Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 84

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Kush asks,Eyy!!Chashmish wht u r dng here?Why u r sitting here?The girl stares at him.AbhiGya wonders,Chashmish!!!AbhiGya asks,Whts this Kush.Kush says,Haa..Papa..her name is Aaradhya but I kept her the name Chashmish n smiles.Aaradhya stares at him.Pragya goes to the girl n says,Ur name is so cute.Aaradhya looks at Kush.Kush says,Eyy!!Chashmish she is my Mumma.Aaradhya says,Kush don’t call me as Chashmish wait I had complained u for calling me as Chashmish wait my Papa ll come now then see.Pragya says,So they called us to warn u..first day itself u started ur naughtiness.Abhi says,Whts this beta..ur principal called us to warn u..this is not fair.Kush says,Eyy!!Chashmish for this u called ur dad..Papa Mumma I too don’t this Chashmish ll complaint on me.Aaradhya says,Kush..don’t call me as Chashmish.Pragya stares Abhi n says,Its all coz of u.Abhi asks,Me??Wht I had done?And how can u accuse me.Pragya says,See..coz of u he is behaving like this..Calling the girl Chashmish.Abhi says,I never called anyone as Chashmish except u n U too loved to hear it na then how can u blame me n complaints like a kid.Pragya says,Haa..I’m Sry..My laddu..Sry I just over reacted na..I’m Sry..Abhi says,It’s k fuggi no need of Sry it happens n kisses her cheek.Kush says,Excuse me!!Whts going on here?Abhi says,Kya..meri biwi hoon..whts ur problem Mr.Kush Abhishek Mehra.Aaradhya laughs at Kush’s insult.Kush goes to Pragya n says,Mumma see ur husband is insulting me infront of her this is not fair.Abhi pats his head n says,Oye..Dramebaaz just stop complaining.Pragya says,Kush..y u calling her as Chashmish just call her by her name she ll b hurt na.Kush says,Mumma..I just did it for fun.Pragya says,’s wrong one should never fun others appearance.Kush says,Sry Mumma..Pragya says,Go n ask Sry to Aaradhya.Kush says,Sry..Aaradhya..Aaradhya gives a cute smile.Pragya smiles n takes Aaradhya in her lap Kush too tries to sit in her lap but he couldn’t he agin tried by pushing Aaradhya.Abhi says,Hey Dumbo come here n makes him to sit in his lap.Kush says,Papa..Mumma is doing too much na.Abhi says,U r too late..she won’t leave a chance to give big lectures Wht to do its all our fate.Pragya stares at him.Abhi says,Y r u looking at me like this control urself fuggi this is skl kids r thr v can sort it in our room..this is not fair yaar..I know I’m hot n smiles.Pragya smirked.Aaradhya says,’s getting late for class I don’t know y my Papa didn’t came yet.Just then,Principal arrived n says,Aaradhya ur Papa just now called me he couldn’t come today.Aaradhya says,It’s k sir.Principal says,Btw Mr.Abhi u know wht ur son had done.Pragya says,Ya..v r really Sry but now these two patched up nothing to worry.Principal says,That’s Gud but pls try to avoid such situations.Pragya nods.Kush says,Aaradhya come let’s go for class.Aaradhya smiles.Kush gives her chocolate.Aaradhya looks on.Kush says,Take it..Peehu gives this to me n she asked me to share it with friends so now v both r frnds na so take it.Aaradhya smiles n takes the chocolate n says,Thank u Kush.Kush says,It’s..K..Let’s go..Bye Mumma..Bye Papa..AbhiGya smiles n says,Bye..Aaradhya says,Bye..Uncle..Bye..Aunty.AbhiGya says,Bye.Kush n Aaradhya left the place.Principal smiles n says,Ha..Mrs.Abhi..Pls ask ur husband to avoid coming to the skl during lunch break coz for us all kids r same but ur husband is feeding ur son moreover he argued with us v can’t give permission for this even he is a celebrity.Pragya nods n says,Sry..Hereafter he won’t come.Abhi stared at Principal n says,Excuse me!!Wht u r saying?Pragya says,K..V r leaving sir take care of kids n drags Abhi outside of his room.Abhi asks,Hey..Wht the man is conditioning me..I’m Abhi..Abhi the Rockstar how dare he to put conditions on me I ll come anytime to see my son.Pragya says,K..u.shout by standing here I’m leaving n gets into the car.Abhi