Love Life…Swaragini ki (Epi 14)


Episode 14
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Recap: swaragini sanlak going to orphanage and their engagement

In the morning
Swaragini got ready and came down then lakshy enters
Lakshy: Ragini come let us go it is getting late
Sumi: lakshy beta first let her have breakfast
Lakshy: ma we will have it canteen please ma come ragini and he pulls ragini without letting sumi to speak
They left
Sumi: hey baghwan what happened to him
Swara: leave it ma may be he is some hurry
Sanskar: ok now ma let swara eat otherwise she will start her drama
Swara: what I will do drama ha
Sanskar: of course you will do drama see like this (imitating) ma main behosh ho rahi hoo and laughs
Sumi: laughing it is exactly how she does sanskar
Swara: you also teasing me with this idiot see I don’t want to eat anything
Sanskar: oho swara just kidding come on let us have breakfast
Swara: no I will not
Sanskar: ok sorry he holds his ears with cute expression on his face
Swara smiles at his expressions and says ok
Sumi: ok sanskar you also come and eat
Sanskar: no ma I already have my breakfast only lucky did not have it as he woke late
Sumi: ok then swara u complete fast now
Swara: ok ma and she completes her breakfast and they leave

@raglak in college
Ragini: why this much hurry lakshy u did not let me have my breakfast
Lakshy: oho ragini I thought today to take u to canteen for breakfast so that we can spend some time but u are shouting me
Ragini: ok sorry now come let us go to canteen come and she drags him and they go to canteen and they ordered and they both are making each other and they are having good time and now they are having a cute eye lock at that time only swasan reaches there and see them like that and waves their hands but they don’t get disturbed then
Sanskar: what is this yaar they both not at all in this world
Swara: see how romantic learn something from lakshy
Sanskar: so u want me to learn from him I will show u see and he comes to her and holds her hand and drags her to corner where no one can see
Swara: sanskar what are u doing
Sanskar: u only told to be romantic
Swara: sanskar I am just joking leave me please
Sanskar: i will only leave u if u say that i am romantic
Swara: i know u are very romantic come now if don’t wake them from their world we will miss the class
Sanskar: but how
Swara: I have a plan and winks at him they go near raglak and again wave their hands but they don’t come of their dream world so they both shout swara in ragini’s ear and sanskar in lakshy’s ear
Swara/sanskar: ragini/lakshy (shouts)
Raglak: shouts ahhhhhhhhhhhh
Ragini: what are u doing swara why are u shouting in my ear ha
Sanskar: what to do we called u but u both are in ur dream land so we have to shout so that we can bring in this earth again
Lakshy: for that u have to shout in the ear it is paining yaar
Meanwhile Mayank and Nupur comes there
Mayank: what is going on guys?
Ragini: bhai what are u doing here
Mayank: what do u mean I am ur senior here and our college is also starting today
Nupur: why will she remember she is busy with her fiancé
Ragini: bhabhi ok let us go to class now it is time to bell
Swara: ok we will go come and they leave to their class and the class starts and after sometime principal comes to swaragsanlak class

Principal: good morning students
Students: good morning sir
Principal: welcome back after the holidays and today u have new admission in our class then a boy comes in to the class and the principal introduces him
Principal: well students this is Rohan Malhothra from today he is also ur class mate I hope u will support him
Ragini holds swara’s hand very tight and says
Ragini: swara Rohan Malhothra
Swara: ragini calm down nothing happens ragini calm down u should be strong
Sanlak is not understanding anything and sitting there in confusion then bell rings
Swara: guys come with me fast please
Sanskar: what happened swara
Swara: i will tell u come fast they all leave from there while they are leaving rohan sees them and goes to them
Rohan: hi ragini
Ragini: swara I am going will u come are not and she leaves swara and sanlak follows her
@ground near gate
Ragini is hugging in full fear and crying
Swara: ragini stop crying I said stop crying
Ragini stops crying and breaks the hug
Ragini: sorry
Swara: now sit down and she makes her to sit near the bench
Ragini: ok I know u will take class but please I will not cry now please with cute puppy face
Swara: smiles ok now take this medicine
Ragini: swara I am fine no need of medicine and now I am brave enough to fight no need this please
Swara: are u sure?
Ragini: ha baba i am fine and lakshy will be with me na no need to fear what say lakshy
Lakshy: not understanding anything in confusion says ha in the mean time Mayank and Nupur comes there he sees ragini’s face and he understood that she cried and asks
Mayank: why are u crying ragini did anyone say anything?
Swara: bhai wo rohan Malhothra is in our college
Mayank: what? No don’t say me he again troubled ragini
Ragini: he tried to talk to me but we came here u don’t worry I will manage
Mayank: then why are u crying
Ragini: just I got those remembered

Lakshy: what u remembered what is going on I am not understanding who is he? Why are u crying because of him? Tell me damn it (he is very angry that he understood that ragini cried due to his presence)
Ragini: lakshy calm down nothing happened I will tell u later about this but come now I am very hungry
Lakshy: no ragini tell me first
Ragini: ok go I am going u want all those than my hunger
Lakshy: ok baba come but u should tell me what it is about ok
Ragini: ha i told i will tell na come she understands that he is worried about her so she holds his hand give him assurance by signing through her eyes and they all go to home as it is their half day on that day

@gm they arrive
Ragini immediately went to her room and closed and started crying hard
Sumi: what happened to her why did she go to her room directly?
Swara: nothing ma she is not well let her give us food we will sit with her and take her food also
Sumi gives them their food and they leave to ragini’s room
Swara knocks the door but ragini does not open that so swara tries to open it and it is opened after opening they go in and see ragini is not there on bed so they go in and see ragini on floor lying unconscious and they are shocked
Episode ends on the unconscious ragini and shocked faces of sanskar lakshy and swara

Precap: may be about Rohan Malhothra

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Credit to: dharani

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