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Episode 12
I am really sorry guys I was out of station so I was unable to update so sooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrryyy please forgive me and ya thank u swati, Kriya, sanskriti (die hard fan of swasan) and Ammu for the comments and silent readers and here is the next episode
Recap: swasan and raglak misunderstanding
Precap: swaragini birthday
Here is the episode

Swasan are coming in the car to gm
Swara: sanskar may I ask u one thing
Sanskar: ha
Swara: do u know how to ride a bike
Sanskar: ha why
Swara: really (excited) then why don’t u have a bike
Sanskar: is there any rule to have everything which we know to drive then I should have a lorry because I know how to drive lorry also
Swara: what? So mean sanskar ok let it be I want to go on a bike till now I did not go on it
Sanskar: what u did not go on bike why?
Swara: papa don’t allow he says it is not safe and so on
Sanskar: oh but anything can happen if it is on car also
Swara: but papa won’t listen they reaches gm and there they sees lakshy’s car
Sanskar: I think lucky is here only
Swara: ha u also come na
Sanskar: ok come

@ragini’s room
Lakshy: ok ragini I will leave now I have some work
Meanwhile swasan reaches there
Sanskar: lucky where are u going I came here as u are there
Lakshy: sanky I have some work and u are also coming with me come and he drags sanskar before sanskar could say something and they soon reaches to some cafe and they meet a person and he is Mayank
Mayank: how much time will u both take u told me to come here and u are late Lakshy
Lakshy: sorry actually I want to discuss with u about tomorrow I have a plan and he says some plan which is mute
Sanskar: wow Lucky it is very nice but how can we do this
Mayank: don’t worry I will arrange everything but on one condition
Sanskar: what?
Mayank: u have to execute the plan when I signals u by my handshake ok
Lakshy: why?
Mayank: why means u will come to know at that time but u should listen to me for this otherwise ur plan is flop
Sanskar: ok now don’t black mile jiju ok bye now we should leave so much work and they leave

All have their dinner and went to their rooms it is 11.59 pm both swaragini start running from their respective rooms and they both see each other and stop and now it 12.00 in the night and they both in union
Swaragini: Happy birthday to you my dear sister they say this in union and they both hug
Swara: ok here is ur gift I mean first of gift of ur birthday no our birthday
Ragini: and here is ur first gift of our birthday and they wrap the gifts and see same type of rings and they both are very happy
Swaragini: in union again thank u and they hug again then a voice comes
Mayank: happy birthday to my sisters
They both turn and hugs him
Swaragini: thank u bhai
Mayank: as usual second na
Swara: exactly
Ragini: where is our second gift?
Mayank: here it is and he gives some box and they open it and were happy the gift some bracelet on which it has the swasan for swara and raglak for ragini
Ragini: super bhai I loved it
Swara: me too bhai and they hug him again now Mayank signals with his hand and all the family members start clapping by singing the song and all the hall is decorated with balloons and sanlak are also present there swaragini see this and get very happy they go to the all and take blessings
Sanskar: so jiju that is why u told us to do all execution when u signal this is not fair u did not allow me to say first wishes to my princess
Mayank: sorry but this is a thing which happens every year and it is better not to take this culture because we already suffered…….. (cut by ragini)
Ragini: (covering) bhai what is this going on ha this our birthday u both are talking all this ha and signals him not to tell anything
Mayank: ok baba now let us continue the party
Swara: oye lakshy why did u come here u have work na even u took my prince with u
Lakshy: sorry actually we were planning for this surprise so
Ragini: so this is ur work
Sanskar: ha waise if jiju is not there we will not get succeed in this plan so thank u jiju
Mayank: anything for my cutie and darling
Lakshy: ok come let us cut the cake I am very hungry
Sanskar: what? U will never change lucky
Lakshy: I don’t want to change any way why to change my baby loves me like this only what say baby
Ragini: blushes Lakshy!
Swara: ok come we will cut cake Ladoo later u can blush and laughs
Ragini: Shona u too started ok come
And they go to cut the cake they light the candles
Swara: come Ladoo lets blow the candles first
Sanskar: no don’t blow the candles ok
Ragini: why?
Sanskar: blowing candles removing the light and welcoming darkness so on birthday instead of blowing candle u better try to light them and he gives them matches and tells them to light them
Swara: oh my prince its very nice idea and they light the candles and ok now can we cut the cake
Sanskar: of course by this u share sweets to everyone and sweets means happiness and spreading happiness is good right
Swara: oh u have a reason for everything
Sanskar: ha and now make a wish ok
Swaragini: we both want to be always together as swaragini
Lakshy: always same wish why so
Ragini: do u have any problem we always want to be together
Lakshy: no why do I have a problem ha ok now cut the cake and then they cut the cake
and they feed to everyone while feeding to sanskar swara applies some cream to sanskar’s nose and she runs from there then sanskar shouts
Sanskar: swara wait see what I will do now and he takes some cake and throw it towards her then it falls on lakshy as swara bends and later takes some and it falls on Mayank and Mayank takes some and it falls on sumi she too takes and it falls on ragini and ragini too takes and it falls on shekhar and shekhar takes and it falls on swara now everyone faces are full of cakes and they see each other they all laugh they enjoy the cake fight and they sleep after getting fresh

