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Abhi was in home thinking about Kush that how is gonna perform he reminds his words.A FB shown just before Kush leaves for the competition.Abhi says,All the best beta do well.Kush says,Thank u Papa.Abhi says,Dont get disappoint if the result is negative.Kush asks, u think Im not capable of clearing the first round.Abhi says,Hey its not like that.Kush says,just joking Papa n laughs.Abhi smiles n says,Perform well.Kush says,Sure I ll after all Im ur student na.Abhi kisses his forehead.Kush too kisses him n left.FB ends.In studio,All kids are waiting thr to give their first performance.Kush was looking at Pragya.Pragya gives him thumbs up n says,to be cool n confident.Kush nods.As participants r singing,Pragya and all was praying.The host announced the next participant is Kush Mehra.Kush comes to the stage.The host says,He is the son of our favorite Rockstar Abhi.All claps Pragya sighs best of luck!!
Kush started to sing,

Ankhon mein teri ajab si ajab si adaayen hain(There’s something special in your eyes) Ankhon mein teri ajab si ajab si adaayen hain(There’s something special in your eyes) Dil ko banade jo patang saansein yeh teri woh hawaein hain(Your breath is the wind that makes my heart soar like a kite) Aayi aisi raat hai jo bahut khushnaseeb hai(This night is very lucky) Chahe jise door se duniya,woh mere kareeb hai(The one whom the whole world desires is close to me) Kitna kuch kehna hai phir bhi hai dil mein sawaal kahin(I have so much to say and yet I question) Sapnon mein jo roz kaha hai woh phir se kahoon ya nahin(Should I voice what I’ve so often repeated in my heart?) Ankhon mein teri ajab si ajab si adaayen hain(There’s something special in your eyes) Ankhon mein teri ajab si ajab si adaayen hain(There’s something special in your eyes) Dil ko banade jo patang saansein yeh teri woh hawaein hain(Your breath is the wind that makes my heart soar like a kite) Pragya smiles n thinks,Sure..this is his(Abhi)selection.Judges applauded his performance.A judge asked,Why u wanna participate in this competition being a musician’s son.Kush says,Thank u for ur comments..Sir I wanna achieve by my own regarding my music he(Abhi)is my guru and my inspiration beyond that he is a supportive father.Pragya claps.Bulbul says,Di..he is so matured na..Dadi says,Haa..all were happy.As the day ends Kush cleared that round too with high score and decent comments from judges and they pointed some mistakes too.After finishing all reached MM.Abhi was waiting restless.As all entered the home all were praising Kush.Abhi looking for Kush and Pragya.They both entered by talking with each other by holding hands in hands.Abhi rushed towards them n asks,Kush everything is ok.Kush gives hifi n says,Perfect Papa..U could see the show on Friday..It ll b aired on Friday na.Abhi nods.Pragya smiles.All had their dinner.In room,Kush was playing with Aarav.Abhi comes thr he too joined with them in playing.Pragya says,Suniye..Abhi says,Hmm..Pragya asks,U selected that song na.Abhi nods with a smile.Pragya smiles n says,U selected a best song which suit his voice.Abhi says,Haa..within a year his vocal ll break na so after that he can sing any type of songs till that we have chose this type of song.Pragya says,Best Papa..Abhi says,Thank u meri jaan.Pragya says,Feeling jealous.Abhi says,Oh..ho..n pulls her cheeks.

