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Episode 13
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Recap: swaragini birthday
Here is the next episode
They start to orphanage and they are going on bikes
Sanskar: ok now tell me the name of orphanage
Ragini: Home SL
Lakshy: woh toh

Sanskar: ok we will Lucky shall we go and Lucky nods his head and they start
They reach orphanage at parking
Lucky: u both go inside we will park bikes and come
Ragini: ok come fast and they go inside
When they go inside all the kids in the orphanage comes near swaragini and starts jumping and shouting
Boy1: swara didi ragini didi happy birthday
Swaragini: thank u chikoo

Girl1: didi come we will show u something come with us
Swara: what are u going to show tell na
Girl: come na didi surp………but she stops and shouts sanskar bhayya lakshy bhayya and runs to them
Then sanskar takes the girl up and twirls and holds her down
Sanskar: oh my little baby how are u
Girl: bhayya I am fine but I am angry on u both
Lakshy: oh ok then all those chocolates and all I will give them to others
Girl: lakshy bhayya no I am not angry ok give me my chocolate please
During all these swaragini are standing there confused what is happening
Swara: oye will anyone tell us how do u know them
Lakshy: ya we come hear regularly actually this is orphanage is maintained by Maheshwaris
Ragini: kya
Sanskar: ha why u are shocked

Boy: what is this u all know each other
Swara: ha chikoo we know each other and we all came together here and show me the surprise
Boy: ha come and he takes them to a room which is fully decorated with balloons and written happy birthday swaragini
Swaragini: wow it is beautiful thank u so much and she hugs all the kids over there and they enjoy there for some time and gives them all some eating stuff
Women: swaragini how u all now each I mean sanskar lakshy
Swara: nothing aunty we all study in same college

Lakshy: ragini and I swara and sanskar love each other and our companies are partners and thinking to merge also
Women: really beta I am very happy for u all u got very good partners god bless u all
Swara: ok aunty we will leave now we have to go
Women: ok beta take care and they leave to parking place
Swara: u both did not tell us
Sanskar: what
Ragini: that Home SL is Maheshwaris undertaking
Lakshy: why is that necessary to do show off?
Ragini: telling us also will be show off

Lakshy: ok baba sorry now come we will go
Sanskar: u both go I and swara has some work to do
Swara: which work?
Sanskar: I will tell u later
Lakshy: ok we are going somewhere out if there is any need u call me ok
Ragini: now where we are going
Lakshy: without responding to ragini says bye sanky catch u at dinner party at night and they leave on their respective bikes

Swara: sanskar where are we going please tell
Sanskar: offo swara I told u it is surprise and u will not shut ur mouth ha
Swara: sanskar u know I can’t wait for these surprises so
Then sanskar stops the bike comes down and takes a cloth and ties it to swara’s eyes
Sanskar: now u will not be able to see where are we going also and if u speak more I will tie this time ur mouth ok
Swara: pouts and says ok and they go some where
Ragini: Lakshy where are we going

Lakshy: long drive baby
Ragini: lakshy so sweet of u baby ok come lets go now and they go to long drive and reach a place which is filled with full flower pots trees with fruits and so many things and one lake
Ragini: wow lakshy it is so beautiful
Lakshy: I know u will like it come now we will go near lake
Ragini: wow lake is awesome come we will sit and they sit near the lake and they spend quality time there while talking

Sanskar: ok swara now we reached u just open ur eyes when I will tell u ok
Swara: ok and they move to some place and sanskar unfolds swara’s eyes and asks her to open the eyes swara opens her eyes she sees all the surroundings and gets very excited and starts jumping it is a place where there a lot of birds flowers it is just like some park a few steps later there is a table on which there is fully decorated with rose petals and full with different dishes of food and many other things
Swara: sanskar it is very nice it is like I can’t tell in words I loved it thank u sanskar
Sanskar: oh madam I know u will like it now come ur hunger attached to me now I am very hungry now we will have food first
Swara: ok come now

