Love of life!!Kumkum Bhagya Episode 82


First of all I’m Sry guys I’m uploading ff by afternoon itself but they r posting on night so I’m Sry apologizing for that.And Reji superb question yaar..Yes..3yr old kid can walk talk run..Usually babies ll start their blabbering at age of 1 and half..U know when I was 3 years old my parents joined me in skl for pursuing LKG 😉 coz they can’t tolerate my stupid bak bak questions??anyways..Thanks for all for ur support!!Keep supporting!!
Let’s get into the story….

1 month passed..In morning,Abhi was making Kush to get ready for the school.Pragya was looking at them n lost in thoughts.Abhi says,Hey..fuggi..come n make him to wear tie.Pragya was still lost in thoughts.Abhi comes near her n shooks her n shouts,Fuggi..just Pragya came to sense n asks,Wht?Abhi says,Whr u wr in thoughts just make him to wear tie.Pragya nods n makes him to wear tie.Kush says, the climate is too hot is this tie is compulsory.Abhi says,Ofcourse..Kush says, jumps of bed n says,Peehu called me wait I ll b back in few minutes n left.Abhi asks,Hey..fuggi whts bothering u..Pragya says,I’m Kush gonna manage to this education’s conditions..u know na he is more talkative thr in Australia it’s no problem but here they ll punish him..he is 5 yrs old but he doesn’t know how to eat by himself..its all my mistake I pampered him so much in each n every activities see he is gonna suffer by this..I had done a biggest mistake.Abhi says,Come on fuggi..He ll manage he is just 5yrs old na..he ll learn everything v r thr for him..moreover Dadi is thr..u don’t wry..All ll b fine.Pragya nods.Kush came back to room n shows a watch that tied on his hand.Abhi says,Wow…nice watch..who gave u.Kush says,’s not watch..its smart wrist band..Peehu gifted me this I’m gonna for first day skl na that’s y she gifted me.Pragya smiles.Kush says,But Papa..Peehu told me not to wear this to school coz they won’t allow this is that true Papa.Abhi says,Ofcourse..they won’t allow this kinda Papa had bought to u an ordinary digital u could use this for school n gives him the box.Pragya wonders.Kush says,Wow..Papa it’s so nice sporty I loved it..n weared it on his wrist n says,Mumma..nice hey na..Pragya smiles n says,Superb..Kush says,But Papa I know to see time in analog clock too..Abhi says,Really??Kush says,Haa.

Mumma tell to Papa abt me.Pragya laughs.Abhi says,Then see my watch n say me the time.Kush sees it n says,Its 7:30..come on Papa I know trust me.Abhi says,K..K..I agree..Alia comes thr n says,Bhai..Dadi called u 3 to come down soon as she want U n Bhabi to make Pooja as Kush gonna first day of his school na.Pragya nods.Kush says,Aalu..Pooja then Dadi ll give sweets na..Alia says,Ofcourse..Kush says,So..then..Wht v waiting for let’s go n he goes with Alia.Abhi asks,Whts this fuggi..Dadi had no limits for doing rituals..He is just going to school not for army.Pragya says,Come on..u still hav disbelief in God.Abhi says,Ofcourse..Pragya says,then no use of arguing with u..U hav to come n make Pooja with me for our son..its final n she goes.Abhi thinks,No one this home is speaking me with normal tone all r ordering me n smirked.

Pragya shouts from outside,Stop thinking bad n Come soon.Abhi thinks,Oh..she becoming more smart day by day.Pragya shouts again,Suniye..I know I’m smart.Abhi says, knows some magic.Pragya shouts again but Abhi cuts off n says,I know u gonna say the answer for my thinking hey na n goes down with her.Dadi calls Abhi Pragya n Kush for Pooja.Abhi Kush Pragya does Aarti together.Pragya keeps tilak for Kush.Kush says,Mumma..Whr is prasad..laddu..Pragya says,Oh..ho..n gives him laddu.Pragya was abt to keep tilak for Abhi.Abhi looks at Pragya with stern face n holds her hand n says,Don’t even try this again n left from the Mandir.Pragya says,Dadi..when he ll change..Dadi says,Leave him he is an Alien.Pragya smiles n says,If he hear this then he ll dance like a ghost.Dadi laughs n says,Come let’s have breakfast.Pragya nods n all seated in dining table.Kush was in Abhi’s lap.Mikha says,Kush get down from Papa n have ur seat n have ur breakfast by urself Papa n Mumma won’t feed u today.Kush becomes sad n looks at AbhiGya.Abhi says,Maa..leave it see his face become too sad my son should go for skl with happy face not with sad face n pulls Kush’s cheeks.Dadi says,Abhi..Mikha was ryt let him eat by himself Pragya beta make him to sit in chair.Pragya nods n abt to take Kush.Kush was extremely sad.Abhi becomes anger on Dadi n pushes Pragya’s hand n says,I said na lemme feed him I don’t wanna see my son sad.Pragya was abt to argue.Mikha cuts off n says,Pragya beta..leave it..leave it don’t upset him.Abhi feeds Kush.Kush was happy n Abhi kisses him n says,Kush should b Kush always

