Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 86


Guys I didn’t said that I’m gonna end this ff for blackmailing u for more comments I just thought to start a new one but it’s K as u ppls wish I ll continue till 100th epi thank u Sry if I hurted anyone?

Abhi was continuously thinking how to console Pragya.Abhi sits on bed n looking at Kush n Pragya sleeping quite.Abhi smiles at them n switched off the light n lies besides them.In morning,Abhi wakes up earlier n thinks,How to console n gets to wardrobe n searched for his fav towel he gets an ghost mask while taking gets scared n shouts,Ahhh!!n throws it out.Abhi says,How this mask came here..uff..I forgot champ is here na sure he may kept this mask here n goes to washroom.Pragya slowly opened his eyes n waves her hand towards side table to get her chashma she screamed by seeing the ghost mask on side table..she screamed aloud.Kush gets up n asks,Kya hua Mumma(In a hesitation)Abhi rushed out of the closest n asks,Wht happened?Pragya asks,Whts this?(Took the mask in her hand)Kush says,This my mask.Abhi thinks, falls here.Pragya asks,Who kept this here?Kush says,Mumma..I kept this in wardrobe I don’t know how it came here.Pragya looks on Abhi.Abhi gives a look like a child.Abhi says,I’m Sry..I don’t think so it ll fall here.Pragya throws it on his face n gets into closest.Kush says,Y..Papa y u did like this..u tried to scare Mumma..too bad..worst behavior n left the room.Abhi says,Arey..I didn’t do anything..I’m trying to console her but her anger is increasing every moment.After a while,Pragya brings coffee to Abhi.Abhi was turning in opposite direction n speaking with himself.Pragya gets close to him n says,Coffee.Abhi turns with a force unknowingly coffee spills on Pragya.Pragya shouts.Abhi’s eyes widened n says,Oh..I’m extremely Sry I didn’t mean to do it..actually I thought u were in distance..Wait lemme..lemme clean it..Pragya stares at him.Abhi pours a jug of water on her to clean the coffee.Pragya stares him.Abhi says,Actually I’m helping u cleaning by water..I’m Sry fuggi..Pragya says,Wht u think of urself?Y u r torturing me?Abhi says,Me?Pragya says,Me..I’m says,Oh..u?Pragya says,Haa..U tried to slap me..then u didn’t lemme to sleept then that mask now pouring hot coffee..cold water..awww!!Abhi says,Relax..relax..see u become so angry by having hot coffee on ur body wait lemme cool u down.Pragya says,Huhh??Abhi takes a water bottle from fridge n pours the water in her head.Pragya shouts,Wht r u dng?Are u mad?Abhi says,I’m cooling u down fuggi n laughs.Pragya says,Accha..n snatched the bottle n splashed the water on him.They both did this continuously.Kush entered the room n shouts,Stop it!!!!They both looks at him with a wet dress n wet hair.Kush says,Whts this?U both spoiled the entire room..Abhi says,I’m not ur Mumma spoiled the room.Pragya says,No it’s ur Papa.They both started arguing.Alia calls Kush n says,Kush come soon it’s getting late na..Kush says,I ll punish u both after returning from skl n abt to leave.Abhi says,Oye..Wht abt my today’s kiss?Kush says,Papa..see u r disgusting I won’t come near u n left to skl.Abhi says,Coz of u he is saying me as disgusting.Pragya says,Oh..hello u only poured coffee on me.Abhi says,Who ask u to stand behind me?Pragya says,It’s my mistake I had brought u the coffee na n abt to leave but her leg slips n abt to fall Abhi holds her but he lost his balance coz of slippery floor they both fell down.Pragya shouts,Ohhh!!n kept her hand in his head to protect his head from hitting the floor but unfortunately the piece of broken cup sticked onto Pragya’s hand n its starts bleeding.Pragya relives her hand in pain n Sat on floor.Abhi sees her hand bleeding n gets panic n sucks her hand.Pragya says,Leave it..Abhi says,Is that paining?Pragya stares at him n says,No it’s feels divine,Actually feeling good.Abhi says,Really?