Love Life…Swaragini ki (Epi 10)


Episode 10
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Recap: swaragini and sanlak preparing in mm and swasan masti
Precap: sanlak cooking and exams completes
Sanlak and sumi enters the kitchen
Sanskar: ma u just tell us where all the objects are there and leave from here we will do everything
Sumi: are u sure sanskar
Sanskar: ma sure we will do them
Lakshy: ha ma we will do then sumi gives them everything they need and she leaves to hall where swaragini are there
In hall

Sumi: swara ragini u both can help them u should do all these and u both are sitting and watching tv ha
Swara: ma chill they only wanted to do na let them anyway we don’t know how to cook properly after marriage also we can make them cook what say Ladoo
Ragini: exactly ma and they both laugh and give hifi
Sumi: this is unbelievable u both became very naughty only because ur father from back and
Shekhar: what because of me ha ha u r just blaming me I told u many times to teach them how to cook and u will say shekhar they r still kids (imitating)
Both swaragini laughs and give hifi to shekhar
Sumi: offo I can’t change u in my life time I am leaving and she goes from there to do some other work

Shekhar: by the my princesses why she is saying all those what did u do ha
Swaragini: papa sanskar and lakshy are cooking in the kitchen
Shekhar: what seriously oh no what is happening in the kitchen I want to see and he goes to the kitchen and shouts ahhhhhhhhhhhh
Swaragini comes there running and see shekhar on the floor and laughs seeing the whole kitchen then sumi enters and says
Sumi: oh no what should I do now
The kitchen is fully messed up with all the aata and vegetables and dishes here and there and shekhar falls down by stepping the dish and then everyone see sanlak’s faces and starts laughing their faces are fully covered with flour and messed up hair

Swara: sanskar seriously do u know how to cook see ur face once (laughing)
Sanskar: swara don’t underestimate sanskar Maheshwari I know really how to cook but ha I don’t know how to maintain a kitchen
Sumi: offo then why did u tell me to go ha
Lakshy: ma actually we thought we can do but………. he stops
Ragini: but………… oh don’t tell me that u did not even started anything no way I am starving now
Lakshy: no no cooking is completed
Ragini: then what
Lakshy: actually we both are were……. he stops
Sanskar: were arguing about the recipe
Swaragini: what?
Lakshy: ha we are arguing about recipe because I know to make in one manner and he knows it another manner and while arguing………….. he stops again
Ragini: offo Lakshy how many times u will stop
Sanskar: we both almost went to peeks and started fighting with aata, vegetables and dishes and then the kitchen is now like this
All laughs continuously

Sumi: ok now u both completed are anything left ha while laughing
Sanskar: ha ma just 10 minutes we have to make paratas and its done
Sumi: paratas no way I will do them till then u go fresh up
Sanskar: but ma
Shekhar: no buts and vuts go now and now I will help my wife in cleaning this all u all go and refresh ok
Sanlak: ok papa
Shekhar: swaragini u both take them to room and they will fresh up
Swaragini nods still they are laughing and they leave
Then they fresh up and come and they sit near the breakfast table
Sumi: sanskar beta all is well now and what is this dish I never ate
Lakshy: ha ma it is a South Indian dish its name is Pulihora (actually it is my favourite)
Sanskar: ha ma it is very famous in South and it is very tasty
Swara: really then let us taste it and they all eat it
Ragini: it is awesome wow I loved it
Swara shekhar sumi: we too it’s very tasty
Sumi: very nice sanskar lakshy

Sanlak: thank u ma
Ragini: by the way tell me are u both fighting about this recipe only
Sanskar: ha actually this is done using tamarind or lemon he says we will do it with lemon I say to do with tamarind
Lakshy: and we both started fighting about tamarind and lemon
Swara: at last who won ha

Lakshy: of course it is me the great Lakshy Maheshwari
Sanskar: don’t do over acting ha I gave up because u were hurt
Ragini: Lakshy u got hurt where show me (with concern she gets from the chair and searches for the hurt)
Lakshy: Ragini relax nothing happened to me I just acted so that he will give up ok
Ragini: what kind of a joke it is ha if anything happens to u I cannot bear don’t play such pranks ok
Lakshy: sorry baba ok
And all of them are very happy seeing their love to each other
Sumi: oh Ragini so much concern ha
Ragini: blushes ma please
Sumi: ok ok now all go and study now
Swaragini: ha ma and they leave and they all study in swaragini room and it is dinner time they all have dinner and again they go to study and all others slept and it is 12am in the mid night
Swara: I am going to make coffee do anyone want it

