Love Life…Swaragini ki (Epi 11)


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Recap: sanlak cooking and exams completed
Precap: swasan and raglak misunderstanding
@evening yyy hall
All of them reach there and suddenly lakshy gets a call
Lakshy: excuse me and he leaves after lakshy leaves
Kavya: ok guys what shall u take ha
Swara: something like juice

Kavya: ok come kavitha we will order and come and they both leave
Sanskar: swara are u sure they are changed I know only kavya showed her own character by attacking ragini but I know for sure kavitha also had something in mind
Swara: sanskar nothing would be like that don’t get any bad things in your mind ok just think positive
Sanskar: swara I can’t take any risk I don’t want to happen anything which will harm u
Ragini: sanskar nothing will happen don’t think much no problem
Sanskar: but………
Swara: no buts and vuts
Sanskar: (in mind) but I cannot take any risk but I should keep an eye on that kavitha and kavya
On the other side
Kavya: so what is next kavitha?
Kavitha: our plan is going well ok next step will be tomorrow.
Kavya: ok now let us go otherwise they will get doubt
And they go to everyone and Lakshy also comes there
Lakshy: Sanskar I need to talk to u something important
Sanskar: ha Lucky tell na
Lakshy: not here come with me and he takes beside and they go to a corner
Lakshy: sanky I heard that kavya and kavitha they both are talking about some plan sanky I think something is wrong

Sanskar: ha Lucky that is the thing I am saying I don’t think they are changed I think they are planning something against swaragini
Lakshy: ok sanky then let us find out till then be careful we should not let this known to them
Sanskar: ok lucky come let us go
They go to their place and they have their order and they leave
@next day morning
Sanskar and lakshy got ready and are having their breakfast then sanskar’s phone rings
Sanskar: hello kavitha
Kavitha: hello sanskar please meet me in xyz hotel please
Sanskar: is there any problem
Kavitha: no nothing actually I want to say something important
Sanskar: ok I will be there in an hour
Lakshy: what sanky
Sanskar: she wants to meet me in xyz hotel
Lakshy: ok be careful
Sanskar: ok and he goes out and calls to someone and the conversation is muted and he is driving his phone rings and he picks it
Sanskar: hello princess missing me
Swara: ya where are u
Sanskar: ya I am going to xyz hotel I have some work so bye I would call u later love u
Swara: love u too bye and he leaves to hotel
On the other side

Ragini calls Lakshy
Lakshy: hello baby
Ragini: Lakshy what is your program today
Lakshy: actually nothing I thought to go out with u to a cafe what say
Ragini: ok then and they meet in cafe
@ Cafe
Lakshy: ok ragini what do u want?
Ragini: anything ur wish in the mean time Lakshy’s phone rings he goes out
Outside he sees some goons are teasing and harassing a girl he goes and saves that girl and all the goons went away in the mean time ragini comes out to check out for Lakshy and sees that girl is hugging Lakshy and she sees that and thinks he is with that girl and shouts
Ragini: Lakshy I thought u are very good but why did u do this to me
Lakshy: ragini listen nothing like that please and he is cut by ragini’s words
Ragini: (in tears) no need of any explanation and she leaves
After she leaves
Lakshy: (to the girl he saved) please help me please tell to my love what happened
Girl: what does u think I will do that

Lakshy: means
Girl: all these are done by me to separate ragini and u and the whole plan is made by kavya she loves u so I helped her
Lakshy: (shocked but composes himself) ok now I understand why did she call me when I was with ragini in the cafe see now I will prove myself that I am innocent and u tell that kavya to don’t come in front of me if I saw her I don’t know what I will do
Voice from back comes then Lakshy turns and sees
Lakshy: (in anger) kavya how u can do this I will not leave u see what I will do now he is almost to slap her then she holds his hand

Kavya: lakshy don’t be so angry see I proposed u u told no then I don’t want u be happy in ur life so I did this now I will not at all interfere in ur life and that ragini will never forgive u
Lakshy: ok then u told that u will not interfere in my life ok then now listen I will prove myself innocent within 24 hours and see after that I will lead a very happy life with my ragini and ha I will not leave u to live in peace no no I will not even see ur face after this if I do anything with u again then what is the difference between u and us so get lost don’t show me ur face again
Kavya: ok then I also will see how will u prove innocent and if u prove innocent urself then I will not show my face to u again and she leaves
Screen shifts to sanskar @xyz hotel
Sanskar enters the hotel and he goes to reception
Sanskar: excuse sanskar Maheshwari to meet kavitha
Receptionist: ha sir room number 101
Sanskar: thank u and he leaves there

@room no.101
Sanskar enters and he sees kavitha
Sanskar: ha kavitha tell me u told something important and he places something like spectacles on the table near the bed in the room
Kavitha: ha sanskar it is important before we start it u drink this juice then sanskar drinks that and after sometime he falls unconscious
Kavitha: (in mind) wow kavitha what an idea now complete ur plan and she takes sanskar to the bed removes the shirt of sanskar and places him on the bed and she goes to him and takes a photo in that position and send that photo to swara from an unknown number and sends a message to her to come to xyz hotel in the mean time she makes sanskar get up from the unconscious stage
Swara arrives there and sees sanskar and kavitha there

