Love Life…Swaragini ki (Epi 15)

Episode 15

Hey guys I am back sorry for the late and thank u Natasha, Dafsi, sanchami, Ammu, soujanya, lovely and all the silent readers
Recap: Rohan Malhothra entering in the college
Swara immediately runs to ragini who is unconscious and taps her cheeks and says
Swara: (tears) ragini get up ragini please
Lakshy comes to them and picks ragini and places her on bed and sprinkles some water then ragini gains some conscious then swara gives her some medicine and she takes and again falls unconscious in the mean time sanskar calls the doctor then doctor arrives then he enters to ragini’s room there he sees swara, ragini, shekhar and sumi and is shocked
Doctor: Mr. Gadodia what happened to ragini

Swara: Malhothra uncle u here
Vikram Malhothra (vm): swara we will talk later first let me check her and he checks ragini and asks she fainted because of fear and crying did u give her medicine
Swara: ha uncle now tell me u here
Vm: ha beta actually we recently shifted to Kolkata again so I started my work in my hospital
Swara: ok uncle
Vm: Mr. Gadodia nice to meet u after many days ok tell me what happened to her
Swara: wo actually uncle she saw Rohan
Vm: what? but where
Swara: uncle he is in our college
Vm: oh no I don’t know about this I am really sorry

Swara: no uncle why are u sorry about this anyway now at least she should become strong
Lakshy: still in full confusion swara now stop all this and at least tell me what is happening to her
Sanskar: ha swara tell we are not understanding anything here
Swara: sees them in confusion and decides to say them and tell ok first let me drop uncle out and I will tell u everything ok till then u be here

Swara goes with Malhothra
Swara: uncle tell me how is his condition I mean is he alright now
Vm: ha beta now he is absolutely fine and u need not to fear and he is out of depression completely
Swara: ok uncle u take care bye
Vm: take care of ragini beta bye and he leaves and swara goes to ragini’s room meanwhile sumi is crying seeing ragini in that condition
Ragini is conscious now
Sumi: ragini now at least u should be strong
Ragini: ma I was really very feared I was unable to stand also ma
Swara: Ladoo now listen nothing will happen u just be strong u know about Malhothra uncle he does all after thinking see he is all right now and he is changed let us just give him a chance to speak ok
Ragini: but swara I am afraid
Swara: ragini we all will be with u before u were so strong only because of one incident u will change and sit and cry ha

Ragini: ok swara we will give him a chance ok now smile
Swara smiles now lakshy is getting angry as no one is telling him what are they talking about
Lakshy: now will anyone tell me or me myself go and ask Mr. Malhothra as I think he knows about this he almost shouting
Ragini: lakshy why are u shouting like this
Lakshy comes to ragini and sits beside her and holds her hand
Lakshy: ragini u know that I can’t see u in this condition by all ur talks I understand that the cause for ur tears is that Rohan Malhothra and now if u don’t tell me anything I will definitely go to him and kill him
Ragini: lakshy relax he is my best friend u will kill him ha
Lakshy: (in shock) what he is ur best friend

Sanskar: from so much ur saying the same but u told even a single word for unnecessary things u always speak bak bak but when necessary u will not open ur mouth
Swara: what do u mean I always talk unnecessary ha
Sanskar: ha u always speak bakwas
Swara: now see what I will do to u and she takes a water jug and pours water on his head
Sanskar: swara see I will not leave u and he goes into washroom and bring bucket of water and pours it on swara they both continue their when they see raglak seeing them angrily and sumi, shekhar and Mayank are laughing continuously when they see raglak they stop immediately and says
Swasan: sorry
Raglak: go and change now (shout)
They go to change immediately raglak burst out laughing
Ragini: they won’t change ma u go and take rest na I am fine now

