Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 87


Guys I’m Sry in yesterday’s episode lots of mistake is thr forgive me for that..Thank u guys for ur huge support towards this ff I’m completely humbled thanking each n every fans of this ff.
Next morning,AbhiGya’s wedding anniversary.All acts under Pragya’s plan.Abhi was sleeping at the time he feels Pragya is nipping his ears n kisses his cheek n says,Happy anniversary to my sweet hubby.Abhi didn’t opened his eyes n says,Thank u so much u..Kush punches Abhi in his tummy n says,Papa..wake up..whom u r talking with mrng itself blabbering.Abhi shouts,Oucch!!n opens his eyes n he realized it was a dream.Kush says,’s getting late to school.Abhi asks,Whr is ur Mumma?Kush says,She gone to bring my skl bag pls get ready soon.Abhi thinks,She forgot everything morning coffee,My kiss,Even to wish me..

she forgot everything n he was very upset.After a while,Abhi freshed up n came out of the closest.Pragya was packing Kush’s bag.Kush says,Papa shall v go.Abhi was looking at Pragya.Pragya says,Wait Kush Abhi excited n thinks,So she gonna wish me.Pragya says,Suniye..Abhi says,Hmm..with a cute smile.Pragya says,U didn’t had breakfast na come n hav breakfast.Abhi asks, u wanna say this.Pragya says,Hmm..y.Abhi says,Nothing I don’t want breakfast..Is that important n fumes in anger disappointment.Pragya says,K..K.then u ppl leave.Abhi thinks,Nothing is as old n asks,Pragya did u forgot something(In a anger frustration tone)Pragya says,Haa..thanks for remembering actually I forgot pls don’t go I ll back.Abhi gets happy n thinks,That’s my fuggi she can’t forgot that she gonna give me surprise.Pragya comes thr.Abhi asks,Wht u forgot with a pouty excited smile.Pragya says,Kush’s lunch box.Abhi astonished n asks,Lunch..Lunch box?Pragya says,Haa..Kush says,K..Papa let’s go..Bye Mumma..n kisses her cheek.Pragya too kisses him.Abhi was very sad n they both left.

It was around 7 in eveng,Its Saturday so Kush came from skl in aftn.Abhi enters home.The whole MM is preparing for their anniversary party.Bulbul comes to Abhi n says,Happy Anniversary Jiju n hugs him.Purab too wishes him n says,Dadi Peehu Alia arranged this party.Abhi was unintrest n asks,Bulbul Whr is ur di?Bulbul says,She is in room with Kush..Jiju don’t tell her v r preparing for party she doesn’t know the arrangements v asked Kush to make her busy so she won’t come down.Abhi says,Oh in a monotone n left.Bulbul says,Purab..Jiju is completely upset but our plan ll work na.Purab says,Sure plan ll work n they both gives hifi.Abhi gets into room n sees Pragya n Kush were playing cross n take.Kush sees Abhi n says,Papa..Aagaya..Papa..Aagaya n hugs him.Pragya smiles n says,So..U came..Abhi says,So Wht is my absence make u to feel difference.Pragya says,Wht kinda question is this..I just said it casually.Abhi says,All becomes casual for u.Pragya asks,Y u always taunting me.Abhi says,It’s all my fate.Pragya says,If u didn’t like me just say it directly don’t hurt me like this.

Abhi says,I’m not hurting u..U know very well who is hurting whom.Kush says,Uff!!Stop it u both r fighting seriously it’s not fair.Abhi says,Wht to do its all my fate..just wanna get rid of this hurting crap tears rolled down from his eyes.Pragya thinks, getting hurted more n more so should end this hurting drama n she gets into the closest n brings a cake.
In the cake it was written as”Celebrating the 7yrs of togetherness sweet thanks for my adorable soulmate”Pragya lights the candle.Abhi was facing towards TV.Kush sees cake n abt to say something.Pragya says,Shhh!!Kush switched off the lights.Pragya places the cake in their white Ottoman.Abhi sees the cake n gets shocked n stood.Pragya hugs him from back n says,Happy Anniversary to my cutie pie.Abhi had tears in his eyes n pushes her hand n says,No need of this n pretends to b anger.Kush shouts,Happy anniversary to the best Mumma n Papa.Abhi says,I don’t need this u know how u hurted me for last 2 days..u even didn’t spoke with me properly..I’m not a kid do u think u can easily console me with this cake.Pragya holds her ears n says,Sry..(With a cute pouty smile)Abhi smiles n hugs her tight n says,Love u..don’t do this anymore.Pragya says,Sure..I won’t do this.Kush says,So cummon cut the cake.AbhiGya together cuts the cake n they both gives the first bite to Kush.Abhi says,Without u thr is no meaning for our u fulfilled us.Pragya says,Exactly my cute son n kisses him.Kush says,Aww!!Cake tastes so Gud.AbhiGya kisses him.Kush switched on the light.

