Love Life…Swaragini ki (Epi 19)

Episode 19
Hey guys back with next episode. Thank u sanchami, Dafsi, Zzzzz (Charming)…., Ammu and soujanya for commenting and thank u silent readers as well

Guys u can imagine Uttara and rohan as Ishani and ranveer from meri aashiqui tum se hi
All the members reach rohan’s farm house and are outside farm house
Swara: wow rohan this place very beautiful
Ragini: ha rohan it is just awesome
Sanskar: u will be standing here only or u will go inside
Swara: ha come na and all go inside

They all see the house and
Swara: I want this room
Sanskar: no I want this room
Swara: no I want
Sanskar: no I want
Swara: I want
Sanskar: I want
Ragini: stop it and she takes her luggage and goes into the room which they both are fighting and says I am in this room now so stop fighting
Swasan: what the hell
Swara: ragini I will not leave u and she chases her in the whole house they both go on running the whole house and after sometime they get tired and sits on the couch and burst out laughing
Ragini: Shona u want that room so u take it
Swara: no Ladoo u take it no problem
Ragini: ok then I don’t want to fight now as I am very tired ok I am going to refresh
Sanskar: oye wait who will do all the cleaning ha see what u both sisters have done to this house
Then both swaragini sees the house and they get realised that they threw everything in the house here and there
Swara: oh no what is this is this house or any market
Lakshy: that is what we have to ask u both sisters made this so now punishment u both clean this now
Swaragini: what? no way
Swara: we came here for enjoying and spending holidays
Ragini: ha we are not going to do
Rohan: oh hello madam u made this dirty so u only have to do
Ragini: how mean rohan we are guests to ur house and u are making us to do the work ha
Rohan: who is guest ha anytime did I treat u as guest when u came to my house so now come on do the work like good girls ok
Swara: please u also help us please sanskar please and makes a puppy face and blinks her eyes innocently
Sanskar: melts with the expression ok we will help
Lakshy: oh hello Mr. Prince of ur princess don’t melt for her expressions ok and we are not helping that is it
Ragini: baby please help na and she also blinks innocently
Lakshy: oh my baby ok we will help
Rohan: u are unbelievable guys and lakshy now u told him not to melt what u were doing ha
Lakshy: leave na come we will clean one after one room
Uttara: I am not going to help
Rohan: even I am not
Swasanraglak glares them angrily
Rohan: ok we will come now we will start ok
And they start cleaning swasan are cleaning one room they are arranging the pillows on the bed and now they are cleaning the floor with water and surf while cleaning water falls on the floor swara walking without knowing she steps on the water and slips and she holds sanskar in the mean time both fall on each other sanskar is top of swara and they both have cute eye lock
Meanwhile on raglak side
They are cleaning another room there they arranging all the things and ragini is arranging all by running from one place to another place
Lakshy: ragini why are u running do slowly u will fall
Ragini: offo lakshy nothing will happen and see I am doing ve…….. before she could complete she slips and about to fall then our hero lakshy holds her by waist in nick of time and they have a cute eye lock

They are still in that position and sanskar breaks the eye lock
Sanskar: swara are u ok
Swara: ha sanskar I am fine
And again they have an eye lock they come back to senses
Swara: sanskar get up we have to clean
Sanskar: no I will not get we will be like this for sometime it is very nice swara
Swara blushes and says sanskar get up u are very heavy
Sanskar: how mean ok I am heavy right ok then and twirls upside down and now swara is on the top of sanskar and sanskar holds her by waist
Sanskar: now it is ok right
Swara: sanskar what are u doing let me get up any one will come
Sanskar: let them
Swara: sanskar please
Sanskar: on one condition
Swara: what?
Sanskar: give me a kiss
Swara: sanskar no way
Sanskar: then I will not leave u
Swara: ok then close ur eyes he closes his eyes and swara slowly places her lips on his lips and they kiss very passionately it is a long kiss and they depart due to lack of oxygen and they have good eye lock

Lakshy: ragini r u ok
Ragini: ha let me stand properly lakshy
And then he lets her stand properly and when she is about to go then lakshy pulls her and holds her waist and says
Lakshy: what so hurry
Ragini: lakshy leave me so much work is there
Lakshy: to leave u have to give me something as I have saved u from falling down
Ragini: acha u want something right and she punches him in the stomach and lakshy immediately leaves her and she runs while laughing and says while laughing
Lakshy: ragini ki bache I will not leave u and he runs and finally holds her
Ragini: lakshy ok sorry leave me
Lakshy: no I will not till u give me what I want I will not leave u
Ragini: ok tell me what u want
Lakshy: I want and points towards lips
Ragini: no way
Lakshy: then we will be like this only when any one comes u don’t blame me ok
Ragini: lakshy please
Lakshy: me also please
Ragini: ok and she closes her eyes and they kiss very passionately and they break the kiss and breath heavily and they both also have a very good eye lock