Sumi: but beta
Lakshy: ma u take rest jiju, swara, sanskar and I will be here only u go papa u also go
Sumi: smiles and says ok and they both leaves
Lakshy: jiju at least u say what happened these both not at all starting please jiju
Mayank: let them come i will tell ok now ragini have food u are week
Ragini: no bhai I don’t want to eat please
Mayank: u have to eat otherwise Malhothra uncle will come to give injection
Ragini: no bhai no injection please
Mayank: then have food and i will come in few minutes u will have to finish it
Lakshy: jiju u go I will make her to eat and Mayank leaves
Ragini: no lakshy I don’t want to eat please
Lakshy: ragini I have a surprise for u if u eat then I will give it to u otherwise ur wish
Ragini: surprise please show me na please
Lakshy: only if u eat
Ragini: (pouts) ok but u have to feed me

Lakshy: smiles at her cute expression and feed her and after completing he gives her a big chocolate she smiles in happiness
Ragini: smiles very happily and says chocolate wow lakshy love u
Lakshy: ragini promise me one thing u have to be always smiling like this and don’t cry at any time
Ragini: ok promise i love u
Lakshy: love u too and hugs her at that time swasan comes and they too have their food there and after that Mayank also comes
Lakshy: ha jiju now at least tell
Mayank: ha ok it is when our swara ragini are in 11th
Swaragini Rohan and his sister Kriti were best friends one day in college on that day swara and Kriti did not come to college as they went out due to some work
Rohan is a big flirt normally he is flirting with one girl and he held her hand and the girl is in the verge of crying because she is in full fear this is seen by ragini she came to rohan and gave him a tight slap he was in shock
Rohan: (in shock and anger) ragini why did u slap
Ragini: can’t u see that girl is crying still u are teasing her
Rohan: ragini u stay out of it otherwise I will not remember u as a friend also
Ragini: what will u do ha
Rohan: I am controlling my anger u go from here otherwise I will lose go from here meanwhile bell rings so ragini says

Ragini: now I am going as it is the time to class otherwise I would not leave u and she leaves
All the students are seeing all knew that they are best friends and in everything normally ragini supports rohan but this time she did not everyone starts discussing ragini only slapped him means he did a big mistake and they take a various talks this makes him more furious
Rohan: ragini see what I will do now and after college completed ragini came to him
Ragini: rohan sorry please forgive me u know that if a girl is crying I can’t see
Rohan: no ragini I don’t want talk anything go away from here and he pushes her she leaves from there normally as she knew they always fight next day they become normal but this time rohan is very furious
Rohan: (thinks) u can’t see tears in any girl’s eyes na now I will make u cry see and he smiles evilly
Now ragini is walking to the parking lot alone no one is there someone comes and closes her mouth with a cloth and she falls unconscious and when she opened her eyes and see she is tied to the chair and she is seeing here and there then a voice comes
Voice: so ragini u got conscious wow
Ragini: who is it why did u kidnap me leave me
Voice: wow ragini u can’t see tears in the girl’s eyes for that u slapped ur best friend ha now I want to see tears in ur eyes

Ragini: rohan what are u saying u know that I will do to anyone leave me
Rohan: no way my revenge should be completed and he starts slapping her very hard and blood comes from her lips and he beats her with belts and sticks ragini keeps on crying and asking him to leave but he will not continuously slaps her then he hears someone coming and he see
Vm: rohan what are u doing here (he does not see ragini) (it is malhothra’s farm house)
Rohan: wo dad (stammers)
Ragini: (from behind rohan he is standing in front of ragini so that vm could not see her) uncle save me please
Vm: immediately after listening to ragini rohan who is that rohan moves from there and vm sees ragini with all the blood on her lips and hands vm immediately runs to her and untie her and asks her beta what happened what is this
Ragini: uncle I will tell everything but before that u promise me one thing that u will not tell anything to rohan or u should not even get angry on him after the truth promise me uncle
Vm: ok beta promise then she tells everything vm sees rohan very angry and says
Vm: rohan do u have any sense what have u done ha and he was about to slap him but ragini interrupts
Ragini: uncle u promised me
Vm: but beta he did this much and u are telling him to not to say anything
Ragini: uncle he is my best friend and I did all this only to a girl and here my best friend only wants to take revenge and turns (to rohan) rohan u know that girl is crying she is very innocent she is in my class she cried whole day and I made her cool now u need not to think about that girl because I know later u will feel that u made a girl cry so no problem ok I will not have any problem that u took revenge but now onwards u are not my friend and I am not ur friend so never try to contact me ok and by the thanks the for the return friendship gift saying this she falls on the floor unconscious