Sanskar comes down and sees sumi near dining table and goes to her
Sanskar: good morning ma
Sumi: good morning beta
Sanskar: where are these two birthday girls?
Swaragini: here and they come there
Swara: ma we are going to temple we will back in an hour
Ragini: come swara it is coming late
Sanskar: wait I will also come
Swaragini: no only we will go’
Sanskar: ok bye
They goes to temple and come back after an hour
Swara: ma we came back
Sumi: come have breakfast
Swara: where is sanskar and lakshy?
Lakshy: here from back
Sanskar: we went out due to some work so come now we should have breakfast and they have breakfast
Shekhar: ok now my daughters will get their gifts come
Swara: ok papa show na I am very excited
Ragini: ha papa

Then shekhar gives them some photo frames full pictures of swaragini and they are very happy
Swara: oye prince where is my gift
Sanskar: there is a surprise ok later I will give u later ok
Lakshy: but I have a gift for u swara
Swara: for me thank u lakshy and she takes the gift some watch
Ragini: wow ok now sanskar where is my gift
Sanskar: why should I give you?
Ragini: so mean something u learn from ur brother
Sanskar: now don’t do over actually I bought gift first for u then he bought it for swara seeing me ok
Swara: what? So mean lakshy
Lakshy: sanky I will not leave u see u later about this ha
Ragini: ok now u both give me my gifts
Sanskar: ok take this and he also gives her a watch
Ragini: it is very beautiful and lakshy where is my gift
Lakshy: here it is baby and he gives her ear rings
Ragini: very nice and sanskar what is ur surprise for Shona
Sanskar: ok come ok now swara close ur eyes
Swara: no I will not
Sanskar: ok then no surprise
Swara: ok I will and she closes her eyes and sanskar takes her outside and
Sanskar: now swara open ur eyes slowly and see
And swara opens her eyes and sees a bike and jumps and
Swara: sanskar it’s awesome and goes on jumping after sometime she stops jumping and becomes sad and says I don’t know how to ride na
Sanskar: I will teach u na
Shekhar comes there and sees bike and
Shekhar: no u will not
Sanskar: I know papa ur worried but don’t worry I will take care
Shekhar: but beta
Swara: papa please
Shekhar: ok but be careful
Swara gets happy and
Swara: sanskar come na we will go on ride
Ragini: lakshy I too want to go on bike today
Lakshy: I know that so I too bought my bike (actually lakshy has his own bike before only)
Ragini: wow ok now we will go
Swara: ragini we should go to
Ragini: orphanage
Swara: ha
Sanskar: ok now we all will go ok
Ragini: but u don’t know where it is na
Sanskar: u know na u will tell us the address ok
Lakshy: come now
And they leave to orphanage

Episode ends

Precap: again back to college days after holidays

Hope u guys liked the episode please comment those comments are very precious and they are encouragement for writing further if it is boring I will end it up please tell me

Credit to: dharani

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