Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 99

Thank u guys for ur comments!!Im really feeling bad for ending this ff but its fact that everything need an end so its all ok and after the 100th episode I ll give an epilogue and thats the end.
In hospital,Abhi says,K..let’s leave Kush..Mumma need rest.Kush says,K of u n my lil sissy..Abhi n Kush kisses them n left the hospital.The hours passed,Alia Bulbul along with Peehu is staying with Pragya.They having good time by chatting the lil baby is enjoying their laughs n talks.Peehu says,Bulbul see na she is crying less.Bulbul smiles n says,Yes..btw she is so cute so pink.Alia asks,Babhi feeling tired na?Pragya smiles n nods.Peehu says,Its k lets leave for now let her sleep..Within hours her Rockstars ll b back.All laughs n left.Pragya just runs her fingers into her daughters face..looking that how cute she is while sleeping..she remember the day when Kush born she slowly falls asleep.In MM,Kush was getting ready.Abhi looks at him.Kush asks,Kya..Papa..Y u r staring at me.Abhi asks,Dont u hav fear?

Kush says,Ya..I have..But its not is excitement how Im gonna perform.Abhi says,Have u practiced well?Kush says,Yes..I had brushed my level best..Lets see Papa..Today Im gonna perform from my heart leaving the rest thinking abt competition and all..Today Im gonna give some good music than performing in finals..This show had given me lots of experience lets enjoy whatever the result may b u and Mumma always use to told me na,Whatever v hav to do v hav to do that work full hearted.Abhi hugs Kush n says,Imreally proud of u lets go.They both headed towards the hospital.
Abhi n Kush entered the room,The baby was playing by kicking Pragyas face Pragya was smiling at her.Kush runs towards his Mumma n says,Mumma I miss u a lot.Pragya sat up by resting herself in head board.Abhi took her daughter in his hands n asks,Why she is not sleeping?Pragya says,Just now she woke up.Pragya asks,Kush so u r ready?Kush says,Haa..Mumma.Pragya says, of him..whatever may b the result pls control urself..dont create any scene.Kush giggled.Abhi says,Cumon Fuggi..Im not a kid..U both r taunting me na..wait wait..I ll tell my daughter to take revenge on u both hey na beta he looked at her daughter.

Pragya smiles.Kush says,Papa..My sis ll b on my side..hey na Mumma..Pragya says,Arey..stop stop its getting late u both leave now.Suddenly all the 3 girls enter the room.Peehu says,All the best my rockstar Alia n Bulbul too wishes him.Abhi says,Is this hospital or Women armed force.Bulbul asks,Jiju?wht u said?Abhi says,Women r the heart of the nation..Im right na?Pragya laughed n says,Suniye..chalo its getting late na.Abhi says,Haa haa..He kissed her forehead n kissed his daughter n says,Dont trouble Mumma k.Alia says,Hmmm..mmm..Abhi smiles.Pragya hugs Kush n says,All the best..nothing to worry..Be cool..stay says,like captain cool..All laughs.Abhi n Kush left.

Abhi n Kush reached the show venue.All media rushed to him.Abhi holds Kushs hand.Pragya Peehu Alia Bulbul watching it on TV.Pragya smiles n says,ur bhai seems to b strucked.Abhi tries to avoid media.The reporter asks,Abhi have u came here to support ur son or u came here as a judge.Abhi says,I just came here to support my son as father thats it.Another reporter says,Abhi congratulatios..We heard that u had a baby girl was ur wife n daughter.Abhi was some what irked to share abt his personal but he manages to say,Ya..Thank u..Mom n baby is doing well n left the place with Kush.Pragya smiles by watching this.Abhi sat with other kids parents.They requested a selfie with him.As soon as show started all the 5 kids were performing..And its the time for Kushs performance..Pragya was excited.Abhi claps.

