Love Life…Swaragini ki (Epi 22)


Episode 22

Hey guys I am back with another episode and I replied to the comments u may check and please comment in the same way and thank u silent readers.

3years later
In these three years swasan, raglak completed their MBA and sanskar and ragini have joined the companies for helping their fathers and swara and lakshy wanted to do job for 1year and started to go to the job both are in the same office and uttara is now in London for higher studies and rohan has started his own business Malhothra companies and MayUr got married and Mayank is having Sharma industries and Nupur is helping him. And Gadodias and Maheshwaris as G&M companies have merged and they have many branches in different places all over India
@G&M companies in sanskar’s cabin
Sanskar: no way swara u are not going that is it
Swara: come on sanskar it is just a matter of 3months

Sanskar: no swara I will not agree
Swara: please sanskar maan jao na please with puppy face
Sanskar: melts ok but u will be alone
Lakshy: oh hello even I am going with her
Sanskar: that is the only thing I am afraid of
Lakshy: sanky u are very mean ragini u tell to ur best friend not to insult me I can take care of my best friend and tell him to take care of his best friend
Ragini: sanskar what is this why u always tease him
Sanskar: ok k now all don’t become one team and start bashing me ok u can go swara
Swara: yeaah thank u sanskar and don’t worry lakshy will be with me only
Sanskar: lucky take care of her and don’t leave her alone and u take care please don’t go to any fights with any one

Lakshy: come on sanky calm down I will take care ok and I need to say u about ragini ok
Sanskar: ha swara when are u going
Swara: after two days
Sanskar: ok but ma papa
Swara: all agreed except and it took this much time and don’t worry please u take care eat properly don’t skip ur diet please u will be always busy in ur work ok
Sanskar: ha baba anything more
Swara: that is it and ragini u please sleep properly u are not at all worrying about ur health please take care
Ragini: ha baba ok come we should go home now we should do packing also
Swara: ha come bye lakshy bye sanskar and they leave
Actually swara & lakshy are working in varma groups

of companies and now they have to go to Mumbai for some project and work there 3 months as they both are going swara is convincing sanskar to allow her to go to Mumbai but he is not convincing as he don’t want swara to go far from him
Swaragini both pack all the swara’s stuff and come to the dining hall and have their dinner go to sleep in their respective rooms and same with sanlak
After 2 days
Both Maheshwaris and Gadodias are present

Ap: swara beta take care
Swara: ha ma
Sumi: swara eat…. before she could complete
Swara: I will eat properly sleep properly I will not irritate lakshy I will not eat more chocolates and ice creams I will not go anywhere alone and I will not mess up with any one and I will call everybody every day and I will take care of lakshy also and he will take care of me ok now completed all u want to say
Sanskar: how much u will talk ha
Swara: ha how mean I saved ur all energy by saying but still and pouts
Ragini: stop dramebaaz
Swara: Ladoo u too go I will not talk to u all come lakshy we will go
Lakshy: oye stop ur drama first complete ur lunch and then we will go ok
Swara: ok fine all are in one team I gave up and they all have lunch and they leave by taking blessings from elders
They board flight and they reach Mumbai (guys from swalak and ragsan bonding will be seen)
They call to elders and they inform that they reached
On call (on speaker on both sides)
Swara: ha sanskar we reached and we are in car now
Ragini: ha swara take care ok
Sanskar: where are u staying I forgot to ask u
Lakshy: we got companies accommodation but we rejected I don’t want to die by eating swara’s handmade food that is why as paying guest
Sanskar: ha ha ha that is true
Swara: how mean u both are teasing me I learnt how to cook well ok
Ragini: she cooks really well
Sanskar: wow her cooking we have seen we can’t forget how can we then everyday lakshy and she should clean kitchen instead of going to office and sanlak laughs
Swara: stop u both idiots ok that was just an accident ha but on that I also did some mistakes
@fb starts

On day swara is getting bored so she wants to cook so she went to kitchen
She started doing aloo paratas she kept the potatoes in a cooker for boiling and forgot to pour water in that and kept lid and went to take aata from the cupboard before she could take it the pressure cooker burst and due to that sound she got jerk and the whole aata fall on her and on the whole floor become full of aata and she became like a white ghost and cooker blasted (thank god she is far away from the stove) and the whole potatoes were also in the walls as the lid also opened and fall down but still she did not give up she now started to do gulab jamoons everything is perfect but she instead of putting sugar powder she kept salt and the water started evaporating instead of becoming syrup she was fed up and called ragini and ragini came and saw and asked what happened

