Love Life…Swaragini ki (Epi 26)


Episode 26
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Episode 25

Its morning 4.15am swara is getting ready and she is searching something near her wardrobe at that time she feel two hands around her she first gets shocked later she realises that it is none other than sanskar.
Swara: sanskar what are u doing here
Sanskar: first tell me what are u searching for
Swara: for the bracelet which is gifted by bhai on birthday
Sanskar: oh ok let me search for u and he takes it from his pocket of the coat and gives it to her
Swara: hey how is it with u?
Sanskar: yesterday it fell down in my room so it is with me now give ur hand she forwards her hand and he puts it to her hand
Sanskar: now anything more left
Swara nods no
Sanskar: ok shall we leave now
Swara: but where
Sanskar: surprise and he drags her out of the house and go outside the house
Sanskar: u wait here i will just come and he goes and comes with a bike
Swara surprised

Swara: bike? But from where did u get it now
Sanskar: offo how many questions will u ask? did u eat any question bank
Swara: ha how mean?
Sanskar: ok come now let us go
Swara sits and he drives after some time he stops and blind folds swara
Swara: why are u blind folding me please tell na
Sanskar: swara if u did not keep quite then i will put plaster to ur mouth and now come and sit on bike
Swara pouts and sits on the bike and sanskar smiles and drives for some more time then after reaching a place he holds swara and they both reaches a place
Sanskar: ok we have reached and u slowly open ur eyes ok swara nods and opens her eyes slowly and gets surprised
The view is the beautiful place where there is small lake like thing where we can see the sun rise beautifully and there are a lot of trees covered with lots of birds with their chirping sounds and the rays of sun is beautifully reflected in the water of the lake and the water is shining in the sun light it is a very beautiful place (i dont know whether such place will be there are not)
Swara stood there with surprise and she is just staring the scene
Sanskar: (back hugs her) do u like the surprise?
Swara: what like no.. no loved it just awesome
Sanskar: then shall we leave
Swara: what so fast
Sanskar: then what will we do here
Swara: please just for sometime
Sanskar: ok then just be ready for another surprise
Swara: another surprise sanskar nods and goes from there and come back with a basket and they both get seated there on a carpet and sanskar brought all the things made for breakfast and swara just started jumping seeing that
Swara: jumping awesome thank u so much sanskar and she hugs him he hugs her back
Sanskar: ok now come we will have breakfast swara nods and they have the breakfast

Ragini gets disturbed by the sun rays and opens her eyes and surprised to see lakshy staring her sitting on the couch
Ragini: lakshy what are u doing here
Lakshy: still staring her not give any response ragini understood that and goes to him and gives a peck on his lips which brings him into senses and sees ragini there
Ragini: what are u doing here
Lakshy: (pulls her towards him) i came to see whether my jaan is fine or not
Ragini: what happened to me
Lakshy: seriously ragini yesterday ur leg is not good it is paining right
Ragini: oho lakshy that is just a small pain and yesterday u did first aid it will be good now
Lakshy: ha how do u know that i did it means u were not sleeping and tightens his grip on her
Ragini: nods in no innocently
Lakshy: too bad i thought u were sleeping and i did without disturbing u so u deserve a punishment and smiles naughtily
Ragini: (widened her eyes as she understood his intention but still asks innocently) what punishment?
Lakshy: the work before u did but u did not do it properly so now complete it
Ragini: what work and blinks her eyes
Lakshy: dont do like that then i will lose my control then dont blame me for whatever happens
Ragini: widens her eyes and immediately no… no please ok close ur eyes lakshy closes his eyes then ragini gives peck on his cheeks and she immediately runs to the wash room
Lakshy: from outside ragini this is not fair
Ragini: everything is fair in love and war and u go and get ready for office ok (from inside)
Lakshy smiles and leaves to his room

Precap: swara’s prank on lakshy (sorry for same precap)

Sorry for the small update. Hope u like it. Please comment and sorry for typos

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