Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 93


Thank u guys for ur support n sry for delay..Im so fedup of current track thats y not having the mood on penning the script..Anyways..Lets get into the story!!
It was an evening the whole MM is busy as well happy too coz it was that day..Dadis most awaited day..Abhis 2 lil angels gonna get hitched in few minutes.Pragya who is like a mom for them is accompanying his hubby in receiving the guests..Kush was busy with his 2 girlfrnds i.e.,his buas..And the brides r just arrived to the mandap with Bulbul.Soon all ppls attention moved towards the mandap.Dadi calls Abhi n Pragya to do Kanyadhaan.Abhi was lil bit tensed to do such a soulful ritual n emotional too coz his 2 soul sisters gonna leave homw within few hours..his emotions r swinging between happy n sad..but as his fuggi is with him he can manage any situation so he confidently n happily holded his fuggis hand moved towards the mandap to do kanyadhaan..As he did that..Pandit ji continued with his Mantras n all rituals..finally Abhis sisters get married..After a while,The moment came,His lil sisters gonna leave the Mehra Mansion..Abhi was lil bit emotional but he controlled his tears as he is a Rockstar crying wont suit him..but junior rockstar blurt out his tears as his favs r leaving home today..

he completely sobbed into his Mummas thigh..It seems to b Pragyas pallu gets wet by his tears.As in sucha moment Dadi was the most happiest person in the world..So the moment passed,Pragya gives an emotional hug followed by Abhi who controlling his tears n continued to taunt his sisters..finally they left the home.They all know they ll b in touch n Pragya knows that they ll come tmrw n everyday too.

So,3 months passed,Pragya was now 4 months with slightly flaunting baby bump.Abhi who was always with her to trouble her most of the times in the name of caring his fuggi..but the point is she is enjoying every trouble..i.e.,care from his kiddy hubby.And there was another person too who troubling her in the name of taking care its their symbol of love but most of times he is clone of her kiddy hubby.She is lying in bed and thinking about their day in sonography lab.When doctor shows our small baby in monitor both father n son was extremely happy..Almost they troubled the the doctor his lil sister so no problem.It takes more than an hour to come out of the sonography lab..The trio heard the babies mild heart beat..from that day her sons last work before sleeping is placing his ears over her tummy n he ll start to speak with that baby..sometimes father n son ll have silly fights to speak with lil baby.Her hubby gone one step forward he is demanding his sister to take sonography everyday to see his baby but fortunately she refused which gives relief to Pragya by thinking all this Pragya was smiling herself.

Suddenly she heard a sound some one is stroming into the room.She came out of chain of thoughts n wakes up from bed.It was her cute..adorable..son.Kush shouts, r u?R u k?How was the baby?he keeps his hand over tummy n asks, baby r u ok?Pragya smiles n runs her fingers over his hair n says,Go n fresh up today v gonna meet baby in monitor na.Kush says,Haa..Mumaa..Papa is not thr na so I hav to take care of u n left to closest.Suddenly,Pragyas phone ranged.She knows that it was him..coz he ll always conscious of Kushs skl timing..perfectly the call ll come within 5 mins as Kush arrived.Pragya attened the call.Abhi says,Hey..did Kush came..his voice came before saying a hi.Pragya says,Ya..just was ur meeting?Abhi says,Boring fuggi..its all coz of u..u only forced me to come here Im missing u 3 badly.Pragya smiles n asks,tmrw..u ll b here na then wht.Abhi says,Oh..not tmrw..I ll b thr at tonight..I think Delhi is not that much far away.Pragya says,I know that.Abhi says,So u ppl r gonna meet baby today without Papa..its not fair.Pragya couldnt know wht to say rather than smile.

Kush came out of the room n asks,Mumma is that Papa.Pragya gives him the phone.Abhi says,Hey..rockstar..Kush says,Papa..I miss u come soon..I missing u badly..Abhi says,Even me too..but Papa ll b thr tonght then lets hav fun.Kush asks,Really..Abhi says,Haa..So wassup?Kush says,We gonna meet baby.Abhi says,Oh..Papa is missing baby.Kush says,Dont wry Papa..Peehu ll give us CD na so v could see baby everyday.Abhi says,Yeah..u r ryt..Kush says,Then Papa..Talk to me more.Pragya says,Arey..Kush Papa ll come today na u could speak to him tmrw..let him concentrate on work.Kush says,Papa..Mumma asking me to end the call.Abhi says,She is jealous beta..Kush says,Haa..u r ryt..btw Papa v r getting u soon Papa.Abhi says, u u.Call ended.Kush and Pragya reached hospital.Peehu welcomed them they had talk then a sonography Kush was very much happy.Kush asks,Peehu..give me the CD I have to show it to Papa na.Peehu says, is ur CD n hands over the CD.Kush says,Thank u..they both headed towards to home.Pragya says,Kush lets hav an gulfi na.Kush says, Papa had strictly told me no road side gulfi.Pragya asks,Pls mere liye.