follows her n gets into car n says,Hey..Fuggi..Pragya says,Shut up..U n ur son made me to apologize today especially u..n smirked.Abhi says,Hey..that man is over reacting..Wht shall I do.Pragya says,Just shut up drive the car.Abhi says,K..madam ji..ur words r my life line.Pragya smiles at him.Abhi says,That Chashmish is cute na..just like u two ponies..chashma n laughs.Pragya smiles n says,Haa..They both reached MM.Dadi asked Wht happened.Abhi explains everything.Dadi laughs n says,Abhi..I think Kush is a clone of u..Abhi smiles.Pragya sees his eyes n she could always feel a proud In his eyes whenever anyone told him that his son is just like him n smiles at Abhi.Purab Bulbul Roshni comes thr by hearing Abhi n Dadi.Abhi took Roshni in arms n says,Hey..How r u my princess.Roshni says,Superb.Bulbul says,Jiju..v heard abt Wht u said to Dadi n smiles.Purab says,Di..whenever I saw u just only one thing is coming in my mind.Pragya asks,Wht?Purab says,How u managing two Abhis n laughs.Abhi says,U r managing two Bulbuls na like that only n laughs.Bulbul says,Jiju..n stared at him.Dadi says,So all r here so I wanna discuss an important issue with u ppl.Pragya asks,Wht Dadi?Dadi says,Abhi beta..u still hav some duties of brother.Abhi says,I know Dadi..u r talking abt Peehu n Alia’s marriage na..but I’m helpless Dadi.Pragya asks,Y..u r saying like this the groom is thr na Ishaan..Peehu-Ishaan both loves each other then whts the problem.Abhi says,I already had a talk with Peehu she strictly told me that she won’t marry before Alia but Alia is not in mood of getting married v can’t force her na.Purab says,But Abhi..V could find a Gud person na.Pragya says,Haa..Purab is ryt..v can’t leave her like this..v should talk to her.Dadi says,Haa..Abhi if they both get married n settled in their life then I ll leave this world happily.Abhi says,Dadi..y u r talking like this u don’t hav wish of seeing Kush’s marriage.Bulbul says,Haa..Dadi..u hav to see great great grand grand kids.Pragya says,Pls don’t say like this Dadi.Dadi says,Arey..Arey..K forgive me I won’t say like this.Abhi hugs Dadi.Pragya says,Today I ll talk with Alia n Peehu.Abhi nods.In evening,Peehu n Kush comes.Kush was in peak of anger n throws the bag it falls on Abhi’s tummy Abhi shouts, Oucchh!!Pragya asks,Hey..Wht happened to u?Kush says,Nothing n went to their room.Abhi asks,Peehu..Wht happened to him?Peehu says,His principal wanna meet u both again.Pragya asks,y did he done anything wrong again..I don’t know wht to do with him..I told u’s very difficult for him to adjust over here n continued to say this that n all.Abhi says,Oh..just shut up..Peehu Wht happened?Peehu says,Don’t know bhai..but Kush told his teacher scolded him n sent away Kush from his class.Abhi says,How dare n he picks the car keys n left to skl.Pragya shouts,Suniye..pls don’t go..don’t get anger but he didn’t hear anything n left in car.Pragya gets anger n goes to room.Peehu follows her n says,Bhabi pls don’t scold him.Pragya says,Tu..chup kar..Pragya calls Kush,Kush comes out of wardrobe n asks,Kya in a stern voice.Pragya stares at him.Peehu says,Bhabi pls don’t scold him n holds his hand.Pragya shouts,Wht happened to u?Y u r behaving like this?Everyday u r coming with a new problem..Can’t u able to behave like a Gud student.Kush shouts,Mumma..without knowing anything don’t shout at me just leave.Pragya says,See..Peehu how he is talking with me..Kush says,U also shouting at me na without knowing anything.Pragya says,Then..tell me Wht happened?Kush says,Principal called u na..ask to him.Pragya shouts,Wht happened to u?Kush shouts,Mumma..pls leave me don’t induce my anger pls n abt to leave the room.Pragya holds his arm strong.Kush shouts,Aahhh!!Mumma it’s hurting n cries.Peehu pushes Pragya’s hand n takes him to her room.

Precap:Kush cries alot to Peehu n Alia n says,Y Mumma is too rude on me.Abhi hears n lost his cool n shouts,Pragya!!!

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