Ragini: wait swara I also will come we will do it
Sanskar: wait ragini I will help her u be here
Lakshy: ha sanky is right he will help and u be here ragini nods
and swasan leave while they are going to kitchen swara slips and was about to fall but sanskar holds her and they have a cute eye lock and later they compose and they go to kitchen
Sanskar: ok madam tell me how can I help u
Swara: just don’t disturb and stand beside that is the great help ha
Sanskar: disturb I did not get such an idea great my princess is very smart
Swara: sanskar no don’t think anything mischievous ok (she says that while putting the pan of milk on the stove)
Sanskar: ok and he slowly goes to swara and hugs from back
Swara: sanskar leave me please
Sanskar takes the hair of swara from her neck and then kisses her neck
Swara: leave na please he don’t leave he continues by kissing her back and tries to turn her but swara beats him with her elbow sanskar shouts ahhhh in pain
Swara: sanskar (with concern) is it paining sorry

Sanskar: it’s ok no problem ok don’t feel bad
Swara: sorry sanskar sorry and she is almost with tears in her eyes
Sanskar: nothing happened swara and he cups her face and wipes her tears I am fine ok and he kisses her on the forehead and then he sees milk were about to fall from the pan and he immediately puts off the stove
Swara: oh no I forgot about this becoz of u only see they were about to fall
Sanskar: he pouts and says sorry
Swara: oh so sweet no problem and they make coffee
On the other side Raglak are in the room Ragini is standing and Lakshy comes to her
Lakshy: Ragini they went now only we both are there here
Ragini: ha so what

Lakshy: so so and he goes nearer to her and she moves back and again he comes forward and she goes back like that goes on and she goes and falls on the bed and Lakshy also by mistake falls on the bed now Lakshy is on the top of Ragini they both have cute eye lock and Lakshy goes near to ragini’s forehead and kisses it and he gets up and comes out of the room to see what they are doing in kitchen and in the room Ragini gets up from the bed and smiles and she also goes behind him
They were about to go to kitchen and then lakshy turns to her and signs her to be calm and they slowly peeps into the kitchen
In the kitchen sanskar is hugging swara from back and holding swara’s hand and they are making coffee together they put the sugar in the cup and both are stirring and then swara sees sanskar’s face and they both were lost in each other’s eyes
Then raglak enters and sees them and they both
Raglak: ahem ahem and they both laugh then swasan compose them selves
Ragini: coffee ready or it takes time

Swara: blushes ha ragini we are coming and they all go and again they all study and sleep in the positions where they are reading only
The sun rays fall on the beautiful faces of the couples and they all wake up except swara as usual and ragini starts waking her but the only word she says is two minutes more Ladoo
Sanskar: Ragini u both go and refresh I will wake her ok
Ragini: ok sanskar all the best for u to get all the torture of waking her
and raglak go for fresh up and then sanskar finally successfully swara by blackmailing her that he would kiss her if she don’t get up and they both also fresh have their breakfast and they leave to college like this they complete their studies one day in mm and one day in gm and their exams get complete successfully
on the last day of their exams in college

Kavitha: so Kavya I have a plan and it is the time to execute and then she says the plan which is muted
Kavya: awesome kavitha ok let us execute
Here swasan and raglak are in cafe chitchatting kavitha and Kavya comes to them
Kavya: I am sorry Lakshy please forgive me

Lakshy: no problem go away
Kavya: please Lakshy
Ragini: Lakshy forgive na
Lakshy: ok only this is because ragini said ok
Kavya: thank u now let us be friends
Lakshy: no
Ragini: Lakshy please
Lakshy: ok (unwontedly)
Kavya: thank u Ragini (in mind) oh very much thanks u urself made ur life hell now see what kavya is up to and (outside) by the way can u both be also friends seeing swasan
Swasan: of course
Kavya: and she is my friend Kavitha I think u all know her also as she is in our class only
Sanskar: ya we know
Kavitha: ok then at this moment we shall all have a party please
Sanskar: no we won’t because I have plan with swara and Lucky had it with ragini
Swara: really but sanskar we will go tomorrow they are new to our friendship let them also have a chance na
Sanskar: teek hai

Kavitha: then done today evening 6pm at yyy hall
Swasanraglak: done
Kavitha: awesome (in mind) ha today every happiness in ur life will end swaragini
And screen freezes with the cunning faces of kavitha and Kavya and smiling faces of swasanraglak
Precap: Raglak and swasan misunderstanding

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Credit to: dharani

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