Love Life…Swaragini ki (Epi 20)

Episode 20
Hey guys I am back with next episode hope u will enjoy it. I am very sorry for the late update as my exams are there and they are completed and I became a little busy so please forgive me and thank u Ammu, Natasha, soujanya, Sweety for commenting and silent readers also
Same day at night

@ dining hall
Swara: sanskar after dinner I want to go to walk shall we go please
Sanskar: ok we will go
Ragini: lakshy what are u doing after dinner
Lakshy: nothing I am going to watch a movie u also join me
Ragini: no we will go somewhere out please
Lakshy: ok we will go
They all have dinner and swasan leave out for walk

Swara and sanskar went to nearby lake and are sitting there swara is resting her head on sanskar’s shoulder and holding his hands
Swara: sanskar
Sanskar: hmm
Swara: sanskar I want to eat ice cream
Sanskar: now no we are not going
Swara: please na and makes a puppy face
Sanskar: melts ok but only one
Swara: done so come we will go and they leave to nearby ice cream shop

They are walking on the road when ragini sees panipuri
Ragini: I want to eat panipuri
Lakshy: ragini now only u had ur dinner still u want
Ragini: lakshy for panipuri no need to see when we had dinner come na and drags him
Ragini: bhayya two plates panipuri
Lakshy: I am not going to eat
Ragini: who said for u both for me only
Lakshy: what? No ragini u will not eat two only one it will effect u now only u had dinner also only one and says bhayya give only one plate
Ragini: but lakshy
Lakshy: no buts and ifs if u want only one otherwise nothing come let us go
Ragini: ok only one and she starts eating and her eyes become full water due to that and she starts coughing lakshy immediately runs to the nearby shop and brings water and make her drink
Lakshy: I told u no but see what happened now enough come we will go and they both leave from there and walking again

They are in the ice cream shop and they have their ice cream and came out
Swara: sanskar again we will go to that lake
Sanskar: no swara it is late we will go back
Swara: ok and they leave to farm house again and at the same time raglak also come and they all go to their rooms and they sleep

All gets up and freshen up and comes down near the hall
Rohan: ok guys I think we should leave by after noon
Swara: but we thought to be here today and go tomorrow
Rohan: ha we thought but tomorrow there is some work papa called me and said we have to leave
Swara: why so but ok we will leave (sad)
Rohan: sorry guys for disappointing u all
Sanskar: it is ok rohan work is important ok we will go and pack our items and they all leave and pack their items and comes down by afternoon and they leave to their homes.

@next day
In college
Sanskar: rohan me and lakshy want to talk to u please come with us once
Rohan: ha chalo
They all go to the canteen
Rohan: ha sanskar bolo
Sanskar: actually yesterday papa told that today a boy is coming to see uttara so i want u too also come please
Lakshy: actually u both are best so we thought to inform actually uttara don’t know about this so we brought u here and talking
Rohan: shocked wh.. what? A boy is coming to see uttara but why all of a sudden
Lakshy: actually papa is saying that she has already got the age so he is thinking to engage her and then after studies they will get married
Rohan: but why did not u guys tell uttara about it I mean she should get to know first
Lakshy: actually papa thought to surprise her.
Rohan: thinks oh no now what should I do first I should talk to uttara about this and then we have to plan…
His thoughts are disturbed by lakshy
Lakshy: rohan where are u lost come na we have to do many preparations come fast saying this they all leave to mm