Rohan Uttara and MayUr are cleaning the hall when they are cleaning Uttara falls down and she gets hurt rohan immediately rushes to her
Rohan: shouting Uttara
Then MayUr also see her and they also rushes to her and by this shout both swasan and raglak composes themselves and they also rushes there
Sanskar: Uttara what happened how did u fall
Uttara: bhai actually I am cleaning and my leg turned and I had fallen
Rohan: come and he helps her to stand but she is unable to stand so rohan lifts her in bridal style and puts her on the couch
Rohan: is that paining (in tears)
Uttara: rohan I am fine nothing happened to me
Rohan: u always say u r fine let me check ur leg and he checks her leg
Uttara: ahhhh in pain
Rohan: sorry I will bring first aid box and he runs and brings first aid box and he applies ointment and treats her all the members are watching this and they all are shocked to see his concern towards Uttara but did not ask any thing
Uttara: I am ok rohan
Rohan: (anger) what ok ha can’t u even see and walk properly and if anything happened to u then what ha and then he realises what he said and see the shocked faces of all the members and he left the place without even rising the head
Uttara: rohan listen he will never change and she sees all and asks what
Sanskar: nothing how is ur leg is it paining
Uttara: bhai it is ok I am fine
Sanskar: are u sure
Uttara: ha bhai u all go and complete the work I am fine
Nupur: I will be with Uttara u all go
All nodes and they go
After they went
Nupur: what was that?
Uttara: what?
Nupur: u and rohan
Uttara: me and rohan what di
Nupur: nothing leave it
Uttara: di I am hungry
Nupur: ok I will make something anyway all must be hungry and she leaves to kitchen
After Nupur went Uttara calls rohan
Rohan: hello Uttara r u fine
Uttara: u idiot what had u done ha
Rohan: what did I do
Uttara: because of u di got doubt
Rohan: nothing will happen ok
Uttara: ok where are u?
Rohan: I am returning home with doctor
Uttara: what doctor
Rohan: ha doctor only he will check u
Uttara: ok mera baap now come fast it is time for lunch
Rohan: main tera baap nahin main tera boy friend hoon understand
Uttara: acha ji
Rohan: ha ok I will come u take rest bye
Uttara: bye and cuts the call
All complete their work and gets fresh and comes to the hall at the same time rohan comes with doctor and doctor checks and says
Doctor: it is a small sprain nothing is serious just take this medicine and one day full rest
Rohan: ok doctor I will bring medicines and he again leaves

Swara: Uttara bhabhi kaha hain
Uttara: she is in kitchen preparing lunch
Ragini: what she can call us also na
Swara: now come we will help her and they both leaves and now rohan comes with medicines

Sanskar: ok I have some work lucky u come with I need to talk to u
Lakshy: ha sanky jiju u also come with us
Mayank: ok and they all leave from there and hide near a place where they can hear rohan and Uttara and here from kitchen swaragini and Nupur also listening to then

Rohan: come on Uttara take this medicines
Uttara: no i will not I am angry on u
Rohan: I said sorry please forgive me and he holds his ears
Uttara: ok from now onwards be careful ok
Rohan: ok and he hugs her
Rohan: ok now take these medicines and she takes medicines
Uttara: I love u rohan
Rohan: love u too
Uttara: u will give the same love forever
Rohan: any doubt madam
Uttara: smiles no and they both hug each other

Swara: oh ho new love birds we have to make them confront in front of us
Ragini: yes we have to
Nupur: before that we should tell these to boys what say
Swaragini: yes and they continue their work

Sanskar: now we should make confront them in front of us
Lakshy: ha sanskar
Mayank: we will tell this to girls and we will plan ok

@dining hall
All are having lunch
Swara: rohan tell me one thing do u have a girl friend
Rohan: immediately coughs and says what!!!
Ragini: arre she asked do u have a girl friend
Rohan: why did u get that doubt?
Swara: that is not doubt just I am asking
Rohan: seeing Uttara ha I have
Ragini: really who is she (excited)
Rohan: when time comes I will show u please now stop this discussion
Sanskar: what for that also u want muhurat
Rohan: arey baba please leave me I will tell when I feel comfortable
Lakshy: leave it guys ok I am done ragini u come with me I need to talk to u ok
Ragini: ha lakshy
And they leave
Sanskar: swara I also have something to talk come with me di u also
Nupur: ok but Mayank
Mayank: u go I will come in few minutes like this all leave the place leaving Uttara and rohan there
Uttara: something is there in these members minds
Rohan: don’t think much ok they are couples just they want time to romance ok
Uttara: oh how do u know
Rohan: because I am also in love and I too want to spend some time with my love but u know what my love always goes behind her bhabhi and gossips with them
Uttara: acha and she starts beating him

@ragini’s room
Lakshy: ragini u now what
Ragini: that Uttara and rohan love each other
Lakshy: how do u know?
Ragini: come on lakshy first I got doubt seeing them then I saw Uttara and rohan in parking lot on that night and today we saw them talking
Lakshy: oh
In the mean time swasan mayur enter the room
Mayank: ok guys listen that Uttara and rohan love each other
Swara and Nupur: we know that
Mayank: how do u know then swara tells them everything and they tell everything how they got to know
Sanskar: so we have to make them confront so guys the plan is and he says a plan which is muted
Lakshy: wow sanskar I thought u only use ur brain for studies u use for these things also
Sanskar: lakshy
Lakshy: ok sorry so plan uttaroh (Uttara and Rohan) confrontation starts after we reach home
All: yes and they leave to their respective rooms and take some rest

Episode ends

Hey guys hope u like this episode please comment ur comments give encouragement to me and I can write more then and guys I have my exams may be I can’t post until June 20 so please understand sorry for not updating I have to prepare so much okay bye till then take care

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