Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 91

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Pragya asks,So..u both messed up the room no u both set the room to normal.Abhi n Kush blinks at eachother.Suddenly,heard some sound it seems to b whole family members had arrived.Kush shouts,Woaa!!Peehu,Aalu,Aarav aagaya..bye Mumma..Papa u just set the room bye n left the room.Pragya laughs at Abhi.Abhi says,y he resembles me in every activities..if he resembles u then he ll set up the roon na(he complained like a child)Pragya smiles n says,U always use to say na my he is same as like u.Abhi pouts.Pragya says,Leave it..I ll set the room btw I wanna talk something important.Abhi asks,Wht?Do u feel any pain in ur tummy?He places his hand over her tummy n asks,R u okie baby?Pragya pushes his hand n says,Its not abt baby..Abhi asks,Then oh!!Again Kushs principal called us yeh..Kush hey na..Pragya says,Uff!!stop it..first listen this is not abt Kush.Abhi cuts off n says,Then the matter is abt us hey u want something..romantic date n winks at her.Pragya smirked n says,Chup!!Abhi jerks n asks,Then whts the matter..if its about that girl..Tia.Pragya says,k..let u finish all ur bak baks n tell me I ll say u the matter n abt to leave.

Abhi holds her wrists n makes her to sit n says,Ok..lemme zip my mouth now tell me wats the matter.Pragya says,Thats gud..woh..Alia n Peehu said k for marriage.Abhi gets happy n excited n jumps over n asks,Really?Pragya smiles n says,Haa..really..Abhi says,wow..superb news yaar..Pragya smiles.Abhi asks,btw fuggi..wen all this happened..wen u talked with them?Pragya folds the blanket n says,When u r pinned with that girl na at the time.Abhi goes behind her n hugs her from back n places his one hands over her tummy n asks,Do u upset on me.Pragya says,Yes..I was but not now.Abhi smiles n says,Im sry.Pragya places her hands over his hands n says,Its k..Rockstar..koi baath nahi.Abhi asks,How u r so gud.Pragya says,Bcoz the person who with me is too gud so..Abhi kisses her on cheek.Abhi was abt to take his hands at the time his wrist bands strucked with her chudis stone work.Abhi says, asking me not to take the hand away.Pragya smiles n says,Even..I too want the same.Abhi smiles.(Moh moh ke dhagge plays)After a while,Pragya says,Suniye..Abhi says,Hmm..Pragya says,v hav to find a good boy for Alia na.Abhi says,Dont wry I already got a boy.Pragya asks,Really?Abhi says,No..not really hahaha.Pragya says,Arey..tell me.Abhi says,Really fuggi..One of my frnd he ll b perfect match for her.

Pragya looks at him n asks,Ur frnd(with a taunting tone)Abhi says, frnd..Actually Purabs frnd too.Pragya says,Purabs frnd then k.Abhi asks,Eyy!!Fuggi..kya..hmm..then u wont accept if he is my frnd.Pragya says, like that.Abhi says,Then like wht?Pragya says,Kuch nahi..Im going down n u too come with me lets discuss.Abhi nods.They both gets down,Mikha n Kush were conversing over phone to someone.Mikha in phone says,Wait..Pragya came I ll give phone to her.Pragya asks,Who is on phone?Mikha gives her phone n says,Just talk na beta.Abhi sits near Mikha n rests his head towards Mikhas shoulder n asks,Maa..Who is on phone?Mikha smiles n says,Ur enemy.Kush jumps over Abhi n sits on his lap n says,haa..papa ur enemy.Abhi shouts,Ouuch!!Kush I think u r gaining weight..btw who is my enemy.Mikha says,Enemy nahi..Ankit n Pooja on phone.Abhi says,Ohh..Kush says,Rohit uncle too.Abhi says,Then he is my enemy only.Pragya had finished the phone call n says,Maa..Ankit bhaiya called to verify did v received the share amount.Mikha says,We received na beta.Pragya says,haa..Abhi asks,Wht..that idiot told?Pragya asks,Excuse me!!U r saying my bro as idiot?Abhi asks,Who nahi..kisi aur.

