Love Life…Swaragini ki (Epi 1)


Hi guys I am back with my next episode. I am happy to see that you all liked my ff. Please keep commenting.
Recap: Two little girls searching for diary and they started reading
Precap: SanLak and Swaragini introduction

Two girls are shown sleeping peacefully. Then Sumi enters the room and says
Sumi: Swaragini getup u will be late to the college otherwise
Swaragini: in union maa five minutes please
Sumi: then you will be late on the first day of the college. Ok I am leaving and she leaves
Swaragini gets up and go refresh in two washrooms they have in their room
They are ready and then
Sumi: Swaragini come down its breakfast time.
Then both swaragini are coming from the steps to downstairs. They come down and sit on the dining table. Sumi was in kitchen so they both started shouting maa bhook and start shouting maa khaana. Then Sumi comes and serve them food. They had their breakfast and they start to their college.

SanLak are fighting with pillows in their room then Ap enters and see them and says
Ap: Sanskar and Lakshy both started morning itself. Tum log kabhi nahi sudarogey now stop and
come down for breakfast ok
SanLak: in union yes maa
They both come down have their breakfast and hug ap and say bye and start for their college
Swaragini on their way to college in the car
Ragini: Shona I am tensed. Its first day of our college.
Swara: Ladoo don’t be tensed we get good friends very easily. Ok don’t worry.
Here SanLak reached the college and parked their car and went inside and all girls are surrounding
then Sanskar gets fed up with all the girls and says
Sanskar: It’s enough girls, you know that I won’t accept your proposals ok now please leave me and
he sees Lakshy.
Lakshy is busy with flirting with all girls and Sanskar calls
Sanskar: Lucky let’s leave from here and Lakshy sees him and says
Lakshy: yes Sanky
They leave from there and lucky sees Sanskar and asks

Lakshy: why Sanky u gets irritated by just try to flirt
Then Sanskar sees him with angry looks and the screen freezes with sanky’s angry face.

Precap: SanLak and Swaragini meet in college and their friendship

Hope you guys like it so please comment and next episode I will reveal pairs also.

Credit to: dharani

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  1. And the pairs are…??? I’m so eager akka!

    1. pairs are revealed in next episodes

  2. Interesting….post nxt episode soon.

    1. thanks

  3. nice ….make it longer

    1. thanks I will try to make it longer

  4. so nyc…. make it swasan plzzz yaar

    1. thanks it will be revealed it next episode

  5. make it long thn n thn we cn able to give our opinion

    1. thanks I will try to make it long

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