All clapped Abhi was feeling emotional by hearing this song from his son.The anchor comes thr n asks,Kush for whom u dedicate this song.Kush smiles n says,Actually Uncle,This lyrics are both for my Mamma n Papa..If my sissy was lil grown up sure she ll join with me for this song.Anchor asks Abhi how was ur son’s performance,Abhi says,I didn’t expect this..he smiled n says,Actually he practised some other song but I’m completely overwhelmed love u Kush.Kush says,I mean the song Papa.Abhi says,Thank u with a smile.Pragya was completely happy by seeing Kush’s performance.Alia says,Babhi..Kush is a pack of surprise..Pragya smiles.As all kids performance were finished.It’s the time for results.Abhi’s face was continuously shown on the screen.Bulbul says,Di..see Jiju is more tensed than Kush.Pragya says,For this only Kush is not letting him to the show..see how he is behaving like child.Alia laughs.The results has been announced,Kush shared the first place along with other girl.Kush didn’t gave such a wide smile.But Abhi was extremely happy.Pragya gets extremely happy.Anchor asks Kush to say some words,Kush says,I’m so happy..Ya I already explained all my Feelings in my song itself..My Papa is the man who helped me to fullfil my dream by taking my dream as his..Moreover I have a lil sis now..sure I ll give this to my sis..and Mumma without u I ll never reach here..thank u Papa Mumma Dadi Granny Nani maasi Chachu My lil bro and my sisses all my family and also my papa’s fans all laughed at his last word.Abhi hugs him n says,Thank u n kisses him.After a while they reached the home.

Abhi asks,Dadi y u ask me came here actually we planned to go for hospital to meet fuggi n baby.Kush says,Haa dadi..Dadi says,Arey Arey..u both stand here itself.Abhi says,But y..Suddenly the car entered MM.Peehu Bulbul Alia along with Pragya n baby came to the home.Abhi n Kush was surprised.Abhi runs towards Pragya n says,Hey..U..Why u didn’t inform me..Pragya says,Surprise..Abhi says,Whattaa surprise n pouted.Pragya smiles n says,Let’s go in.Sarla takes Aarti to Pragya Baby Abhi n Kush.Abhi says,Mummy ji no tilak.Pragya stares at him.Abhi says,K..I ll n accepts the tilak.All gets in.AbhiGya Kush and baby entered the room.Pragya placed the baby in center of bed.Kush placed pillows on the edges n started playing with baby.Abhi too Sat with Kush.Pragya asks,Kush Mumma also here..Kush hugs her n says,Mumma..I know..see my trophy n shows that..Pragya says,U deserved n kisses him.Abhi asks,Fuggi..Baby is so cute na..Kush says,Haa..Pragya says,U ppl also so cute when u r small.Abhi n Kush asks,So now v r not cute uh?They pouted.Pragya says,Ya..u both r so cute.All had their dinner.Abhi brings food for Pragya to room.Kush says,Papa..whr baby ll sleep.Pragya says,I ll keep her besides me by keeping pillows.Abhi says, ll fell down na.Pragya stares.Abhi says,K.K.have ur dinner..Abhi feeds Pragya.Pragya looks at him lovingly.Abhi says,U too cute..n kisses her.Kush coughs with a wink.Abhi says,Oye..Kush say,Nothing Papa..u guys carry on.Abhi says,I think..our son is growing fast.Pragya smikes.

5 months passed,Abhi was eternally attached with his daughter.Abhi says, v gonna name u..My lil princess..U r smiling at Papa..u r so sweet..The baby giggled at him.Abhi says,Cumon..speak soon..u always giggling at me..u love papa na..The baby kicks his cheeks.Abhi says, baby is kicking places his finger in her hand.Baby closed her hand by holding his her hand.Abhi says,Oh..u wanna Papa to hold u..don’t wry I ll hold u till my last breath..he took his phone and snaped the moment.Pragya n Kush comes thr n says,Arey..U didn’t get ready till now uh..Always playing with ur daughter.Kush says,Papa..u know today I did song well..Arijit uncle ki composition..Purab Chachu said,I did well..Abhi says,Superb..I know u ll..cumon my boy n gave a hifi..Pragya hugs Kush n kisses him in his head n says,K..both father son get ready is our lil princess ll get her name na..Abhi says,Haa..Haa..we ll get ready in 5 mins and both entered the closest.