Kush says,Then u r saying my Pooja di n stared at him.Abhi says,Arey..nahi..nahi..Maa tez two r always taunting me never missing a chance to scold me Atleast Kush ll scold me but ur daughter is beating me.Pragya asks,Maa..he is lying when I beated u.Kush laughs n says,haa..granny Mumma ll beat Papa n gives hifi.Pragya gets irked n says,Suiniye..for wht u came down..just start the topic.All family members gathered thr.Abhi announces abt Peehu n Alias wedding.Dadi asked hav to find a boy for Alia na.Abhi says,Boy is all ready he is just waiting for girls words n smiles.Peehu asks,Who is it?Alia looks clueless.Abhi says,It ll b suspense.Peehu asks,Will v know him?Abhi says,I dont know abt u but Alia knows him.Peehu says, mean u r?Who is the boy u didnt even told me.Alia says,Hey..wait..wait..Bhai..who is he..Abhi says,Suspense is suspense.Alia says,K..lets c n left to room.Peehu follows her n asks,Alia who is he?Y u didnt tell me.Alia says,Arey..chup kar..Meri maa..even I too dont know that.Peehu says,Whatever..Im so excited.Alia says,wait I ll tell Ishaan.Peehu says,Cumon Alia dont be childish.Alia was lost in thinking who ll b the person..she thinking deeply.

Next day eveng,All family members gathered.Pragya asks Abhi,Who is the man.Abhi says,Just wait for sometime.Dadi says,Abhi u r doing too much.All were seeing the enterance.Kush asks,Mumma..come lets sit n holds her hand n makes her to sit in sofa.Mikha smiles n says,Oye..Kush u only care for ur Mumma.Kush says,haa..y u r feeling jealous.All laughs.Peehu says,Alia..Im so excited to see who is my jiju.Alia stares.Suddenly,All eyes seen the enterance.Peehu says,I think..they came.Alia looks on.Ishaan family arrived.Peehu says,Bushhh!!Tez ppl had came..but wht abt them.Alia says,Peehu u r doing too much yaar..Go n receive ur sasural walo.Peehu smirks.All welcomed Ishaans family.Peehu smiles.All having talks.Abhi says,k..we ll decide the wedding date after sometime..coz family of a boy who v seen for Alia is also coming..v thought to do both wedding on same day.All smiles.Ishaan father says,No problem v ll wait.Kush goes to Ishaan n says,Hey..Isho..n gives hifi.Ishaan says,Hey champ n makes him sit in his lap.Pragya asks Abhi,When they ll come n stared at Abhi.Abhi says,Wait..n called Purab.

After a while,Purab Bulbul Roshni Sarla came.Abhi asked Purab did they came.Purab says,Haa..bhai..Abhi says,Mehras come lets go n welcome their family.All goes towards the door.Alia was excited to see who it is.Boy n boys family arrived.Alia shocked to see him.It was Neel the one who proposed her during her college days n loved her but Alia refused him.Dadi n all had their talks abt wedding.Abhi takes Alia to room n asks,Do u k with the marriage?Alia hugs Abhi n says,Bhai..U always do for my goodness.Abhi says,I know..he loves u to he can make ur life colorfrul.Alia nods.They both came back to the living room.Dadi says,Abhi..Neel n Alias horoscope is also matching perfectly just fixing date is remaining.Abhi says,so lets fix that too.Dadi asks,Pundit ji to give some dates.Pragya sits besides Abhi n asks,Who is he?How Alia knows him?Abhi tells everything.Pragya asks,Did she k with this?Abhi says,Ofcourse.Pragya says,Thank god.Abhi says,U hav to thank me..ur god.Pragya stared.Abhi smiles.Kush goes towards Abhi n sits on his lap n asks,Who is he?who they r?(in a husky voice)Abhi says,He is the one who gonna marry our Aalu.Kush smiles at Neel.Neel calls him.Kush says,Papa..he is calling me(in a husky tone)Abhi smiles n kisses his head n says,Go n talk with him.Kush goes to Neel n asks,So u gonna marry our Aalu.Neel smiles n nods.Kush says,k I like u..if i like u then Aalu ll like u..btw Im Kush Abhishek Mehra.Neel smiles n says,Im Neel.Dadi says,oh..k finalized announced the dat n says,only 1 week is thr wanna make preparations soon.Abhi says,Main hoo na dadi..All gets happy.

Precap: Alia n Peehus Mehandi n sangeet.

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