Kush tooks her phone n calls Abhi.Abhi picks the call n says,Tell me fuggi..heading towards meeting.Kush says,Im not fuggi..Im ur son(In a stern voice)Abhi says,Ufoo sry champ!!tell me finished ur meeting with baby.Kush says,haa..Papa but Mumma is asking for gulfi scolde her n gives the phone to Pragya.Pragya says,Suniye..I need Gulfi now.Abhi says,Oye..fuggi..not from road side shop..its not hygienic..better u go home lets hav tmrw..Pragya says,No..I need now.Abhi says,No way..obey my sons words dont trouble him k..So Im running late be a gud girl love u n ends the call.Pragya pouted at Kush.Kush smiles n says,No..Gulfi..After a while,They reached home had their dinner..Pragya was helping In Kushs homework.Kush asks,Mumma did u hav ur tablets.Pragya says,haa..bachhu..Kush asks,Mumma(In buttering tone)Pragya says,Come to the point.Kush says,U r smart and sweet Mumma.Pragya asks,Oh..whts the matter.Kush takes a form from his bag n gives it to Pragya.Pragya reads that,Indian Idol junior audition form..n looks at Kush.Kush too looks at her.Pragya asks,How did u get this.Kush says,They issued in skl..pls sign in the form Mumma I really wanna participate.Pragya looks on n thinks about how Abhi ll react to this.Kush says,Pls Mumma Papa wont accept but pls Mumma he almost begging.Pragya cant see him like that n says,Lets ask papa if he refused sure I ll sign in this.Kush smiles.

It was around 2AM.Abhi reached his room.He sees Mum n Son sleeping peacefully his sons hand protectively placed over his Mummas tummy.Abhi gave a wide smile.He just changed his cloths n lies beside them by placing a forehead kiss on his son n fuggi n for his baby too.Pragya jerked but she didnt break her sleep.He wrapped them in his arms n falls asleep.Next morning,Fine Saturday.Abhi was sipping his fav coffee.Kush just came from his cricket practice n freshed up n sits on couch by looking his Papa n signs his Mumma to start the topic.Abhi asks,Whts the matter?Pragya looks on.Abhi asks,Kush wht u r insisting ur Mumma.Kush says,woh..Papa n looks on Pragya.Pragya took the form n gives it to Abhi.Abhi looks on Pragya n got that form n reads,Indian Idol Junior n asks,y u giving this form to me.Pragya says,Sign it..Kush wanna participate.Abhi smiles n kept the form aside n says,No need of this n started to surf on mobile it seems he doesnt take this serious.

Pragya says,Suniye..Abhi says,Leave it fuggi..he is kid..he doesnt know anything..whts the need of this.Kushs eyes filled with tears he looks Pragya with much of anticipation.Abhi calls Kush n places him in his lap n says,Kush..thr is no need of that..u wanna explore Im here so need of this auditions competition n all tears rolled down from Kush’s eyes.Abhi wiped his tears n says,Forget it k lets go out today n left the room.Kush runs towards Pragya n sobbed into her chest.Pragya tries to console him n thinks to talk with Abhi she knows these two r stubborn on their decision..she jammed between these two..just thinking how to console and whom to console.

Precap: Abhi goes on hunger strike.

Credit to: Tisha

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  1. nice one, suniye tisha please keep continue after 100th episode please

  2. awesome awesome awesome …tisha di love u alot ….after i saw ur update i just shouted and people next to asked what happen ….

  3. Hello Tisha!
    Its been a looong time I left a comment ??. As always ur rocking muaahhh ??.
    I want the 100 episode to be classy. Finish it in a rock star way.
    One request please continue ur ff after completing 100 episodes.
    Please give it a thought to share your fiction with good TV series.It will definitely reach you to great heights.?
    Don’t good upset with current track of tanu. Initially it was disturbing me a lot but ur FF were giving me hope. I mean it.
    Ooppss its my comments to long this time. Thanks for reading ?
    Will also support you

  4. i agree with kaif..sri u mst keep going ….today epi so nice.sweet…

  5. Hello Tisha!
    Its been a looong time I left a comment ??. As always ur rocking muaahhh ??.
    I want the 100 episode to be classy. Finish it in a rock star way.
    One request please continue ur ff after completing 100 episodes.
    Please give it a thought to share your fiction with good TV series.It will definitely reach you to great heights.?
    Don’t good upset with current track of tanu. Initially it was disturbing me a lot but ur FF were giving me hope. I mean it.
    Ooppss my comments to long this time. Thanks for reading ?
    Will also support you

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