Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 90


Thank u guys for ur immense support..Apologizing for late update.Sana Im sry yaar..if I hurted u but I thought every story should have an good ending this 100 episodes was an epic so I dont wanna spoil that epic by dragging and Im really sorry if I hurted anyone..commenting and ignoring is ur own wish..if u ppl commented we writers ll hav boost for writing further..Again apologizing if I hurted anyones feelings..

In Morning,Pragya was in Alia n Pehus room.Suddenly Pragya receives a call.Pragya goes to attend the call.Alia says,Peehu v r gone today.Peehu says,Its all coz of u..ur frnd Tia.Alia says,Oh..really..first who arranged the party do u remember.Peehu says,I agree but who invited Tia.Alia says,Tia is not problem..but party is a problem na see morning itself v gonna get good words from babhi.Pragya on phone,Sarla says,Pragya today u hav to come home with all I wanna take care of my daughter atleast today.Pragya says,Sure maa I ll come.Sarla says,Come soon..Pragya says,ok maa(call ended)Pragya came back to Alia n Peehus room.Alia says,Babhi..v r really sry.Peehu says,sry babhi.Pragya smiles n asks,For wht?Peehu says,For last night..Tia(in a scared voice)Pragya smiles n says,Im here not to scold u..but Im here to talk few words.Alia n Peehu blinks at each other.Pragya asks,Peehu..Is Ishaan family is ok with ur love?Peehu says,haa..babhi..but.,Pragya cuts off n says,Thats it..u dont open ur mouth.

Pragya asks,Alia r u ready for marriage?Alia looks on Peehu.Pragya says,Why u r seeing her?Just say me.Alia says,Babhi..Marriage is not a issue..but I didnt find anyone who really loves me.Pragya says,Do u hav faith on me or ur bhais selection?Alia sats,Babhi..pls dont ask such questions..u both brought up us..Pragya says,Then..agree for marriage trust me u ll get a guys who deserves u.Alia remains silent.Pragya says,Alia Peehu..U doesnt hav mom or dad I know ur bahi brought u both more than mom n dad..but if v postpone the wedding ppl ll say tez girls doesnt hav parents so only thr is no one to take care of the wedding all ll blame ur bhai me n dadi.Alia says,bhabi..pls dont say like this..v wont let anyone to blame u all her eyes filled with tears.Peehu says,Haa..babhi v know wht u all doing is for our goodness so v hav no objection over it hey na Alia.Alia says,Ofcourse..Im ready to marry a person of ur choice.Pragya hugs them n says,Thank u..for giving me this priority in ur lives tears rolled from her eyes n kisses them.Pragya breaks the hug n says,So..get ready.Alia asks,Kya..u already found a boy(In shocked manner)Pragya says,Arey baba..Maa invited us today so lets go to our home.Alia relives n says,Oh..k k.

Pragya asks, ur frnd Tia left the home or she is still in home.Peehu says,Oops!!Babhi..she is still here..u dont wry v ll send her soon.Pragya smiles n says,I just hate her dressing.Alia n Peehu says,V just hate her too(In chorus).Pragya asks,Then y u invited?Alia says,Its just a coincidence.Pragya says,Whatever send her out soon.Peehu smiles n says,Btw babhi..bhai n Kush is awaken?Pragya smiles n says,U know abt them na they wont woke up this much early.Alia says,Then..whose voice is this?Pragya asks,Whr?Peehu says,Hear the voice someone is talking.The trio goes out of the room.They shocked by seeing a scene.Abhi was standing outside to his room..Tia was pinning him to the wall.Abhi was struggling to relive from her.By seeing this,Alia n Peehu keeps their hands on mouth in shock.Pragya fumes in anger n they goes there.Pragya sees inside their room,Kush was sleeping peacefully she closed the door n asks Abhi,Whts this?Alia drags Tia aside.Peehu n Alia drags her to down stairs n got her out of the house by scolding her.

