Love Life…Swaragini ki (Epi 18)


Episode 18
Hey guys back again here is the next episode for u all. Thank u Natasha, sanchami, Dafsi, Ammu for commenting and guys I am from Andhra Pradesh not Tamilnadu and all silent readers thank u
Episode 17
So the episode starts in uttara’s room
Uttara: so let us play something
Swara: but what will we play
Ragini: we will think something

Lakshy: then think and all are in thinking then sanskar
Sanskar: shouts “idea”
Uttara: bhai why are u shouting ok tell what is it
Sanskar: we will play antakshari but in a theme what say
Uttara: ok bhai but what is the theme
Swara: love what say
Uttara: but the song should be sung while dancing with the partners
Swara: ok but u don’t have a partner na suddenly a voice comes
Voice: I am free
All turns back
Swaragini: rohan tum
Rohan: ha main
Swara: what are u doing here
Uttara: I only called him and rohan where is Kriti
Rohan: she is not well so she did not come
Uttara: how is she now

Rohan: ok but she wants to rest
Swara: ok come we will start
Sanskar: ok now let us divide the team
Nupur: sanskar what is there in that raglak swasan mayur and rohan uttara
Uttara: so done
And they start
Swara: ok first we both come sanskar
Sanskar and swara dance on Zehnaseeb and they do their dance very passionately later raglak they dance on Gerua and mayur dance on mere haath mein (from fana) and uttara and rohan on teri meri and they all enjoy a lot and now all are sitting and chitchatting
Swara: guys we have holidays for two days as it is weekend what say if we plan a picnic
Sanskar: awesome princess only we youngsters will go no elders
Lakshy: I am fine
Mayank: ok then
Nupur: oh Mayank no project or studies
Mayank: oye miss. Morena I am coming to spend time with u and ur insulting me
Nupur: ok sorry I am so happy mayu
Mayank: don’t call me like that

Nupur: no I will call u like that only and they go on arguing
Ragini: shouts stop it!!!!!!!!! U both always fight like Tom and Jerry how did u love each other
Nupur: it is a long and sad story
Mayank: what sad story u r so mean Nupur
Ragini: not again
Mayur: sorry
Ragini: ok now tell me where we will go
Rohan: we will go to our farm house it is near the hills and lakes and waterfalls it will be very nice
Uttara: great
All: then done
Ragini: tomorrow morning 8 o’clock sharp
All: ok yippee
Rohan: ok then now I will leave

Uttara: I will accompany u till the car
Rohan: ok come and they both left to the parking lot
Rohan slowly kept his hand arround uttara’s shoulder and says
Rohan: uttara I am sorry
Uttara: I am still angry
Rohan: sorry yaar I don’t know that u will come today only
Uttara: Kriti told u we are coming
Rohan: she told me that only she is coming sorry and gives her a chocolate
Uttara grabs chocolate and hugs him happily
Uttara: u know how to convince me right
Rohan: how will I not know about my lady love I love u so much
Uttara: I love u too
Rohan: thank u uttara
Uttara: for what
Rohan: if u are not there may be I will be still in that depression and guilt but u came and changed my life for that
Uttara: offo come on rohan how many times I told u not to remember the past ha
Rohan: today I am very happy that even ragini forgave me but now I remember why did not u show me their photos or tell me about them

Uttara: oh that we never got such discussions before
Rohan: ok now bye meet u tomorrow and kisses her forehead and hugs and leave
Uttara goes inside and she goes to her room
Swara: ok uttara now it is time to sleep good night
Uttara: good night bhabhi then I will go to di’s room
And they all go to their respective rooms and they all go to sleep
Everyone get ready for picnic they get permission from parents they all are in the hall gf also comes there
Sumi: swara ragini take care of ur selves be careful don’t go out alone
Swara: ok ma u don’t get fear na
Ragini: ma ok we will leave now
Rohan: minivan is ready and we can leave now
Sanskar: ha come we will keep all the stuff inside and then we will climb
Swara: oh no ragini our guitar
Sanskar: no need to over I brought it
Swara: thank u so much and pulls his cheeks
Sanskar: swara don’t do that
Swara: ok baba sorry come now
And they all leave to their picnic spot

Precap: picnic and romance

Guys nobody knows that uttara and rohan love each other and guys thank u for reading and please comment and suggestions are accepted and comments are encouragement to me

Credit to: dharani

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