Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 98


Thank u for ur support!!Keep supporting!!Once again Happy Tamil New year(Chithirai) n Happy Vishu to all may ur life filled with Bhagya of love,care, good health and wealth,happiness n laughter..God bless (

Kush happily walked to the room.They both r adoring him how this kid possessed this much of confidence.Kush asks,Papa..lets sleep na?Abhi asks,Have u practiced well?Kush says,Ofcourse!!Nothing to worry.Pragya says,May I come tmrw for finals.Both Abhi n Kush stared.Kush says,Mumma..just now u said na u hav more pain then y u r behaving like this if u came I wont go.Pragya says,Arey..Dramebazz k Im not coming u go n enjoy with ur Papa.Abhi smiles.The trio lies on bed n falls asleep.

The time crossed 12AM.Today evening,Kush gonna perform in Indias biggest shows finale.The trio was sleeping peacefully,But anyhow..Abhi n Pragya even in sleep they r thinking abt this finale n lil bit nervous too but the kid seems to be very cool..Abhi once said he wanna declare his son as coolest person in the world next to Captain Cool..Even Captain cool can lose his cool on playing critical finals but his son never lost his cool.Even though in this tension Abhi n Pragya r managed to sleep.It was around 4AM.Pragya in a low voice calls Abhi,Suniye..Suniye..Abhi slowly opens his eyes.He could find his fuggi who sitting on couch by holding her bump.Abhi jerked by seeing this n rushes to her.His voice was aloud while asking,What happened?Fuggi..Is that paining?Pragya asks him to talk silently as his son is sleeping but Abhi couldnt help his voice came aloud n loud by shouting,Fuggi..Kush got up from nap n goes to Pragya n asks,Mumma wht happened?Mumma..Y u r feeling sweat he almost ought to cry..Abhi doesnt know wht to do by seeing his fuggi in pain she couldnt utter a word.Abhi immediately calls Peehu n explains the situation.Peehu says,Bhai..Just get her to hospital I think today delivery ll happen.Abhi panics more many weird scenes r screening before his eyes.Kush runs out n shouts,Chachu..Dadi..Granny..All comes out of the room.Abhi shouts Aakash to get the car ready.

Abhi lifted his fuggi in his arms n gets into the car n moved towards the hospital.Kush Dadi Mikha Rachu was folloing them in another car.Kush asks,Dadi..wht happened to Mumma..y she looks pale n tired she told she had pain too..She ll b fine na..Papa too cried..Mumma ll b fine na he was crying.Rachu pats him.Abhi says,Nothing ll happen to u fuggi..Im thr na.Pragya smiles in that pain n wipes his tears.As soon,They reached the hospital.Pragya was taken to the labour room.Abhi couldnt see that his fuggi is bearing so much pain..he think that y woman should bear this pain.Peehu comes n says,Nothing to wry bhai..Dont wry be relax..Kush hugs Abhi n asks,Papa..y u r crying wht happened to Mumma..y Peehu took her inside.Abhi took him in his arms n says,Mumma had gone to bring the baby..she ll b back soon..Kush asks,Then y r u crying Papa..Abhi wipes his tears n says,No Im not crying smiles at Kush.Abhi thinks,If my fuggis god is thr pls bring my Fuggi n my baby safe to me.Meanwhile,Alia Purab Bulbul n sarla too came thr.Abhi was tensed to the death he was waiting for Peehu to come out.After 25 mins,Peehu came out.Abhi n all rushed towards her.Abhis eyes trying to see over the room n asks,Peehu wht happened?In a peak of tension.Peehu remains silent.Kush asks,Peehu wht happened?Whr is Mumma n Baby?Peehu gulped the words n says,Bhai..woh!!Abhi says,What damn it!

All become tensed.Peehu says,Bhai..Pragya Babhi..Babhi..lost it.Abhi asks,Matlab?He couldnt understand anything..he couldnt imagine anything without a clear words from Peehu.Peehu says,Matlab..Pragya babhi lost n u won.Abhi looks confused.Dadi shouts,Peehu dont play with this wht happened?Peehu couldnt control her laughter n happiness n says,Bhai..u won..U won..It means its a lil princess..All gets happy n smiled n congratulated Abhi.Abhi took a deep breath n says,Peehu u just swallowed my life..thum kabhi nahi badlengi…Peehu laughs.Abhi asks,Fuggi?Peehu says,She is absolutely fine still in unconscious.Kush doesnt understand anything.Kush asks,Papa..before few minutes u u r smiling..whr is my Mumma?Abhi says,Arey..Ur Mumma is inside with a lil sister.Kush exclaims,Sister?My gotta sister..Abhi kisses him n says,Lets go in.All rushed in.Peehu says,No no only 2 can go in first n winks at Abhi.Abhi says,Thats my sissy n goes in.Dadi says,This is too much u only doing favors for ur bhai.Peehu says,coz he bribed me by love n smiles.

