Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 89

Thank u for all ur comments guys!!U guys r asking me to promise that I ll write a new one n Ash u too asked me for Promise na 🙂 Now,I swear that I ll give a new one.Sheeta im not that much worth of getting Autograph n all 😉 ..thank u for such love..Ammu i’m professionl..finished studies 🙂 Thank u guys keep supporting!!Love u all!!

It was Mid in night,AbhiGyaush was sleeping tight.Suddenly,Abhi hears a noise that some one is running outside their room.He jerked n opened his eyes.Pragya was sleeping tight n Kush was hugging him n sleeping hard.Abhi again closed his eyes n tried to sleep.But this time he heard some noise.Abhi couldn’t recognize Wht noise it is so he got up from bed n goes out to check bu he couldn’t see anyone only night lamps r glowing he gets scared n closed the door n comes in n wakes up Pragya.Abhi says,Fuggi..get up..pls..Pragya asks in a sleepy tone,Wht happened?Go n sleep..I feel sleepy..Abhi says,I heard some noise..But no one is out.Pragya says,Then one is thr na.Abhi says,But..Fuggi..Pragya slept.Abhi says,Arey..he opened the fridge n kept his hands on ice n keeps the hand on her cheeks.Pragya jerks n opens her eyes n stares at him in half sleep.Abhi says,I’m Sry..pls come na..pls..else I won’t get sleep.Pragya asks,Kya hua?Y u r doing like this?Abhi says,U come with me na fuggi.Pragya gets up from bed n asks,From Whr the noise is coming?Abhi hides behind Pragya n says,From outside.

Pragya asks,Now y u r hiding behind me come beside.Abhi says,No..Pragya stares at him n goes out Abhi follows her by hugging her from back.
Pragya asks,Everything is fine na?Then Wht?Abhi says,No..fuggi I heard twice.Pragya irked n pouted.Abhi kisses her cheek n smiles.Pragya asks,Wht u r dng?For this u waked me up..Do u hav any sense?Wht kinda person u r?Abhi says,Arey..chup..chupkar..In dimlight u look so hot that’s y I kissed u.Pragya says,I’m gonna sleep..If u wanna sleep then come else go somewhere n abt to get inside.But this time both heard the noise.Abhi says,Now..u heard it na.Pragya says,Haa..(In a scared tone)Abhi says,See..I’m saying the truth..Come let’s go n see.Pragya says,Now?Abhi says,Haa..I think it may b theif.Pragya exclaims,Theif??Abhi says,Come let’s go..They both roamed over MM.Suddenly,they could see a person wrapping a white shall n going towards terrace.Abhi says,Bhoot(In a scared husky voice)Pragya says,Bhoot nahi..Chor..They both follows the person like a James Bond.The person reached the terrace n says,Its enough for now..Hereafter I can’t go down..if I go down then he ll catch me already he heard the noise n came outside to check fortunately I hided myself.Abhi n Pragya clapped their hands n says,So..Its crossing their hands.The two persons none other than Alia n Peehu.Peehu n Alia gets shocked.AbhiGya goes close to them n asks,Whts this?Alia says,Yeh..Party..(Alia n Peehu’s frnds r having talks n enjoying in terrace)Abhi asks,Whts the need of party?

At this time?Alia says,For Babhi’s pregnancy.Peehu says,It’s Saturday na.Alia stares Peehu.Peehu blinks.Abhi asks,So..wassup!!n moves forward.The girls r having talks.Alia says,Bhai..bhai..don’t go thr it’s girls party.Peehu says,Haa..don’t come in.Abhi asks,So..u ppl r drinking.Pragya shocked n asks,Thum..Thum..dono..sharaab peerai ho..Alia says, asks,Then?Wine?Peehu says,’s not that party bhai..did u think v r like u bhai.Abhi says,Oh..hello..Alia says,Uff!!Shut up!!Shut up!!Bhai..suno..actually it’s a get together that’s it..v r just enjoying.