Rohan was numb he did not understand what he had done everything he did is in full of anger so he did not move from the place where he stood then vm took ragini to his hospital and did her treatment and he informed to his parents they came to hospital
Shekhar, sumi, swara, Mayank comes and they asks what happened he tells them everything and apologise to them
Shekhar: arey Mr. Malhothra what u have done to apologise so don’t be sorry anyway my ragini did not have any problem na

Vm: Mr. Gadodia actually she is very feared now she may have panic attacks at night but she can overcome and give her these tablets ok
Mayank: thank u so much uncle for helping ragini
Swara: thank u so much but uncle where is rohan now
Vm: beta he is in farm house only
Swara: oh no uncle he is alone there he is very good uncle he did all these only in anger now he may do anything to himself bhai come let us go to farm house and they go there and they see that rohan is fully filled with blood and in unconscious stage he cut his wrist they took him to hospital and got treated and he gain conscious swara sees this and says
Swara: rohan r u fine?
Rohan: ha swara ragini is fine na

Swara: when u have this much care why did u do that
Rohan: swara please I am already in full guilt and u don’t again do this to me please tell how is she
Swara: ok she is fine but I will not talk to u
Rohan: swara I know u love ur sister very much I am really sorry
Swara: who are angry for ragini I am on u for attempting the suicide

Rohan: I am really sorry please take me to ragini
Swara: ok come they go to ragini’s room there is ragini is lying on bed and crying silently
Rohan: ragini I am really sorry
Ragini: swara tell him not show me his face go away from or else I will leave this place
Rohan: ragini please listen
Ragini: swara tell him to leave now he goes away followed by swara
Rohan: no problem I will make her forgive me like that he tried for more than a week but all in vain ragini did not want to forgive him her anger is not for what he did to her she is angry with him because he attempted to suicide this made rohan very depressed as she is his best friend from child hood and she always supports him he went to complete depression but this matter not known to ragini and Mr. Malhothra did all his treatment and made him normal but not completely like before now rohan will not flirt with girls in fact he stopped talking to girls he only talks his sister and his mother and his father no friends in college also he even changed his college and only his concentration on studies later after some days swara told ragini about his depression to ragini but she did not want to forgive him because he attempted to suicide

@flashback ends
Ragini: in tears he attempted to suicide that is why I am angry on him I will never forgive him
Lakshy: ragini don’t cry u were not angry with him that he did this to u ha
Ragini: no lakshy I know him he never does that intentionally his anger made him to do
Lakshy: u know what u are very kind hearted that is why I love u and hugs she too hugs him back
All: ahem ahem we are also present here
Lakshy breaks the hug and says
Lakshy: so what I am just hugging my fiancé I am not romancing with her
Ragini: lakshy what are u talking and she blushes
Swara: ok now ragini it is time to sleep come on

Ragini: no I want to watch tv
Swara: what are u mad u are not well sleep now
Ragini: swara I was not well but I am well now see and she starts jumping and shouting
Swara: ok meri ma stop now don’t sleep
Lakshy: swara I have another doubt
Swara: doubt what
Sanskar: I too had a doubt first I will ask tell what about ragini’s panic attacks
Lakshy: exactly I too have same doubt
Ragini: those attacks just 1 week I got later I did not get anytime
Lakshy: but swara uncle asked about some medicine what is that about
Swara: those medicines are whenever ragini cries or gets unconscious those are regular medicines
Sanskar: thank god my friend is fine and he side hugs ragini
Swara: ok now go and take rest tomorrow we should go to college today I will sleep with ragini
Mayank: ok good night cutie good night darling
Swaragini: good night bhai
Sanlak: good night and they leaves to their rooms sanlak stayed there only at night
The episode ends

Precap: will ragini again talks to her best friend?

Hope the suspense is revealed. I know it is very boring but please comment me those are very valuable to me and give encouragement to continue the story

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