Dp: uttara get ready fast we are having guests coming to our house
Uttara: but bade papa what is special
Dp: a boy’s family is coming to see u
Uttara: what? in shock
Dp: ha they will come in half an hour swara ragini u both help her
Swaragini: yes papa and they take uttara and go to her room and they select her a dress and ask her to where and come outside
Swara: now come we will see what they will talk in phone
Uttara calls rohan
Uttara: rohan bade papa has fixed alliance and they are coming to see me today (crying)
Rohan: ha uttara I also know this in fact I am in ur house only but I am not understanding what to do
Uttara: rohan please do something I can’t live without u please rohan stop this please
Rohan: the only thing we can do is we have to say about us to every one
Uttara: but we thought to tell them after studies right
Rohan: but we did not have time now we should tell u do one thing come down to the garden I will call all and we will talk to them ok
Uttara: ok I am coming
Here rohan gathers swaragini sanlak mayur in the garden
Sanskar: what happened rohan why u called us here
Rohan: wait for sometime let uttara also come
Uttara comes there and runs to rohan immediately and hugs him and cries very hard
Uttara: (hugging and crying) rohan please I don’t want to marry anyone except u please do something please
Rohan: uttara please do not cry I cannot see tears in ur eyes please stop crying
Immediately sanskar pulls uttara from rohan and shouts
Sanskar: uttara what are u doing ha within a hour boy’s family is coming to see u
Lakshy: what all these ha what are u saying u want to marry him ha
Rohan: sanskar lakshy please don’t get angry please listen to us please
Sanskar: what to listen u did all these I have believed u a lot but u did this with my sister ha
Uttara: bhai please don’t get angry we both love each other since two years we thought to say after completing his studies but please bhai u know that he is good please bhai I cannot live without him please bhai I will die if he is not there bhai please
Rohan: sanskar lakshy I promise I will never hurt her I will never let her cry I will let her smile fade away from her face please help us please
sanskar: calmly ok but we cannot make sure but still but one thing I am ok with as my sister also loves u anything happens to her I will not leave u understand
Rohan: thank u sanskar thank u very much and hugs him and lakshy
Sanskar: uttara ur happy na
Uttara: hugs him and says very happy bhai but papa and bade papa
Lakshy: we will talk to them but for now see the guy and say to dad that u did not like him
Uttara just nodded and looked at rohan he gave her an assured look and she went to the room to get ready
Lakshy: rohan we need a help from u actually we need to bring some things from market but we are having other works also so please will u bring them
Rohan: ok but uttara
Sanskar: oh come on we are her brothers we will handle her ok now go fast and come fast
Rohan nodded and went
Sanskar: so lucky now they confronted in front of us so next it is the time to next thing I think uttara will be happy with it
Lakshy: of course sanky she will as she will get her love and they think of their plan

Sanskar: ok the plan is we will tell uttara and rohan that papa brought an alliance for uttara and then make rohan to do the preparations for that then they will definitely confront and about the alliance as far as I know papa will not have any objection regarding our plan and Vikram uncle already likes uttara so we can take their help and then we will tell uttara and rohan that we will help but till then see the guy and say that she did not like him but the guy will be rohan only then it becomes a surprise to both of them
Lakshy: wow bhai super plan ok done we will go for it
All: ok then
Flashback ends
Lakshy: come sanky we will go inside Vikram uncle has come and they both go inside

Vikram: dp ji I like ur daughter very much her qualities and her behaviour with elders everything are good I came here to ask her hand to my son rohan
Dp: Vikram ji it is glad to send our daughter to ur house so from our side also it is ok
Vikram: I am very happy for that and ha sanskar beta where is rohan
Sanskar: ha uncle he will come he went out for some work
Vikram: ok
Dp: sanskar call uttara to come down
Sanskar: ji papa and goes and calls uttara she comes down and sees Vikram and is shocked
Uttara: uncle aap yaha
Vikram stands and goes to her and keeps his hand on her head and says
Vikram: ha beta from now don’t call me uncle call me papa
Uttara: shocked what papa but..
Before she could complete she saw swasan raglak smiling she understood and took his blessings and said
Uttara: ok papa but bhai u said that someone is coming for some alliance it means u know about us before only
Lakshy: actually yes but we want u both to tell us so we planned
Uttara: but how come u know about us
Ragini: we know that it is a secret u know
Uttara: ok but rohan does he know about this
Ragini: no he don’t
Uttara: ok then don’t tell him I will talk to him about this
Ragini: no uttara u won’t do that
Uttara: bhabhi please let me tease him and u all will help me
Vikram: I am with my daughter
Uttara: thank u papa and bhai and bhabhi u all are also that is it
Swasan raglak: ok

Episode ends

I know it is very boring but still please comment I will get courage to write further so please comment. And I want to say soon I will show u the bond between swalak and ragsan

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