Love Life…Swaragini ki (Epi 24)


Episode 24
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Episode 23

All are enjoying their dinner and laughing for the swalak’s fight and complete their dinner and are returning to their then suddenly swara feels drowsy and about to fall then to pair of strong hands come and hold her in nick of time but the time swara goes unconscious and the hands are of our handsome sanskar. He sees swara unconscious and gets worried
Sanskar: (worried) swara swara what happened tries to make her conscious but as she is not (he shouts) viren bhai come here
Viren comes and asks sanskar what happened?
Sanskar: bhai dont know see swara is not opening her eyes and now only i came to know she is having fever please check her (actually viren is doctor)
Viren: ok bring her to the room and sanskar takes her to the room and checks her and says
Viren: sanskar she has fever and due to weakness she faint dont worry i will give her injection it is in my room i will bring and he goes by this time all already came there and are worried ragini is sitting beside swara and holding her hand and sanskar is sitting on her another side with fully worried face and viren comes and gives injection and says
Viren: nothing to worry sanskar ragini just she needs rest she will get conscious in half an hour then give her this tablet ok ragsan nods and viren leaves
Sanskar: u all go i will stay here with her
Ragini: sanskar for sometime i will stay
Sanskar: ragini u must be tired u go i will be with her
Ragini nods and goes to her room
@ragini room
Ragini changes and comes out and finds lakshy there she goes and sits near him by putting her head on his shoulder and sometime they are silent later lakshy feels wet on his shoulder and sees that ragini is crying and immediately cups her face and wipes her tears and says
Lakshy: ragini dont worry she will be fine
Ragini: no lakshy she got ill many times but never fainted
Lakshy: ragini bhai said na she is fine so dont worry ok and he hugs her
Ragini: once we will go and see her whether she is fine or not please
Lakshy: ok come and they both go to see swara

@swara’s room
Sanskar takes some water in the bowl and dips cloth in water and places that on swara’s forehead so that there will be in reduction in the temperature and he is speaking to unconscious swara
Sanskar: u idiot u always make me tensed and u always eat ice creams and get u gain conscious i will take u a big class and today u even played in rain and that is just because of me sorry swara sorry for not taking care of u properly and he continues his work like that
At that time raglak entered the room
Ragini: sanskar u go and fresh and come till then lakshy and me will be here i will take care of her ok
Sanskar: ok and he leaves and goes get fresh up and comes back and sit beside swara and caresses her hair and slowly all the three doses off in that positions after sometime swara gains conscious and she opens her eyes and sees sanskar and ragini on either sides of her holding her hands and lakshy on the couch she tries to get by this ragsan gets up
Ragini: swara do u need anything
Swara: ragini relax i just need some water
Sanskar: ok and gives her some water
Lakshy: swara how are u feeling now
Swara: better lakshy and u all go and take rest in ur rooms ragini is there na
Sanskar: no way u scared us and take this tablets and make her eat tablets and says that is why i told u not to eat those many ice creams but no u will not listen ur so stubborn u will not listen and that rain also all this lead to ur this condition from now up to one month no ice cream and up to two days no office and complete bed rest
Swara: what no way bed rest am i a patient no way i will go to office tomorrow see now i dont have fever also so i am going
Ragini: swara shut up and sleep now and no office tomorrow lakshy tomorrow she will not come to office tell to ur boss ok
Lakshy: dont worry i will see that and swara take rest
Sanskar: u both go and take rest ragini u go i will be here
Ragini: but sanskar
Lakshy: ragini let sanskar be here
Ragini nods and raglak leaves and sanskar sits near swara and swara keeps her head on his shoulder and he caresses her hair
Swara: i love u
Sanskar: i love u too both dozes off in that position

