Love Life…Swaragini ki (Epi 2)


Hey I am back with next episode. Thank you for your comments and silent readers. In this episode I
will reveal the pairs.
Recap: SanLak and Swaragini introduction
Precap: SanLak and Swaragini meet in college and their friendship
Sanskar is seeing angrily on Lakshy then
Lakshy: sorry Sanky I know that u are waiting only for her but we don’t know whether she will come
or not why all these
Sanky: no Lucky she will come see I know I have hope on god he makes us to meet her ok now let’s
leave today first class of academic year
And they start leaving at gate of college Swaragini are entering and then immediately Sanskar feels

something strange and he starts running towards gate Lakshy could not understand and he too runs
behind Sanskar shouting Sanky then almost they are at the gate Sanskar finds her she is none other
than our beautiful swara
Lakshy: Sanky what happened
Sanskar: is showing swara and says she is the one
Lakshy: who
Sanskar: the girl who I saw on that day
Before two months Sanskar went with his father to Mumbai for some business work to help his
father. Then he went to a shopping mall there he heard the voice of a girl there he turns round and
see her and he was mesmerised with her beauty. He then clicked a picture of her from far and tried
to follow her but she missed then he enquired there a lot then he got her name and address and
when he went to see there it was said that they got shifted to Kolkata. But he has a hope that he can
meet that girl one and this is the day. He has a strange feeling on her he thought to get a friendship
from her. And that his heart also says that he can find her in no time
Lakshy: Is she the one you are saying you were mesmerised by seeing
Sanskar: ha Lucky

Meanwhile Swaragini entered into the college and some gang started calling them they went near
them and asked what
Swara: what do you want?
Boy: hey what is your name?
Swara: Swara
Boy: do you know singing?
Swara: why does u have a music band?
Boy: yeh ladki mind your tongue
Swara: why you don’t know that raging is a crime
Then now the boy gets irritated by swara’s reply and starts coming near her and tries to keep hand
on swara and a hand stops him he is none other than our Sanskar
Sanskar: don’t dare to touch her. I saw u till now but now u r crossing limits I think you know me
right or may I give my introduction then the boy gets fear and runs from there by making free from
Sanskar’s hand

Swara: hai I am swara and thanks for helping us (swara doesn’t know that Sanskar know her and in
search of her)
Sanskar: it is ok and by the way I am Sanskar and he is my brother Lakshy by pointing towards Lakshy
(at that time Lakshy is seeing Ragini and was lost in her beauty and Sanskar notices this)
Swara: hello Mr.Lakshy then lakshy comes to senses and says
Lakshy: hello and who is this by pointing towards Ragini
Ragini: hai I am Ragini Swara’s Twin sister
Lakshy: (in mind) wow what a nice name Ragini and he says hi
Sanskar: so now we are friends right
Swaragini: in union right

Ragini: by the way Sanskar why does the boy get feared after seeing u here and ran
Sanskar: nothing I am the head of the anti-ragging squad of the college and I made many students
punished by this act so he got feared after seeing me
Swara: wow so he went in fear bell rings
Sanskar: it’s time to class let’s leave now
While walking to the class
Sanskar: by the way which group and which year u are
Ragini: Arts 2nd year
Sanskar: what? (Shouting actually in happiness but does not show it out)
Swara: why what happened? Why are you shouting?
Lakshy: (in mind) happiness (outside) nothing we are also same but tell me y did u change ur college

in 2nd year
Swara: wo kya hai ki our dad shifted his business due to its extension we have to shift from Mumbai
to Kolkata
by this time they entered the class and they are searching for the seats they found only one bench
full empty so they all went and sat there they seated like this unknowingly Ragini, Lakshy, Sanskar,
and Swara. Sanskar is very happy as he is sitting beside swara and Lakshy too but he don’t know y episode ends by happy faces of SanLak

Precap: Swaragini and Sanlak

Hope you guys like it please comment

Credit to: dharani

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