Swara: woh actually forgot to pour water in aloo for boiling so it blasted
Ragini: what are u fine
Swara: ha I am fine and then ragini sees gulab jamoons and asks what happened to them
Swara: woh I thought sugar powder and kept salt and water instead becoming syrup got evaporated I got to know that it when I tasted it and blinked very innocently then ragini started laughing by the time sanlak also came there and listened to them and they too started laughing
@fb ends

Sanlakrag laughing continuously and swara got frustrated shouts
Swara: stop it now ok
Sanlakrag controls their laugh in the mean time they reach their destination
Lakshy: ok ragsan bye now have reached we should go inside
Ragsan: ok bye take care
Swalak get down of the car and go to the house and ring the bell a beautiful girl open the door and says
Girl: oh Miss. Swara and Mr. Lakshy right
Swara: yes and u Mrs. Jeevika Vadera right
Jeevika: ha come in
They both go in side
Jeevika: viren see they have arrived
Viren: hai viren Vadera jeevika’s husband

Swalak: hai nice to meet u and thank u for the accommodation
Viren: it is ok
Swara: wait what should I call u both hmm ok I will call u di and u jiju u have no problem na
Lakshy: nahi I will call her di u call her bhabhi
Swara: no i will call her di and u call her bhabhi and they both fight with each other after a while they realise when they hear a phone ring and that is sanskar
Lakshy: u keep it on speaker I need to talk to him

Swara keeps it on speaker
Swara: ha sanskar u tell this lakshy not irritate me
Sanskar: oye lucky why are u irritating her
Lakshy: hey sanky I am not irritating her she only started
Swara: not me u
Lakshy: no u
Sanskar: shouts stooooooop they both stops u both just shut up ok and let me talk to u first
Swalak: ok
Sanskar: first tell me why u are fighting
They tell him everything
Sanskar: is this a thing to fight huu u both are impossible just shut up don’t make mess there understood
Swalak: ok
Sanskar: now take care bye
Swara: why did u call?
Sanskar: for knowing what u both are doing but I got the answer
Swara: ok bye and cuts the call and see jeevika and viren who are just staring them like what is going on in their house
Swara: sorry
Virika: it is ok

Viren: actually I too liked ur fightings
Swara: really
Jeevika: me too ok tell me what u both fixed will u call me and him
Swara looked at lakshy
Lakshy: ok fine u call her di ok
Swara: yippee I won and starts jumping
Lakshy: now stop jumping ok
Swara: ok di tell me which month
Jeevika: eighth
Swara: wow great means I can see before I leave ok from now I will take care of u when I am at home
Jeevika: thank u that is so sweet of u
Lakshy: sweet and she huu bhabhi now u won’t understand her later u will regret for telling her sweet
Swara: oye stop teasing me ok other wise
Lakshy: otherwise what will u do u can just tell to sanky or to ragini that is it
Swara: lakshy key bache u are out now see and chases him all over the house and Virika enjoy their fight

Viren: they are very nice Mayank is right they are very good friends
Jeevika: u don’t take bhai’s name in front of them otherwise bhai will be out by them
Viren: ya u are right by this time swalak gets tired and sits on the couch and starts laughing
Viren: ok now stop fighting and go and fresh up ur rooms are in upstairs which one u want u can use
Lakshy: ok bhai and they leave
Dinner table
Swara: di only u both are living in this house
Jeevika: ha swara actually I am an orphan and viren’s parents are dead in an accident before two years
Swara: oh
Jeevika: ok if u both want anything u can ask kaka and kaki will give u what u want ok
Lakshy: ok bhabhi and swara for god sake please wake up early tomorrow we should not be late first day please
Swara: no need do so much over action I will ok now go to ur room and talk to Ladoo otherwise she will not sleep
Lakshy: ha and u go and sleep please don’t chat with sanky
Swara: u are dead now and she starts to chase him by the time he goes to his room and shuts the door and swara stamps her foot and goes and takes rest and the mean time Virika just adore their bond

Sanskar: ragini is work is completed
Ragini: ha sanskar just 15 minutes we will leave
Sanskar: ok i will be in my cabin
Ragini: ok after 15 minutes they both go in car
@in car
Sanskar is driving and
Ragini: shouts sanskar stooooooop sanskar suddenly applies the break and asks
Sanskar: ragini what happened why are u shouting
Ragini: innocently woh I want to eat ice cream pointing to the ice cream vehicle on the road
Sanskar: seriously anybody can say u both are sisters both are such a big dramebaaz huu come and they both goes to the ice cream man they both eat ice cream and return to whom
Episode ends

Hey what u thought that swasan and raglak will get separated seriously ha ha ha just I want to see ur reaction but still they are separated na poor guys they cannot be together for some time don’t worry It will be for two episodes only just to show swalak and ragsan bond and please comment whether u like it or not and give suggestions also please

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