Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 85


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Peehu pushes Pragya’s hand n takes Kush to her room.Pragya remains in anger n sits in couch by holding her head.Abhi reaches skl n stromed into principal room n shouts,How dare to send my son out of the class Wht wrong he did?Principal says,I’m really Sry Abhi just now Kush’s teacher told me.Abhi shouts,Wht he told?I’m not here to her ur excuses is the way ur teachers to behave with kids.Principal says,Calm down Mr.Abhi..Actually when his teacher is taking class his teacher did mistakes in his pronunciation of words Kush stood up n pointed out his mistake so the teacher becomes anger n scolded Kush n send him out of class.Abhi asks,Whts wrong with Kush?So no one in ur skl should point out teachers mistake if someone does that u ll send them out the way of managing a the way u treat kids.Principal says,I agree..Mistake is on our side I’m really Sry just now I came to know mistake is on our side..v r extremely Sry.Abhi says,Wht kinda staff he is I won’t leave this so ease..not only for my son I’m in behalf of all kids..Principal keeps on apologizing him.Abhi says,No..stop this just give the punishment to such teachers don’t give punishment to kids..We parents r leaving our kids here with a trust on u ppl but u r not worth of parents trust..So u Mr.Principal I won’t leave this issue I ll take it to media press..the way u treating the kids..and u ppl know the rule na if kids done anything wrong u ppl should make them understand polietly u ppl doesn’t hav rights to harm kids do u know that.Principal says,V r really Sry sir..hereafter nothing ll happen like this pls don’t make it as an issue..actually v already dismissed the teacher so pls give us a chance.Abhi warns him n says,This is a last chance if came to hear any complaints against ur teachers by any kids then I won’t leave u ppl so easily.Principal says,I swear..And I’m apologizing once again.Abhi stares him n left the place.In MM,Kush lies in Peehu’s lap n cries hard.Abhi on the way thinks how to make Kush normal.In MM,Alia comes to Peehu’s room n asks,Oh..Wht happened to my bacho y he is crying.Aarav comes thr n climbs up on bed n kept his small hands overed Kush’s cheeks n says,Bhaiya pls don’t cry pls n he too cries.Alia tries to console Kush.Peehu patted his back gently n says,My laddu na pls don’t cry baby n consoles him.Abhi just now reached home while going to his room he noticed that Kush was in Peehu’s room.Kush says,Aalu..y Mumma is so rude on me actually I didn’t do anything she won’t talk with me na n cries aloud.Abhi hears that n shouts aloud Pragya’s name.Aarav Peehu Alia just scared n of his voice n looks at him.Kush stood up on bed.Pragya in her room heard Abhi’s voice n came out.Abhi shouts her name again.Pragya thinks he is calling by name sure he is mad at me n goes thr.Abhi shouts,Wht u did with Kush.Alia closes the door n takes Aarav in her arms n says,Bhai..Pls don’t shout..Whts wrong with u guys?Peehu says,Bhai..just control urself.Abhi again shouts,Pragya..I’m talking to u..Wht u done with Kush.

Pragya says everything that happened in room.Abhi gets anger n raises his hand.Kush jumps of bed n pushes Abhi n says,Papa..Don’t dare to raise hands against Mumma.Pragya was just astonished by seeing Abhi.Alia Peehu gets shocked.Alia says,Wht r u dng bhai..just come n sit here relax.Abhi says,How can she harm him without knowing anything.Peehu says,Oh..relax bhai..just relax.Kush hugs Pragya n cries.Tears rolled down from Pragya’s eyes.Kush says,I’m Sry Mumma..coz if me Papa scolded u na..I’m Sry.Pragya remains silent.Abhi says, he is affectionate on u but u hurted him.Peehu says,Bhai wht happened in skl.Abhi says everything.Pragya falls on her knees before Kush n says,I’m sry Kush..Mumma hurted u na..I’m really Sry..n kisses him.Kush says,Pls Mumma don’t say Sry..Mistake is mine..coz I only behaved rude on u with my anger I’m Sry Mumma n hugs her tight.Pragya too hugs him n wiped his tears n says,Don’t cry b my cute laddu always Hmm..Kush smiles n says,Then..Ur lil laddu needs laddu.Pragya laughs n says,Ofcourse..Come..Kush says,No..u hav to lift me first n spreads his arms n winks at her.Pragya smiles n takes him in her arms.They both left along with Alia lifting Aarav.

