Love Life…Swaragini ki (Epi 17)

Episode 17
Hey guys I am back with next episode thank u priya, Natasha, sanchami, Ammu, soujanya, lovely for ur beautiful comments and all silent readers
Recap: ragini forgives rohan

Everyone are chitchatting and enjoying then suddenly someone comes to mm and shouts
Person: ma, badi ma I am back then swaragini see her and shout Uttara and run to her and hug her all see her except rohan actually he is facing back and sitting so he did not see her
Uttara: bhabhi how r u both
Swaragini: we are fine how are u
Uttara: see bhabhi I am very fit and fine then sanlak come there
Sanskar: bhabhi is there is means u will not remember ur bhai
Uttara: don’t be jealous and she hugs both sanlak and then ap and Sujatha comes she hugs them
Sujatha: u became so thin see u are not eating anything
Uttara: ma please not again I am eating ok now u will not let me come inside ha
Sujatha: ha come while going inside
Swara: how is Chennai how is ur study?
Uttara: nice bhabhi now I will be here only I am shifting here only
Ragini: why?
Uttara: actually ragini bhabhi my friend is also shifting I asked bade papa he said ok
Ragini: now u have to search for college right
Uttara: no need I already got admission in ur college
Ragini: wow that means u also will me in same college in the mean time they come near sofa in the hall
Ragini: Uttara meet my friend rohan then rohan sees Uttara and Uttara sees him
Both Uttara and rohan: in union tum!!!!!!!!!!!!
Uttara: hey monkey what are u doing in my house
Rohan: hey moti don’t call me that ok
Uttara: I will call u that only monkey rohan monkey rohan
Rohan: u moti stop otherwise I will not leave u
Uttara: no monkey
Rohan: moti

Uttara: monkey till u stop calling me moti I will call u monkey
Rohan: moti ko moti he kehtey hai
Uttara: monkey they both go on fighting like this then ragini gets frustrated and shouts
Ragini: stoooooooooooooop she shouts they both after listening stops and sees each other and burst out laughing
Rohan: moti so u are ragini’s nanad
Uttara: ha ok now tell me what are u doing here
Ragini: he is my friend and how do u know him
Rohan: arey ragini she is kriti’s friend she studies in Chennai with Kriti and she used to come to our house along with Kriti in Chennai and we became friends
Uttara: ha best friends
Ragini: ok now go and fresh up and come ok
Rohan: ok ragini swara I need to leave now may Kriti also came this moti came na
Uttara: ha she also came with me only
Ragini: ok bye
Rohan: bye swara bye ragini bye sanskar bye lakshy and aunty I will definitely come to ur house again I loved ur food
Ap: sure beta but this time bring ur sister also
Rohan: ha aunty bye moti
Uttara: bye monkey and hugs him
He leaves and Uttara goes to her room then swasan goes to sanskar’s room and raglak goes to lakshy’s room

@raglak room
Ragini is reading some book lakshy came to the room
Lakshy: ragini what are u doing
Ragini: became blind reading
Lakshy: u came here for reading ha
Ragini: what u want lakshy let me read don’t disturb me
Lakshy: disturbing oh god (then he gets an idea and smirks) ragini u told u will give me what I want if I get permission right
Ragini: ha toh
Lakshy: now I want
Ragini: ok tell me what u want
Lakshy goes near ragini and sits beside her and keeps his hand around her waist and pulls her to him and says
Lakshy: kiss!!
Ragini: what no way leave me and tries to free from him
Lakshy: he tightens the grip and pulls her and says ok then I will also not leave u now u continue ur reading saying this he starts to kiss her shoulders and then her neck ragini now stops him by saying
Ragini: lakshy stop na please I am unable to read
Lakshy: I asked u but u told u will not so don’t stop me ok u read (teasingly)
Ragini: now can’t bear any more so she says ok u want kiss right ok and she kisses him on cheeks
Lakshy: what is this? Is this a kiss?
Ragini: u asked kiss I gave it that is it now leave me
Lakshy: no way I want here pointing his lips
Ragini: lakshy no way she immediately stands up from the couch with all her force because of the force she falls on lakshy as he is holding her they both share very cute eye lock and lost in each other’s eyes their eye lock is disturbed by a door knock they both composes and ragini opens the door
Uttara: bhabhi come for dinner fast papa and bade papa also came
Ragini: u go we are coming Uttara nods and she goes ragini goes to lakshy
Ragini: lakshy come we will go to dinner
Lakshy: first complete the thing and then only we will go
Ragini: lakshy come na we will go please saying this she pecks him on his lips and runs from there
Lakshy: ragini wait this is not fair wait and he too runs out but stops seeing ap there and ragini is beside her
Ap: lakshy why are u running
Lakshy: nothing ma just
Ragini: ha why are u running innocently
Lakshy: glares at her and says nothing and murmurs I will see u later
Ragini: ma I will call swara and sanskar and come u go
Ap: ok beta
Lakshy: I also will go with ragini and call them
Ap: ok come fast and she leaves

