Love Life…Swaragini ki (Epi 23)

Episode 23
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episode 22
Like that one month passed swalak are still continuing their fights and ragsan busy in business works and Virika got a cute baby girl one day morning swara woke up from her sleep and sees sanskar in her room staring her
Swara: happily sanskar when did u come and went to hug him but he disappeared
Swara:(herself) what where is he wait swara u became mad u till now just missed him and now u are even imagining him great but from he is not available to talk from yesterday afternoon oh I am missing him badly she brushed her thoughts and went and got ready to go to office she is coming to the breakfast table again she imagined him and went to touch him again disappeared
Swara: not again swara she murmured
Lakshy saw her lost somewhere and murmuring something came to her
Lakshy: swara what happened?
Swara: nothing lakshy come we have to leave
Lakshy: breakfast
Swara: no I dont want to have
Jeevika: no way swara u have to come and she drags her to have breakfast
Swara: di please na I dont want to
Jeevika: just a little and she feeds her and swara eats it uninterestedly and fully upset
Jeevika: swara why are u upset is everything fine
Swara: ha di nothing like that ok tell me where is our princess
Jeevika: she is with ur jiju
Swara: ok di i will meet her and go
Swara goes to Virika room
Viren: good morning swara
Swara: good morning jiju
Viren: is everything fine u look dull
Swara: ha everything is fine
Viren: ok and he handovers little princess to swara and goes out and in the mean time swara plays with the small princess and again viren comes and swara leaves to office with lakshy
Swara is still dreaming about sanskar it is lunch time lakshy, swara, two of their colleagues (swathi and ajay) are sitting and having their lunch
Ajay: (noticed swara lost somewhere actually he has little crush on swara as they dont know that swara is engaged to sanskar and lakshy is engaged to ragini they only told that swalak are friends) swara where are u lost
Swara: not in senses sanskar
Lakshy: drinking water splits it immediately and asks what swara
Swara: comes to senses what happened
Lakshy: that I should ask why are u saying sanskar
Swara: arey when did i take that name
Ajay: now u told that name
Swara: then remembers and says nothing just thinking about something leave that
Lakshy: swara is everything ok
Swara: ha lakshy dont worry she gave him an assuring smile
Lakshy understood that she is missing sanskar as he himself missing ragini very badly
Lakshy: swara I have some work i will come in few minutes and he goes and tries to call ragini but switched off and he comes back and joins them again and they all are talking when suddenly someone comes and closes swara’s eyes
Swara: whose this
Lakshy: swara guess who is that
Swara: lakshy dont play games i am not in a mood ok
Lakshy: offo swara come on try it once
Swara: ok and she touches the hands and feels it and immediately
Swara: happily ragini
Ragini: i knew it u will identify it and hugs her
Swara: ragini when did u come here and how did u come u came alone
Ragini: swara take a breath I came here in the morning went to home and got fresh up and came I came through flight and I came with she stops
Swara: ha tell u came with
Voice: with me
Swara immediately turn to the voice as she understood who is that
Swara: sanskar and immediately run to him and hug him and cries sanskar also hugs her and feels wet on his shirt and he released the hug
Sanskar: (concerned) cupped her face swara why are u crying
Swara: wipes her tears arey I am not crying I missed u so much ok come and they goes near raglak
Ragini: lakshy and she hugs him I missed u so much
Lakshy: arey I too missed u so much and this swara from morning so dull I thought to tell her that u are coming but then ur surprise will be spoiled na that is why i did
Swara: u know they are coming
Lakshy: ha then he notices swathi and ajay staring them
Lakshy: oh no ajay swathi meet them sanskar my brother and ragini swara’s sister
Ajay: hai and shakes hand with them and swathi does the same
Swara: ha sanskar why did u say me not to call u
Sanskar: arey now also u did not understand
Swara: oh this is the reason u were in flight right
Ragini: arey I am hungry we will eat anything
Lakshy: oh wait i will bring something for u
Ragini: ok
Sanskar: lucky wait i will join u swara i know u did not eat anything now tell me what u want
Swara: awe so cute and pulls his cheeks and says sandwich
Sanskar: not again swara i told u I am not cute ok swaragini chuckles while sanlak go to ring them something to eat and they come soon with them
Sanskar: ok this sandwich to my cute and beautiful sweety gives it to swara
Lakshy: and this is for my beautiful jaan gives it to ragini
Swaragini: oh thank u
Swara: sanskar but all of a sudden u coming here anything special
Ragini: swara actually we came here for business work and along with that jeevika di told that babies naming ceremony is also there so both will be done
Swara: means one week yippee means we can enjoy
Ragini: then what about ur work who will do
Swara: after office we can enjoy na
Sanskar: ok now we should leave ragini come otherwise this idiot will not work now towards lakshy
Lakshy: oye dont say me idiot ok from morning ur sweety is dreaming u and is upset take her with u otherwise she will eat my brain to go home
Sanskar: oye dont dare u take a word on my swara ok come swara we will go
Swara: no i will not come u go
Ragini: arey come na take a half day leave and lakshy is there to do ur work
Lakshy: wah my fiancé wants to spend time with her sister and sister’s fiancé than me awesome
Ajay and swathi: what fiancé? In shock
Swara: oh sorry guys we did not tell u na anytime we did not get the topic so sorry
Ajay: means sanskar is ur fiancé
Swathi: ajay what is that question now she told that only na congratulations swara and hugs her
Swara: thank u
Ajay: with heavy heart congratulations swara and lakshy
Swalak: thank u
Swara: ok come we will go
Sanskar: sweety first go get permission
Swara: lakshy come this khadoos will give lectures otherwise
Lakshy: sanky we will back bye my jaan
Ragini: bye
Swathi: sanskar u love swara a lot na?