Kush smiles.After finishing the breakfast,Abhi says,So let’s go for skl.Kush says,Haa..Papa lets go.Peehu says,I ll drop him.Abhi says,U go to ur hospital I ll drop him.Peehu says,No..I ll drop him.Alia says,U both fyt I ll drop him.Dadi says,Oh..just stop it Abhi u go n drop ur son.Peehu says,But Dadi atleast shall I pick him in eveng.Abhi says,K..permission granted.Peehu smirked n says,I’m asking to Dadi.Abhi says,But I ll decide.Peehu abt to say something Kush interrupts n says,Oh..stop’s getting late.Abhi says,Fine.Pragya says,Kush..I had kept lunch try to eat by urself drink plenty of water n should never do any pranks with students tk na beta.Kush says,I ll try Mumma.Pragya smiles n kisses him.Kush to kisses her n says,Tata Mumma..Abhi comes to her n kisses her forehead n says,Take care.Pragya smiles they both left Peehu went to Hospital Alia went to her office.Pragya was lil bit sad that Kush is so pampered by his Papa.Dadi dasi Mikha was cracking jokes.Mikha notices Pragya n says,Don’t wry mere bacche..Kush ll b alryt he is small kid na he ll manage day by day.Dadi says,Haa..Beta u don’t wry Abhi always like this u know when Peehu was 4yrs she complained about her teacher had scold her at the time Abhi was 10yrs old he went to Peehu’s class n scolded the teacher who scolded Peehu then the next day Abhi got punishment for scolding the teacher after that Abhi refused to go for skl I ll drag him to skl n laughs.Pragya too laughs.Dadi says,U should happy that ur son is going to skl without complaining.Pragya smiles.Dadi says,Not only this Whenever he is going to skl his principal ll call me daily to complaint abt him..he ll do more pranks but all ppl love him as he is naughty.Pragya smiles.It was around 4PM in eveng,Pragya was in room.

Abhi enters n hugs her from back.Pragya gets scared n says,Oh..U scared me entering room like a chori catAbhi says,Really?Pragya says,Mmm n smiles.Abhi kisses her cheek.Pragya says,U came so earlier.Abhi says,I wanna see my son’s reaction n wanna hear his first day experience in skl so I never wanna miss each n every expression n smiles.Pragya says,Suniye..Y u r pampering him so much this is not for gud atleast from today v should let him eat by himself pls.Abhi says,I agree but he becomes sad when u ppl r forcing him to eat K leave it see how I gonna make him to eat by himself lemme handle him u don’t wry K.Pragya smiles.Kush silently enters to room n hugs Abhi from back.Abhi says,Oh..some chori cat enter the room.Kush laughs.Abhi says,So..come on my champ how was the day.Pragya asks,Did u hav lunch?Kush sees Abhi n says,Haa..Mumma..I had lunch.Pragya checks his lunch box n says,Gud boy.Abhi says,Ofcourse he is my son na..Pragya smiles.After freshing up all came down for coffee all dined in coffee table.Kush says,Peehu u hav to come to pick me daily.Abhi asks,Y?Kush says,Coz she got me Ice-cream n smiles.Kush explains his first day n says,Thr was a girl in class wearing specs she is so funny Papa.

Precap:Peehu says,Oh..I forgot to say Bhai..bhabi..Kush’s principal wanna meet u tmrw morning.

Credit to: Tisha

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  12. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Superb yaar and this ff gets more comments than mine?but it is OK I think my ff are liked by others and not kkb fans. I write matsh 2ff , dehleez ff,ek duje ke vaste ff there they give me positive approach and no negative comments!!??Today o thought of telling this to all kkb fans so I told and sorry if I hurted someone but this happens to me always???

    1. please don’t speak about your matsh and dehleez we are one and only kk

      1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

        Ohhh funny!!???i told my opinion and I love abhigya a lot don’t worry and I told about the comment and I wrote the first ff in kumkum bhagya and meri aashiqui tum se hi also so thnx

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