Pragya dressed up her princess like a princess by making her to wear a baby pink frock with white netted lace.Abhi n Kush came out of the closest n says,Wow..our princess is just looking like a princess.Pragya says,Ofcourse..They 3 entered the hall.Purab says,Oh..she is so’s topper..Dadi says,Afterall she is the heroine today.Abhi was holding the baby.She giggled.Abhi says,Dadi..see she is giggling by hearing ur words..n nuzzeled into her cheeks.She giggled again..Pragya says,Meri pyaari..bachu..n takes her in hand.Kush says,Mumma..I ll lift her..Abhi says,No..u ll drop her down..u r too small na.Kush says,really then K n smiles.The function gets starts n Dadi gets close to her ear n says,Ziva..Ziva..Ziva..Then all follows by her then they named their princess as Ziva.

Precap: It was an epilogue.

Thank u guys for all ur support!! The ff is coming to an happy end thank u so much for ur support!! Keep supporting thanking each and every readers pls don’t bother if I didn’t mention the name I wanna thank all my silent readers my commentators my beloved readers and my beloved friends who are loving my ff this much without ur support this ff is impossible to 100 episodes thank u all..Love u all I had got many friends via this ff..Thank u AbhiGya Shabir Sriti for inspiring this story..All TiSha fans AbhiGya fans thank u thank u thank u I’m just overwhelmed with all u guys I’m Sry I’m feeling lil bit emotional I don’t get other words rather than tanking u ppl Humbled before ur love thank u ? Love u all God bless 🙂

Credit to: Tisha


  1. Ashly

    Superb Tisha… Ziva our cool captain dhoni’s daughter’s name na? N i became emotional that its ending… I’m going to miss it badly… Thank u for such a lovely ff… Keep writing n keep rocking…

  2. Sandy

    Srimathi, its a masterpiece.
    The epilogue was a bit emotional. I guess our love of life will be first story to hit a century. Thank you mmuuaahh

  3. Srimathi u r an awesome writer yaa……in Abhigya’s love of life ur journey in writing this ff was started …… now i think u r the first writer to reach 100 episodes in kumkum bhagya……superb sri……. unmaiya sollraen i felt little bit emotional …that this ff is ending……truly i am saying ……… pls reply to this comment …….will u accept me as ur friend pls??

  4. sree

    Hiii I’m a silent reader and u r ff is soooooo nice I’m really miss u r ff and pls start anthor ff

  5. kirthi

    Sri…after a long tym I’m commenting here…very happy that u reached this much height..I’m really really happy for u dear…love u n ur ff to d core…I’m gonna miss love of life very badly…bt I’m happy that u r gonna start new ff…I wish u get success in that ff too..all ur episodes we’re lovely…I always use to share this with my sister n friends..feeling very happy that u reached 100 episodes…I’m very proud of u dear ..:-) happy to the core…n u know that I love u..keep rocking..

  6. Superb…Tisha but gonna miss love of life….badly…hope u will start another ff…like this superb family ff…Love of life…miss u yaar…plz try to come soon with ur new ff….

  7. sana

    Wow..really superb yaar….I liked it soooo much….but y u r ending… I know every thing needs an end…but no need to end this much early…I am really feeling bad…if u want u can continue this ff….I am really disappointed with u…everybody likes ur ff and giving more comments…with this strength u can continue this ff…but u r ending…I can’t and can’t ask and I cant explain anything….its ur wish…OK..bye…

  8. Surbhi

    Superb yr tisha i will really miss it yr the episode was superb as usual but i have one question which song kush sung in his performance

    • Tisha

      I had added the link in comment Surbhi I don’t know how link missed in the episode anyways guys should watch the song


  10. nasima

    hey sri…u always rock it..amazing story..and pls start anothr ff like ths…l really miss the lovelife….but i added ur story in book marks..k.sri..thank u so much for giving us wondrful story and make us very happy and joyful….sometimes i felt lonely but ur ff words give such a wondrful companion…thank u very much sri….

  11. Its Just Awesome……. Not only this Episode, The whole ff…………..I don’t know how to express my feelings towards this ff………..Actually I Firstly started to read fan fictions in KUMKUM BHAGYA Page……..& Moreover I remember that ,This ff “LOVE OF LIFE” ,Its my 2nd ff…..I started to read that time……When it was on 6th Episode, I started to read it…………Its Really A Great Job done By TiSha………I know Ur Name is not TiSha,But Actually I get attached to this Name…….U r Superbbbbbbbb……… I think u r elder than me……….Soooo di,Really its an Awesome FF………………I love this soooooooooooo much………I don’t know di,How will I tell u that How much I Connected with this ff???Iss FF ke Bina Meri Ek Din Complete nahi hoti dhi……..Always I check this Page for FF’s…….But Always I notice abt Ur ff also…………..Ur ff have something special which always attract towards this………….U r great di…………..Such a Really Talented Writer……………..I don’t know what to say……….I don’t have enough words to say……….I am lil bit Emotional di…….Bcoz this ff is ending na……………..But I Promise u that always I will Remember this FF……..Pakkawala Promise……..Especially the Part which u described ABHIGYA is Stand on the top of the Taj Mahal……..(Pragyas wish full filled by Abhi on the trip)I loved that Part sooooooo much………..