Abhi by holding Kushs hand entered into the room first his eyes falls on his fuggi.Peehu comes thr n shows a white bundle of happiness love joy is lying besides Pragya.Abhi gets happy n goes near his daughter n fuggi.Abhi kisses his Fuggis forehead.Pragya slightly opened her eyes.Peehu smiles n says,enjoy bhai n left the room.Pragya tooks the baby in her arms towards her chest.Abhi was looking speechless.There was a silence in room happy tears in their eyes.Suddenly the silence broked,Asusual their naughty son n big brother broked the silence by saying, is so lil hey na.Pragya gives the baby to Abhi.Abhi was hesitated to hold n says,No fuggi..I never did this..Im scared of dropping her no keep her urself.Pragya says,Nothing ll happen..u ll never let us down..ur hands r safest for her comparing anything.Abhi hesitantly took his daughter in his arms..It was the first time..he feels some divinity in his arms he feels that he achieved all the goodness in the world he slowly kissed his daughters forehead whr she moved a bit n she could give a million dollar smile.Abhi says,hey..fuggi..see she is smiling at me.Kush says,really..He climbs up the bed n stood on that n sees his sister n kisses her she again smiled.Kush says,Mumma..she is smiling at me too.Pragya smiles n calls him near her.

Kush goes near her n sits on bed.Pragya wrapped her arms around n kisses him in his cheek.Abhi smiles.Suddenly all the family members entered in.All gets happy by seeing the baby.Dadi asks baby to give it to her.Abhi gives the baby to her.Dadi gets a golden spoon with a bit of honey n keeps it on babys mouth.Peehu comes thr n takes the baby n gives it to Pragya n says,Dadi here u should not give such stuffs to baby..if some other did this I never talk to them patiently.Dadi asks,Y?Peehu says,coz it may cause infection dadi.Dadi says,Arey..Buddhu..U wont know this n all u may doctor but its good for baby..See how my princess is enjoying the drop of honey.Peehu says,But dadi..Dadi says,Chup!!Kush says,Papa Mumma Granny see my sissy holds my finger see..see..she is not leaving my finger..Pragya smiles.Sarla hugs Pragya.Bulbul says,She resembles my di..Purab says, bro.Sarla twisted boths ears n says,Stop ur fight..Just now she born..none of the resemblance is thr.Purab n Bulbul rubbed their ears n all laughs.Dadi says,tk..chalo chalo lets wait outside let them hav some time.Kush says,haa..go go I ll always with my sister..she wont leave my hand n kisses her.Abhi laughs at him.

Abhi sat another side of Pragya n wraps his arms around her shoulder n asks,Fuggi how ll our daughter ll b she ll interest on music or she would love to read mote mote books.Kush laughs n says,I ll teach her music.Pragya smiles.Kush asks,Mumm..y can’t u say anything rather than smiling..see my sis too bored of u so she slept..but she didn’t leave my hand..see I ll hold her till the end of my life..Abhi says,Oh..really.Pragya says,He is ur son na..She said in a mild smiling tone.Abhi smiles.Pragya says,K..u both go n get ready for the show go to home practice well..Kush u hav to perform well..Kush says,Sure..I ll gift my first victory to my sis.Abhi smiles n says,But I wanna spend some more time.Kush says,Even I too.Peehu says,Bhai cumon Babhi needs rest u both leave fr now come here b4 going for the show.Pragya says,Haa..we ll watch the show live today..Abhi n Kush pouted.Pragya says,Cumon my boys Chalo..Chalo..all r here na to take care of me n our princess.Abhi says,Uffo!!I forgot to note her sign.Peehu says,I noted all..she born on 4:47AM just now Dadi said her sign is Aries..Kush says,’s mine too.

Credit to: Tisha

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