Abhi n Kush gets busy in licking cream.Pragya Sat besides Abhi n says,Wht u both r dng?By tasting the cake u forgot me.Abhi wraps his arms around her n says,Not at all..this cream tastes sweet as like u.Pragya smiles n says,Ur nose is also eating cream n wipes the cream from his nose.Abhi says,So for this cake u made me desperate.Pragya says,Is this cake is surprise for u?Abhi says,Then..that’s it na I got anniversary surprise.Pragya says,Is this is surprise for u..U r just a kid..this..this..cake is enough to make u happy na.Abhi says,Then u hav many more surprises(In a high excited tone)Pragya says,Haa..with a smile.Abhi asks,Whts that?Pragya says,Actually it’s not a surprise it’s a surprise gift.Abhi exclaimed,Gift??Pragya says,Haa..Abhi stood up n says,Then give me my gift I can’t wait anymore.Pragya asks,U really want that now?Abhi says,Ofcourse.Pragya says,Close ur eyes.Abhi says,Come on more suspense.Pragya says,Just close ur eyes.Kush was watching them seriously.Abhi says,K n closed his eyes with a smile.For 5 minutes Pragya didn’t asked him to open his eyes.Abhi says,How long fuggi..I can’t tolerate anymore n opend his eyes but still Pragya was gazing at him with a smile.

Abhi waves his hand before her n asks,Hello madam..Whr is ur gift!Pragya says,Hmm..I can’t give it now.Abhi asks,Then when ll u give.Pragya says,It may take more time.Abhi asks,Fuggi..pls don’t puzzle with me atleast give me a clue for the gift.

Pragya says,So u really wanna know the clue.Abhi says,Ofcourse.Pragya says,OK..then close ur eyes.Abhi asks,Again?But how could I got the clue by closing my eyes moreover my wife is looking pretty in this pink anarkali n winks at her.Pragya says,If u want ur clue then..Abhi says,K madam ji n closed his eyes.Kush asks,Mumma I’m very excited than Papa just say it to me in my ear n stood up bed n wraps his arms over Pragya.Pragya says,’s surprise for u too.Abhi says,Arey..Meri jaans u could argue afterwards first sort out my excitement.Pragya says,K..n holds Abhi’s wrist n drags his hand n places his plam over her tummy.Abhi asked,Wht u r dng?Then he realized Wht she wanna convey He Suddenly opened his eyes n sees Pragya with a smile that he had won the whole world again.Pragya smiles at him.Kush says,Y u both r smiling Wht happened to Mumma’s tummy n he too touches his tummy.Abhi doesn’t utter even a word he was on cloud nine n he hugs Pragya with drops of emotional tears rolled over his eyes.Abhi shouts,Whooa!!I’m gonna b Papa again..thank u Fuggi the best gift I had ever got love u alot n kisses her.Kush says,Kya!Abhi shouts,Oh..ho..My cute lil son is gonna b big brother n lifts Kush n twirls him.Pragya smiles.Kush says,Haa..papa..I’m gonna b big brother how?

Abhi says,Yes..U gonna get a lil sis/bro.Kush says,How?Abhi says,Coz Mumma is pregnant.Kush asks,So Wht?How ll I get my sis/bro.Abhi says,Arey..Rockstar he/she is inside ur Mumma’s tummy she/he ll come to us within 10 months.Pragya says,No within 9 months.Kush says,Wow!!Then I’m gonna get a lil siblings wow Wow wow n he jumps.Pragya says herself,Wanna see this happiness in u both forever n ever she places her hand in tummy n says,Ur bro Papa s very happy to hear abt u n carres her tummy.

Credit to: Tisha

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  1. Tisha punch of roses to ufor the good news of pragya’s pregnancy. The moment we also feel it with abhi and kush.its really a lovely moment. Make it with twin babies maleand female or both female. Its so cute to see junior pragya. You making my boring day into a happy day.thanks to you and great to see the increase in no of fans and their different comments.

  2. Nice

  3. Very nice Sri .. I’m smiling al over the episode

  4. superb…….hope,u ll contiune…..

  5. Amazing !!!! Just love the suprise

  6. Super di in kkb pragya will never be pregnant they will drag this tanu track

  7. Awesome yar… no words to say really a big surprise gift for them…

  8. hello all the view reminders period and I want to say 1 thing it will be a better thought to director story because now a present running Kumkum Bhagya is so boring as I saw the comment of the rulers of Kumkum Bhagya their comment very bad

  9. Hello all my viewers I have a better thought as now running kukum bhagya is so boring .as i saw the comments of viewers it was very bad

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