Ragini: lakshy
Lakshy: hmm
Ragini: u know i always used to get worried about swara she never takes care about her but today i am happy that sanskar will take good care of her and i will be also with her for always
Lakshy: oh ho ragini that means i am not taking care of u hu go i am not talking to u
Ragini: oh ho lakshy stop ur drama i know u are a big dramebaaz ok and if u and shona are there u both fight more than tom and jerry they are far better atleast in some cases they both will be friendly but u both fight like u both are best enemies
Lakshy: arey u think we both fight no we both just tease each other and u know what there is a big secret behind this fight
Ragini: and what is that secret
Lakshy: arey i told that is a secret how can i reveal a secret u buddhu dont how handling the business huh
Ragini: arey what is the connection of business with this matter
Lakshy: even u dont know the meaning of secret then business is such a huge responsibility who will give that to u who is a big dumbo
Ragini: i am not a dumbo u are a dumbo sanskar was right he said correct about u
Lakshy: what did he said?
Ragini: that u are a screw loose person
Lakshy: what u are dead now and he chases her after some time both gets tired and sit on the bed and burst out laughing
Lakshy: ragini please be smiling like this u look good u know
Ragini: thank u and they both hug each other
And they both chit chat for some time and dozes off

Sunrays fall on our beautiful ragini she gets disturbed and opens her eyes and sees herself in lakshy embrace and smiles and wakes him up
Ragini: lakshy wake up
Lakshy: ragini let me sleep for sometime please
Ragini: lakshy get up u have to go to office and u are in my room
Lakshy gets up and goes to his room and gets ready to office
Ragini also gets ready

Sanskar gets up and wakes swara and tell her to fresh up she goes for fresh up and sanskar also gets fresh up and by the time swara comes out of the washroom raglaksan are there in her room with breakfast but for her it is not breakfast it is a kind of poison which she hates the most
Sanskar: come on swara have ur breakfast
Swara: what but where is breakfast
Ragini: arey it is in front of u only na
Swara: what this soup and that vegetable salad do u say this as breakfast but on our earth this called as the poison which kills the taste buds of a person
Lakshy: laughs how do u get such things to compare seriously
Sanskar: swara stop ur drama and eat come on and feeds her
Swara eats two spoons by making different faces and says i am done
Sanskar glares her and she understands and she eats silently by making different and weird faces
Lakshy laughs by seeing her antics and faces she completes her eating
Lakshy: swara ur eating completed right
Swara: ha cant u see
Lakshy: ok ragini sanskar u need to leave now u are getting late I will after one hour because i have some work after that i will leave and i will tell di to take care of swara
Ragsan nods and leave to their meeting
After they left
Lakshy: ok now take this
Swara: chocolate thank u lakshy u r my best friend
Lakshy: ok now say why told to send them (swara messages from her phone to lakshy to send ragsan so she wants to talk something to lakshy)
Swara: i want to come to office please just half day i will come back please
Lakshy: no way swara yesterday u fainted u are too weak no way
Swara: please lakshy just for half day please

After so much of request lakshy agrees and takes her to office with him from hiding from everyone in the house
After one hour sanskar comes to swalak’s office and goes to reception
Sanskar: excuse me can u inform Mr. Lakshy that sanskar has come
Receptionist: sure sir and informs lakshy about his arrival and lakshy comes
Lakshy: sanky u came come we will go to her
Sanskar: lakshy why did u bring her and why did u inform me
Lakshy: then what should i do that idiot not listening to me i know she only listens to u so informed u and this is her cabin u go i will not come she will kill me my ragini can’t live without me u know (in dramatic way)
Sanskar: dramebaaz u will never change and he goes inside like a storm and glares swara and swara due to sudden entry she get distracted and sees towards the door she saw him glaring her angrily so silently wrapped up all her work without speaking and took her bag and came near him
Swara: chalo (innocently)
Sanskar glares and just holds her hand and takes her from there lakshy comes to the car
Lakshy: sanky i will come after the work u go
Swara glares him angrily
Lakshy: oye dont see me like that ok and go and take rest ok
Swara: u cheater i will not leave u i will take revenge from u
Lakshy: we will see and swasan leaves and lakshy leaves for work
Swasan reaches home
Jeevika: sanskar how come swara with u she is in her room right
Sanskar: ask her only
Jeevika: swara
Swara: di woh i went to office and lakshy distracted u and i left from here
Nupur: but i saw u resting in the room
Swara: actually i kept pillows in the way as i am sleeping
Mayank: swara what is this it is for u only na now go and take rest go
Swara nods and she goes followed by sanskar

Precap: sanskar’s silent anger towards swara and swara asking for forgiveness

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