@swasan at the time when lakshy entered raglak room respectively going on
Swara is moving from here and there and changing the places of the things and moving all over the room sanskar sees this and
Sanskar: swara
Sanskar: swara stop it how many times u will change and u keep it in same place
Swara does not reply even now as she is busy in doing all that work sanskar could not spare and goes to her and hugs from her back and places his chin on her shoulder
Swara: sanskar leave me let me do na ur room is so boring I will arrange them
Sanskar: ya u are arranging very nicely I saw it u will take one thing from one place and keep it on another place and says not nice and again u place it on the same place where it is there before very nice arrangement (sarcastingly)
Swara: then what to do first I think it is not nice there but it will be nice there only and she pouts
Sanskar: (laughs) so cute and he pulls her cheeks
Swara: now what to do I am not understanding how to arrange u help me
Sanskar: what? U are really mad
Swara: what I am mad u are only mad go I am not talking to u and she keeps an angry face
Sanskar makes her turn towards him and says : actually u are right yes I am mad I am mad in love with u
Swara: aww so sweet come we will arrange and she starts to move
Sanskar holds her hand and drags her now her back is touch sanskar’s chest and sanskar starts kissing her shoulder and neck and turns her and kisses her cheek then swara closes her eyes feeling his touch then he kisses her eyes she opens her eyes and sanskar then sanskar leans to kiss her lips then they hear a door knock
Sanskar: arey yaar hamesha wrong timing swara starts laughing and sanskar goes and opens the door and sees lakshy there he glares him angrily and gives I want to kill u look
Lakshy does not understand why is he looking like that and ask him
Lakshy: what happened why are glaring at me
Sanskar: ignores him and asks ragini what happened u both here
Ragini: arey ma is calling for dinner then swara comes there while laughing and sees them and stops
Swara: ha ragini we will come u go and they both goes swara turns to sanskar
Swara: come sanskar we will go
Sanskar: one minute and he drags her and pecks her near lips and goes leaving swara shocked after sometime swara also goes from there smiling

Swara: papa how r u and takes blessings
Dp: fine beta
Ragini also takes blessings and they take blessings they take blessing from rp also and they have their dinner then Mayank comes
Mayank: so I came right time I also can have dinner after so many days I am going to have ma’s food
Ap: come beta
Mayank: wow ma aloo paratas thank u ma
Nupur: ha eat again u should do ur project
Mayank: ho madam project work is already completed and I came here to take swaragini home
Uttara: kyon jiju let them be here na for today u also be here we will enjoy
Mayank: no Uttara we should go we will come tomorrow again ok
Ragini: ok I am done
Swara: me too
Mayank: ok come let us go
Swaragini: ha bhai come let us go
Sanskar: so soon please jiju
Mayank: no sanskar ma will not allow u know that
Lakshy: ha jiju we know but………… at that time mayank’s phone rings he receives the phone
Mayank: in speaker mode ha ma
Sumi: where u beta
Mayank: ma in mm
Sumi: ok come fast beta
Lakshy: ma they will be here for today na please
Sumi: no beta
Sanskar: please ma
Uttara: please aunty
Sumi: ok take care
Sanskar: thank u ma then ap comes there
Ap: what happened
Lakshy: ma agreed to stay swaragini here
Ap: ok beta then I will get the room ready
Sanskar: why ma they will adjust in uttara’s room and Uttara and Nupur di in di’s room and jiju in mine or lakshy’s room
Ap: ok then
Swara: ok come Uttara we will go to ur room
Uttara: ha bhabhi come and leave to their room in happy faces and screen freezes on their happy faces

Precap: masti time

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