Love Life…Swaragini ki (Epi 25)


Episode 25
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After sometime it is after noon all are chitchatting in the hall swara wakes up after sometime and comes there and sees everyone
Swara: di i am very hungry
Jeevika: sit i will bring ur food u have to take tablets also
Swara sits beside sanskar but he ignores her she thinks that he is still angry and should convince him
Swara: sanskar
Sanskar: no response
Swara: sanskar please sorry na i will not do again please
Sanskar: no response
Meantime jeevika gives her food and she eats it with making many faces and lakshy teases her again
Lakshy: oye pagal dont make such faces who told to eat ice creams why to make such faces while eating
Swara: lakshy u shut up sanskar see na but sanskar does not pay any heed and he is busy in his mobile playing some sought of games
Swara and lakshy observes it and swara asks lakshy too help by making actions and lakshy says ok
Lakshy: sanky u dont involve in this ok
Sanskar: lucky please keep quiet and let me play ok and dont disturb me
Lakshy: aww how mean when did i disturb u and why are u playing this game without talking with us
Sanskar: lakshy please stop and do ur work
Lakshy understood he is angry on swara a lot so he did not talk further and gave hopeless look to swara and swara completes her eating
Swara: i am going to take rest in my room and she gets up but she feel dizzy and about to fall then sanskar immediately hold her take her in his arms and takes her to her room and slowly kept her on the bed and about to go but swara holds his hand he turns
Swara: sorry sanskar please talk to me but he frees himself and gives tablets and cover her with comforter and goes to his room swara becomes upset and again takes some rest after some time she wakes up and now she is fine she goes out of her room and finds everyone except sanskar she asks about him
Swara: ragini where is sanskar
Ragini: he is in his room
Swara: oh and she sits there for sometime
Lakshy: ragini get ready we are going out
Ragini: where?
Lakshy: offo u can’t come without asking questions
Ragini: ok and she goes to get ready and swara also goes to sanskar’s room
Swara enters sanskar’s room and sees him working on laptop sitting on the couch she goes to him and sits beside him but he ignores her she keeps her head on his shoulder but still he ignores her and does his work silently after sometime he finds his shoulder getting wet he immediately turns to swara and saw her crying he immediately cups her face and says
Sanskar: swara what happened why are crying please dont cry na i can’t see tears in ur eyes please stop crying swara immediately hugs him and cries more after sometime she stops
Swara: I am sorry sanskar i will not do it again i know u told it only for my health but i didn’t listen to u if u want u scold me but please dont stop talking to and dont ignore me i can’t bear that please tears are flowing from her eyes continuously
Sanskar: i am really sorry i will not do again now stop crying and wipes her tears and kisses her forehead
Swara: now u forgave me na
Sanskar nods
Swara: yippee
Sanskar: ok from now onwards dont to such things u know that it is not good for u just for one day if u do well then u can go to office right
Swara: actually i will feel bore and suffocated in the room u know so i thought to go but that monkey did my entire plan flop i thought he helped me but he cheated me i will not leave him
Sanskar: laughs u both will never change
Swara: never ever and they sit like that for some time chitchatting and after sometime
Sanskar: so u feel bored at home right and u want to go out
Swara nods her head vigorously
Sanskar: ok get ready tomorrow morning by 4.30 am
Swara: what 4.30 am why so early and u will not let me sleep
Sanskar: u want to go out or u want to sleep
Swara: ok and they chitchat for some time as our goes on blabbering and sanskar goes on listening to her very patiently after sometime
Sanskar: stop she immediately stops
Swara: what happened?
Sanskar: seriously how much will u speak dont u get tired?
Swara: ha so mean (pouts)
Sanskar: laughs and pulls her cheeks and says now come we will go out in the garden for fresh air and they leaves to garden
They reach a restaurant
Lakshy: ragini u go inside i will park the car and come ragini nods and goes inside and sits near one of the tables and waiting for lakshy suddenly someone comes and closes her eyes from back. Ragini immediately says
Ragini: lakshy what are u doing
Person: comes to her front ho ragini who is this lakshy?
Ragini: avinash u here
Avinash: oh madam i should ask u in Mumbai
Ragini: ya actually i came here for some office work i will be here for some more days
Avinash: means can meet u every day
Ragini: yaaa if i am free meanwhile lakshy enters the restaurant and sees that ragini is talking to someone
Avinash: by the way who is this lakshy?
Voice: it is me
They turn and find lakshy standing there
Ragini: oh lakshy u came how much time to park the car i am very hungry
Lakshy: oh baby calm down and sit we will have our dinner
Ragini: oh lakshy he is avinash my friend i mean in Mumbai college and avi he is lakshy
Lakshy: hi Lakshy….Lakshy Maheshwari
Avinash: hi Avinash Singhania and they both shake hands
Lakshy: why dont u join
Avinash: ya why not and they sit and doing their dinner while talking and avinash frequently stares ragini and this noticed by lakshy but he ignored meanwhile ragini’s phone rings it shows shona she picks the call and lakshy says to keep it in speaker phone conversation
Lakshy: oye pagal why did u call
Swara: lakshy u shut up ok and let me speak to ragini
Ragini: ha shona how are u
Swara: i am fine where did u go without informing me
Ragini: ha u were there only when lakshy told that we are going out
Swara: then she remembers and says ya i forgot
Lakshy: oye for this u called u never allow me to spend some time with her
Swara: lakshy i am not in a mood to fight with u just shut up and bring my chocolate otherwise i will take my revenge for telling sanskar that i went to office ok
Lakshy: oh damki dey rahi ho i am not getting afraid
Swara: ok then be ready for the punishment but ha it takes time dont worry i will give u a big punishment so that u can’t show ur face for whole day to anyone ok
Lakshy: oh here no one is getting afraid
Ragini: frustrated and says u both will stop or not and shona u go and take rest now i am cutting the call and she cuts the call and stares lakshy angrily
Lakshy: sorry and holds his ears
Ragini: laughs u both na eating our brains i dont know how i will bear this life long
Avi: lifelong matlab
Lakshy: ragini and me are going to marry soon and swara and my brother
Avi: oh (his face become pale) and says congrats ok i need to leave now and ragini till when u will be here
Ragini: may be one more week
Avi: ok i will meet u later and he leaves but hides and sees them and here raglak completes their by laughing, and enjoying everything
Lakshy: now anything more
Ragini: ice cream
Lakshy: no
Ragini: please…. please with a cute puppy face
Lakshy: ok come we will go and ragini is about to get up but her leg spins
Ragini: ouch
Lakshy: with concern what happened and he holds her
Ragini: nothing just leg spin come now we will go and she walks but it pains
Ragini: ouch it is paining
Lakshy: ok come i will take u and he lifts her
Ragini: lakshy what are u doing let me walk all are seeing
Lakshy: let them i dont care and he takes her and all others smile seeing them except one that is avinash he goes to his can and punches his car in anger and says
Avinash: how can he touch my ragini i will not leave him she is only mine and i will not leave him and he goes away here raglak reach home and lakshy again takes her in the bridal style swara after seeing this comes to them and asks what happened
Lakshy: arey its just a sprain and i will take to her room and he takes her to her room like that the day ends and all sleep peacefully.

Precap: sanskar and swara outing at morning 4.30am and swara’s prank on lakshy to take revenge
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