4 months passed,Pragya was on 8.5 months of pregnancy with a flaunting baby bump Abhi’s full time duty is to take care of her n giving practice to Kush.Now Kush is on top 5 today is his selection to top 3.The day Kush’s birthday too.All were getting ready to the show except Abhi.Abhi shouts,Pragya pls hear my words.Pragya says,No not at all..n wandering here n thr and making Kush ready n she is getting ready among with him.Kush says,Mumma come soon..I ll wait down fa u.Abhi says,No one is here to obey my words.Pragya says,Pls..Stop ur bak baks.Abhi asks,Sure u wanna go?Pragya says, is most important day for Kush na so I hav to go..Suddenly she says,Ouuchhh!!!she holds her tummy n sits in sofa.Abhi rushes towards her n asks,For this I said not to go..Wht happened r u K.Pragya smiles n holds his hand n placed in her tummy n says,Baby is kicking Mumma..So cute na..Abhi smiles.Pragya says,K..bye..Come down..Abhi says,Pls don’t go fuggi..If baby kicks u again how u ll manage.Pragya smiles n says,I ll forget the pain when my son’s cute happy face moreover today is his bday..His selection to top3 if I didn’t go thr then he ll b disappointed na so pls..Nothing ll happen to me..Purab Bulbul thr with me na..Then Wht.Abhi somehow convinced n agrees.They both came down.Aakash was decorating the house to Kush’s birthday they gonna celebrate after he came back from show.Abhi asks,Aakash..Wait I ll join with u in decoration after all my son’s birthday party na.All smiles.Abhi says,Papa wish me the luck.Abhi says, champ..luck is always with the person who working hard..I know u r working hard so luck ll always be with u.Kush says,Thank u Papa..Abhi says,Once again Happy birthday my sweet heart u r our life.Pragya says,Ofcourse..without u v r nothing u brought meaning to our lives v always love u.Kush hugs both n says,Thank u Papa..Thank u Mumma..and Mumma within some days I ll become big brother hey na n laughs.

Pragya along with Kush..Purab..Bulbul left to the show.All were staying in home n making arrangements.They reached the studio.Pragya says,Don’t worry Kush..Whatever happened is for good..Don’t worry for anything whatever the result may b ok.Kush says,Sure Mumma..Pragya kisses him n says,Go ahead all the best.Purab n Bulbul to wishes him.Kush says,Thank u n left to the contestants place.All finished their performance and waiting for results.Kush was lil bit tensed.The 5 kids were standing together on stage waiting for the result that who r all the top 3 finalists.Judges announced that only 2 ll b the direct finalists one ll b come from wildcard 3 kids ll b eliminated..we took this decision not coz those 3 kids gave poor performance it just means the other two is lil.better than that 3 otherwise u all 5 are having extraordinary talents.Pragya was praying God that he should get select.The Jude’s announced that,Now we gonna announce names..And announced two which Kush is not selected for the top 2.Pragya was extremely sad.Bulbul was almost abt to cry.Kush was standing thr on stage with a forced smile n the host is congratulating the 2 finalists and cheering other 3.Judges says,U three can participate in wildcard n U can comeback nothing to worry and hugs the kids.Pragya doesn’t know y Kush is not reacting.Purab excuses and calls Abhi n narrates the incident.Abhi gets sad n says everything to the persons in home.Dadi says,Koi baath nahi beta..he ll b upset but v hav to cheer him when he came back.home we should welcome him grand and have to celebrate his birthday well from that he could come out of sadness.Abhi nods but his heart is pumping fast by thinking about his son n wife’s condition now.After the show,In car,Pragya hugs Kush n says,Beta don’t wry..Wildcard is thr na v ll perform well in that.Kush nods.Bulbul was doing something to cheer him.Pragya too tries to cheer him says,Kush u didn’t talk with baby na..come let’s talk with baby..Kush doesn’t respond.

Credit to: Tisha

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    But disappointed at kush results?
    There is no precap??
    Eagerly waiting to read next part

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  18. Ohhhh soooooooooooo sad…. Today’s episode s awesome yaar

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  20. Ya very sad for kush and family. But this is a chance to realize not to get over confidence like his father in real know bitter of fail then he knows the value of success very strong. One should have the courage to accept the fail and success in a same.

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  25. Super tisha episode was awesome as usual u shown reality that what if he is a rock star son. He too can have some imperfections superb yr

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