  12. sharaya

    Hi I am sharaya a big fan of your fan fiction and congratulations for completing 99episodes today I read the episode and its amazing I have to say that you are a amazing writer and when I read your fan fiction I always wanted a brother like kush and now I wanted a sister ziva the way you expressed is very nice and I have to thank you for giving us a amazing story. Thank you so much!! I loved the way you expressed each and every character ?❤❤ and now I’m eagerly waiting for next fan fiction ?? and all the very best???? for you new fan fiction may it also be a hit like your previous fan fiction ??. I know I’m boring you by my talks but today I can’t controll myself to appreciate you. I remember when I was new to telly updates site I will never miss any of your fan fiction but I won’t comment because I don’t have much guts but one day I got guts and started commenting and again I have say that you such a amazing no awesome no excellent no amazing awesome excellent superb writer!! Thank you so much 🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. lola

    Ooooooh pls pls plsssddd di season 2 i cant imagine my day without ur ff we’re stressed but when we read ur epi evrthig judt flirs plsssssssd tisha di loveof life season 2

  14. Nivethitha

    Ka u r proving that u r greatest Dhoni fan u named her as ziva great ka anyways it was amazing episode ka this is the first ff which I got very attached… U really deserve our love ka now it is coming to an happy end feeling bit emotional don’t know y but one thing is clear I am very attached to it definitely I gonna miss it ka and thank u for giving us such a beautiful and wonderful ff love you ka….

  15. durga

    Nice yaar I’m gonna miss love of life yaar even u vl update a new ff bt it vl b not life of life especially Kush really I just loved tat character to the core… I miss y a lottttttttt anyway happy with Ur happy end n eagerly waiting for 100 episode I mean climax

  16. Silent reader

    Tisha u r amazing as usual… I always had got irritated with ffs but one day i thought of reading ur ff.. Until then i just read only the real kkb updates but after i read ur ff i started reading every other ff nd now even i hav started writing a ff! Idk how it all happenend but trust me u were the reason am writing an ff now! Hope to see u soln in ur next ff! Eagerly waiting!#spread love!

  17. trisha

    Superb! Really gonna miss reading this fan fiction… Hope you come out with another one really soon. Happy 99th Episode! All the best!

  18. puchi

    i am a silent reader i didnt missed any of your episode i really loved your ff very much di and i will miss you so much didi

  19. darshmi

    this episode end? really miss abi,pragya,kush,dadi,peegu,ankit and so all. i reallllly miss love of life. but don’t remember ur ff love of life…. i favourite ff of love life really miss it so muchhhhh…….

  20. devi

    Wow superb episode as usual u r rocking tisha.if u r going to write ff with abhigya plz make them special for every episode .thanks for all.

  21. sritz

    it was awesome sri…i had read it 3 or 4 times it was fantastic..i cant say in words some scenes like kush dedicating the song to his lil sis and abhigya care and abhi’word all r superb


  22. krish

    its really really reallyyyy supreb dii awesome fantastic dii no words to say i’m gonna miss ur ff LOVE OF LIFE badly

  23. vaishali

    awesome awesome awesome dii it was outstanding omg it was too too too good omg i dont have any words dii now i read at night and i kept on thinking abt todays episode it was really really superb update big as much as for the epilogue dii and congratulations for completing 100 episode and ff u rocked it right frm the beginning to the end love u loadzz and seriously gonna miss u and ur ff

  24. guys this first ff who complete 100 episode and the name of writer is TISHA AKA SRIMATHI
    congratulation dear
    and today u are going to start your another new ff
    congratulation & I wish ur second ff wil success like first ff.

    ★ *BEST OF LUCK*★

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