Sanskar: why did u get that doubt?
Swathi: actually i saw u when swara is crying u were so much worried so
Sanskar: ya she is my life and smiles
Soon swalak comes and swasan and raglak leave from there and after they left
Swathi: so ajay what is now?
Ajay: confused now what we have to continue our work
Swathi: i know about work but i am saying about swara i know u like her
Ajay: swathi nothing like that tries to avoid the topic
Swathi: as u wish but dont do any wrong things ok and they both goes
Swasanraglak reach home
There they see mayur and get surprised
Swara: bhai u here but none said to us
Mayank: surprise
Swara: bhabhi and hugs Nupur
Later they have a family time and they go to their rooms but swasan went outside and now ragini’s room door is knocked she opened the door and immediately the person rushed and closed the door
Ragini: lakshy what are u doing
Lakshy: arey we both are far for these many days and i want to spend some time with my jaan saying this he pulls ragini towards him
Ragini: places her hands around his neck hmm so my lakshy wants to spend some time ok
Lakshy: waise did u miss me
Ragini: teasingly no not at all in fact very happy u know
Lakshy: understood that she is teasing oh so happy u know what but i am very sad as i really missed u and hugged her very tightly
Ragini felt that he is serious so she too hugged him very tightly and released and said
Ragini: sorry i thought to just to tease but u became serious
Lakshy: its ok jaan i know but it is very difficult to be here
Ragini: then why dont u come back
Lakshy: no ragini this project is important to the company after that anyway we will join G&M co
Ragini: means just one more month i should be far from u and she becomes sad and has tears in her eyes
Lakshy: cupped ragini’s face ragu please na dont be sad then i will become weak and he kisses her tears ragini closes her eyes feels him later he kisses her forehead, eyes, cheeks and then her lips and it is passionate one and last for a long time and they apart when they lack oxygen for their breath and both stare each other lovingly
Lakshy: i missed u so much u know i was just thinking why i chose this but then i remember how u support me and then again i will make up my mind that just only few days
Ragini: dont become weak i will always support u ok and they both spend some time together
Swasan are in garden and then there starts to rain and our starts to dance in that rain like a child and sanskar staring her lovingly swara feels his gaze
Swara: sanskar why are staring me?
Sanskar: arey i have right to stare my fiancé so dont disturb me
Swara: oh ho so u are staring ur fiancé so i have the right to disturb my fiancé and she starts tickling him and he starts laughing
Sanskar: ha ha ha swara stop tickling me please
Swara: no and she goes on tickling him then sanskar somehow holds her hands and pulls her towards him and holds her through waist by now rain stops and the water droplets of swara’s hair falls on her rosy lips and sanskar sees this and leans to kiss her but swara pushes him and runs
Swara: laughing and running catch me if u can Mr. Maheshwari
Sanskar also starts running and at one point he holds swara but due to imbalance they fall now sanskar is on swara and they both share a cute eye lock and then they share long and passionate kiss after sometime they part away and staring each other and lost in each other
At that time jeevika calls
Jeevika: swara where are u
Swara: comes back to realty and they both compose and they go inside
Jeevika sees her
Jeevika: swara what is this u again got wet in rain u will catch cold and see how u made ur clothes and sanskar u too joined her
Sanskar: sorry bhabhi how can object when she wants to enjoy
Jeevika: ok now both go and change and come fast for dinner ok
And they left to change and came out and went to dinner table and sat there
Lakshy: oye swara let others also eat ok
Swara: sanskar see na he is teasing me
Sanskar sees towards lakshy and says ha i saw him ok now eat
Swara: what?
Sanskar: u told to see him i saw him that is it
Swara: how mean
Lakshy: oye shut up and eat
Swara: ragini sorry and she starts beating him and he runs and she chases him and catches him and beats him
All laughs and the screen freezes on laughing faces
Precap: not decided
Sorry guys for late once again I know it is boring but still comment please. And give suggestions please

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