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Kush says,Papa..I need u as my Godfather.Abhi laughs n asks,Only in Music??Kush laughs n says,So u too watched that movie.Abhi says,Comeon..U said na Im ur Godfather n smiles.Kush says,Papa..its enough of useless talks teach me whatever u want.Abhi and Kush was having enjoying their music for a while.Pragya was waiting for them she knows that when they both get into the music room they ll forget the rest of the world.The whole day passed in waiting for her now its dinner time so she wanna disturb their music.She slowly entered into their music room n says,I think..its dinner time.Abhi says,Oh..Oops v forgot the time.Pragya smiles n says,Its k come lets have dinner.Abhi says,It ll take some time rehearsing final notes..U go n hav ur dinner v ll join u later.Kush says,Haa..Mumma..Pragya made a irked pout n left the room.She reached the dinning table,Dadi asks,Whr r ur dramebazzes.Pragya says,They r busy in their music dadi.Mikha says,Ohh..Kush gonna participate in the show na.Pragya asks,So u all know that.Aakash says,Bhabi..i think half Mumbai ll know abt this laughs.Pragya smiles n says,U r ryt.

After the dinner,Pragya was in room reading a book n waiting for them.They didnt came she feels sleepy.She was almost irked by their behavior.She setted the pillow n blanket n abt to sleep.Their rooms door opened..They both came in smiling n talking with each other.Pragya asks,Whether they had dinner.Abhi says,Yes..did u had ur tablets?Pragya nods n says,Good night.Abhi asks,good nightso soon u gonna sleep.Pragya says,Yes..I feel sleepy.Kush says,But Mumma..just now we came na.Pragya asks,Whts ur problem?Abhi says,Kush I think someone missed us too much thats y she is fuming on us.Pragya says,Im not anger on anyone Im feeling sleepy lemme sleep.Pragya lies on bed n falls asleep.Kush n Abhi too hav no other option as they too lies besides n falls asleep.Pragya wakes in between the sleep n carres his sons face who is sleeping peacefully in his Papas arms.She carred his cheeks n smiles at him n places his hand over him n closes her eyes.Suddenly a hand held her hand tightly.Pragya knows it was her hubby.

Pragya opened her eyes n looks at him.Abhi smiles at her by holding her hands.Pragya smiles n raised her eyebrows(Sighing what).Abhi just blinks n sighs nothing with a cute smile.Pragya hold his hand n closed her eyes n thinks,Is he still awake or just opened his eyes n thinks to see whether he falls asleep or not.She just opened her eyes n could see he is still staring at her with a cute smile.Pragya closed her eyes with a smile n thinks,Why he is staring at me n opens her eyes n sees him.Abhi smiles n asks,Hey fuggi..wht u r playing wit me uh?I think u didnt get sleep in a husky voice.Pragya says,No..I feel sleepy.Abhi says,Then sleep..y u r opening ur eyes often.Pragya smirked n closes her eyes.Abhi says,Im still watching u no need of opening ur eyes often.Pragya smiles.Abhi says,I know u r not getting into sleep.Pragya says,Shhh!!I really feeling sleepy so pls.Abhi says,Then ok good night.Pragya smiles n turns aside n falls asleep.

Next day,It was around noon,Just then Pragya finished her dinner n came back to room.Abhi silently enters the room n hugs her from back which made her to jerk.Pragya shouts.Abhi closed her mouth.Pragya pushes his hand n asks,Wht u r dng here?when u return from work?U scared me.Abhi says,Ufff!!how many questions yaar!!I just came to give surprise to my love.Pragya smiles at him n asks,But.Abhi says,I know wht u r gonna say..I know u missing me a lot na.Pragya says,Who told..I was being with u everyday then how I ll miss u.Abhi says,come on fuggi..I know u always control ur feelings for others but dont do it infront of me Im ur soulmate even u cant lie me.Pragya says,Arey..Im not lying Im serious I didnt miss u.Abhi makes a sad face n says,I thought u ll miss me as I do.Pragya controlled her laughter n says,Suniye..i couldnt get u whts sort of missing u r talking about.Abhi pouted like a kid n says,So u not at all missed me.Pragya says,No..not at all.Abhi says,Then Im going..Pragya blurt out the laughter n says,So sad..My poor rockstar..Abhi smiles n says,So now u took the incharge pranking others.Pragya nods no n says,I ll play prank only on u.Abhi smiles n wraps his arms around her.

Abhi asks,So u r missing me ryt?Pragya nods.Abhi says,I knew it especially during pregnancy period hey na.Pragya says,Excuse me!!Abhi says,I mean I read in some books during the time of pregnancy wife ll demand more things from hubby na n sometimes hubby too n he made a naughty smile.Pragya pushed his hand n asks,Btw..when u start to read books?Abhi says,Yehh..woh..he gulped the words.Pragya says,I know u had read this from some stupid sites..and for ur kind info not all the woman r like tht wht u said..Many of the women r hrer who r single parents who brought up their kid alone n u know very well I too did the same..she said it very serious.Abhi says,Arey..fuggi stop ur women empowerment speech Im just talking abt us y u r so serious relax.Pragya says,I know these men r so mean n especially u.Abhi asks,Me?Me..Im mean how can u say like this..Pragya says,yes..u r.Abhi says,U r so mean..who only cares for ur son.Pragya asks,Come again?Abhi leaned towards her n says,I love to come to u again n again.Pragya laughed n says,U r a master piece of god..Abhi says,thank u so much..pls get me coffee.Pragya smiles n says,sure n left.Days passed Kush was practicing well for his show.

The day came,His first day in the show after clearing his auditions he gonna step in first round.The audition alone took around a month.Abhi says,Fuggi be careful..take Bulbul n Purab along with u dont get panic or tensed while seeing him be relax he ll perform well.Bulbul laughs n says,Jiju..di is not gonna perform Kush is gonna perform but u r giving instructions to di.Pragya laughs n says,Haa..I ll manage..Abhi says,See..Our baby is inside..Im not at all ready to send u with Kush but no other go so only Im giving u the permission k.Pragya asks,If I dont wanna go with him then u can go with him na.Kush says,Mumma..Papa ll come there on the day when Im getting first place..till that Papa wont come I wont allow Papa to come there.Pragya says,So much of confidence.Abhi says,Yes..coz he is our son na..btw dont change the topic..Drink lots of water..u r having baby bump so hav to be carefull.Pragya says,Its just 5 hours I ll b back dont create scene.Abhi says,Like this u said on that day but came to me after 6 I dont wanna take any risk this time.Pragya remains silent n gets emotional.Kush says,Lets go Mumma..Maasi..Chachu dadi nani granny come lets go.Abhi says,Purab takecare of her.Purab says,Dont wry Abhi just 5 hours na I ll take care n he left.

Precap: 4 Months passed..Kush was on the TOP 5 contestants..Waiting for the results of direct Finalists.

Credit to: Tisha

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