Kavitha: sanskar what are u fine
Sanskar: ha kavitha fine what happened
Kavitha: nothing in the meantime
Swara: comes to the room wow Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari a big cheater enjoying here ha this is the work u told
Sanskar: not understanding anything asks swara what are u talking about then swara shows him the photo and message she got
Sanskar: this is all fake don’t believe that I will prove u this is all made by kavitha please swara believe me
Kavitha: what did I do ha I called u to help that is it
Sanskar: enough of all drama kavitha I know everything of the plan I will prove u see and he calls someone and a man enters to the room

Sanskar: Karan give it to me and that man gives him some video which is recorded in the phone
Karan: ha sanskar u are right she did all these and all is recorded in the video
In video
Kavitha goes to one waiter and gives him some money and says him to mix some sleeping pills in that juice and bring he brings and gives it to kavitha and later that only kavitha gives to sanskar and he drinks that he goes to sleep video ends
Karan: and by the way sanskar here is another video which she is talking to kavya about the plan she made
Kavya: what is ur plan
Kavitha: ha listen this is the glass of juice which has sleeping pills after sanskar slept after drinking I will remove his shirt and take a photo with me and send it to swara and tell her to come that is it we will be successful in dividing them
Kavya: brilliant ok then I will leave and she leaves video ends

Karan: and ha miss kavitha u know what sanskar did not drink that juice with sleeping pills it is normal juice I gave double money what u gave to that waiter and made him to give normal juice and all this he is acting and he already have that video also which is with all what happened in this room and he takes the spects from the table and take a hidden camera and show her whole video
Swara: and one more thing kavitha what did u think that I told him these all because so that u may be thinking that u are successful in ur plan at least for sometime
Kavitha: what it means
Swara: actually I already know about how sanskar wants to expose u
Kavitha: how do u know
Swara: ok I will tell u listen
After getting call from kavitha sanskar calls to someone and that is Karan his friend
Karan: ha sanskar tell me
Sanskar: Karan u listen this u go to xyz hotel immediately and follow that kavitha and be sure that all her plan should be flop but it should be completed
Karan: ok sanskar I understand but what is it about
Sanskar: ha Karan she is making something to divide me and swara and ha u take all the things video ok so that we can have proofs regarding her plans
Karan: I think we should inform about this to swara otherwise it would be misunderstanding please don’t say no
Sanskar: ok then do one thing when I entered that place u immediately call to swara and tell her the whole matter ok
Karan: ok fb ends

Swara: ok now tell me what are u doing kavitha
Kavitha: full in anger and shouts no this cannot be happen
Sanskar: no don’t shout if u did evil plans then the result will be like this only don’t never try to do such things and get lost
Kavitha: ok sanskar I am really sorry but I did this as I love u now I understood that cannot be happen and from now I will not show my face to u as I am leaving Kolkata and she leaves
Swara: sanskar thank u so much
Sanskar: for what
Swara: u did everything in a planned manner and the main thing is u did not hide it from me na
Sanskar: for that means u have to thank Karan actually I thought of not telling to u but he only did that and convinced me to tell u before hand
Karan: nothing like I just gave and advise that is it and sanskar now tell me how did u get doubt on her

Swara: ha I also thought that she is planning against u
Sanskar: ha I will tell see yesterday at party when lucky got a call and they both went aside then are talking about a plan and lucky heard it and he told me about that when we went beside to talk something important and that important thing about some plan they were talking about that is it I understood when she called me and told me that something important she wants to talk
Swara: wow Mr. Prince very intelligent and she hugs him and they leave from there
On the other side Lakshy is still standing outside the cafe and thinking what to do and he sees something there and he runs to some place and reaches to gm and goes to ragini’s room
@gm in ragini’s room

Lakshy enters and
Ragini: lakshy why did u come here go from here I don’t want to listen anything
Lakshy: ok u don’t listen anything just give me five minutes I just want to show u something and then I will leave please
Ragini: thinks and says ok and then lakshy shows the video
Video contains all the fighting seen and kavya coming and telling all the truth all sees that video and ragini immediately goes and hugs him and
Ragini: crying I am sorry lakshy I am really sorry
Lakshy: ragini it is ok don’t cry please
Ragini: lakshy I am really ashamed of myself please forgive me na
Lakshy: then ok I will forgive u on one condition

Ragini: any condition ok tell
Lakshy: then give me a hug then I will forgive u
Ragini gives him a hug and says
Ragini: lakshy from now I will trust u more than myself I will never disbelieve u
Lakshy: thank u ragini and then share a cute eye lock
Lakshy is thinking what to do to prove himself innocent then he sees a camera in the corridor and he runs to the place where the video is recorded and ask them the video
Incharge: no we cannot give u the video
Lakshy: please sir it is my life problem please and he pleads for so much time then he gives him the copy of the video and he goes to ragini fb ends

And the screen freezes the happy faces of swaragini and sanlak
Precap: swaragini birthday

I know guys it is boring episode today but I want to show this episode to end the characters of kavitha and kavya so please bear me and please comment me ur comments are encouragement to me please comment

Credit to: dharani

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