Love Life…Swaragini ki (Epi 21)


Episode 21
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All are in the hall then uttara sees rohan is coming back so she signals them and then
Dp: ha uttara tell me ur decision do u like the guy
Uttara: bade papa I talked to him he is a nice guy he showed the care for me when I was about to fall u all saw that and I think he cares for me so I think he can keep me happy but still I want some time
Dp: ok but make it fast ok
Uttara: ha bade papa don’t worry I will take only right decision
Dp: I know my daughter she will never take any wrong decision (these all are heard by rohan from the entrance his heart became heavy when uttara told she needs time for the decision so he thought something and came inside)
Rohan: wow uttara u understand that man in one meet
Uttara: not one meet rohan he is my college friend and u also know him
Rohan: whoever it is how can u say u will give the decision before not even talking to me I mean ur best friend
Dp: it is her life so she can do whatever she want why are u getting worried rohan
Rohan: uncle because she is my friend and I dont want to risk her life (he speaks all with lots of pain in his voice and eyes)
Uttara: come on rohan I know him from earlier and he is my friend so no problem and by the way u did not see him na let me show his photo to u then u also will say he is correct for me
Rohan: uttara don’t test my patience u are not saying ur answer I want to talk to u come with me right now
Vikram: arey rohan atleast see the photo and then speak
Rohan: (till did not notice Vikram there and surprised) dad what are u doing here
Vikram: actually the guy who came to see uttara I know him so I came here with them then uttara told me that u are here so I thought we both can go at a time so I waiting for u and why are u not listening to her once listen to her and see the guys photo
Rohan: dad u too please let me talk to her please and he drags uttara from there and takes her to the garden and everybody are seeing from far

Rohan: (angry) what the hell uttara u are praising the guy as if u want to marry him
Uttara: (angry) then what to do ha when the time I need u you went from here to ur work
Rohan: so u will say ok to whoever u want then what about me and what about our love
Uttara: (sarcastically) our love? U were not there with then only I understood what ur love is u even can’t say that u love me in front our elders and went away with ur work and asking me about love
Rohan: ok now come with me and again he drags her to the hall by this time all are again back to their position
Rohan comes there with uttara and directly goes to dp and says
Rohan: uncle actually I love uttara I cannot live without her and I know this is not the right time but still I don’t want to lose her so now I am telling u uncle please uncle understand I really love her I will keep her always happy and I will let her cry even in happiness please uncle trust me (tears)
Dp: beta the decision is only uttara’s so uttara u only handle him
Uttara: rohan now no use please leave all these and please my would be husband’s photo I want u to see him because u have that right as my friend so see and she forwards the phone which has his photo and rohan without saying anything as he knew uttara is saying so many times means there is something so he took it and saw the photo and is shocked, surprised, happy and last he saw uttara
Rohan: uttara ki bacchi u are dead now saying this he runs behind uttara who is laughing and running they run whole the mansion
Uttara: while running u can’t catch me monkey
Rohan: hey moti I will catch u see and they run continuously and uttara finally reaches her room
Here in hall all are laughing seeing them
And there in uttara’s room after uttara reached room she tries to close it but rohan comes in and stops her from closing and he enter and close the door
Uttara: what are doing rohan open the door
Rohan: why u teased me na now see and he goes close to her she goes back and finally she gets hit by the bed and falls on it and rohan trying to hold her he too falls on her they both are on one another and they have cute eye lock and they get disturbed when someone knocks the door they open the door and a servant says they are called to the hall and they go to the hall
Dp: ok now all done so let us do the engagement
And then they exchange rings and then Vikram leaves
Vikram: ok dp ji I will leave now
Dp: Vikram ji very early
Vikram: no dp ji I have an important appointment so i need to and he leaves
Sanskar: so Mr. Rohan now my sister is with u so if we see a single tear in her eyes u know what I will do
Rohan: don’t worry sanskar I never let her cry she is my life I promise
Lakshy: u better keep ur promise

Meanwhile sanskar’s phone rings and he excuses and goes to his room
Ragini: ok swara we also should leave now go and bring bag from uttara’s room
Swara: ha ragini I will bring and she goes
Lakshy: ragini u come with me I need to talk to u and he drags her to his room
Swara is going to bring bag when someone pulls her to a room and she is about to shout but that person closes her mouth and swara opens her eyes and sees the person and give a sigh of relief
Swara: what the hell sanskar why did u drag me
Sanskar: what so unromantic from morning we did not get time and u are asking what hoo and he pouts
Swara: ho so cute and pulls his cheeks and says oh my jaan want to spend time with me
Sanskar: ha now u understood it and he pulls her close to him by the waist and swara hits him near the chest
Swara: sanskar leave me anyone will come
Sanskar: let them come I don’t care
Swara: sanskar leave me please
Sanskar: but one condition
Swara: what?
Sanskar: kiss
Swara: what no way
Sanskar: then I will not leave u
Swara: ok and she kisses him on the cheek
Sanskar: not here showing to his lips here
Swara: no way u asked I gave
Sanskar: then I also will not leave
Swara: ok then close ur eyes but take ur hands ur holding very tight it is paining so sanskar loosens the grip on her waist and closes the eyes and swara slowly comes near his ears and shouts
Swara: haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Sanskar immediately takes his hands and closes his ears then immediately swara runs from there laughing sanskar stands there smiling for her act and later he too follows her

They go to the garden
Ragini: ha lakshy say u told u need to talk
Lakshy: we did not spend even a minute together today so I thought we can get some time so I called u
They sit there hand in hand and ragini resting her head on his chest
Lakshy: ragini
Ragini: hmm
Lakshy: u are very beautiful in this dress
Ragini: hmm
Lakshy: u know what rohan is very good he really loves uttara na
Ragini: hmm
Lakshy: what always hmm u are saying why are u not talking and he sees that ragini is sleeping so without disturbing he slowly give a peck on her forehead and makes her comfortable on his shoulder in the mean time swara comes there followed by sanskar and she was about to call ragini but lakshy signs her to be quite and he slowly picks ragini in his hands and place her gently in the car and comes towards swara
Lakshy: she is tired so she slept come we will drop u
Swara: ok

Sanskar drives the car and lakshy is sitting beside ragini and makes her comfortable and swara is sitting beside the driving seat and they drive off and they reach gm and there again lakshy picks ragini and places her in her room and they leave to mm
After some time ragini wakes up and sees herself in the room and gets startled that how she came there so she goes to swara and swara tells her about how lakshy brought her and everything
At night they have dinner and they go to their rooms and they talk to respective partner and soon doze off with smiles on their faces
Screen freezes on the smiling faces of our swasan and raglak

Precap: three years leap and swasan and raglak separation

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