Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 83

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Peehu says,Oh..I forgot to say one thing Bhai..Babhi..Kush principal wanna meet u both tmrw.Pragya asks,For Wht?Peehu says,I don’t know Babhi..When I pick Kush his tutor informed me.Abhi says,May b the principal is my fan so she wanna meet me..she thought she can easily meet me by using Kush.Pragya stares Abhi.Peehu says,Bhai..if it is true then y she called Babhi too.Abhi says,I think she doesn’t want complication by hiding her meeting with me w/o knowing to my pyaari wife n wraps his arms around Pragya.Pragya says,Oh..hello..his principal is a gen.Abhi says,How dare he wanna meet my wife I won’t leave him.Pragya poked his chest.Abhi smiles.Pragya says,Btw..The man of the topic is so silent whts the matter Hmm..Kush looks on Pragya with a smile n says, thr is no class only introduction then sports hour then I got 3 new friends Akshay Shahid and Varun..v three played cricket together.

Abhi Pragya hears him with a smile.Peehu runs her fingers over Kush’s hair n left the place.Abhi asks,So..u liked the school.Kush says,Ofcourse!!But they had given big big time table schedule whts this Mumma..hav to sit till 3’o clock..I just hate this terms.Pragya says,Haa..Wht to do..u know Kush I too used to learn like this n Papa too hey na Papa.Abhi says,’s first time na so u r uncomfortable as days passed u able to adapt to the timings and all moreover I know one day u ll say me Papa..I’m missing my skl on Saturday n sunday.Kush says,Really Papa..ll I able to adapt to all these.Abhi says,Ofcourse!!U r the big the house u have to guide Aarav n Roshni na.Pragya watched them with a smile.Kush says,But Bunty bhai n Babli di hey na they r elders na.Abhi says,Ya..but they r too elders to u..coz they grown up they r going to skl for long time na..they r grown up not like u so u r just elder to Aarav n Roshni by age but u r not grown up like bunty n Babli.Kush asks,I also wanna grown up for that wht I hav to do.Abhi says,Mm…see thr r many steps u can’t do that ur a small kid n winks at Pragya.Kush says,No..I can do anything tell me abt thr steps.Abhi says,Pakka..u could do those steps.Kush says,Bilkul..mein karungi..pehele bolo na Papa.Abhi says,Then K..I ll tell u..First step:Bunty n Babli r eating by themselves if u also eat by urself u passed in first level.Kush says,K..done next level..I mean second level.Abhi says,No..first if u cleared the first level then I ll say u abt 2nd level.

Kush says,K..when I have to prove my test.Abhi says,Well,By today in dinner.Kush says,Pakka..I ll do n I ll show u I’m also a grown up boy.Abhi smiles n says,Hmm..let’s see.Aarav comes thr n says,Kush bhaiya come let’s play.Kush says,Mumma..Papa..I’m gonna play with Aarav.AbhiGya smiles n nods.They both were running over the MM.Dadi says,Arey..baccho..Play carefully.Kush shouts,OK Dadi n laughs with Aarav.Abhi watching his son with a smile without taking his eyes off.Pragya looks on Abhi with a smile.Abhi asks,Kya hua Kush ki Mumma..y u looking at me like this.Pragya asks,How u know?U was looking at Kush na.Abhi turns her side n says,When u looking at me the chillness from ur eyes is freezing my face so I could know u r glaring at me.Pragya smiles n says,Enough..Enough..Abhi says,Btw..I know y u r looking at me like that.Pragya says,I know that u know the reason.Abhi says,Come on fuggi I’m doing the duty of father.Pragya says,Kush is too lucky hav a father like u.Abhi says,Haa..but he too hav world’s best mother na..Coz of u he is so sweet just like my fuggi.Pragya smiles n says,I’m really Sry..I had snatched such happiness from u for years.Abhi says,Oh…ho..I told u na just forget about past I don’t wanna remember anything actually Wht happened in my past I couldn’t remember anything n smiles.