Pragya stares on Abhi.Abhi says,Actually..I was searching u at the time she came here n demanded me for a kiss..I was struggling to escape from her..u..u all came..(In a scared voice)Pragya asks,So u r struggling with a smiling face.Abhi says, trust me..I was just pretend to b smile.Pragya doesnt give any reaction n says,K fine n left the place.Abhi says himself,Abhi u gone today..atleast if she fumes in anger u can console her if she remains to b silent ll b difficult n follows her.Pragya says,No need of following me Im not anger on u just leave me alone..but dont forget onething ur a father now n left the place.But the words from Pragya indicates she is not angry but she is somewhat upset with him..the words was not that much hard but it seems to b someone stabbed his heart.Abhi forwarded to his room.After a while,Abhi thinks,Y she didnt came back to room still now..Kush was sleeping interminate like a son of Kumbakarn..wait wait if he is son..then Im no..he is sleeping cutely like a son of Rockstar n kisses his face.He goes out of the room n seeks for Pragya but he couldnt find.

Abhi goes to Alia n Peehus room but he couldnt find them too.Then,he asked Robin whr r the family members.Robin says,All went to Sarla Mams home.Abhi asks,y?Robin says,I think just like a get all went thr.Abhi says,k(In anger voice)He came back to room n says,How mean fuggi..I know she is upset on me..but how could she leave me like this..In sarlas home,All were chatting n having fun.Bulbul asks,Di..y Jiju n Kush doesnt came?Pragya says,They were sleeping tight they didnt woke up so I left them.Dadi says,They r Kumbakarn all laughs.But Pragya was missing them.Pragyas phone vibrates it was Abhi but she ignored the call n switched off the phone.After a while,They all had their chats n juices.Pragya says dadi n all abt Alia n Peehu agreed for marriage.All gets happy.Purab says,So lets start to hunt the boy.Peehu says,Yeah..the boy should like..Salman Khan.Bulbul says,Alia see ur sis wanna u to marry a aged man.All laughs,Pragya says,So..u ppl enjoy Im leaving home..Sarla asks,Y?Pragya says,Kush has test tmrw so.All nods k n Pragya leaves.

In MM,Kush was saying,Papa..wht u had done..y Mumma left us.Abhi says,Do u think mistake is on my side.Kush says,Ofcourse u r the one who always makes mistakes.Abhi says,How u understood ur papa..u r sucha great son n smirked at him.Kush says,Papa..its boring here come lets go to naanis home.Abhi asks,Who called u thr?Is ur Mumma called u no na then no need of going.Kush says,Uff!!Useless ego..I ll die of being bored.Abhi looks at him n says,Cummon Rockstar is here so lets hav some fun.Kush smirked.Abhi turns on the music system n he plays guitar too.Kush says,Papa..dont do comedy this is romantic song..v both gonna dance for this song uh?Abhi changes the song,It was desi girl..they both danced hard by throwing pillow n messed up the room.Pragya enters MM n asks Robin,Whether Abhi n Kush had food.Robin assures they had then she forwarded to her room.She hears a heavy music is coming out of the room.Pragya hides n sees inside,Abhi n Kush were dancing naughtily forSheela li jawaniPragya couldnt control her laughter she recorded the whole performance.Abhi n Kush falls on bed.Pragya slowly enters the room.They both noticed her n turned their faces n pretends to b anger.Pragya asks,Kush..beta had ur breakfast uh?Kush smirked n turns.Then she asked Abhi..he too doesnt respond.Pragya says,K fine..She sits in ottoman n plays the video n laughed.Abhi n Kush hears the song n moved towards her n sees the video n shocked.They both comes down n kneels down n says,We love u Mumma..pls delete this video.Pragya burst out her laughter n says,Thats sweet my kiddos.Abhi n Kush hugs her.Pragya says,Im sry I left u both na.Abhi says,No problem n kisses her.

Credit to: Tisha

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