(with an excitement)Pragya pressed her lips in anger n says,U….just..just get lost..Abhi asks,R u sure?Pragya gets irked n shouts,Dadi….Abhi runs in to the changing room.Pragya says,God ji..y this man is completely mad n treats her injury by herself.After a while,Robin cleaned the room Pragya freshed up n goes down.Mikha sees Pragya’s hand n asked,Wht happened?Beta..Pragya says,Nothing Maa coffee mug broken pieces made some scratches that’s it.Abhi sees her n sighs her to come to the room.Pragya ignores him.Abhi comes near her n says,Excuse us ladies n drags Pragya to their room.Pragya says,Leave me..Abhi leaves her hand n asks,Whts ur problem?Pragya says,I don’t hav any problem y?Abhi asks,Then y u r avoiding me?Pragya says,I’m not avoiding u.Abhi asks, as ur wish n hear this too..I hate u..Pragya says,Thank u..Abhi says,U r not my fuggi..u r devil..Pragya says, with u na I’m devil.Abhi says,Get lost.Pragya says,Y should I.Abhi says,Coz this is my room.Pragya says,I too hav rights in my room.Abhi gets irked of her behavior n drags her hand n sends her out n closed the door.Pragya can’t control her laughter by seeing Abhi’s childish behavior she goes to Alia’s room by laughing.Pragya says everything.Alia says,I think u can’t handle to manage it surprise till that day.Pragya says,Haa..Alia u r ryt..but if I was normal with him he can’t let me do any surprises especially on that auspicious day I wanna give him the biggest surprise.Suddenly,Some one claps the hand n enters the room.Alia n Pragya scared that Abhi heard their talks n stood freezed.Peehu comes in with a laughter n says,U both scared na n laughs.Pragya holds her ear n twists it.Peehu says,Oops I’m Sry I its paining pls pls leave me.Pragya n Alia smiles.Peehu rubs her ear n says,U both doesn’t know to manage secrets u kept the door open like this.Alia says,Next time v ll b careful v won’t include u in plan.Peehu says,Oh..really then I ll tell bhai.Alia stops her n says,Oh..Maaf kardo meri maa.Peehu smiles.Pragya says,That’s Gud.Peehu says,Bhabi ur Junior Rockstar had came.Pragya says,Oh..ho..then I’m leaving then he ll join with baby Rockstar.Peehu says,U mean..Pragya says, Rockstar is ur bhai.All laughs.Pragya enters the room with a mug of milk.Both father n Son r playing guitar.Pragya asked,Who changed ur dress.Kush says,Myself.Pragya asked,how?Abhi looks at her n twisted his lips n turns aside.Kush says,Papa..gave me the 2nd level task so I cleared it.Pragya asks,Wht task?Kush says,Oh..ho..Mumma..My 2nd level task is to change my cloths myself..And I did that too..u got it now..Tubelight Mumma.Abhi laughs silently.Pragya says,Gud the milk like a Gud boy.Kush says,If I drank I ll give u a full bar of chocolate.Kush asks,Really Mumma?(With an excited voice)Abhi says,Woh..Jud hey..juti hey Woh.Pragya just ignores him with a attitude face n says,Beta..If u drank sure I ll give u.Kush says,That’s my Mumma n drank the full milk n says,Mumma..I hav mustache na..take me to mirror.Pragya smiles holds his hand n says,Come..Kush says,Not like this..Hav to lift me..Pragya blinks n thinks for a moment n abt to lift him.Abhi says,Come I ll show u ur white white Mustache n takes him to mirror n they both continued their antics.Pragya smiled at them.Abhi smirked at her by seeing her reflection in mirror.Pragya says herself,Just a day more..then u ll get ur biggest surprise on our wedding anniversary n left from thr.In dinner table,All was in cloud none..Dadi says,Pragya beta..tmrw is the day ur anniversary.Pragya smiles n says,Haa..Dadi..Dadi says,Pls give him the surprise soon I can’t wait anymore.Alia says,Dadi bhai is coming so change the topic.Suddenly,All changed the topic n talked some stuffs.Abhi n Kush comes thr n aksed,Wassup Mehras..Without us u ppl r boring na.Pragya says,Without Kush we could feel bore but not coz of u.Abhi says,Hey u..miss or mrs I didn’t talk with u.Pragya says,I’m Mrs K.Abhi says,So..whts the use..U r not treating Gud with ur Mister.Dadi says,Bas!!Bas!!Bahut hogay..Pls stop this.They both stared at each other n had their dinner.

Precap: Abhi asks,Pragya did u forgot something(in anger tone)Pragya says,Haa..Wait don’t go I ll come.Abhi gets happy that she gonna give him some surprise.

Credit to: Tisha

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  1. pls aleast 150 episode tisha u are great writer………….

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    but i u’s story heard become light n happy

    thanks for nice story line……….. pls

    one res make abigya roman like before marrriage

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