Peehu says,That’s it bhai..all sorted out..but see now u over here after don’t dare to interfere in Mom-Son’s fight n laughs.Abhi not in mood of hearing her n stares at her.Peehu says,Oops!!Bad joke n left the room by smiling at Abhi.Abhi throws the pillow n says,So..Fuggi made me as a Villain infront of Kush..But beta Abhi..I think u too over reacted abt to slap is too much na..Wht to do I lost my cool when I see Kush is crying n thinks wht to do n goes down.All r cracking jokes Pragya is smiling at Kush n Aarav.Abhi comes thr n says,Fuggi..Pragya leaves from thr w/o bothering Abhi.Abhi abt to follow her but Kush call him.Abhi goes to him n says,Yes..Tell me champ.Kush asks,U r not anger on me na.Abhi says,Not at all n pulls his cheek.Kush kisses him n says,Love u Papa.Abhi kisses him n says,Love u too..After a while,All had their dinner but Pragya didn’t look at him.All left to their room.In AbhiGyaSh’s room,Pragya didn’t said even a word n lies on bed.Abhi n Kush was watching cricket.Abhi just looks on Pragya.Pragya almost fallen asleep.Kush says, South Africa gonna win.Abhi says,No..West Indies gonna win.Kush says,Let’s see.Suddenly Kush shouts,Out!!!!Pragya jerks n wakes up n sees them with a pout by shrinking her eyes.Abhi says himself,Oh..OMG!!She is too cute..Fuggi pls don’t do this to me..n looks at her.Pragya says,Kush..tmrw wanna go for skl na just sleep India is not playing na..then y u r watching n she continued her sleep.

Kush whispers,Papa..See ur Gayle is out.Abhi shouts,Whattt??Gayle out!!Pragya jerks n turns at him n stares him.Abhi says,Gayle out!!In a kiddy tone.Pragya gets irked n shuts her face with pillow n continued her sleep.After a while,Kush shouts,It’s not out..Abhi shouts,It’s out..He hitted the stump.Kush says,No..He was in when he hitted stumps.Abhi says,No..he is out.Kush says,No..he came in.Pragya takes another pillow n shuts her ears.Abhi shouts,Whoaa!!It’s out..See West Indies gonna win.Pragya gets irked more but managed to tolerate.Abhi shouts,Hey..WI won the match yeahhh!!!N jumps over bed.Kush gets irked n switched off the TV n lies besides Pragya by hugging her.Pragya wakes up by hearing Abhi shouting n says,Don’t u hav is sleeping u r jumping n shouting like this n murmers,Just a senseless stupid n kisses Kush n says,U sleep beta n pats him gently.Kush couldn’t control his laughter n laughs silently at Abhi.Abhi murmers,Wht I had done..He too Watched the match along with me but she is scolding me n lies on bed but he couldn’t sleep he couldn’t take his eyes off Pragya.He Sat up n carres her face her lips slightly curved n made a cute smile.Abhi too smiles at her n says,I’m Sry fuggi..u know na..I can’t hold on with my anger pls don’t avoid me like this..n carres her face.After a while,Abhi went to balcony n stands thr.Pragya in-between the night wakes up to drink water n noticed that Abhi is not in bed n seeks for him n she saw him standing in balcony.

Abhi noticed her shadow n turns to her side.Pragya was abt to leave.Abhi holds her wrist n says,I’m Sry..Pragya looks away n asks,For Wht?Abhi says,For behaving rude on u.Pragya says,Oh..I’m the one to ask Sry coz I hurted ur son na..anyways I’m’s already late don’t stand in cold breeze come n Sleep n abt to leave.Abhi says,I won’t..Pragya says,K fine..n left to the room.Abhi says,Uff!!She is in peak of anger n thinks to console her.Pragya goes to bed n lies besides Kush n carres his face.Kush was smiling in sleep.Pragya smiles at him n falls asleep.

Precap:Pragya wakes up from sleep n screamed aloud.Abhi rushed to her.

Note:Guys I’m gonna end this ff on my 90th episode

Credit to: Tisha

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