Sanskar: before that wait and he kneels and takes swara’s hand till now after I proposed u we did not come anywhere out for that I am sorry and ha now this for asking u that Miss. Swara Gadodia I Sanskar Maheshwari wants u to be always with me in my rest of life will u marry me
Swara: yes and she also sits on knees and hugs him and says I love u
Sanskar: I love u too now this is for u and he gives her a pendent which is love shape and if we open that we can see two photographs of swara and sanskar and makes her wear and they eat their food and sanskar asks her for dance and they dance with a cute and very passionate eye lock they were disturbed by the phone call
Sanskar: arey yaar now who called me
Swara laughs and sanskar takes his phone and says lucky by seeing the number
Sanskar: ha lucky tell why did u call (irritated)
Lakshy: sorry sanky for disturbing but papa told to come early as he has to say something important and then dinner party
Sanskar: ok we are coming bye and he cuts the call
Swara: what happened?
Sanskar: papa told to come early home come we will leave

Swara: sanskar before going I want to say something
Sanskar: ha say
Swara: sanskar now u asked me for the marriage na we will do our marriage after completing my masters
Sanskar: ha who told u that I will marry u now only

Swara: listen completely and I want to do job for at least six months and then we will ok
Sanskar: what u will do job but swara what is the need for job if u want to work u can do it in our company only na
Swara: ha sanskar but I want to stand on my feet and later I will join our company only
Sanskar: ok now still there is time we will definitely talk this to elders ok I will convince them
Swara: thank u sanskar and she hugs him
Sanskar: ok now shall we go swara nods and they leave
Swaragini reaches home and gets ready for their dinner party at mm
Swara: ma for what this dinner party ma
Sumi: they told they want to arrange it as it is ur birthday

Ragini: but ma we told na we don’t want this
Mayank: but dp uncle told there is something other which is important
Swara: what is that sanskar also saying same
Mayank: arey how do I know
Ragini: bhai we know that u knows everything and u are hiding but now I am not in the mood to listen come we will go now and they leave to mm
All the arrangements are done and all guests are arriving then Gadodias also arrived all Maheshwaris receive them
Swara is wearing a violet long frock with silver earrings and a small pendent

Ragini is wearing a red long frock with matching earrings and pendent
they were talking to the guests then our heroes come from the stairs then our swaragini goes to them sanskar is wearing blue jeans white t-shirt and a black blazer lakshy is wearing a black jeans red t-shirt and whit blazer
swara: what is this sanskar y this party?
sanskar: for ur birthday
ragini: but we told no

lakshy: but papa told that there is something surprise
ragini: what is this everybody saying surprise
lakshy: u will come to know don’t worry ok now come it is time to cut cake and they go and cut the cake
dp: now all the ladies and gentlemen thank u for attending the party but this is not just a birthday party actually there something special and that we means Maheshwaris and Gadodias are already became relatives due to Nupur and Mayank and now it is that we are going to get engaged our sanskar and lakshy also with swara and ragini and all claps
sanskar: now u understand what is the surprise leaning towards swara
swara: what our engagement and starts jumping
sanskar: swara stop jumping all are seeing u only then swara sees and stops jumping
ragini: wow I am so excited wow lakshy we are going to get engaged
lakshy: so u liked the surprise

shekhar: ok now let us start the engagement ceremony so let us welcome swara and sanskar lakshy and ragini on the stage they come on to the stage and they exchange their rings after that they have their dinner and gf leave to gm
All are in their respective rooms

@swara’s room
Swara is thinking about sanskar and her phone rang she picked it up seeing the name sanskar
Swara: ha my fiancé is missing me
Sanskar: no ur to be husband is missing u
Swara: oh so sweet ok tell me why did u call me
Sanskar: to remind u that from tomorrow college again starts
Swara: oh no I totally forgot about that again hell begins
Sanskar: oh drama queen stop ur dramas I will pick u
Swara: but why will come with Ladoo

Sanskar: ok then u go with her I will go on my bike all alone
Swara: oh no ok I will come with u come and pick me ok
Sanskar: ok then get ready sharp
Swara: 8.30 ok
Sanskar: exactly and they go on talking about random things and they go to sleep on the other side
Lakshy is thinking about ragini and wants to call her so he takes his phone but ragini only calls him
Lakshy: missing me
Ragini: so much

Lakshy: ohhh may I come there
Ragini: no need any way u come to pick me tomorrow to college ok
Lakshy: ok and they talk on some random stuff and they also go to sleep
The episode ends on the sleeping faces of swasan and raglak

Precap: thinking

Hope u guys like it I know it is a very boring episode but I will try to do the next one interesting actually I am not well but I want to write it as I am not regular in posting so please comment they are the strength and encourage me to write something interesting please comment

Credit to: dharani

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