how i will go to office my hair ahhhh
Ragini: arey swara what have u done to my lakshy hair see how it became tell na
Swara: ok dont shout i will tell

@flash back
Swara went to lakshy’s room and mixed hair gel and some nail polish and came silently outside and when lakshy took his shower his hair became like spikes and colour of hair became blue and pink and now he is looking like a joker
Swara saying this starts laughing while ragsanlak stares her and after sometime ragsan laughs like hell
Lakshy: now say how will it go see i am looking like joker
Swara: u are already joker
Laksh: swara will u tell are not
Swara: ok and she gives him another shampoo and asks him to use it and he goes and use and come back like normal lakshy
Now all are having breakfast swara is serving all juice and all drinks that normally but again lakshy shouts
Lakshy: ahhhhhhhhhhhh swara not again what the hell my hair is not enough that u did this again
Sanskar: what happened lakshy
Lakshy: ask her
Swara: arey what did i do i just mixed some mirch powder in ur juice so that it tastes good and she blinks her eyes innocently
Lakshy: now it is too much i am leaving i dont want anything and he leaves now swara feels very bad
Swara runs behind lakshy
Swara: lakshy i am sorry na please i just did it for fun but i did not think that u will hurt sorry please forgive me please plz and she holds her ears and put a puppy face lakshy sees that and melts
Lakshy: ok but on one condition
Swara: ok tell
Lakshy: u should be my slave for one whole day that too tomorrow
Swara: what no way
Lakshy: ok then forger ur forgiveness and from today we both will not talk to each other
Swara: what if u won’t talk then who will give chocolate and ice cream to me no please plz ok i accept ur condition but please not tomorrow as tomorrow is princess naming ceremony please
Lakshy: no way tomorrow only
Swara: ok fine and she goes from there stamping her foot ragsan see all this and give u both are unbelievable look and goes from there

He gets up and he remembers again about ragini and lakshy fumes in anger and he thinks something and calls someone tell him something and he goes and fresh up
And swalak ragsan as usual does their work and sleeps peacefully
Precap: naming ceremony and avi’s evil plan for ragini
What would be avi’s plan?
And how lakshy saves ragini from avi?
Stay tuned to my ff to know further. Sorry for the late update. I am really happy for the comments thank u Anjali, Fairy, lovely, Hemalattha, Alia, Soujanya, Ammu, saru, and reethi for commenting
Reethi: sorry dear i did not think ajay as the obsessive lover sorry for that and marriage will be done soon dear keep reading and loving my ff like this and keep commenting.

Sorry for the typos and till next episode take care and bye.

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