Abhi asks,Then y u r restricting me to go inside.Peehu says,I told u na its girls partyyyyyy!!Pragya says,Then..I ll go.Alia n Peehu blinks at each other.At the time a girl comes thr by searching Alia n Peehu.Abhi sees her n says,Tia…U also here n smiles.Pragya sees her she was wearing one piece cloth looking so hot.Alia says,Babhi..she is Peehu’s frnd.Pragya stares at Peehu.Peehu says,No..Alia don’t’s ur frnd na..Babhi I swear she is not my frnd..u know abt my profession she is not at all my frnd.Alia stares Peehu.Tia comes to Abhi n hugs him n says, r u?It’s been long time v had met.Abhi’s eyes widened.Pragya stares at him.Abhi smiles at Pragya as she feeling jealous.Abhi too hugs her n says,No probs..let’s hav some time together now.Pragya asks,Wht?(In a anger voice)Tia says,Oh..Abhi it’s ur wife na?Abhi says,Haa..leave her..say r u..all fine?Pragya fumes in jealous.Peehu says,Alia v finished.Alia says,Wait lemme handle..She goes to Tia n says,Tia..Its getting late..let’s sleep..girls cummon let’s go..I think v r disturbing our family members come let’s go.Tia says,Oh..Alia u r disturbing me n Abhi.Pragya shouts,Peehu..whts this..this is home not club..Wht u ppl r doing here..Aur..Aap..Chee..che..Alia says,Babhi..u relax..Tia come let’s go..n drags her down.Peehu says,Girls..u ppl can stay here n U can leave in morning.Girls says,No it’s K v r leaving Peehu had a great time..n hugs her n they left by waving hands.

Abhi sees the girls n smiles to make Pragya jealous.Pragya stares Abhi n says,Peehu..Just wait..Morning u n Alia should pay for this.Peehu runs down to her room.Abhi too runs behind her.Pragya follows them.Alia says,Tia..just leave now else v had gone.Tia says,How mean u r?How could I go alone at this time?Peehu says,Leave it Alia let her stay.Alia nods n ask her to stay in guest room.Tia nods.Alia n Peehu goes to room.Pragya goes to the room n sits in couch n fumes in anger.Abhi comes thr by whistling n comes near Pragya.Pragya pushes him hard.Abhi asks,Wht happened babe?Pragya fumes in anger n asks,Babe?Abhi says,So unromantic n winks.Pragya asks,Go with that Tia..u r bored of me na.Abhi says,Dhere Dhere bolo Kush is sleeping na.Pragya says,Shut up!!No need of ur fake concern on me n my kids.

Abhi hugs her n says, Oh..ho just stop it na fuggi I was teasing u.Pragya stares at him.Abhi says,No one is so sweeter than My Fuggi..No hotter than my Chashmish n kisses her in cheek.Pragya keeps on staring.Abhi says,Trust me na fuggi..Kush wakes up n says,Wht happened Mumma..Abhi says,Nothing u sleep n goes to him n carres his head.Kush slept.Pragya too lies besides him.Abhi says,Fuggi..Pragya doesn’t respond.Abhi goes near her n says,Hey..U too angry on me.Pragya says,I’m anger on u.Abhi says,I’m not talking to u I’m talking with my baby.Pragya stares at him.Abhi smiles n Contd by saying,U know na baby..Ur Mumma is too possessive so she ll always mad at me..But u love ur Papa na..n keeps his hand on her tummy.Pragya pushes his hand.Abhi asks,Whts ur problem?I’m talking with my baby..Pragya says,Just stop it.Abhi says,No I won’t..Pragya says,U r not caring for me na.Abhi asks,Who told?Don’t be stupid..U know I love u..and u r my life I just did it for fun.Pragya looks on.Kush in sleep,Papa..come n Sleep na pls shower ur love in morning.Abhi says,Arey..u sleep na beta..Pragya says,Aap..sojao..Abhi asks,Really u wanna me to sleep r love to fight with me Haa n winks.Pragya smiles.Abhi says,That’s my fuggi..n kisses her in cheek.Pragya too kisses him n says,Its getting late..U go n Sleep..Abhi says,Mmm..n kisses her tummy n says,Gud night baby..Pragya smiles.Abhi lies besides Kush n kisses him.Kush hugs Abhi.Abhi smiles n falls asleep.

Precap: Abhi n Kush was dancing for “Sheela ki jawani” by naughty moves Pragya hides behind door n records their dance.

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    Precap is superb???

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  18. ash(akshaya)

    I know you will fulfill my promise and today it was awesome.
    If you can please I request you to read my love story (abhigya ff ) and give your comment. I will accept all sorts of comments.

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