Pragya looks on him.Abhi says,Hey..fuggi..btw I hav a solution for ur guiltiness.Pragya asks,Wht?Abhi says,Just give me the Junior fuggi then u ll overcome ur guiltiness..U know I was just waiting to hear sucha news from u.Pragya slapped his cheek softly.Abhi says,How dare u r slapping ur pati dev.Pragya laughs.Abhi says,That’s my guiltiness only happiness n pulls her cheeks.While Aarav n Kush playing,Aarav took one apple n abt to eat.Kush says,Aarav one should never eat w/o washing their hands K n more over u r small na so u can’t eat one apple so let’s give it to Mumma she ll slice for us..So come let’s go n wash our hands Aarav nods n they both left to wash their hands.Dadi sees this n gets happy n says,Abhi..did u see whts going thr.Abhi says,Ofcourse Dadi I had seen.Dadi says, my Bahu..meri Pragya brought my Kush as such a caring person he is too small but he is teaching his brother how sweet na.Abhi says,Haa..Dadi.Pragya says,No..Dadi..actually kush has this character from blood ditto of Papa in caring others at the time Aarav n Kush comes thr n gives Apple to Pragya n asks her to make slices.Dadi says,May b..but Abhi doesn’t hav such Gud habits of washing hands brushing twice n laughs.Abhi says,Dadi..y u r insulting me before kids they ll taunt me n keeps a pouty face.Kush says,Papa..shame shame..U won’t wash ur hands uh??Abhi says,Dadi see he is kidding me n complaints like a kid.Dadi laughs.

Alia comes thr n says,Oh..who is taunting my bhai here.Kush n Aarav says,we only..Wht u ll do..Whr is ur dappa?Abhi asks,Wht is dappa?Alia says,Dekho Bahi thez two r kidding my phone as dappa.Abhi asks,Y?Kush says,Coz she doesn’t hav candy crush.Aarav says,Even she doesn’t hav angry birds n laughs.Alia says,Dekhiyena bhai.Kush n Aarav laughs n sings,Dappa ye dappa Aalu ka mobile dappa ye dappa ye dappa Aalu ka mobile dappa..In between Kush asks,Kitna bada dappa..Then they both widens their hand n says,Ithna bada n laughs(The Star HD ad kids ll sing na)All laughs.Alia stares them.Pragya asks,How u r singing with a tone who taught u.Abhi says,Dhoni..n laughs.Pragya asks,Dhoni?Kush says,Haa..Dhoni taught us n laughs.Alia says,It’s an ad song Babhi..But these two r doing too much.Abhi says, boys don’t dare to tease my sister.Kush n Aarav goes to Pragya n says,We too need a sister get us soon.Pragya asks,Kya???All laughs at Pragya.Kush n Aarav says,See..Aalu is thr to support his brother..his brother is thr to support Aalu but v both doesn’t hav sister na.Pragya says,Both of u shut up n eat this Apple n gives to them.Abhi laughs hard by seeing Pragya’s reaction.Aakash comes thr n asks,Whts happening y all r laughing.Aarav goes to him n says,Papa..we need a sister.Kush says,Haa..Aakash stunned n looks at Abhi.Abhi n all laughs at him.Aakash says,I hav work I ll back soon n escaped from the spot.Pragya says,U hav Roshni na then wht.Kush says,But she is not in our home na..Pragya leaves from thr.It was the time of dinner,All seated in dining table Kush was seated in his chair.All wonders.Pragya smiles.Abhi looks at him n smiles all wr started to eat.Kush was just observing how Abhi making the pieces n he too tries n ate by himself.

Pragya smiles at Abhi.Dadi says,Arey..Kush is eating by himself.Kush says,I’m a big boy na that’s y hey na Papa.Abhi says,uff!!U proved na..wait u can’t clear the 2nd level.Kush says,Ofcourse I ll n smiles.Abhi winks at Pragya.After a while,Abhi enters the room n asks,Fuggi Whr is Kush.Pragya says,He is with ur sisters.Abhi says,Fine..Pragya asks,So..How u escaped from the crowd.Abhi asks,Wht?Pragya repeats the same again.Abhi asks,Whr I gone in crowd.Pragya says,Too feed lunch for ur son.Abhi smiles n asks,How u know someone told u?Pragya says,No..Abhi says,K..I’m surrendered yes,I gone to his skl to feed him lunch.Pragya says,I knew it but anyways don’t repeat it.Abhi says, he is able to eat by himself na.Pragya smiles.Next morning,Abhi Pragya Kush arrived his school n waiting in Principal room.There was a small girl with two ponies n with a small specs sitting thr by hugging her bag.Pragya sees her.Abhi n Kush was adjusting their hair by seeing the window glass.

Pragya stares at them.They both says,Oops!!Sry.Kush sees the girl n says,Eyy!!Chashmish u also here y u r sitting here.AbhiGya wonders,Chashmish??

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